Most pigmented K-beauty palette! (Vavi Mello valentine box review + swatches)

Vavi mello valentine box review and swatchesIf you follow me on Instagram or watched my Youtube vlog when I was in Korea, you would have seen this palette one way or another.  I’ve been raving about it ever since I came back from Korea but I didn’t formally review it with swatch proof and everything. Vavi mello is kind of like 3CE to Stylenanda.  They are a cosmetic brand under the clothing retailer Dahong and is only sold in Korea (and Japan I think?).  I’ve been pushing (aka. harsh suggesting) online retailers that I work with on a regular to carry this palette for people to buy overseas, but nothing has gone through just yet.  Don’t worry guys, I won’t give up LOL.  With all that being said, let’s get into the review and the fun part (swatching!!).

Full name of product:
Vavi mello

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
I’m not even going to try and bullshit this section LOL.  Its all in Korean, soooo… yea.

21,000 won

Amount of product:
12 g

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Amazon (for version 2)

I think at the moment, because the first version is all sold out everywhere, it isn’t for sale.  But if you like more reddish and peachy shades, there is version 2 available on Amazon.  The price is definitely jacked up though, just so you know.

Shades available:

Valentine Box (left), Valentine Box 2 (right)

I can’t seem to pull up the ingredients list anywhere either.  I’m sure it is on the back of the box, but it is all in Korean.

How to use:
You can either use these eyeshadows directly onto your eyes without a primer or have some sort of base for the powder to stick to.

Vavi mello eyeshadow palette reviewPackaging:
When I was standing in Cree’mare in Gangnam, I was walking around the store not necessarily wanting to buy anything because.. well I have a shit ton of make up and skincare (and that’s a understatement).  On top of that, a lot of companies send me stuff anyways so I didn’t really feel the need to buy too much.  I instead was on the look out for brands no one has ever really talked about and this was definitely one of them.  The packaging firstly was simple but gorgeous with a nice rose gold touch.  It seems like Koreans really love rose gold because when I was buying jewelry from the underground malls, metal choices were either silver or rose gold, no yellow gold at all.

Anyways, one thing that caught my eye after the packaging was SALEEEE. LOL  Unfortunately the eyeshadow palette didn’t have any discounts, but their lipsticks were on bogo.  I don’t care too much for lipsticks as you know, but I do rock them from time to time.  Their lip oils were also SUPER gorgeous and I still kind of regret not getting any to this day.

Vavi mello valentine boxThis palette is sleek and simple with its magnetic closure.  When you open it, there is a nice sized mirror which you can see your whole face with, which is great for travel.  The rose gold detailing continues on in the inside, making the whole palette look more expensive then the $21 I paid for.  I do have to say there isn’t much weight to this palette which can be a good or bad thing.  Good because it won’t feel like a ton of brinks if you want to travel with it, but bad because it does kind of feel a little cheap.  I’d rather it be light and feel cheap with amazing pigmentation.  Inside you get a sponge tip applicator, which I never really use but I do actually recommend it for the glittery shades in this palette.  Another side note, the rose gold attracts a lot of fingerprints, but it is easily wipeable so its all good.

One thing I don’t like is the fact that they don’t have the shade names on the label on the back of the palette.  Like why.. Do you expect me to have the box forever….  I don’t got that kind of room okay!!  I’m just happy the name are also in English, THANK GOD.

Color, Pigmentation, texture:
Of course, the thing that got me the most about this palette is the pigmentation.  I remember swatching Dark brownie (bottom right shade) and I was BLOWN AWAY.  That shade can go for DAYSSSS.  It is so buttery and pigmented, my jaws literally dropped.  It was like I was standing in Sephora, swatching a single eyeshadow that is $30.  Then I continued on to the left and swatched everything else and that was it.

Please do note that all of these watches are without a primer.  I honestly didn’t really feel the need for primer to swatch because I just want to show you guys how pigmented these are.  You can definitely yell at me in the comments if you want to see pictures of these shades with a primer ;).  Actually, change of mind.  KINDLY tell me in the comments.

So the top three shades to the right (Mascarapone, Ginger crunchy, Plain bagel) are the two satin shades and one matte shade.  I like that they had the three base neutral blending shades as satins and mattes since it is the three shades that will be the most used as a transitioning shade.  They aren’t the most pigmented and almost looks a little choppy/ skips when you swatch them on the back of your hand, but they blend into the eye just fine and looks very natural. 

The three shades to the top right (Cinnamon roast, Reach quiche, Choco Fudge) are the shimmery shades of the palette.  I never have any doubts with shimmery shades in K-beauty because it always seems to preform well whether it is from the roadshop brands or high end brands.

Now I think the party is all down at the bottom row. The most glittery shades are the two to the bottom left (Sugar cube, Pate sucree).  When I do feel like glitter, I want the glitter to be so strong that I can direct traffic at night.  I want it to be so shiny that crows come at me and for people to be offended just looking at my glittery eyes.  These two shade are just that. Honey double shot (third from the left) is kinda just.. there.  Nothing really special, just like that middle child in the family that is forgettable.  Then Fantasy choux and Sprinkle wine (fourth and fifth shade to the left) is a more muted down cousin of the glitter party to the left but still swatches gorgeously and is pigmented as hell.  They are like the quiet asian in the party where if you gave them a couple of shots and when they loosen up, they can be the life of the party.  If I were to foil (use these wet) these two shades, GURLLL!  And last but not least, Dark brownie (bottom right shade), a shade I dream about in my sleep.  This shit is SO FACKING PIGMENTED, I just die.  Like I’m laying down in the floor, dead while still drawing a portrait with that shade.  This is more of a satin finish with chunks of gold shimmers and it is so buttery, so pigmented.. I just have no more words.

Vavi mello valentine box swatchesLeft to right:
Cool creamy beige (satin finish with very fine sliver shimmers)

Ginger Crunchy: Cool dusty rose shade with a peach undertone (matte finish)
Plain bagel: Cool milk chocolate brown with fine gold shimmers (satin finish)
Cinnamon roast: Cool (almost) rose gold with a more bronze undertone (shimmer)
Peach quiche: Cool pinky coral shade with fine golden shimmers (shimmer finish)
Choco fudge: Warm reddish bronze shade with fine red and gold shimmers (satin finish)

vavi mello valentine box swatchesLeft to right:
Sugar cube: 
Cool light pumpkin orange shade with dense orange and gold shimmers (glitter finish)
Pate sucree: Cool beige champagne shade with dense champagne, sliver shimmers (glitter finish) 

Honey Double shot: Cool beige bronze shade with dense bronze and gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
Fantasy Choux: Cool orangey bronze shade with dense bronze, gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
Sprinkle wine: Cool peach with a slight raspberry undertone, dense purple, gold, rose gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
Dark brownie: Warm coco brown shade with gold shimmers (satin finish but with noticeable gold shimmers)

Lasting power:
Now granted the times that I did do make up looks with these, I didn’t pack it on since I did more day time looks.  I did use a primer and I did seem to see fading on the center of my eye where I applied sugar cube as my highlight.  But other then that, the base shades I used (ginger crunchy, plain bagel) stayed in tacked the whole 10 hour day I had.  I definitely will be doing darker and more dramatic looks in the future, so definitely look out for that on my IG page.

-well thought out textures of palette
-colors for transitioning and statement shades are on POINT
-pigmented AF
-texture is smooth AF

Hard to get, but they don’t call em rare Pokemons for nothing.

YES!  In fact, I want to try more of the brand.  They are coming out with concealers and cushions and I’m LIVIN’ FOR EM.

Stars given out of 5:

Vavi mello valentine boxYou have to know that I really don’t give out my stamps but seriously, this palette has the IT factor and I won’t stop talking about it. VAVI MELLO, SEMPAI NOTICE ME.

Overall thoughts:
I think I got a little too riled up for this review.  Sorry that I don’t have an eye look here.  I actually have one but the lightening is up to standard and just looks weird.  Overall this palette is outstanding and I think they know it because the second version retails for 26,000 won and not 21,000 won.  Tsk tsk they are getting greedy.  You really don’t get that much product with only 12 g in the whole palette, but I really think it is worth the $21 if you are in Korea.  I am seeing some retailers only selling this palette, but again I don’t know if they are legit so I won’t be mentioning them here.  If you can get your hands on this baby, DO IT.  You won’t regret it I promise.

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  1. Ai

    Yeessss the review is here! Those are indeed hella pigmented and buttery looking, I found a seller selling the Valentine 2 and although I rarely buy anything that’s not on sale, especially eyeshadow palettes, I just might pull the trigger with this one…

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