Foreo Luna 3 & Luna mini 3 review I Do you need this?

Foreo Luna 3 review Foreo luna mini 3 reviewForeo has been around for 7 years and yes, I am now just diving into the brand.  They reached out to see if I wanted to test out their latest microcurrent device along with their famous Luna 3 devices, and you know damn well I am down to try skincare devices!  If you haven’t heard, Clarisonic is no more and the brand has been shut down by L’oreal due to poor sales most likely.  If you guys didn’t hear about the news, check out my article on the whole debacle.

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The good news is that if you have a Clarisonic and want to switch over to Foreo Luna devices, you can get $53 CDN off of your next purchase and you can use the coupon twice!!  Just simply fill this form out and you will get an email with your unique code to go towards select Luna devices!

Who is Foreo Sweden?
Pronounced FOR-RAY-Oh (because I can never say it right too)

Founded in 2013, Foreo came into the market when at-home cleansing brushes were introduced and all the rage.  It is said founder and CEO Filip Sedic’s wife “used a well-known brand of facial brushes, but found that the so-called “best” product out there actually made her skin worse.”  When he took a look at the device and found the nylon bristles and detachable brush head could harbor bacteria, it was clear to Sedic that something had to change.  This is the same man who has more than 200 international patents within many industries, a man with a brilliant mind to say the least.  So with his knowledge of inventing, he created a full silicone, cleansing device that is waterproof and way more gentle on the skin, which now we know as the LUNA.

Foreo definitely has that Apple sleekness and design.  The brand was founded in Sweden, which definitely makes sense as IKEA, Skype, and Alfred Nobel of the Nobel prize all originate from.  From the cleansing device to an acne zap device to even a silicone toothbrush?  What more will this man’s geniuses come up with.  He is like the Elon Musk of the beauty world, a troll with a good heart, and has tons of money to disrupt the industry for the better.

Since the brand launched, they have won 120 design and beauty awards in the past 3 years and is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands, landing the founder in the same pool of elite business individuals as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos.

Foreo Luna 3 review smart facial massagerFull name of product:
Foreo Luna 3

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Luna 3 is the ultimate addition to your cleansing ritual.  Featuring upgraded T-Sonic pulsation at 16 different intensities, Luna 4 blasts away dirt, oil, and makeup residue in only one minute.  With an improved design that offers longer and softer silicone touchpoints and an app-connected firming massage routine- LUNA 3 is the best way to get the youthful glow you’ve always dreamed of.

The Luna 3 is a two in one device with its built T-sonic facial cleansing brush and a firming massager for your face and neck to help diminish fine lines and signs of aging.”
Foreo luna 3 firming cleansing facial massager

$199 USD ($259 CDN)

Where to buy:

Versions available:
Foreo luna 3 massaging facial cleanser

Is Foreo Luna 3 waterproof?

Yes, both Foreo Luna 3 and Foreo luna mini 3 are fully waterproof.  This means you can keep the Foreo Luna 3 in the shower and use it in the shower without worrying the water will damage the device.

Foreo smart cleansing device inside the boxWhat is inside the box?
-Luna 3 device (mine is the normal skin type version)
-storing bag for on the go
-USB charger
-customer service info, brief direction diagram, a sample of Foreo serum serum serum

I was talking to Michele (Colebiancardi on Instagram) and she was telling me how one charge with the Foreo Luna mini 2 lasted her a whole year!  The charge lasted so long that she lost the charger and I can definitely attest to how long the battery lasts.  On the website, it claims one charge will last you 650 uses and it definitely will.  Never will you have to remember to bring a cable if you are traveling.  If only our phones can last that long on one charge.

When you first open up the app, this is what it would look like after you’ve registered your devices.  The Luna 3 function bar has settings, find my Foreo (kind of like find my iPhone), how to use represented by the question mark, and a live chat.  The live chat actually works and is super responsive, but I think the agents work in Sweden time.  Not too sure but I tried using it during the afternoon for it and it said it wasn’t available.

As for the Luna mini 3, the function bar has settings, find my Luna mini 3, how to use, live chat, and the glow boost function made especially for the Luna mini 3.

How to use is a simple guide on how to do a basic cleansing routine. This is nice for those who are completely brand new to skincare.

Can I use Foreo Luna 3 without the app?

Now for the Foreo app, you do have to download it to register the device and activate it.  I was trying to turn it on without using the app but you do need to use the app to start it up.  After the registration has been completed, you do not need to rely on the app to turn it on every single time you use it.  Foreo Luna 3’s functions allow you to change the intensity from 1-16 and has an automatic 60-second timer.

You can also change the intensity of different parts of your face.  I personally chose a higher intensity for my forehead but I do find intensity 9 as a nice medium speed.  Again, you do not need to use the app every single time you are using it and if you keep the setting this way, it will be like this every single time you use it with or without the app.

There are two settings to the Foreo Luna 3, the cleansing mode (up above) and the treatment mode.  The treatment mode shows you a tutorial on how to massage your face properly and the motions are exactly what you would do for gua sha.  You use the back of the Luna 3 and go on the contours of your jawline, cheeks, and lymphatic drainage routine.

Built into the app are 4 different treatments for targetted areas of the face.  Without me having to screenshot 7 million pictures, here’s a “simple”, non-claustrophobic diagram as to how the treatments are shown (yes that was sarcasm).

Foreo luna 3 firming facial massagerI might not be the best candidate to see if the massage treatments work as I don’t swell up much from sodium and have a rather slim and angular face.  I did find my blood flow a lot better doing the treatments and the redness around my cheeks slowly faded with time.  I didn’t focus too much on my eyes but I definitely will have to now that I sleep so late and my dark circles have been getting worse and worse.

Foreo luna mini 3 reviewFull name of product:
Foreo Luna mini 3

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
” Luna mini 3 is an upgraded T-Sonic facial cleansing massager with 12 adjustable massage intensities and a dual cleansing surface for a fully customizable skincare experience.  The new Swedish design features brand new Glow Boost mode, a larger brush head, app connectivity, and softer, longer touchpoints.  Add them up and you get one thing; a way better and way deeper cleanse.”

$159 USD ($209 CDN)

Where to buy:

Colors available:
Foreo luna mini 3 colors


The app functions for the Luna mini 3 is relatively the same, with 60 seconds for the timer and intensity levels up from 1-12.  There is a 30-second glow boost to help push in skincare products but to be honest, I’ve just been using the Luna mini 3 as a cleansing device.  If you aren’t using the app and just want to use the glow boost function, turn on the device and the first function would be the glow function.  To activate the cleansing function, click twice and the T-sonic pulsation would intensify for your cleansing routine.

Foreo luna mini 3 inside the box reviewWhat is inside the box for Luna mini 3:
-storage pouch (lowkey disappointed it isn’t teal too)
-charging cable
-Luna mini 3
-manual, diagram, a sample of Serum serum serum

Foreo luna 3 comparasion luna mini 3 reviewTo compare the two, the Foreo Luna 3 is definitely bigger in size, 3 cm taller to be exact.  Foreo Luna Mini 3 measures at 8 cm in height while the Luna 3 measures at 11 cm.  Both have very soft bristles, 30% longer compared to the previous generation.  My normal skin type Luna 3 has the same bristles as the front of Luna mini 3 with the exception of the top part, which has slightly thicker and bigger bristles.

Foreo luna 3 review close upI’ve honestly never felt anything so soft!!  The silicone material is nice and grippy but somehow doesn’t attract dirt like the Nars silicone compact packaging.  The back of the Foreo Luna 3 does not have bristles but a wave pattern to help massage your skin when you are gliding it on your jawline and neck.

Foreo luna 3 smart facial massagerI can’t stop touching this!!  One of the main problems I had with Clarisonic is the harsh brush heads.  I tried to love it since it was so hyped up back then, but I found my skin feeling a little raw afterward, which consequently lead to me retiring the device years ago.  You do have to be careful with these silicone bristles though and avoid using clay-based, silicone-based, grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs since it can damage the soft silicone.

Foreo luna 3 firming facial cleansing reviewAnd to clean it, you simply use some soap and water and rinse it with warm water.  I normally pat the base dry a bit and let it sit upright on my washroom counter.  Do not use cleaning products with alcohol, petrol or acetone as it can damage the silicone as well.  They do have a silicone cleaning spray if you do wish to do the extra step of making it extra clean.

Foreo luna mini 3 reviewAnd for a close up of the Luna mini 3, this device has bristles on both sides unlike the Luna 3.  One charge with the Luna mini 3 can be used up to 400 times with a single full charge.

Foreo luna mini 3 glowing facial cleanserThe front has the same bristles as the normal skin type version of the Luna 3, but the back has the combo skin type bristles.  I think the Luna mini 3 would be a good option for those who can’t decide which version is the best for them and travels a lot.  The size of the mini 3 fits right in my palm and is easy to store in my travel bag.

Both of these devices are 100% waterproof, so it is safe to have it in your shower, which is where I usually cleanse my face.  The full silicone device is also ultra-hygienic as silicone doesn’t harbor bacteria as nylon bristle brushes do.

Foreo Luna 3 luna mini 3 review demo Foreo micro foam cleanser reviewOkay, demo time!  They also sent me their microfoam cleanser to try and I do like this cleanser with the device.  It lathers up really nicely and feels like a silky cleanser.  It doesn’t strip my dry skin and contains amino acids and vitamin E to moisturize and replenish the skin.  It is fragrance-free and vegan as well as cruelty-free!  Of course, you can use any cleanser as long as it isn’t clay-based, silicone-based or a cleanser containing exfoliates.

I personally like to lather my cleansers between my hands and apply it on my face before using the device as I find the cleanser goes on my face more evenly that way.  If I were to put the cleanser on my device first and then massage it into my face, the cleanser gets stuck on that one section of the device throughout the whole routine.

Foreo luna 3 review smart skincareSo go in small circular motions and you do not have to press hard or anything.  Just gentle circles well do.  I don’t know why my face automatically goes into that catastrophe.  There’s gonna be a lot of funny faces in the next couple of pictures.  Oh, the glory of blogging and having to edit my big face.  So… much… fun.Foreo luna 3 smart facial cleanser massager reviewFor my nose, I use the tip of the device to massage deep into my nose.  It claims it can help reduce blackheads and I don’t doubt that, its just my blackheads are deep in there and my pores are super small so I have to extract it manually.  I did notice my blackheads didn’t come back as quickly though which is nice!

Foreo luna 3 massaging facial cleansing massager reviewFor size comparison, the Luna mini 3 I find to be a little easier to maneuver since the device is a lot smaller and I end up using the tip and the belly of the device.  With Luna 3, I found myself using only about 50% of the body. Foreo luna 3 cleansing massager reviewThe Luna 3 is a little nicer to hold since the body is bigger, it feels like I’m holding a phone rather than the almost pinching motion I have to use with the Luna mini 3.  Now I’m just nitpicking -_-.

Foreo luna 3 luna mini 3 review comparasionSo which one do I prefer?  This is really hard for me to answer since I love them both for different reasons.  The Foreo Luna 3 has the added functions of the massage treatment side which is good to drain your lymphatic notes and reduce puffiness all in one.  It is a great morning awakener and also helps with the blood flow, which down the road would help with anti-aging and keeping everything lifted.  It is on the bigger side which isn’t ideal for traveling but it is still manageable.

The Luna mini 3 would be better for those who don’t see themselves doing the whole massage treatment and are more on the go.  The shape fits around the contours of my face a little better and has two types of bristles for those who can’t choose between the different versions or want to use the backside for a deeper clean for your pores and such.

If I reallllllly had to choose between the two, I think I lean more towards Foreo Luna 3 since I don’t travel as much.  I really love the massage treatment function and is a good reminder for me to do the whole gua sha routine and isn’t as boring as using a stone tool and go back and forth with it.  I actually have a video I can watch as well as a timer built into it.  The bristles are ridiculously soft, so soft that my boyfriend ended up loving his Luna men 3 too.  I feel like I had to choose between my own blood.  Definitely pick the one that suits your needs more.

-soft bristles
-gentle cleanse
-great app to go with the device
-live chat actually works and is responsive
-2 year warranty

-I wish the Foreo Luna 3 had color options too (first world problems)

Yes but I hope mine doesn’t break on me haha.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Is Foreo Luna 3 worth it?

Okay, now I understand why the Foreo Luna is so popular and hyped up.  It really is amazing and so much more gentle and enjoyable than the Clarisonic.  I normally find apps made for skincare devices to be annoying to use, but I do see why it is made for the Luna devices.  There are so many more functions that would look messy if all the buttons were built-in.  The tutorials are great for beginners as well as enthusiasts like me to follow along.  My skin looked more glowy after cleansing in comparison to using my hand. Overall these devices are well thought out, well built, and they have a great support system behind it. 

I highly recommend you check them out!  If you can’t commit to the $200 price tag of the Luna 3, they also have options like the Luna go $97, Luna play plus $49, and Luna play $37 as a starter option.  Also, make sure to get your $40 USD coupon if you have an old Clarisonic!!

Happy cleansing everyone!

*Products provided by Foreo for reviewing purposes.  Not sponsored*

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  1. Jules

    I double-cleanse at night using Shu Uemura POREfinist2 followed by Matsuyama Hadauru Foaming Cleanser. If I’ve worn point makeup I first use Bioderma Sensibio to remove any eye and lip paint, but I usually wear minimal makeup and only a tinted sunscreen with lip balm. I was wondering if the massage side of the Luna 3 would help with oil cleansing? Thank you!

    1. Christina

      Hmm, that would actually be a great idea! I think it could be helpful but the regular cleansing side would also be able to get most of the leftover make up afterwards. I’ll have to give your idea a try tonight 😀

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