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New K-beauty productsI know a lot of people come back to upload and start with an apology, but I’m going to be that stereotype right now and say sorry that I’ve been away for so long/ not posting as much as I used to.  Started a new job and on top of that, for a month and a half, my blog was all types of messed up until a wonderful reader hooked me up with her genius computer wiz husband (shout outs to you Gabby and Steve).  Anyways, I came across a TON of new indie brands/ brands I’ve never come across and along with that, we got tons of new releases from Cosrx and your favorite roadshop brands as well ;).  So let’s get into ittt!!

Not exactly K beauty related, but Ryan is beautiful to me so I have to spread the word.  Kakao friends is now on AMAZON BABY!!  Shipping isn’t the greatest but it is still better than buying it from Korea’s website.  Selection isn’t as big as Koreas as well but you kind of get a taste of some of the popular characters like Apeach, Ryan and Muzi.

Some stuff I’m eyeing 😛
Ryan ultrasonic humidifier $29
Ryan luminous wall clock $27
Ryan sleep shades $14

Just gonna leave that there ;).  Links are affiliated to Amazon and it does help support the page, so if you can kindly use those links, it’d be much much appreciated!iknowiOne cosmeticsI was scrolling through Instagram when I came across Son Dae Sik’s latest post (last night actually) and he posted this one picture of these lip pencils.  I’m not usually into lip products but those looked quite interesting. If you don’t know who Son Dae Sik is, shame on you LOL.  Okay not that severe but if your into K-beauty or call yourself an expert, you would have heard Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun.  Those two are the pioneers of all of the K-beauty trends you see including the dewy natural, “moistful” look.  Tone up?  Yea that was their thing that they created.  Why do I love them so much?  Because they dress like its the runway all the time and attitude of a true fashionista, dress like ya don’t care and walk like ya’ll flawless.  They are funny as hell too!!  Watch their episode of Happy together and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The most famous Korean actors/ actresses?  K-pop idols, they most likely have touched all their faces with their magic wand (wait that sounds wrong LOL…). ANYWAYS, enough of me gushing about how much I love them.

I’m not sure what affiliate Son Dae Sik has with this brand but the brand is called iknowiOne which their motto is ”More effective Yet minimal makeup brand.  makeup brand that can express your beauty effectively with only one product, easy and simple touch”.  The older I’ve grown, the more I fall in love with the minimalistic look.  I now don’t have the tastebuds for strong colors and craziness.  I think life is crazy enough as is, at least I want my eyeshadows to not give me anxiety looking at it LOL.

iknowIoneThe brand’s price point seems quite far, ranging from roadshop prices to the most expensive item being 30,000 won which isn’t outrageous.  I’d definitely check this brand out the next time I’m shopping in Korea (aka. online shopping in Korea and getting it sent over with a buying service).


Jowae skincareJowaé is the new kid in the block and they are quite unique.  I actually had the chance to check out the brand before it was released and the team behind the brand gave me a rundown of what they stood for.  This brand is exclusively at Shoppers drug mart in Canada and no news of if it will be released in the states but they also have this brand in Europe!  They are a French Korean brand that uses the long history of French cosmetics and infused its research with Korea’s innovative ways as well as traditional Korean herbs such as red ginseng!  The main ingredient that Jowaé uses is the plant lumiphenols which is patented innovation that originates from sempervivum tectorum, a medicinal plant that withstands resistance, high in antioxidants, protects, detoxifies, repairs and brightens and helps balance the skin. They also contain no parabens, Phenoxyethanol, animal ingredients free (except for one that contains beeswax I believe), mineral oil free and synthetic colorant free.  On top of that, the price is affordable to mid-range and are all made in France!  I’ll get more in depth later on in the review but I’ll list all the products that are available in Canada at the moment and my fellow Canadian friends, you can all check them out at the derm section in Shoppers drug mart~

Soothing cleansing milk (200 mL) $21
Purifying cleansing gel (200 mL) $20.50
Hydrating water mist (200 mL) $19
Youth Concentrate complexion correcting (30 mL) $52
Moisturizing light cream (40 mL) $30
Wrinkle smoothing light cream (40 mL) $42
Wrinkle smoothing rich cream (40 mL) $42
Wrinkle smoothing eye serum (15 mL) $37
Hand and nail nourishing cream (50 mL) $10
Revitalizing moisturizing lotion (400 mL) $28

Just reading the names don’t sound like there’s any Korean influence but again, the review is coming up later on ;).  Trust me.  Side note, I’m really loving the hydrating water mist and the wrinkle smoothing eye serum.  Both so good!Faux pas cosmetics This brand might not exactly be new since they seem to have a couple of products but I came across their umbrella lip tints and had to track em down.  They are called “faux pas” Paris which actually comes up as a shoe company in Korea but they also have cosmetics (go figure haha). 

These are the few items they have so far:
Faux pas rainproof long lasting cushion (2 shades) 44,000 won
Faux pas blusherFaux pas Raindrop cheek blushers (4 shades) 9,800 won

Faux Pas umbrella tintsFaux pas velvet umbrella tint (8 shades) 16,000 won

Faux pas lip tintsFaux pas air velvet tint (3 shades) 12,000 won

17vderma peeling pad17vderma pink peel pads for glow skin 27,000 won

I’m not too sure if the brand name is “pibuwang” or 17Vderma but I’m guessing it is 17Vderma since that’s the name they use on the website.  I came across their really cute peeling pads shaped as sakura blossoms with the cutest cat ever.  Now you know I’m a sucker for cute packaging, but I’m also a sucker for peeling pads.  Dry skin problems here!  One interesting fact, they are actually a vegan brand and might be the only K-beauty vegan brand that I know!  I don’t know details about this product or what their main ingredients are since they are in Korean but I might reach out for more information.  Love learning about new indie brands :D!

17Vderma sheet mask17Vderma vegan faical care sheet mask 3,500 won for one or 35,000 won for 10
I was actually surprised to see that Anna from maskaddict on Instagram already trying this and reviewing it too!  Some people are just more diligent than me hehe.  She said in her review that the sheet mask only contains 17 ingredients, all of which are vegan and portions of the proceeds goes to careaniamlrights.  I think that is amazing and might be the only K-beauty brand I heard of to be both vegan and does good for the world! B.lot cosmetics

B.lot is another brand I came across and their cute packaging CAUGHT ME.  My god they are cute af!!!!  Actually, their eyeshadow quad caught my attention because it looks super similar to Holika Holika x Gudetama quad that I love so much.  I can’t really list all the products that they have since they actually have quite a few, so I’m just going to highlight the things I’m dying to get my hands on.  Their prices are super affordable too!

B.lot eyeshadow paletteB.lot fruit rum shadow palette (2 versions) 9,900 won
On top of having super duper cute packaging, the palettes actually have quite unique colors.  That bright red is something you don’t find much in K-beauty, even western cosmetics I haven’t seen a pretty bright red like that!  Of course, if you use it wrong, you’ll look like you got the worst eye irritation of life. But used right, you can be a sakura princess hehe.  Okay, one can dream okay?

B.lot vitamin lip balmB.lot vitamin lip balm 4,900 won
Okay, these might be childish to you, but these really remind me of the lip balms I used to get as a kid wanting to play with makeup and thinking these “tinted” lip balms were lipsticks.  Now as an adult, there’s still a sense of that still stuck with me and.. ITS JUST CUTE OKAY?  And for $5, I’m willing to be a child. Enature skincare

Enature is another brand I came across.  I was actually informed that this brand has been on Sokoglam’s website for a while now and I’ve just been living under a rock.  But Enature is another “natural” brand that is skin safety tested, uses natural fragrances and the most interesting thing they have is their smart system.  My eye just shoots right to “birch juice”.  I have no clue what Cenosome and seed-some is, but I just know birch sap does wonders for hydration, especially for dry skin type like me.  My interest has peaked ;).  You have my attention Enature. Enature rice essential tone starterEnature Rice essential tone-starter 27,000 won

I think these are their newest products?  Anything rice never does me wrong :).

Enature mugwort relief cream-pouleEnature mugwort relief cream-poule 32,000 wonEnnature skincareThe last product from the same line is their sheet masks:
Enature yam enriched hemp sheet mask 2,500 won for one or 12,500 won for 5I'm fine mask packI’m fine moisture mask pack 30,000 won
Another new brand that has amazing packaging, I’m fine.  LOL so ironic because I’ve been super gloomy lately (hormones I think) and I’m always telling myself and others I’m fine when really, I just want to tell them to leave me be.  LET ME BLEED IN PEACE.  Anyways, I don’t have much info on this product or the brand but thought I’d just share since the design is interesting.  I’d love to see someone review this!J.one hong shot cosmeticsJ.one x Hong Jin Young Hong Shot
Power lasting velvet tint (3 shades)

Power lasting foundation (2 shades)
Power lasting conceal pact (2 shades)
Magic powderdation

J.one seems to be creating a lot of new brands whether it is under J.one as a brand or being the mother company of these new brands.  But I noticed they are coming out with a brand with Hong Jin Young called Hong shot.  They haven’t released yet hence there no prices but we will see how it is down the line.

A'pieu bonding balm concealerA’pieu bonding balm concealer (5 shades) 6,000 won
Back when the saem concealer was the shit, I bought it in hopes of it working for me too.  I was quite let down by the fact that the shade I got was way too dark for me and from the looks of it, the rest of the line won’t work for me.  So I’m always on the hunt for new concealers since I still haven’t found the one that is my ride or die.  A’pieu’s creamy concealer is not a favorite, but it’s definitely one of the better ones, so I’m kind of happy they came out with a balm concealer.  If this concealer and I ever cross paths, I’ll definitely pick one up because the word “balm” in the name gives my dry skin hope.

A'pieu bonding drop concealerA’pieu bonding drop concealer (5 shades) 8,000 won

A'pieu juicy pang tintA’pieu juicy pang tint (8 shades) 7,500 won
I’m normally not a huge fan of lip tints, especially the watery ones since it makes the lips look super harsh and bright.  But these new ones from A’pieu with its glossy/ juicy formula looks quite nice and there are a couple of nude shades and that purple shade!! *Gasp*.  Can you tell I like purple for my lips hehe.

A'pieu wonder tensionA’pieu x Dailylike wonder tension (2 shades, 3 versions: moist, ampoule, perfect cover) 14,800 won
A’pieu was one of the first BB cushions I ever tried.  Why?  Because they were only $5 for the air fit cushion and since then, they have come out with many more cushions to add to the family.  One of the newer ones is their wonder tension and I actually quite like it (check my review here).  It has really high coverage and is still moisturizing (moist version) and for the price, you can’t beat it.  Only downside is that it doesn’t come with a refill.  The alpaca packaging is to die for though!!
Clio kill brow color brow lacquerClio kill brow color brow lacquer (6 shades) 12,000 won
Clio is definitely one of the top three roadshop brands for me, so I’m always excited to see what new products they have in store for us.  This time around, they have updated their brow line with a new brow lacquer that comes with a tiny brush.  I personally really like tiny brushes for my brows since it gives the most control but I do also like those skinny brushes as well.

Clio kill cover stay perfect foundationClio kill cover stay perfect foundation (4 shades)  30,000 won
Another product Clio can never do wrong, base make up/ foundation.  I absolutely loved the concealdation foundation that they made last year but I just find it a little bit too drying.  Maybe it is just me and my dry skin and I need a better base, but I’m still on the look out for Clio to make a satin finish foundation leaning more towards a hydrating formula.  Come on Clio!  Don’t let me down T_T.Clio dewy tintClio tint dewy tint (10 shades) 16,000 won
One must buy product when Clio comes out with anything new?  LIPPIES!!! UGHHHH  I normally don’t like more then half of a new lip line since it is always reds, reds and more reds, but I actually really like 6 out of the 10 shades they have and that is super rare!!  The last three purple shades seriously are to DIE for UGH.  That’s it, i’m getting it.

Cosrx one step green hero calming padCosrx one step green healing calming pads 17,000 won
Okay, this can’t get me more excited than I already am.  Back when the moisture pads were released, Cosrx surprised me with a giant box the side of my upper body.  Inside was 10 of their rice masks and 10 of the moisture up pads. I seriously thought I was getting pranked or something and they might have sent it to me by accident.  NOPE!  They are just that frinkin awesome.  Fast forward to now, they came out with a new version to add to their pad lines (wow this sounds like period pads LOL or I’m just on period brain mode because I’m bleeding atm).

On the jar it describes the product as “Gentle toner pads soaked in plant-driven Green-RX complex essence that bring relief to sensitive skin.”  The main ingredients that they showcase in this product ins Dandelion leaf extract, Centella Asiatica Extra, Virginia herbal extract (ashzel), Tea tree extract as well as mugwort extra.  So in comparison to the three pads they have, this is aimed towards soothing and calming the skin whereas the pimple pad is aimed towards oily/ acne prone skin type and moisture up pads contain propolis and hyaluronic acid for dry skin type.

Cosrx ultra fit toner to creamCosrx light fit real water toner to cream 19,000 won
“Vitamin that the skin drinks, water drop cream, fresh and moist feeling.  Contains vitamin C and 200x more vitamin tree extract.  It also contains Gangwon-do Seawater  which is rich in minerals, supplies energy and moisture to the skin.”

I really don’t know which direction this product wants to go, but my ears are definitely perked from its name “toner to cream”.  Now I personally don’t use a toner as I have either never found the right one or it just doesn’t really serve a purpose in my routine. I don’t find it providing extra moisture or what not nor is it used to wipe away excess soap residue since cleanser doesn’t really contain soap anymore.  From the looks of this product on the website, it kind of just looks like a cool moisturizer that has beads of water that will form once massaged into the skin but we’ll just have to see when I get my hands on it later on.

Cosrx sebum centella mineral powderCosrx sebum centella mineral powder 8,000 won
“Perfect sebum centella mineral powder.
Smooth skin texture and calms the skin!
Sebum absorbed into the ultrafine mineral powder with centella.”

I was super surprised to see this being released from Cosrx.  They rarely do make up products but then again, they have an amazing BB cushion so I’m happy to see them expand in the make up department.  Hopefully they will come up with more dry skin girl friendly products in the future.Cosrx lock the moisture stick 12,5000 won
I’m not sure if Cosrx took this off of the official website or if it isn’t released yet but I know that this product isn’t released overseas yet so it is only sold in Korea.  I’m DYING to get my hands on this!!
Espoir cheek look book 2 40,000 won
Espoir look book for eyes 40,000 won
Seems like Korea is finally picking up the palette trend at full speed.  I mean I’ve seen palettes here and there but they are slim to none, at least ones that have a good variety of mattes and shimmers.  I’ve been dying to try Espoir and these seriously are tempting.

Etude House bad rose mini kit 16,000 won
Etude House actually doesn’t have half bad lip products.  I think I liked one if their lipsticks in the past but the older I’ve grown, the less interested I am towards the brand.  Maybe also because they keep coming out with too many red shades.  Geez!

Etude House brow voluminizer (6 shades) 12,000 won

I got nothing to say LOL.  New brow products from Etude House.
Etude House play color eyes coffee to go collection
Play color eyes caffeine holic palette 22,000 won

Dear my blooming lips talk (4 shades) 9,500 won
Lovely cookie blusher (11 shades now) 6,000 won

One thing Etude House does well is their eyeshadow palettes.  Actually hmm, its a bit hit or miss actually.  I had one neutral palette from them in the past and it was bomb but then I got the wine palette and it was dry, chalky and not pigmented.  If you guys got the caffeine palette let me know how it is because the shades are really pretty and something I’d definitely wear.  They also came out with 4 new shades of their lovely blushers which I’m kind of dying to try now.Etude House double lasting serum foundation (12 shades)
Full size 18,000 won
Mini 6,000 won but only have 5 shades

I have tried their original double lasting foundation which is one of their best sellers and is pretty much a dupe of the Estee Lauder double wear foundation (at least so I’ve heard).  I did like the high coverage it gave but I just wished it would be a little bit more hydrating.  Seems like my prayers have finally been heard after years and years of waiting because we finally have a SERUM VERSION.  YES!!!!  Oh and yes I got me two bottles on hand courtesy of Jolse, so you can look forward to that review :).
Etude House glow on shimmer glam base 16,000 won
In addition to the new foundation, we also got a new shimmery base.  I still have my oil volume base from two years ago and I do still use it to this day.  It does hydrate my face just enough so my face doesn’t crack with foundation on but I still like the J.one jelly pack if I want a bullet proof shield of moisture + primer.  I do also have the new shimmer glam base and it really reminds me of the MAC strobe cream I’ve had before but the base is a lot more pink.

Etude house play 101 setting powder (3 shades) 13,500 won
Hmm these are hot off the press and quite convenient for those that are always on the go and oily.

Etude House shine chic lipsticks (10 shades) 12,000 won
I’m not sure if these are the same formula as the collaboration lip collection with red velvet but it sure does look like it.  It seems like the trend at the moment is super glossy lips and I am so not mad about that.
Hanyul Yuja collection
Yuja oil sheet mask 18,000 won for 5

Yuja face oil 38,000 won
Sleeping mask 30,000 won

Hanyul isn’t a brand that I have explored much but I do actually really like their rice softener toner (or is it an essence?).  Their new yuja line is definitely intriguing, especially that oil sheet mask!  I absolutely  love blossom jeju’s sheet masks where you put on the facial oil first before the sheet mask and it leaves my skin so hydrated, its not even funny!

Heimish Dalisim eye palette rose memory 32,000 won
I have tried Heimish shadows in the past and I actually do quite like them. They might be one of the better products that they produce and i’m super intrigued with this new version of the palette.  Those of you who like super pigmented eyeshadows, you might not like this.  But those of you who like a more tasteful, slightly more natural look, these are definitely for you.

Heimish varnish velvet lip tint (5 shades) 12,000 won
Heimish lip products I haven’t tried so I’m definitely curious, especially that these are a velvet formula which I’ve been loving lately.  Its so much nicer then a watery or matte lip tint UGH!

Holika Holika find your star collection
Star luster eyeshadow palette 35,000 won
Star luster lip tint (3 shades) 9,000 won
Sparkly smokey shadow (5 shades) 9,500 won

A pretty collection from Holika Holika but nothing really catches my eyes.  It would have been kind of cute to have a horoscope themed eyeshadow line but they missed the mark on that.Holika Holika hard cover glow foundation (6 shades) 18,400 won
Another foundation release and I’m happy to see that it is geared towards dry skin people (i think)!  Well when I see words like radiance, glow, moistful in the product name, you kind of get the gist of it.  I’m also super happy that they don’t only come in three shades but 5 this time and the darkest shade is quite dark, well at least for K-beauty standard.  Hey at least we’re going somewhere!

Holika Holika heart crust velvet lipsticks (9 shades) 19,500 won
Pretty lipsticks but I have a heart shaped lip tint from Holika Holika and it isn’t really the easiest to apply.  The colors do look pretty though!

Laneige cream skin refiner 28,000 won
Laneige skincare is sometimes a hit or miss for me but their water bank essence is pretty bomb.  Their make up is also quite good so they are still a brand I look forward to seeing new products from.  I also recently tried their under eye sleeping mask and it is also really good so I’m curious to see what this product is and if they will bring it over to North America.

Laneige real cover cushion concealer (8 shades) 20,000 won
As much as I love my cushion products, I think it is time to stop calling everything a cushion. Having a sponge at the end of a product doesn’t constitute it as a cushion damn it.  Anyways, Laneige has new concealers and even have REALLY DARK SHADES (again K-beauty standard dark wise).  Seems like the pressures of having more shade ranges has even spread to Korea whoo whoo!

Laneige tattoo lip tint (10 shades) 22,000 won
I still to this day haven’t tried laneige lip products but these lip tints looks so nice!  The applicator is super different too and I think it might actually be quite convenient for application.  I must get my hands on these!

Missha superfood lip collection
Oil (berry, honey) 9,000 won
Lip sleeping pack 8,000 won
Lip balm 7,000 won
Lip scrub 5,500 wonMissha Glow collection
Tension cushion (6 shades from 19, 21, 22, 23, 25) 23,000 won
Glow lip blush (8 shades) 12,000 won
Glow skin pure foundation (6 shades) 18,000 won
Glow skin night 18,000 won
Glow brush 15,000 won

Missha’s base products has been growing on me the last few years and these are definitely intriguing.  I’m super interested in trying the glow skin pure foundation as well as the primer they have.  Drool!

Peripera ink the lacquer tints (5 shades) 9,000 won
I think it is safe to say that Peripera is still holding first place for best lip products all around am correct?  They came out with new lip lacquer tints and I’m also drooling hehe.

Peri Pera ink fitting bread color palette 22,000 won
I’ve tried quite a few Peri pera products but the one thing that I don’t have from them is a palette and these ones look mighty fine!!!Sulwhasoo 2018 limited edition compact (with refill) 150,000 won
Every year, Sulwhasoo comes out with an all metal, ridiculously gorgeous compact and this year’s is no exception.  I’ve always dreamed of having one of these but one day, one day the dream will come true.
Tony Moly x Monstax lip tone get it tint (6 shades) 6,000 won
Okay everyone and their mothers (like actually) is losing all their brain cells over this collection.  Many of you have also requested for me to review these but honestly its not going to happy because I really don’t care for lip tints all that much.  These shades also don’t look intriguing and no I really don’t know or listen to Monstax’s songs (please don’t come for yo girl here, she’s just old school Big Bang lover okay).  If you guys got these, tag me on Instagram because I’d love to see your beautiful faces.

Too cool for school nuage (5 shades) 12,000 won
Finally a lip range that is to my liking!!  Mostly nude shades and that PURPLE IN THE MIDDLE THO.  I’m sold, I’m buying it.

Oh my hell.  We are FINALLY DONE.  This took a week almost to produce and a lot of lost sleep so I really hope you enjoyed it T_T.  Let me know what products you really want to get your hands on and why in the comments down below!!

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