What’s new in Kbeauty Vol. 2

what's new in Kbeauty 2

It’s been a while since my first “what’s new in kbeauty” series.  Many new Korean products have came out since then, so here’s the latest update.  Some products have been out for couple weeks and some just came out.  The most exciting one for me has to be A’pieu’s collaboration with Doraemon.  I’ve noticed more and more Korean cosmetic companies collaborating with animation studios to create limited edition packaging such as Betty Boop, Alice and Wonderland, Garfield, and many more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.  This time around, I will be covering brands like the Saem’s new chocopie hand cream, A’pieu Doraemon limited edition collection, Banila Co’s Fall in Seoul collection and their wedding line, VDL’s Kakao friends 2, Etude House’s prism collection and their new BB cream, Tony moly’s new mushroom packs, Laneige Playnomore collection and Beyond’s Alice and Wonderland limited edition collection.  Let’s jump right in already!

apieu logoNot too long ago, about two months ago, I learned about a brand called A’pieu through their Garfield limited edition packaging for their Air fit BB cushion.  Of course I got suckered into getting the BB cushion because I mean… COME ON! It’s Garfield.  That was my whole childhood, reading comics and not novels like how my parents wanted me to.  The more I kept digging into what this brand was about, I learned it is geared towards teens with their very affordable priced and youthful packaging and it is also a sister brand of Missha.  Of course I have heard of Missha but never really tried any of their products except for their BB cream that comes in the red tube and a pump.  What I like about A’pieu the most is their very affordable price.  I mean come on, where are you going to find a BB cushion that retails for only 5,800 Won (approximately $5 USD)?!?!  And the BB cushion actually blew me out of the water how good it was, check out my review here. It was moisturizing, gave good coverage and did not cling onto any dry patches on my skin.  I’ve also bought Missha’s BB cushion which is $3 more but I can say it is the exact same product, might as well get the cheaper one right?dora_750__01
This collection comes with Doraemon and Dorami’s faces printed (yes it is not a sticker!) onto the compact and the compact is refillable (meaning you can pop the cushion out and buy a new one).  If you aren’t any of the three shades they offer and you really want to compact, I’d suggest just get the set, clean out the BB cream in it and create your of BB cushion foundation that is the shade you normally wear.  I think I have to do a post about how to make your own BB cushion foundation since it is kind of a waste to just keep buying more cushions because they don’t contain much product to begin with.  Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a post on that :).

This collection comes with two eyeshadow palettes, BB cushions (3 shades), white brightening base BB cushion, 2 blusher BB cushion, 1 contouring BB cushion, 6 lip tints, 5 hand creams with different scents and 3 sun screens.

Korean retail prices:
-Air fit BB cushion set 9,800 Won
-White base BB cushion 5,800 Won
-Blusher BB cushion 5,800 Won
-Eyeshadow palettes 18,000 Won
-Jelly Marmalade (lip tints) 3,800 Won
-Hand cream 3,000 Won
-Sunscreen 7,800 Won – 8,000 Won
dora_750__05When this collection hit Korean stores, it sold out for almost two weeks and I was freaking out since I thought I would not be able to get any of it.  Seems like it has come back in stock and many of my favourite Korean cosmetics website is carrying it, so if you want it, you better get it before it goes out of stock again.

From the videos I have watched, it seems that only the lip tint packaging is a stick on and not a print on.  I’d say if you were to get anything from this collection solely on packaging, any of the BB cushions or the eye shadow palette would be your best bet.

apieu doraemonA lot of people didn’t realized that the set comes with the limited edition compact with 2 of the BB cushions. Yes, it comes with a refillable. That’s why it is priced at 9,800 Won and not the regular 5,800 won.  Another thing I like about A’pieu is that they do not raise the priced on their products just because it’s limited edition packaging like SOME companies we know *cough cough MAC cough cough*.Air_Fit_Apieu_Cushion_Bboyan_DORAEMON-EDITION_01I actually bought this white base BB cushion since I already have the regular BB cushion and I have three of them in my collection, so it is no sense in getting the same thing again.  This white base retails for 5,800 won and is suppose to be a brightener or highlight for very fair people such as I.  We’ll see how this goes, I will definitely do a review on this when I get it in the mail and try it.



Banila Co logo

Banila Co. has been a brand I have not dove myself into since the priced of their products are relatively high, about the same price as the mid ranged products you would get at Sephora.  The first time people would tell you about Banila Co. is their cleansing balms and CC cushions which they made famous.  This month, they came out with a collection called Fall in Seoul containing an eyeliner set, nail polish duos, 2 nail polish duos, 3 lip tinted lip lacquers, 3 lipsticks, 1 curling and volume mascara, 3 eyeshadow palettes and 3 cushion foundations.  The cute thing about this collection is that they use real Korean city names to name their shade colors such as Buchon and Hongdae.

Korean retail prices:
-Eyeliner kit 24,000 Won
-Nail polish duos 6,000 Won
-Tinted lip lacquers 14,000 Won
-Lipsticks 14,000 Won
-Mascara 15,000 Won
-Eyeshadow palette 30,000 Won
-Cushion foundation 35,000 Won
banila co fall in seoulOn top of the fall in Seoul collection, they also came out with this “white wedding line” that have products containing whitening properties.  Please do not mistaken “whitening” as bleaching your skin.  When Asian products write whitening, it is not bleaching the skin to make us look like a white cotton T shirt, it just simply means to even out the skin tone by reducing the appearance of sun spots and such.  I really hate it when people that are not familiar with Asian skincare products and see “whitening”, they just think we all want to be Caucasian.  No child…. we all want to look our best with an even complexion.

banila co wedding lineThis collection contains four products, white wedding CC cream, dream cream, hydrogel mask and CC cushion (3 shades) in a limited edition packaging which I find super pretty!! And hello Song Ji Hyo :).

Korean retail prices:
-Hydrogel mask 5,000 won for one or 20,000 for set of 5
-CC cushion 35,000 won
-CC cream 25,000 Won
-Dream cream moisturizer 28,000 Won


Beyond cosmetics logo


Since I don’t live in Korean or any Asian country (I live in Canada by the way), I’m not exposed to a lot smaller korean cosmetic brands.  This brand I only recently heard of and is called Beyond Cosmetics.  People have been tagging me left and right on instagram and when I first saw it, I was blown away.  This is another company collaborating with an animation company and is doing a swell job with the limited edition design I must say!  Sadly I can’t buy the whole collection and would just stick to getting the BB cushion because it is the most practical.product_alice 2This collection comes with 4 hand creams, 5 lip tints, a trio nail polish set, 5 blush shades 10 eyeshadow shades, and BB cushions (2 shades.  The eyeshadow seems to be similar to L’oreal infallible pressed eyeshadows or Armani’s eyes to kill eyeshadows.  Although they are powder, they are somehow pressed in a way that it still seems slightly moist, very creamy and highly pigmented.  Don’t take my full word for since I don’t have these products on hand nor have I had the chance to swatch them, but they seems like that type of eyeshadow.

Korean retail prices:
-Hand cream 6,000 Won

-LIp tint 10,000 Won
-Nail polish set 8,000 Won
-Blushes 12,000 Won
-Eyeshadow 10,000 Won
-BB cushion 26,000 Wonproduct_alice 3

product_alice 4


Etude House, a brand that is very choose to my heart and a brand I’ve come to love and won’t ever live without.  I’m not saying this because I’m a Pink bird but I truly mean it when I say their products are amazing, especially their play 101 pencils.  LOVE.  Anyways, last month in Korea, they came out with a collection called Bling me Prism which contains a lot of metallic, high shine, slightly holographic awesomeness with fun temporary tattoos and foiled eyeshadows.  This one is one of their most fun collections yet and I like how they sheared away from their pink, fluffy, princessy theme and into a more rocker chic direction for a moment.all2Products included in this collection:
-7 Look at my eyes Bling prismatic eyeshadows 3,500 won
5 bling pismatic play four days nail polishes 3,000 won
-5 bling prism cream eyeshadow 8,500 Won
-5 liquid lips bling prism (liquid lipsticks) 9,500 Won
-Bling me prism shadow case (8 pan and 4 pan)

new_img2 1

new_img2 2 new_img2 3

dear darling tint


A new trend I’m noticing in Korean beauty is “water” tints.  Tints are already a very big trend that has been ongoing for the past couple of years and I don’t think it is going anywhere.  I have also fell in love with tints since it is low maintenance, wouldn’t stain my boyfriend when I’m kissing him and it can look either natural or a dramatic full lip color.  Not just Etude House, but other companies like A’pieu has came out with tints that is suppose to be a bit more moisturizing then the regular ones and suppose to give a more watery look.  I got one of these in my Pink Bird box last month, so if you want to check that out, here’s the link.

dear darling tint 2

img1To add to stellar BB cream collection in their line, Etude House came out with this new Precious mineral BB cream “Cover and bright fit” retailing for 9,500 won. Can’t really tell you the details on this product since their photos are all in Korean and google chrome can’t translate pictures just yet sadly.


Holika Holika is one of the more fun brands in my opinion that has very wacky products like their Petit Jelly and Owl blusher.  Haven’t tried much from this line except for their Petit Jelly BB cream which didn’t work for me back then since the formula would cling onto every dry patch of skin possible.
ps_sbnpzO 1

They came out with these Egg based peeling gel and cleanser.  The packaging reminds me a lot of Tony Moly’s fruit and vegetable skincare packaging does it not?

ps_sbnpzO 2Peeling gels have quickly become one of my staple products in my skincare since I do have dry skin and during the winter time (which is 9 months of the year), I have so much dry and flay skin that seems to reproduce overnight.  I have tried many scrubs and of course the St. Ive’s one but have found my dead skin would still be on my face and would not leave!  Then I tried a peeling gel for the first time last year and my life has not been the same. I might just have to pick this Holika Holika one out to try for you guys :P.  This egg peeling gel retails for 7,900 Won.

ps_sbnpzOThey also have a “smooth egg skin cleanser” containing 140 mL retailing for 7,900 won. 

laneige logo

laneige meets fashionLaneige came out with a really cute collection called “Laneige meets fashion” which contains the following products:
-Laneige x play no more BB cushion pore control 37,000 Won
-Laneige x play no more BB cushion whitening 37,000 Won
-Laneige x play no more intense lip gel 25,000 Won
-Laneige x play no more mascara (I can’t seem to find it on the site anymore so I don’t know the price)


laneige playnomore 2

laneige playnomore

leneige playnomore lip


laneige lips

laneige lips 2


I’ve seen some blog posts of this lip gels and they look amazing and highly pigmented. I’d get some for myself but $25… I’d rather just go to sephora and pick something up :'(.



If you like hand cream or chocopie, you’d love this!  This is from the saem and is a choco-pie shaped container that contains the hand cream inside.  I also saw this on instagram and I was like, what’s so special about a chocopie.  Then I read it was actually a hand cream and I was mind blown!!  They have two scents, marshmallow or cookie and cream. I want one!! However I know it is not good for my dry dry hand with a sprinkle of eczema, so no point in me getting cute hand creams.

The saem marshmallow chocopie

20150902104442_39411 1 20150902104442_39411


Tony Moly is known for their food inspired packaged products, and they didn’t leave out mushrooms this time around.  Along side with their banana face cream, whitening tomato mask and apple peeling gel, they have recently added these three mushroom products. tony moly muahroom pack 2

tony moly muahroom pack 3 The pink one is a strawberry mushroom sugar scrub, brown one is a choco mushroom cream pore pack and the yellow one is a golden mushroom sleeping mack moisturizer.  Not sure now I feel about strawberry and mushrooms eaten together, but as a skincare product, it is sure cute!!! Let’s be honest, most of us are just going to get these for the packaging, am I right?attach_file2_20140224133532941If you remember me freaking out back in July about Kakao friends collection, well VDL is having a number 222222.  I was freaking out again this time around but I don’t think I personally will be getting anything.  The only thing I’m eyeing is the BB cushion foundation and the air puffs because i’m obsessed with air puffs as a tool to replace four billion brushes for my regular full face routine.VDL kakao 2 2

VDL kakao 2 3

This collection includes the following:
-Naked cleansing oil cream Apeach 25,000 Won
-Naked cleansing oil cream (strong) Muzi 25,000 Won
-Beauty radiance fix mist (muzi) 10,000 Won
-Beauty hydro mist (Apeach) 10,000 Won
-Festival eyeshadow case 8,000 Won (holds 3 eyeshadows)
-Beauty prep hydro patch 8,000 Won
-Festival lipstick 18,000 Won
-Beauty metal cushion foundation case 15,000 Won

WHOOOO that was a long long long long long post for me to do.  So many pictures I had to hunt down, so many collections.  I bought the Dorameon x Apieu BB cushions so you can all look forward to that in upcoming posts.  I’m eyeing the Holika Holika egg peeling gel and many couple of things from Kakao and freinds collection but I know I have to conserve some money for my crazy Chrsitmas shopping spree and Sephora’s 20% off sale in November.  I dread Christmas time since all the sales are bunched in the two months, you’d have to buy gifts for your loved ones and of course you wouldn’t be able to resist temptation and get goodies for yourself as well.

So which products have caught your eyes?  Tell me in the comments down below :).

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