Etude House April 2015 Pink Bird Box (feat. Dreaming Swan)


Omg I’m back!?! Well technically I am not really back since this will be the new home for my blogging .  I recently (well a month ago) I decided to finally upgrade to something more spiffy looking, hence the emptiness of this page.  But it will be fill with more content as time goes by, and I will be hard at work transferring my past blog post, relabelling my photos and such so if you see old stuff on here, that is why.

Anyways let’s get to Etude House Pink Bird Box shall we?  This month’s box features the Dreaming swan collection which was a collection I was looking forward to for a long time.  I was super excited when I got the email stating what would be in the box, squealed like the happy little 5 year old going to a candy store for the first time.


Sneak peek of what’s inside hehe…

 So this month it comes with a couple of things from the Dreaming swan, which was a collaboration collection with Kerrie Hess who is a water color illustrator who does prints for big name brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade and Vogue just to name a few.  I really do like her pieces, and they inspire me to get back into painting and watercoloring.  If you want to check some of her work, click here.

IMG_6528This month came with a really cute little look book magazine.  I would totally love getting this in the mail! Don’t you guys agree?  I took a picture of all the pages so you guys can read with me IMG_6529





















Inside the gift wrap comes with these two items.  I was super confused if the any cushion was just their normal any cushion or their new Aura one.  But I finally figured out today that it is just the normal one.  In the email it said it would bet the new Aura one but some videos I saw had these white bubbles on the cushion and this one doesn’t.  There is also a dreaming swan compact, and I believe everyone got different variations of their designs.
dreaming swan compact

I was hoping for the lavender one but I do like the slippers as well :D.

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IMG_6666I do really like Etude House cushions, even more then my IOPE one since they have more shades to choose from and it doesn’t make me look like a ghost.  Sadly the regular formula of the Any Cushion does not work with my dry, slightly flakey skin since it clings onto them unforgivingly.  On the other hand, their new Any cushion moist formula is FABULOUSSS for my dry skin.  FABBBBBBUUULOUSSS i tell you!  So I really can’t wait to try out the Any cushion Aura which will be coming in the next Pink Bird box :D.  I will do a comparison with all three formulas, on my face! I finally have my lightning system so I can finally take some photos of ma face, not sure if you wanna to see ma face though HAHA.  Oh dear…


They also sent us the value kit which is a three piece set with a really cute case, Eye and Cheek #02 pointe coral and Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #02 pointe coral.  My apologizes for posting this up so late but I had to set up my new blog and such.  It’s already sold out but I’m sure you can get it at other Korean cosmetic sellers.


This is the case that comes with it.  It’s so pretty :DD.  I think Etude House is actually turning me into a girly girl, i swear! Everything is so pretty and just makes me smile every time I pull out their products from my make up bag. 


I thought the case (measurement of 10 cm diameter and 7 cm in height) would be made out of plastic, but it is actually a pink denim with a separator inside.  I don’t see myself using this case with the separator since it the case itself isn’t super big as is, however just the case by itself is the perfect size to throw in your purse for daily use.  So pretty!! <3


The first product in the set, which you can also buy separately, is Dreaming swan eye and cheek #02 pointe coral.  Here is the link to this product on the Etude House global website.

They come in five shades:

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.06.11 AM

I kind of just want to buy all of them and prop the up on my shelf. Hehe… yes that is the hoarder in me talking.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.06.31 AM

These are suppose to be “eyeshadow/Blusher with silky primer powder, covering tiny pore softly to make smoothly blurred cheeks and clear fresh eyes makeup.”  There aren’t any solid rules in make up where you can’t use a lipstick as a cream blusher, or your powder blush as an eyeshadow, so I think this is a fun idea that they designed colors for the eyes and cheeks which would both be able to work seamlessly without making you look like a clown.  No joke, I was walking to the mall the other day and I saw this 65 year old chinese lady with bright neon blue eyeshadow just slapped onto her eye lid.  No blending, no transition colors, just BLUEEEEEE all over her eyes.  I couldn’t stop staring but cringing at the same time.  I personally have a thing for lavender colors, lavender eyeshadow, lavender lipsticks (ones that are more on the muted side like ELF’s tea rose, NARS Anna or one of the Bite beauty watercolor lip glosses which is a true pastel lilac color. UGH… loveeeee.


Inside the compact, which is made out of some type of metal by the way if I didn’t mention it, comes with this ADORABLE puff made with a mini tutu.  I’m trying not to say adorable… so i guess KAIIIIIWAIIIIIIIII will work right HEHE.  I never use these puffs since I’m just accustomed to use an actual brush but I still enjoy things like this! Just for looks~

Etude House March 2015 - 45
The powder itself has Dreaming swan embossed onto it with a ballerina design.  If you look closely on the promo picture, each powder has a different design.


This shade (02 pointe coral) is more of a subtle blush leaning towards being a highlighter even for my super fair skin (NC20-25 for reference) so I would definitely not recommend this shade for my chocolate sistas out there, pick one of the darker shades.  This shade has a pinky coral color to it with a satin finish to it, it kind of reminds me of the finish which Becca highlighters give but slightly more shimmers to it.  I like!  I will definitely use this in my make up routine, especially on the eye for that subtle natural look. I’d call this a no brainer shade, one of those go to shades that I would go to when I don’t know how I want to look that day and don’t want to think about it.


The second product from the value set is Dear my blooming lip talk in the shade #02 pointe coral.  This is the first Etude House lip stick I have tried, but sadly I don’t like the formula on my lips.  I have one of those decently plump lips (I got it from my dad, I literally have the same face as my dad but with boobs) but my problem is that it is always dry, even if I do exfoliate my lips and put on lip mask and balms.  It’s a misfortunate T_T really…..  The tube is a light baby pink pastel color with a matte finish unlike their usual bright pink tube with a shiny and with the usual white bowtie at the bottom of the tube.

The shade is perfect for everyday natural look too.  WHY LIPS.  WHY YOU GOTTA BE CHAPPY. DAMN IT.  If anyone has the same problem I do and has some remedies or a good product that can help, please comment down below and let me know.  Bite beauty agave lip mask worked for the first month but doesn’t work for me anymore, sigh…


As you can see, the color looks pretty on the lips, however it took about 2-3 swipes on the lips the lips and it ended up clinging onto my dryness which is a no go in my book.  I don’t know if it is just the formula or is it me, but sadly this does not work for me :(.  I’ll keep trying but so far it is not for me.

That’s all for my first post here at my new home.  I was going to transfer some of my older posts on my other blog but I might not even bother since the photo quality isn’t that great.  I don’t know, what do you guys think? Do you want a collective page where it would have all my pink bird unboxings all the way back to November 2014, or should I just start fresh?


I want to hear from you!
Did anything catch your eye? Did you end up getting anything in this collection and if yes, what did you get! Leave a link of your blog or Youtube down below, I’d love to see your guys’ blogging masterpieces :).

Also make sure to check out Etude House Global website which you can shop at for all of the international Etude House and Korean cosmetics lovers out there.  They are also having a free shipping promotion so make sure to check them out.

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  1. Tracy

    Hi Christina!
    Your blog and now website are simply awesome. I love your pink bird reviews as I am a big fan of Etude House too. I just started a blog on cosmetics. I agree it’s not perfect but i am doing the best i can to make it work. It would be great if you could have a look at it and tell me what you think. After all it’s all about sharing and learning. So your comments are most welcome 🙂

    1. Christina

      Awww thank you for the complement :). Glad you enjoy the site ^_^. I’m on my way to check your blog out, I love reading blogs hehe. I’m on the internet too much as is, might as well explore some more.

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