Korean Concealer Overview + Swatches

Affordable korean concealer reviewFor some reason, I’ve been gravitating towards concealers lately while I’m shopping online.  Long and behold, I have quite a few Korean concealers at this point.  I asked you guys on Instagram if you’d be interested in seeing a concealer overview and you guys said yes, so here I am delivering whooo whoo~ This post is going to be in a different format then my usual review posts where I’m not going to go really in-depth but just scraping the surface so you guys have a good idea of what you’d be dealing with if you were planning to pick any of these up.  Along with that, I also have swatches of your favourite western concealers as well so if you guys already have a few you love and need a comparison, this post is also for you.  This might be a long post so let’s get started!!
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Concealer for dry skinI thought I didn’t have that many Western concealers until I looked into my drawer and pulled all of these out.  What the heck LOL.  But after this post, I threw most of them away because, well I don’t like them at all.  Western concealers don’t seem to suit my fancy.  It is always either too thick, too cakey, colour doesn’t work with my skintone or just something wrong.  It’s so frustrating but it feels like I’m turning a new leaf going into K-beauty and finding so many that does work for me. 

Just to let you know again, this is not a review since I haven’t test out like 70% of the concealers.  So if you were expecting something a little more informative like my usual review, this is not it unfortunately :P.

Korean brand concealer

Best korean brand concealerLeft to right:
The face shop Dual veil concealer in V107

The face shop Dual veil concealer in V109
I picked these up recently since there was a sale going on, which I picked these babies up for around 7,000 won each (retail price 11,000 won).  I’ve heard a lot about these concealers and 90% of the opinions out there is positive.  I wanted in on what people liked about these concealers and it is definitely convenient to have two types all in one.  On one side, you get a liquid concealer while the other side is a stick concealer. I haven’t tried this concealer out too much but what I can tell you from my first impressions is that this concealer doesn’t seem to be heavy on the skin, gives about medium coverage and does a decent job covering redness.  I personally bought two shades since I wanted a more peachy/ salmon color to brighten up my dark circles and another for just my face.

A’pieu moist creamy concealer in #2 vanilla
A’pieu moist creamy concealer in #3 Porcelain
This is yet another concealer I bought from hearing tons of good reviews and also a lot of people comparing this concealer to Nars radiant creamy concealer but of course, costs only a fraction of the price.  Retailing for 6,500 won each, these are supposed to have almost the same coverage as Nars’ version.  Since I do have the Nars concealer, comparing these two, A’pieu seems to have a more moist formulation while Nars is very creamy but can easily look heavy on my dry skin.  I actually like A’pieu’s more since it seems to blend better into my skin and the shades offer work better for my yellow undertone.

Laneige cushion concealer in light
Since I’m such a cushion head, when I saw this “cushion” concealer from Laneige, I was obsessed.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the air puffs that come in BB cushions, or at least the applicator isn’t made with the same material.  If you are familiar with the Maybelline age rewind concealer, the one from Laneige has pretty much the same applicator but not as chubby.  The concealer formulation itself has a light to medium coverage but doesn’t‘ seem to be that buildable so it isn’t ideal for those looking for a high coverage concealer.  One food thing is, the Laneige one has one of the best colour matches for my Mac NC25 skintone but retailing for 25,000 won, I’m most likely not going to be repurchasing.

Delight 18 I.U whitening cream salmon spot
I actually reviewed this one recently, so if you want to check out my review on it, click here. This product from Delight 18 isn’t exactly advertised as a concealer but more of a color corrector to aid in dull-looking skin.  I, however, fell in love with it and am using it as an under-eye concealer/brightener.  The color has the perfect blend of a pale salmon color while also brightening up the under eyes.  With just one layer, my dark reddish-purple looking under eyes look a whole lot better, covered and I look alive.  For 11,800 won, I’m impressed.

Klairs creamy & natural fit concealer
If you guys don’t know, Klairs (if I’m not mistaken) a brand under Wishtrend, hence why they promote it so heavily.  They sent it to me a while ago and I did do a review on it.  Not sure if it is my dry skin or my own preference, I didn’t really like this concealer.  It only comes in one shade which is slightly too dark and also has a strong grey undertone. The formulation is on the slightly drier side but on the bright side, it means it is more buildable.  It offers medium coverage that is buildable, I just wish it didn’t come in only one shade.

Clio Kill cover concealer in #4 Ginger
I have heard great things about Clio’s base make up, especially their concealers.  Unfortunately, my dumb ass decided to buy the darkest shade in fear of getting a shade that is way too light.  Long and behold, now it is WAY too dark.  The shade name definitely suits it, ginger. It has a very strong yellow undertone but is also very warm-toned.  Those of you with maybe Mac NC25-30 would be able to use this but for me, either I buy another shade or just mix this with another shade to make it lighter.  I’m going to look like a damn Oompa Loompa.  From what I heard, this concealer is supposed to have one of the best coverage around town but I can’t test it out now CAN I.  Sometimes my brain farts so much, even I can’t believe I’m so dumb.

The Saem cover protection tip concealer in #2
Again, another concealer that is way too dark for me.  On the computer screen, I swear it looks like a shade I can use but nope.  I’m actually quite surprised this shade is darker then I expected.  The Saem is a brand that is famous mostly for their concealers, and they make all types from liquid, cream to potted ones as well.  From the texture, I can tell it has a great buildable medium to high coverage and it retails for around $4 which is dirt cheap.  This concealer is definitely one to start your journey with but beware of the shades running a bit dark.  I’m planning to get #1 in hopes it would work for me skin, but for now, I’m also stuck with another dark concealer.

Eglips saranghae zoo concealer #2
Eglips is a brand I don’t see much of on the interwebs. I have seen Pony use their pressed powders but I can’t find any reviews on their cute Saranghae zoo line which I manage to score all the products for only $20 hehe.  To my surprise, all the products were a lot smaller then I imagined them to be.  The concealer is a standard concealer tube size, the same size as the Saem’s.  Eglip’s liquid concealer only comes in 2 shades, #1 and #2.  I bought #2 and it has a very strong pink undertone which is good if you want to brighten up areas of the face.  I would definitely not recommend you use this to cover blemishes because it would just accentuate them.  The formulation allows for light to medium coverage but it definitely has a very light formulation.

Eglips saranghae zoo dual concealer
Last but not least, the duo cream concealer from Eglips.  I also got this from the same $20 special set during Chuseok.  The colors are very weird…one is super pale and the other is super yellow and more on the tan side. I definitely won’t be using these alone but most likely have to mix them together to use.  The texture is in between creamy and slightly greasy (not in a bad way though) and applies onto the skin with very light coverage.  it blends into the skin find but I am skeptical about the lasting powder.  I will have to test this one out some more so do lookout for a review on this in the future.

Pinky concaeler korean brand concealerSince all the Korean concealers don’t seem to have a perfect skintone match for me, I’m going to spilt these up into categories and let’s compare them to Western favorites as well.

1) The face shop duo veil concealer V107 (Kakao friends collaboration limited edition packaging)
Swatched next to the other pinky undertoned concealers, this one from the face shop doesn’t actually seem that pink.  On the computer screen in pictures, it looks da hell of a lot more pink but in real life, it is also no different the V109.  I did try this out to see if it would be able to handle my dark circles but it didn’t do that great of a job.  I think I’ll just use this as a subtle highlighter using the whole “V” under the eyes method.

2) A’pieu moist cream concealer #3
This one from A’pieu is also not as pink as I was hoping for it to be.  It is actually slightly darker than the one from the face shop in V107 so this won’t be one I’ll be using for that purpose.  I could pass it as a face blemish cover upper (Damn my English is on point).

3) Eglips saranghae zoo concealer #2
This one from Eglips is slightly pinker than the first two and it does a decent job under the eyes.  The coverage is slightly low so it still needs a bit of help with another product but if my under eyes don’t look that bad, I’ll definitely pick up this item.

4) Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum corrector in Extra light bisque
Now this one is potent stuff, coming from Bobbi Brown’s intensive skin serum corrector.  This is straight-up salmon color and it does a great job at hiding my under eyes but the downside is that you do have to layer it with a flesh-toned concealer on top for it to look natural.  This offers medium coverage and is super hydrating under the eyes which I love since it makes me look flawless and it is also decently lightweight on the skin.

5) Benefit erase paste
To be honest, I actually forgot I even had this LOL.  I think I bought it a while ago but forgot it even existed in my stash.  From what I can remember, I didn’t like how thick and heavy it felt on my skin so I never picked it up again.  The color is a nice pale salmon color and it does help with color correcting but like I said, too heavy for my liking.

6) Bobbi Brown creamy corrector light bisque
I bought this one a while back and it was the first concealer I bought from Bobbi Brown.  I actually used the BB cushion air puffs to apply it to my under eyes and it didn’t look half bad.  For a while, I was using that method but something about it just didn’t seem right and I didn’t really like the look of it.  It didn’t look too heavy but I wanted something a bit more moisturizing which this one wasn’t.  This gives a medium to high coverage if needed and is easily blendable as well.  For the price, I most likely am not going to repurchase.

brightening korean concecaler review1) A’pieu moist creamy concealer in #2 vanilla
A’pieu’s concealers seem to have a really nice moisturizing formula but this shade seems to be a little light for my NC25 skintone.  I think I’ll try and pick up a darker shade since it is quite affordable but the pictures provided on the official page is not helpful at all.  The swatches all look like liquid highlighters LOL.  Nonetheless, I will still use this concealer as a brightening one.

2) Delight 18 I.U whitening cream salmon spot
I got this salmon spot cream a while ago from Delight and just recently fell in love with it’s brightening properties.  This isn’t limited to be used just under the eyes but I find I get the best results there.  The formula has a nice adherence to the skin but still manages to be lightweight and doesn’t settle into my lines. 

3) YSL touch eclat in 2.5 luminous vanilla
I’ve had this product with me for two years now and unfortunately, I don’t get what the hype is with it.  It around $40-50 I believe and I think its a damn waste of money in my opinion.  A lot of people like to use this to brighten up areas of the face like under the eyes, around the sides of the nose and often do get confused with this product being a concealer.  The formulation on my dry skin doesn’t work that great and it catches onto my dry skin easily.

4) L’oreal magic lumi concealer/ corrector
Another product I don’t like.  This one from L’oreal isn’t a bad product but you can see here the colour doesn’t work with my skintone.  It is way too pasty looking and the formula is also not flattering on my dry skin.  This one got chucked into the garbage right after the swatch haha.

5) L’oreal CC eye concealer in light
This CC eye concealer wasn’t half bad since it was a super lightweight on the skin, however, it didn’t provide much coverage and also the formulation didn’t adhere to the skin nicely.  Pass.  I also went into the garbage after since it is old and not loved.

6) Eglips saranghae zoo duo concealer (left)
I’m not too sure how this one will perform on my skin just yet since I got it last week.  The formulation seems to be decent, the texture is creamy but also on the slightly greasy however it seems to have a good light to buildable medium coverage.  The colors offered in the duo concealer are either stupid pale or way tanner so this is definitely one you’d have to mix together to get the right shade.

Brightening concealer swatches

Korean concealers review1) Laneige cushion concealer
At the moment, Laneige’s concealer is the one I’m liking right now since the colour seems to match be very well. It provides a light to medium coverage and is also light weight which I like since I don’t need heavy coverage anyways.  The “cushion” (more like a rounded doe foot applicator) is easy to use but I don’t like it since it is not sanitary at all.

2) Klairs creamy & natural fit concealer
The colour for this concealer is okay and it does with with my NC25 skintone but the grey undertone and the fact that they only offer one shade is definitely a concern.  It gives a decent medium coverage and also works alright under the eyes but it does look a little dry under there so I wouldn’t recommend it.

3) Clio Kill cover concealer in #4
Clio is definitely one of the K-beauty brands to go to if you are looking for good base make up.  Their shade system however is very odd.  It comes in four colours , #2 which is a light pink concealer, #3 a light cool toned concealer which I’d label it as #23 since frinkin #4 is super dark.  #4 would be shade #25 in any other brand and #5… you might as well use as a contour for those with pale skin.  If you do want to pick one up, warning to you that the colours do run dark.  Coverage wise, it gives a good medium to high coverage depending on how you layer it and it still manages to be moisturizing on my skin which I like.

4) The saem cover protection tip concealer in #2
This one is another very famous concealer in Korea and loved by many bloggers, for good reason too.  It offers medium coverage and retailing for $5 or so, you can’t really go wrong.  It also has good adherence to the skin but do keep in mind, the shades run a little dark.

5) Eglips saranghae zoo dual concealer
Eglips has very odd shades available for their duo creamy concealer.  One is way too pale and the other is way too dark.  The dark side almost works for my skin but I will have to mix a bit of the lighter side to it.  I haven’t tried it just yet so not much to comment about on this but the texture seems to be nice on the skin.  We’ll have to see.

6) Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Cool sand
I got this one a while ago along with the corrector shade as well.  I solely use this under the eyes since the colour isn’t a good match to the rest of my face but the adherence is good. I do wish it was slightly more moisturizing.  If you are looking for something that is long lasting, this one come be for you.

7) Nars radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla
A lot of people love this concealer for it’s high coverage and creaminess in texture.  I bought this to try since a lot of people seems to like it not I don’t care for it.  It does have high coverage but I don’t seem to reach for it at all.  Overall this concealer is good but it is too expensive for me to want to repurchase again.

8) Maybelline fit me liquid concealer in light
Another concealer a lot of beauty bloggers love  I picked this one up a long long time ago and have tried it all over my face.  It’s not half bad but they don’t have that many colour selections.  I have use it as a blemish concealer and also under the eyes, both I was okay with.  I may or may not repurchase in the future but most likely not.  It has a light to medium coverage and if my memory serves me right, this concealer retails for around $7-9?

9) Dior Fix it 2-in-1 prime and conceal in 001 light
Another one I completely forgot I had LOL.  This is what happens when I’m too lazy to take it out of the box.  I got this a while ago when it came out since it looked kind of interesting.  It isn’t marketed as solely a concealer but a product you can use as a eye primer and also to conceal.  In the middle, there is a balm to aid in moisture and the outside ring is the concealer.  The texture is not half bad but I wouldn’t apply it straight to my skin since it can get heavy fast.  I like to dab some onto my air puff and apply it that way.  Do I like it, I’m okay with it.  Would I repurchase again, most likely not.  Too expensive and K-Beauty offer a lot of great products that I want to discover for myself.  The colour match is not half bad though I must say.

Korean concealer review

That is it for this concealer overview. Not sure if it is helpful at all since I didn’t really offer insight for each of the product, mostly because I haven’t tried it enough to give you a solid opinion. I hope the swatches and comparison to Western ones is helpful :).  Let me know if you guys would like to see more overviews in the future and what products would you want to see.  That is it for this time around! Peace~ 

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  1. Evelyn V.

    Hello! I’m new in here 😛
    Your post it’s very helpful, I’m looking a concealer that can be useful for my dark circles and maybe a monthly pimple and so far I have not been lucky. Tried the one from the saem in 1.5 color and didn’t liked it at all, because was too dry/heavy for my dark circles.
    Now have a sample with 3 colors from the A’Pieu Moist creamy concealers and hope that could work better (also I have wrinkles >_<).

    Thank you so much ^_^

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