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Skincare routine for dry skinI don’t usually show you guys my skincare routine because my product turn over is faster then the speed of life due to the nature of being a blogger.  I’m constantly trying new things and pretty much know when I like or don’t like a product.  I do keep using skincare products up to three weeks to see if I see my skin changes during that time.  Since cell cycle durations usually is 26-42 days, I don’t want to risk feeding you guys the wrong information before I have a full feel of the product, hence why I don’t like to flash products at you official on the blog.  I do however show you guys a quick snap of what I’m using the day of on my Instagram, so if you guys wanna check it out, now you know where to go.  I asked you guys if you’d be interested to see what I’m currently testing out and you guys gave me a big thumbs up so here ya go. 

Korean skincare routineI know a lot of you guys are familiar with the whole “10 step Korean skincare routine” thing going on at the moment and it has even seeped into the Western world now that K-beauty is picking up here.  Since I’m usually bare faced, I keep my skincare to a minimal and plus, I’m lazy.  I don’t have the patience to go through 10 steps LOL.  My skin profile is dry to very dry skin, especially during the winter time, non-pigmented skin (meaning my skin isn’t prone to produce brown spots, not the colour of my actual skin),  and also resilient skin (opposite of sensitive skin).  I learned a little bit more about skin reading “the skin type solution” (It’s like $7-10 used, shipping included, which is a pretty good deal considering this book is loaded with information) recently, which is a really good read for those who are really into skin like I am at the moment.  It gets into all the nitty gritty and is also a good educational book.  It is a little hard to read with all the text and no pictures HAHA.  I’m not the biggest reader but this book makes me want to keep reading more so I can be able to provide you guys with more accurate facts.

I keep my skincare routine quite simple, well at least I think so myself.  Since I have dry skin, my main focus is to get rid of dead skin cells and hydrate.  At times when my skin is feeling extra dry, I slap on a sheet mask and if my skin is extra dull, I use my Secret Key Lemond D-toc peeling gel or my textured sponge from the Wish Formula bubble peeling pad.

korean cleansersI’m currently using two cleansers at the moment.  The first one I’m loving and I know is a keeper is the Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser which I’ve already been using for two months now.  I keep forgetting to do a full review for this product but anyone who wants a cleanser that won’t strip your skin’s natural oils and has a true pH 5, this is the one for you.  It works for all skin type, retails for around $7-9 and those that have tried it, they all love this cleanser.

Another cleanser I’m testing out now is from the brand Oolu which is a sister company of Whamisa if I’m not mistaken.  I got sent a lot of the brand’s products by Memebox so I’m slowly but surely incorporating it into my routine to see if they work with my skin.  The pH level does scare me, which is around pH 7-9 which is pretty high and would most likely irriate the skin.  So far, I haven’t broken out from it or gotten irritated from it just yet but the squeaky cleanness that it leaves my skin being after cleansing concerns me.  I will keep testing this out and see how it goes.  Do look forward to a review on this one.

korean essenceThis product I’ve been really loving which is Oolu’s Jasmin Moisture liquid. It is infused with natural jasmine and is suppose to aid in moisture along with minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines, sebum control and help with elasticity.  Not sure about the rest of the claims, but this product definitely hydrates my skin after I have cleansed.  I have also tried the rose version but I like the Jasmine one a whole lot better since it doesn’t smell like rotten rose petals.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t like rose, nor does my skin.  I use this product by applying a few drops onto a cotton pad and gently sweep my face and it just feels great afterwards.  I also love the tea smell to it, which calms me down right before bedtime.

Korean essence for dry skinTwo essence/ ampoules I have been using at the moment is Cosrx’s hyaluronic acid Hydra power essence which I’ve had for a while but I just want to try and finish it up so I can move on.  I do like the product and it is effective, lightweight and does provide me moisture.  I mean, its Cosrx, they can never do wrong.  Alongside with that, I’ve been trying Bonvivant’s illuminator whitening ampule along with the other two moisturizers. I liked all of Bonvivant sheet masks so it was only natural for me to be curious about the rest of the products that they offer. Enriched with patented Daffodil root extract, exfoliating Algowhite extract and niacinamide, this gel ampule hydrates dry skin, revitalizes dull and dead skin while being lightweight and leaves the skin radiant.  I can definitely see and feel a difference in my skin using this ampule and it does hydrate my skin very well.  One time I tried their water gel mask but forgot to use this ampule and I felt my skin right away, it wasn’t as plump, protected or hydrated without it.  For $13, this one is definitely a keeper and one I would most likely repurchase in the future.

Korean moisturizers for dry skinSince I have dry skin, moisturizers are a very important step for me.  I am always on the hunt for the next best thing, hence why I have four that I’m using.  Before you think I’m crazy, I pick and choose which one to use depending on my skin’s needs.

On the top left, we have Cosrx’s ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask which I did review recently.  I absolutely love this cream, especially when I’m doing my night time routine.  It just leaves my skin super soft, brightened and hydrated even when I wake up.  You can use it day or night but I do prefer using this at night.  It doesn’t leave my skin greasy, which I don’t mind, but somehow still manages to give me a beautiful glow.

On the bottom left is Elizavecca’s glutinous mask snail cream which they did send me along wth a couple other items.  I haven’t tried many of their products before other then one of their vitamin E serums but it ended up making my skin look yellow for some reason so I stopped using that after the first try.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about the brand and of course, their super famous bubbling mask.  Yes, that was them!  So naturally, my eyes gravitated towards their snail cream since snail products work great for all skin types, especially dry skin since it hydrates and repairs all in one.  So far so good with this moisturizer.  It does seem to take a bit of time for it to fully soak into the skin but when it does, my skin is supple, slightly brightened and of course, moisturized.

The other two Bonvivant skincare products I’m testing out is their Illuminator age cover cream mask and their water gel mask.  These are not new at all.  Right after the botanical masks were released, I believe the cream mask came after.  The most recent additions were the water gel mask and the ampule I had shown above.  I believe the age cover cream mask came before the Bonvivant age cover masks which are masks I absolutely love.  The essence after you have blended it into the skin, it leaves my skin looking extra glowy like I dipped my whole face in highlighter.  So I was wondering if the age cover cream mask maybe the jarred version of the mask.  Long and behold, yes.  Yes it is!  I will get into it more when I do my review which is coming very soon.  The water gel mask has a pudding like texture and melts into the skin effortlessly. Those of you who wouldn’t like the glowy look from the cream mask, you’d like this one since it is super light weight and also manages to hydrate my skin deeply.  I am loving these two products at the moment as well.

img_6875As for eye cream, I’ve been still using the one I have from B.Liv called “I’m wrinkle insulator“.  I really like the lightweight texture it has and helps minimize fine lines/ wrinkles and also prevent premature aging.  Unfortunately since I’m still only in my early 20’s, I don’t have those concerns so I just use it strictly for hydration purposes.  So far, it hasn’t irritated my skin so thumbs up to that.

We’ve all heard of serums for the face, but it is kind of a first for me to use a serum for the eyes.  I’m sure there are lot of other ones out in the market but I got a sample from the 3B box which was sent to me couple weeks ago and I’ve been slowly but surely testing out the products in the little pouches.  I really like this product, especially on those days when I feel like my eyes aren’t hydrate enough.  Just layer it with this essence from Etude House’s honey cera collection, yassss.  Again, I can’t speak for my wrinkles because I don’t have any at the moment but I really like this product.

Last but not least, Elizavecca’s Gold CF nest white bomb eye cream which is suppose to aid in the darkness around the eyes and fatigue, both of which I have LOL.  It contains gumusayon nest extract (aka. Bird’s nest extract) and 24K gold as the star ingredients to help make the undereye brighter and also plumper.  So far, this eye cream has treated me really well.  It absorbs into the skin quickly, doesn’t leave any type of residue but my eye lids are noticeably softer, moisturized and dare I say my under eyes do look slightly more pump.

That is it for my skincare routine at the moment. I don’t do these type of posts often since my skincare routine is ever changing, but if you guys enjoy seeing what I’m using at the moment and like me babbling about nothing, feel free to let me know in the comments down below and I will keep doing these if you guys like em!

Are there any products you guys are eyeing?  What products do you want me to review first?  Let me know in the comments down below (/^▽^)/.

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  1. Laurel

    Hi! Thanks for the review! Do you you only review AB products? I’d be interested to know what you think about Glossier (any of their skincare and makeup). Thanks!

    1. Christina

      I have seen Glossier couple of times but somehow I’ve been desensitized to Western skincare. I’m slightly intersted in trying it but I’m swimming in skincare products at the moment so I don’t think I’ll be trying their products out anytime soon.

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