Foreo BEAR + BEAR mini review I At home face lift!!

Foreo BEAR and Foreo BEAR mini reviewMicrocurrent devices are some of the most effective skincare devices I have tried and love when brands come out with more options for us to choose from.  I was quite surprised to see Foreo come out with their own version, but am definitely impressed as they seem to be a wild card when it comes to their releases.  No one would have expected them to come out with a full silicone toothbrush, but they did.  No one thought they would rival Nuface and their microcurrent device, but they have.  And may I note that these are way cuter?  No, I have not tried the Nuface one, so I won’t be comparing the two in this review.  I have tried some from Korean and Japanese brands and love them all!

In this review, I’ll be showing you guys the latest and greatest BEAR microcurrent device as well as the mini option to help you guys go through the process of choosing the right one for you.

Please note if you are an individual with an implanted medical device (ex: pacemaker), heart condition, pregnant epileptic, cancer, a hemorrhagic disease, or have any skin conditions.  Discontinue using if irritation occurs.  Keep out of reach from children.

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Foreo BEAR review foreo bear mini

Full name of product:
Foreo BEAR
Foreo BEAR mini

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Foreo’s new BEAR microcurrent range takes anti-aging to the next level.  Bear features a groundbreaking Anti-shock system for the world’s safest, shock-free treatment.  Electrifying microcurrent tech for tighter, brighter skin- the most energizing facial ever. BEAR™ uses advanced microcurrent & T-Sonic™ pulsations to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face & neck. With customizable microcurrent facial workouts & our patented Anti-Shock System™, BEAR is the most effective AND safest microcurrent device in the world.

Our patented T-sonic pulsation extend deep into your pores to increase circulation, eliminate toxins & ease facial tension, resulting in smoother, softer, glowier skin.

BEAR features the patented Anti-Shock System™ – making it the world’s safest microcurrent device. Advanced sensors measure your skin’s resistance to electricity then automatically adjust the intensity to eliminate any chance of shock.

BEAR’s ergonomic shape perfectly fits all facial curves & contours. Fashioned from ultra-hygienic silicone, BEAR & BEAR mini promise deep, spa-level treatments as well as up to 90 uses per USB charge, with no additional attachments required, ever.”

Foreo BEAR $299 USD ($399 CDN)
Foreo BEAR mini $199 USD ($259 CDN)

Where to buy:
Amazon (Foreo BEAR)
Amazon (Foreo BEAR mini)
Sephora US
Sephora Canada

Colors available:Foreo BEAR mini review

Foreo BEAR only comes in the bright fuchsia shade while the BEAR mini comes in two shades.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent facial reviewWhat is microcurrent?

Microcurrent therapy is a beauty treatment that uses electricity to promote cell growth and “work out” the muscles on the face, stimulate collagen, and tighten the skin’s appearance.  It uses low-voltage electricity to simulate the muscle, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cell growth, and collagen development in the dermis of the face.

Foreo BEAR review microcurrent faceliftWhat is inside the box?
Foreo BEAR
-travel pouch
-USB cable
-Foreo BEAR device
-manual, tutorial diagram, Serum Serum Serum sample

Foreo microcurrent facial toning reviewForeo BEAR mini
-USB cable
-Foreo BEAR device
-manual, tutorial diagram, Serum Serum Serum sample

Oddly enough, the BEAR mini doesn’t come with a pouch.  Not really sure why it doesn’t but I got tiny pouches laying around, so it is all good :D.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent treatment reviewThe whole month and a half of me testing out these devices, I forgot the stand was in the case!!  I’ve just been putting it in the pouch in the washroom the whole time.  Silly silly me…

App system
When you first get the device, you will need to register your device on the app to use it.  You won’t have to use the app to turn it on every single time you use it, thank god.  On the homepage of the app (left to right), there is a short tutorial on how to use the device, live chat which you can connect with an agent to ask any questions you have and find my Foreo for when you misplaced your devices.  Find my device is kind of like find my iPhone, it connects to your device and turns it on so you can hear it and locate it.

Inside the settings, after you press start, you can turn on and off the T-sonic pulsation, but you can also do that without the app by double-clicking the button on the device. You can also change the microcurrent levels from 1-25 or by clicking the button for levels from 1-5.  To turn off the device, hold on the button and it will turn off.

Tutorial/ routine:
For those of you who are new to microcurrent devices, they have a great tutorial video to show you the step by steps on what to do.  I kind of wish they would take the blurring filter off of the model and show her real skin.
FOREO BEAR microcurrent device review
The tutorial is pretty straight forward if you have a little bit of experience with either gua sha or just massaging your face in general.  The rule of thumb is always going outwards.  The tutorial shows to go upwards for your neck but I personally would go from the side of my neck downwards since the drainage should go down to where your armpits are.  I also usually hold the device on my temple for a couple of seconds to keep eye wrinkles at bay.

I am a side sleeper and have noticed my smile lines are more prompt.  I am inching close to the big 30, so I need to take as much precaution as possible!

Foreo BEAR mini microcurrent therapy reviewThe Foreo Bear mini tutorial is a bit different compared to the regular BEAR as it isn’t as in-depth.  They marketed the BEAR mini as more of a targetted concern device, but I personally don’t see why you can’t use it all over your face. 

Foreo microcurrent facial reviewThe main difference between the two devices, other than the price, of course, is the microcurrent intensity levels.  The BEAR has 5 levels while the mini has 3.  The Bear mini also doesn’t have the anti-shock system, but I never found myself feeling the zaps as long as you have a sufficient amount of serum/ skincare on beforehand.

I haven’t only charged these devices since I got it almost 2 months ago, and not once have I had to charge it.  Foreo devices seem to be so efficient with battery, just like the Luna 3 which you only need to charge it once a year!

Foreo Sweden BEAR facial toning reviewThe size is definitely night and day.  The Foreo Bear measures at 7.5 cm in width while the Bear mini measures at 5.2 cm in width.  The metal balls that conduct the currents are 2 times larger on the Foreo bear compared to the mini.

Foreo BEAR mini review microcurrent faceliftI personally lean more towards the Foreo BEAR since the balls are bigger and can cover more surface area.  The size also fits the contours of my jawlines and cheeks better, and does the job with a little less drag.  The Bear mini takes a little longer for me to do my routine but I like that it can fit my temples and the sides of my eyes a little better.

Foreo serum serum serum reviewI got my boyfriend to test out the device with me since I thought he’d be a great candidate with his giant jaws and marshmallow cheeks.  He’s been pounding through the Foreo Serum serum serum, which is a product they developed to go along with the Foreo Bear.  You do not have to solely use this serum for the device to work, you can just any water-based serums along with the device. This serum contains squalene and hyaluronic acid with no fragrance added as well as being cruelty-free.  

Foreo serum serum serum reviewThe texture of this serum is so divine and just melts into your skin.  It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and there’s a noticeable glow as well as a bit of a slip texture to help the device glide on my face.  You’ll be able to notice the glow down below, it is that glow I strive for every day. 

This serum is so hydrating that my boyfriend has just been using the Tony Moly mochi ceramide toner and this serum serum serum.  His skin has changed from man leather status to glowy hottie. I couldn’t be more proud when I see his face and skin change every day.  Do you know what the best part is?  He actually will continue to skincare with me even after writing this review!!  I couldn’t even get him to put on a toner without him giving me dirty looks LOL.  HALLELUJAH PEOPLE! Now to get him to use sunscreen…. let the brainwashing continue.

Foreo microcurrent facial at home reviewOkay, the fun part you’ve all been waiting for!!

Foreo microcurrent facial at home reviewDO YOU SEE THAT AMAZING GLOW!  That serum serum serum is wowza.  I do find the pump to be a little hard to use.  For some reason, it feels so tightly winded?  I’m not sure if I have weak sissy fingers or the pump is broken, but it is so hard to push down for some reason.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent facelift reviewHere is my face before using the device.  I tried not to smile here since it will lift my face up, so here is my resting bitch face, passport photo, no smiling picture.  I hate passport photos… they make me look angry.  I envy those in LA who can have a full face of makeup.  Like what the heck!

My face is quite angular and slim, but I do see myself developing lines on my neck and the sides of my jawline are getting a little squished in.  I blame quarantine life for making me into a potato…Foreo BEAR microcurrent facial toning reviewNo, I can not take pretty pictures with a massaging device stretching my face to the depths of hell.Foreo BEAR mini review Both devices promote their “anti-shock system” which uses an ultra-smart sensor to scan and measure the skin’s resistance to electricity at a rate of 100 times per second and automatically adjusts in just 0.002 seconds. I did find that if you use t his device on bare skin, you will get a prickly feeling, but this isn’t unique to just this device.  If you have had experience with the Makeon light therapy or Vanav time machine, they all work best after applying skincare to avoid that shocking zap.  It isn’t anything painful, but it’s definitely a unique prickly pear sensation.

The Bear mini isn’t as comfortable to hold in the hand as the Bear, which sits nicely in the hand and minimal gripping.  The Bear mini is great for those who travel a lot or want a powerful device to stick into their make up the bag before doing your make up.  Me personally, I don’t travel much and I usually do my skincare at home anyways, so the Bear is perfect for me.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent therapy reviewNow for your neck, you can do the sides of your next but make sure to avoid the midsection/ your throat area.  You do not want that area to tighten :S.  I mean you wanna breathe and talk properly right?

Foreo BEAR review before and afterRight side is before and left side is after.  Can you tell a difference?  I actually think on the left side, my cheekbones sit higher, my jawline is more prominent and the swelling went down too.  My face doesn’t swell up much, but this is making me second guess if I need to massage my face more.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent facial facelift reviewHmm, it is kind of hard to tell from the sides eh?  Can you guys tell a difference?

Foreo BEAR before and after reviewI definitely noticed my smile lines disappear and with long-term use, it has stayed away!  I used the device every day for a month and it has kept everything up and tight.  You can’t really see it here because of the studio lights, but I can definitely tell after I come out of the shower and my skin is bare.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent facial toning reviewI’ve also been developing fine lines around the sides of my eyes and this device also helped with that.  The fine lines and wrinkles hasn’t shown up for a while, thank god.

Foreo BEAR microcurrent facial device reviewOkay, I think this picture makes it pretty clear.  My face is at the same angle and you can definitely see my jawline smaller and my cheekbones are popping out more.

Foreo BEAR before and after reviewThe angle for this isn’t perfect, but you can definitely see the tops of my cheekbones more and the contours of my cheeks more sunken in.  I personally can feel my skin tighter and lifted too. It isn’t something you can describe, you just got to try it for yourself!

-immediate results
-amazing lifting effects
-tightening in all the right places
-glides on my skin effortlessly
-great app support

I really don’t have any complaints.

Yes if it ever breaks.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Do I think this device is worth it?  Yes, a million percent yes.  The Foreo BEAR and BEAR mini not only comes in a cute bear shape (yes that is why it is called a bear), a gorgeous silicone finish, but is a powerful little device that you can tuck into your pocket.  The Vanav time machine was decent for $70, but it wasn’t powerful enough.  The whole design of the device was well thought out and I saw results immediately and a long-lasting result as time went on.  Even if you didn’t use it for a couple of days, the results lasted for both my boyfriend and I.

Now the hard question, which one do I prefer.  With a $100 difference between the two models, I’m still going to have to say I prefer the Foreo Bear.  The size of the balls (that’s what she said) is just right and makes the application quick and efficient.  Definitely go with the option that suits your lifestyle more and I think Sephora is going to have their semi-annual sale soon!

Happy face lift everyone!

*Product provided by Foreo for reviewing purposes.  Not sponsored*

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  1. Harmeet


    I came across your site after looking up Foreo Bear reviews and you have convinced me that I definitely need this! I see the difference in your face and your boyfriends and just like him, I get swelling from overindulging. Plus entering my 40s, I need whatever help I can get to keep my face toned!
    When does Sephora’s sale usually occur? The price is the biggest con for me.

    Thank you for your review!

    1. Christina

      I’m so glad you found my review helpful! I think if you were to use this device, you’ll see way more results since you are in your late 30’s! I’d love to see some before and after pictures if you do end up getting this device. As for the Sephora sale, i believe it just started today so you are right on time!

  2. Michelle

    Thank you for taking the time to do this in-depth review! I love your site 🙂

    1. Christina

      Of course! I’ll be here giving you guys the most in depth reviews to help you along your decision making ☺️????. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. TY

    Love your review Christina ❤️ I think I will get the Foreo Bear. The changes are quite obvious on your boyfriend!

    1. Christina

      I’m glad I was able to help you decide on the Foreo Bear :). If you are purchasing, please consider using my links in this blog post. It will help support the blog! Thank you <3

  4. Jules

    Nothing beats that beautiful ATP glow that only microcurrent can give. Great review!

    1. Christina

      Happy my review was helpful for you 🙂

  5. Nikki

    This was incredibly helpful and convincing. I just purchased The Bear earlier this morning and spent some time reviewing other purchaser’s experience. Thank you for being so thorough and also including photos for a visual comparison!

    1. Christina

      Yey! I’m glad my review was helpful and that you are having a positive time with your device!!

  6. Judy

    Thank you for your very detailed review! They are very helpful. I only want to purchase one device. Do you think the bear alone will tackle laughter lines and 11’s frown lines?

    1. Christina

      Thank you for reading! I’ve been trying to tackle my laugh lines as well since I’m seeing them get deeper and deeper. I don’t know to what extent your wrinkles are at and I’m not going to sit here and say the BEAR is a miracle worker. I will say it helps stimulate the skin’s collagen production and I definitely feel like the muscle firms up, helping the appearance but it doesn’t get rid of it in that sense. Hope that makes sense! Happy shopping~

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