Daiso brush cleanser review + How to clean your make up brushes

Daiso brush cleanser reviewI don’t know what happened. Somehow a whole week slipped right through me and I didn’t post anything for a week!  I’m back now and I’m going to bust my ass for those of you that look forward to my posts and those who find them helpful.  This time around, I will be doing a review of Daiso’s brush and sponge cleanser which you can find in any Daiso store.  If you don’t know what Daiso is, it is pretty much like a dollar store but everything is $2 CDN and everything is made in Japan.  You can find absolutely everything random and everything awesome and the affordable price of $2.  I think I’m really lucky to have one of the biggest Daiso’s in Canada and maybe even USA since it is two levels and each levels are HUGEEEE.  If you don’t know that i love myself Daiso, here are some past Daiso hauls for proof 😉 (haul 1, haul 2).   Anyways, let’s get started with this post, I’ve been making too much love to Daiso already.Daiso blush cleanserOther then this brush cleanser, I have also tried the beauty blender liquid cleanser but didn’t really like it that much.  I usually just use Dawn dish soap and it works just fine, however I wanted to venture out and try something new when I saw this in the store.  Daiso’s “detergent for puff and sponge” is suppose to be able to deep clean your brushes and sponge.  I know cleansing my brushes would work just fine, but how well will it work on my air puffs?Daiso cleanserHmm doesn’t seem to be an ingredients list…
Daiso brush eggDuring another random Daiso stroll, I came across this little egg thing which is suppose to be a mini laundry board made out of silicone.  I’ve seen Sigma brushes create a “brush cleansing mitt” which looks like a silicone oven mitt that is textured to give a “deep clean” for your brush.  HOWEVER, there is no way I’m going to pay $39 USD for a frinkin” alien oven mitt just to clean my brushes.  What do you think I am, rich? (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)  Cool but kind of a waste of money.  So when I saw this egg wash board, I was like “hmm… I wondering if this could be a good addition to my brush cleansing routine?”  I mean, it’s only $2, if it doesn’t work then I’m just down two bucks.


IMG_8173If you are ever in Daiso and want to pick this up for yourself, go to the laundry section  and this should be sitting along with the other regular plastic wash board which no one use these days.  It’s all about the laundry machine~~ Oh yea.

If you don’t live in a town with a Daiso, you can always buy these little wash board eggs on ebay for $1 :).  Here’s the link!  Just in case the first link doesn’t work, here’s another link.

IMG_8174As you can see, there is two textures on this little egg washboard.  The tip has circular pattern which is great for more dense brushes since it gives a more deep clean.  The ruffled part is great for any brushes, best with bigger brushes like face brushes but can with with anything.

General rule to not ruin your brush bristles:
-if you have a flat brush, only brush left and right
-if you have face brushes that have a round shape, you can go either left or right or in circular motions
IMG_8178Things you will need to get started:
-a towel
-Daiso brush cleanser (or any other brush cleanser you prefer)
-egg laundry wash board
-your dirty brushes and air puffs
-a sink (I’m captain obvious :P)

IMG_8179Excuse the nasty looking faucet.  I forgot to wipe it down before I took pictures, but let’s just call this keeping it real (^~^).
Exhibit A- cleaning air puff
Run your air puff under water and let it soak.
See how nasty my air puff looks it?  
Ewww… and yes I don’t clean my brushes on a regular.  I just collect it in my little bin until there are too many and I get annoyed at looking at the full bin and then kick myself to clean them.  This usually takes about a month until I finally decide to clean them.IMG_8181
Squeeze some of the cleanser on and….

IMG_8182Rub rub rub~

IMG_8184Rinse away the dirty-nesssss~~~
IMG_8193Ahh much better.  Daiso cleanser with air puff works well, but not squeaky clean enough for my taste.  It still feels like there is a little bit of the BB cream left and I still prefer the solid soap method. Look closely and you can see little bits of  BB cream still stuck on the right side. If you haven’t seen my “how to clean Air puff” post, click here.  So far, I’d give it 2.5 stars out of 5 for daiso brush cleanser on sponge.  Decent but not clean enough for my taste.

IMG_8192I also tried using the egg wash board on my air puffs to get a deeper clean but really didn’t find much of a difference.  I would actual not recommend using the wash board on your air puffs since it could make little tears and make your air puff all raggedy faster.

Daiso brush cleanser reviewExhibit B- Cleansing brushes
Squeeze some brush cleaner onto the washboard. To use the washboard, you just have to stick two fingers into it to hold it and run your brushes over it.

IMG_8197Dirty brush….yucky!

IMG_8198Scrub scrub scrub.  Another great thing with the washboard egg?  It not only provides a textured surface to get all your bristles, it also creates more bubbles and you can use less cleanser.

IMG_8201Rinse all the soap out of your bristle and squeeze out the excess water.

IMG_8202Cleannnnn~ So much better.  Now just rest it onto your towel and finish the rest of your brushes.

IMG_8211I had crusty, dried, one month old cream eyeshadow base that was on this brush and it used to be a pain in the butt to get rid of.  Before, I thought my brushes were “stained” since even after cleansing my brush, there would still be residue left on it.  After using this egg, it was possible to get rid of ever bit of cream eyeshadow and aged lipstick from my brushes.  I even went back and got other brushes that I thought was stained, washed it with the egg and boom!  Absolutely clean!  You thought your brushes was clean?  Look at that pink water dripping off the side.  Ewwwww…..IMG_8212So stinkin’ clean!! 


IMG_8215Everything is now squeaky clean so now it is time to transport it to my room for drying.

IMG_8217How to dry:
Roll up a towel, about 3/4 of the towel so you still have a little bit sticking out but one side is rolled up.  Why roll up a towel?  You shouldn’t dry your brushes by having them sitting upright since the water would go down to the handle and loosen up the glue.  This is the best way I have found to dry my brushes without spending more money on things like the “brush drying tree”. Wahh….

IMG_8219Drying tips:
-use a brush guard for natural bristle brushes to keep its shape and for the bristles to not fray
-synthetic brushes can just dry by itself with no brush guard since it doesn’t really lose it’s shape
-line your towel with some towel paper to absorb any leftover dirty water so it won’t ruin your towel

IMG_8228Drying time usually takes about a day and a half to two days.  So if you need to clean these but need them the next day, I suggest you do it days before or have extra brushes on hand so you aren’t stranded.

Final verdict of Daiso brush cleanser:
Daiso brush cleanser is not half bad.  For $2, you get a bottle (80 ml) of clear, unscented cleansing liquid which you can use on your makeup brushes and sponges.  I would not recommend this for sponges, especially air puffs since I don’t find it to fully deep clean my brushes and would rather use the solid soap method which works much better.  For my brushes, they worked great and left my brushes squeaky clean without any scent and I did not find my natural bristle brushes hairs to dry out in any way.  Overall, great for brushes but not good for sponges.  I would not buy it again since I could just use my regular Dawn dish soap to do the same job and get a lot more liquid for a dollar more.

Hopefully, you guys find this helpful.  Let me know in the comments down below how you guys deep clean your brushes.  Are you guys going to get yourself an awesome egg washboard? I seriously highly recommend everyone to get one to incorporate into their cleansing routine, it is a game changer! (๑♡3♡๑) 

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  1. Belle

    Hey Christina, I think you mentioned before that you used Dr. Bronner’s to clean your brushes before. I just switched over to Dr. Bronner’s from using bar soap previously, and I love the results. Do you feel like the Daiso brush cleaner works better than Dr. Bronner’s?

    1. Chrsitina

      I don’t believe that it was me who used the Dr. Bronner’s soap.

      1. Belle

        Ah, in that case you should give it a try (the liquid soap)!

        It took a while but I was able to get my mom’s crusty foundation brush pretty clean 🙂

        1. Christina

          I shall look it up :). Thank you for the suggestion~ <3

    1. Christina

      It doesn’t seem to work that well with my air puffs. I just use either cleansing oil or a solid soap.

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