Covernine color in magnetfit tint kit Review + Swatches

Covernine color in magnetfit tint kit review and swatchesLip tints have never been a huge thing of mine, but maybe because I’m just not used to having bright colors on my lips.  Beautytap offered to send me a lip kit (no not the Kylie Jenner ones haha) from a new brand I’ve never heard of called Covernine, I had to say yes.  I’ve been a huge fan this year of just discovering and trying indie brands and this brand really caught my eye.  If you look at their website and their promo pictures, the product looks super promising and kind of reminds me of 3CE a bit.  I actually believe this brand is under Jayjun Cosmetics which means it has to be solid.  Okay, let’s get into the review!

Full name of product:
Covernine color in magnetfit tint kit

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Permanent (I think but I will check)

Description of product:
“With quick fixing system, COVERNINE Color In Magnetfit Tint delivers the exact color to lips with single touch. Containing more than 40% of moisture factors, liquid type lip creates fixing thin barrier to maintain the color for a long time. Lightweight, but vivid lip colors gets on lips without leaving flaky, dry feeling.”

$19.80 or 19,800 won

Amount of product:
2.3 g each shade x 5

Duration before expiration:
2 year from manufacture date

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:


I can’t seem to find the ingredients in English but I have emailed them, so hopefully they will get back to me soon with the list ;).  Blogger duties hehe

How to use:
Apply into the lips either all over for a full lip effect or in the center and blend it out with your finger by dabbing.

Best Korean lip tintPackaging:
I know this is kind of stupid but we all care about the look of the packaging and although the packaging is nothing special, it is nice and sleek with the black tube and the cool logo.  I kind of like the N in nine backward.  Giving me that Tesla alien vibes.

Lip tintAnd THANK god the labels are all color coded.  I just hate it when companies don’t color code them and the tube is black with no see-through sides or anything.  Ticks me off.  Covernine off to a good start here.

Korean lip make up covernineThe tube itself is a decent size measuring at 6.5 cm in height.  The one downside to having the tube so small is the applicator being super short.  It is kind of awkward when I’m applying the product on my lip and the lid is either in the way to the point of not being able to see where I’m applying or just the doe foot being too short.  Also, the doe foot is too small in my opinion.  I feel like a giant with big hands using a small applicator on my giant lips or something.  It takes way too long applying the product.  If they made the applicator like the YSL tint applicators but have the length of the stick the same, I’d be a little bit happier.  OH better yet if the stick was retractable…. now that would be SICKKKK.

Covernine color magnetfit tint swatchesColor/ Pigmentation:
Another point that really attracted me to try this product was the shades.  Each of these shades didn’t have that neon, almost white base to it but more of a slightly muted tone which I prefer.  With one swipe, you get tons of pigmentation but the texture is a little goopy at first so it takes a bit to spread it on your lips.  All the shades are matte in terms of texture (but I’ll get into that a little later) as well as the shades.  It contains absolutely no shimmers or glitters.

For reference, here are my bare lips that are nice and chapped too. Yey -_-

Covernine color in magnetfit tint 01 prism pink01 Prism pink: Light warm toned strawberry milkshake shade

Covernine lip tintNormally I’m not a huge light pink girl or any pink of that matter but I can actually walk out the door comfortably in this shade. Of course, I’d have to be in a certain super girly mood that day to rock this but I’m not mad about this shade at all.  I think maybe because this is more of warm toned pink, it somehow works with my cool yellow undertone skin.

Korean lip tintAnd here is the stain that 01 Prism pink leaves behind.  The tint is super pretty and isn’t patchy which is one thing I have to note because I always get weird patchiness with other tints. I also really like the fact that it blends into my lips nicely and you wouldn’t immediately think that I got a tint on my lips.

Covernine tint02 Pink Peacock: Warm blue undertone fuchsia shade

Covernine tintThe camera definitely does not do this shade justice because it is picking up a lot redder then it really is, so I’ll have to include a crappy iPhone selfie. I normally don’t care for bright fuchsia shades but this shade makes my lips look extra juicy and the blue undertone counteracts the yellow in my teeth, making them look slightly whiter than they really are.  I’m pleasantly surprised with this shade.

Covernine lip tintAnd here is the tint of 02 pink peacock.  It looks like a stronger tint of 01 prism pink and a more noticeable tint.Coral lip tint03 Salmon coral: Warm powdery coral shade with a hint of pink undertones

Korean lip tint coralAnother shade I was surprised I actually like.  When you first apply it on your lips, its almost like you mixed orange powder into white out and then applied it into your lips.  I was thinking in my head that there is no way I’m going out the door looking like this.  But once it sets and dries down a bit, it turns into this pretty wearable powdery pastel coral shade with a hint of pink undertones.  It’s actually really pretty and definitely a shade I would rock during the summer time with bronzed skin.

The tint effect isn’t super strong with this one but it does leave a slight orange tint.  Out of all five, this one has the least staining power.

Covernine color tint04 Dizzy red: Cool tone cherry red

Red lip tintAnother smashing shade.  I know this shade kind of looks like 02 pink peacock but it doesn’t look like each other at all.  I love the brightness of the red but it has a nice cool undertone and works well with my skin color.  But I do think this red would look nice on almost everyone since it is more of a neutral red that isn’t leaning too blue or too orange.

Staining tint effect is definitely the strongest with this shade but that’s a given. Again I love that the stain is even and also doesn’t dry my lips out.

Brick red lip tint05 Russet red: Cool tone brick red with hints of orange + brown undertones

The darkest shade of them all, this is surprisingly a nice fall shade.  This shade is actually quite unique and different from the other grey/ brown undertone matte lippies out in the market right now.  I personally don’t find that shade attractive but more of a trend. 

And the stain effect for 05 russet red actually is my favourite out of all of the shades.  It looks like a “my lips but better and more defined” look and I’m loving it!!

Texture/ Finish:
When I first tried this product, I actually really didn’t like it.  The applicator was too small, the length of the applicator to the lid was all wrong and the formula was weirdly thick and goopy.  I also found it kind of pasty but you get about a minute until it dries down and it looks less pasty.  The color also kind of changes from either a powdery white outlook to a softer and muted pastel.  Out of all the shades, 02 pink peacock was the easiest to apply.  The texture for 02 pink peacock was almost lighter in texture and just smoothed out a lot easier. The rest did take a bit of time but you have enough playing time before it dries down to do adjustments.  Once the formula dries down, it does look matte but it doesn’t feel matte.  It feels more like velvet on the lips but luckily it doesn’t really transfer.  I tried kissing the back of my hand (because I got no one to kiss T___T) and very little transferred if any.  Even after it transfers, its more like this powdery color that you can easily wipe off.  So for all my nonsingle ladies out there, smooch away!  By the way, it is also quite moisturizing even for a dry lip girl like me.

Lasting power:
The lip product itself lasts on my lips for a good 3+ hours before fading away and the stain lasts all day.  I had a hard time swatching these because the tint is so strong. Luckily I had some tint remover from A’pieu I had which gets rid of everything.  For some reason, lip tint stains do not come off even with oil-based makeup removers, cleansing oils, coconut oil, any type of oil you can think of.  So if you’re going to dabble in the tint game, make sure to have a stain remover on hand!

These have a nice pleasant fruity candy scent and it goes away after application.  Smell-o-scale: 6/10 in terms of how strong the scent is.

-super long lasting
-gorgeous shade range
-super affordable ($20 for the whole kit!)

-applicator needs to be long
-doe foot needs to be bigger


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Wow, I haven’t given these out in a long long time.  I really think this product deserves a 5 star because it honestly blew me out of the waters.  I’m always super blah about lip tints but this brand and this product along with the amazingly affordable price tag is just too wow.  Normally I would only like one or two of the colors in a kit but I actually really enjoy all of the shade and can see myself wearing all of them.  The texture does need some getting used to but once you got it pat down, it will last on your lips like nothing else and the stain effect is nice and even too!!  Overall two thumbs up and I definitely recommend you guys.

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