Heimish Artless perfect cushion Review + Demo

Heimish artless perfect cushion reviewSo Heimish has been hitting the K-beauty realm like a slap in the face, sudden and out of no where.  The first time I ever heard of this brand and their products was when Meejmuse talked about their eyeshadow palette.  Then there was a couple of online K-beauty retailers pushing hard with this brand and giving them out as press samples so we have been seeing a lot of bloggers reviewing this brand lately.  I wasn’t one of them who got them as press samples but I did get them from Jolse. I myself was curious to see if this brand and their products was worth the hype.  Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started with the review!  I know you guys are curious too from the voting you guys are doing.  The voting poll is still open and it will dictate which reviews you’ll be seeing so do vote! Okay, review time!
가자 (* >ω<)~~

So what is Heimish as a brand?
I went to their official Korean website and tapped on the “english” and it redirected me to stylekorean, so I’m guessing they are their official global retailer.  Anyways, this is what they have to say about the brand:
“Heimish expresses a modern and chic style. with common and natural makeup to realize “No More Normal”. It is a common makeup that anyone can use. It effortlessly draws attention and can win one’s heart even if applied lightly. It should not be “your makeup”, but “you, wearing the makeup” that grabs attention, including dailism, all clean balm to help you achieve this season’s hottest looks.”

From all the products they offer, it does seem to be products that are typical Korean style, nothing too bright, more on the sheer side, neutral colours.  The brand has a mid-range price point, kind of around where Hera and Laneige is.

heimish-cushionFull name of product:
Heimish artless perfect cushion

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
Natural coverage abundant with moisture and radiance.
Utilizes a moisture packing rich with a dewy glow to provide long lasting, natural coverage for a smooth, flawless finish.
Gorgeous skin tone where continue application will not cause darkening.
It’s light texture and excellent adherence enables repeated application without darkening therefore leaving y our skin gorgeous and clear all day long.
Herb extracts that protect your skin.
Peppermint and origanum majorana leaf extract has bene included as two key ingredients.”

SPF 50 PA+++

34,000 won

Amount of product:
12 g x 2

Refill included?:
Heimish cushion reviewYes this cushion comes with a refill.

Duration before expiration:
2 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:
Heimish artless perfect cushionI would retype the ingredients list out but I’m bound to mess up the spelling.  If you guys want to zoom in to see it clearer, just click on the picture and you should be able to zoom to your heart’s content.

Also like I mentioned above, this cushion also contains herbal extracts such as origanum Majorana (I’m sorry, am I the only one that reads it as marijuana LOL) and peppermint extract to protect the skin from the external environment along with rosehip and thyme extract to provide clear skin.

How to use:
Simply pat the air puff provided onto the cushion to get some of the BB cream and then stamp away onto your face.  Make sure not to get too much onto the sponge and work in light layers to avoid cake face.  Pat until you feel like you have enough coverage and then continue on with the rest of your base makeup routine.

Heimish artless perfect cushionProduct packaging:
Just like the brand’s motto of being modern and chic without overdoing it, this cushion comes in a gorgeous but simple white compact with rose gold accents and simple pink and grey graphics.

Heimish artless perfect cushion reviewOn the back of the compact is the typical sticker with the name, amount of product and the usual information you’d find on product labelling.  The compact can be opened by pressing the front release and inside you’ll see the air puff that is provided.  There is also a nice sized mirror inside, the typical size you’d find in a BB cushion compact.Heimish artless perfect cushion

heimish bb air puffOne thing to note is the air puff.  In this picture, you can clearly see that the Heimish one is double the size of the typical navy blue ones you’d get in other cushions.  Their air puff is also slightly denser and bouncier, which I did find it aiding in not soaking up as much product.  Also I was kind of scared of the beige air puff since from previous experience of washing the air puffs, they are one of the hardest to clean.  To my surprise, it is quite easy to wash!  Almost 95% of the product came out with ease with the way I normally wash my air puffs. The air puffs is actually something I’d purchase on it’s own!

Heimish artless perfect BB cushion Another thing to note is their cushion.  This cushion uses the “mochi” technique which means they have the product sitting in the middle of two cushions so that it pumps out the product when you press it.  This helps in the product not drying as fast as the typical ones soaked throughout the cushion sponge.  The mochi technique also helps keep the product keep it’s “freshness” longer by preventing air exposure. I forgot to take a picture of the side view, but this cushion does pop out slightly like a dome.  When I close the lid, the product does get a bit on the back of the lid but nothing to be bothered about.

I actually am really enjoying the mochi style since when I press into the sponge, I don’t have to press as hard and product already comes out.  I also have noticed it really doesn’t dry up as fast as the usual cushions.  I guess K-beauty now is going towards the mochi cushions and the tension/ mesh cushions which I’m not mad about.

Heimish artless perfect cushion swatchColor/ Pigmentation:
Since they only have 2 shades, there isn’t much to choose from.  I usually go for shade 23 but for some reason, I bought shade 21.  Not sure if it was maybe from swatch pictures I saw from Korean blogs I saw but I got 21 light beige nonetheless.  With my Mac NC25, pale complexion, yellow undertone skin type, shade 21 ran a little pale for my liking.  I can still work around it since it’s practically winter 9 out of the 12 months here where I live.  I also don’t go out in the skin so I am never any darker.  Blended into the skin, it works with my skin colour, it is just slightly a little “brighter” then I’d like but with contour and blush, it is hardly noticeable.

As for photography, I’d definitely suggest against it if you needed a base make up for pictures.  Since this product is high in SPF along with the fact that it runs slightly pale with a pink undertone (shade 21 that is), you’ll definitely look like no face from Spirited away.  For everyday wear, this works perfectly fine.

Texture/ Finish:
When you first apply it to the skin, it gives a more satin finish with a slight hint of dewy.  It seems the adherence to the skin is great but I found it a little drying around the sides of my nose.  Please do keep in mind when I review cushions, I don’t do any skincare or primer beforehand so we can test out it’s true nature.  As time went on, the hint of dewiness faded and the cushion set more into my skin.  By the 4 hour mark, my skin looked more on the matte side but my contour, blush and highlighter was still there.  Around the 6 hour mark, I noticed my skin was quite dry looking and it accentuated my natural skin texture.

heimish bb cushion reviewSo to solve the dryness, I took some of my facial oil, rubbed it all over my hand and then use the slightest amount and dabbed it over the cushion.  On this very day (this is another day, not the same as the one I am talking up above) I also used the J.one jelly pack since I knew going into it that this cushion gets slightly drying after 6 hours.  The jelly pack never fails me but for some reason it just doesn’t work that well with this cushion.  When I go out, I don’t look at the mirror, not even when I’m in the washroom.  I just don’t think about it and I don’t want to look at a mirror since it makes me look conceded.  So to my horror, I came home to this!!  If you look very closely, you can see the cushion bunching up around the tops of my cheeks.  DUDE I’m in my early 20’s and this makes me look like I’m frinkin’ 40 with wrinkles already under my eyes.  Ahh hellll no.

I do understand that it most likely my fault for putting facial oil on top, but that just tells you guys that that isn’t an option if you did want to do that LOL.  Learn from my mistakes.

Heimish artless perfect cushionThe cushion also was wearing off around the sides of my nose and looked too drying for my liking.

This cushion offers low to medium coverage that is buildable.  It covers light redness well but if your looking for something that will cover a good amount of redness, this product isn’t for you.  I do like that after application, my skin still looks like my skin.  If only they could improve on the moisturization department, this would be a great cushion.

Lasting power:
Like I mentioned above, this cushion lasted about 5-6 hours before it started to fade and also got too drying for my liking.  I think if you guys have either oily or combination skin, or you live in a relatively humid place, this cushion would work better for you.  For me with my dry skin, low humidity and the heater blasting 24/7, this cushion isn’t something I fancy personally.

This cushion has the typical soapy floral scent most Korean skincare make.  The scent isn’t strong and does fade away after application.  Smell-o-scale: 6/10 in terms of the strength of the fragrance.
Heimish artless perfect cushion reviewOkay, onto the good stuff… demo time!

Heimish cushionJust to show you guys, when you first get the product, the sponge is white and doesn’t have the product soaked into it.  Only when you press into it does it dispense the product into the sponge.

Heimish artless perfecting cushionHere is my bare face with absolutely no make up.  I don’t have that many requirements for my base make up other then these:
-moisturizing doesn’t cling into dry patches
-gives low or medium coverage, full coverage a bonus
-dewy finish preferred but I can also work with satin finish
-evens out my redness around the cheeks and nose
-conceals my under eyes is a bonus although I usually use a separate concealer


heimish-before-and-afterBefore on the left and after on the right.  The colour is just ever so slightly too pale but I can definitely work around it.


img_6920My complexion is definitely evened out, the redness is concealed and my under eyes are slightly concealed as well.

img_6925Here is both sides done.

img_6926You can notice the slight dew if you look closely.


img_6929It looks slightly dry around the nose area.  I did make sure to exfoliate well beforehead so it’s definitely not my fault.

img_6931You can also compare the colour to my neck.  Slightly pale but again, not bad and I can work around it.

img_6934Now with a full face of make up.


img_6945Because of the satin finish, my laugh lines is also accentuated more then normal. I really need to invest in a silk pillow case haha.  I just like to stuff my face into the pillow too much when I sleep okay!?!?

img_6946Also with powder blush on top, my skin definitely looks more matte.

-adhere to skin well
-decent coverage for everyday wear

-too drying for dry skin types
-only two shades


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I really don’t think this is a bad cushion, it’s just the formula doesn’t work in my favourite.  Even with my trusty jelly pack, this cushion couldn’t keep my skin from looking dry which is disappointed since there is a lot of hype behind this brand at the moment.  For the price, I’d honestly recommend the J.one jelly cushion  over this one if you are looking for a satin finish cushion with good lasting power, gorgeous and flawless finish and works with all skin types.  I think those of you guys who are oily or combination skin or live in a humid area, this would work just fine.  For me and my sad dry skin, no thank you.  Overall I give this cushion an average rating.  Sorry Heimish :S, don’t hate me.  I’m like Wendy Williams, a straight shooter LOL.

Blog DisclaimerThis product was sent to me by Jolse.

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  1. Fiona

    I saw this on a website and loved the packaging! But I’m glad you already got it and reviewed it. It’s not meant for dry skin, and with my climate a bit drier than yours, I know this likely won’t work out for me. Too bad ;_;

    1. Christina

      I was hoping this would work out but unfortunately it didn’t. Even with my trusty J.one jelly pack and thorough moisturizing routine, nothing really helped sigh.

  2. Aiha Mirana

    what is your MAC skin shade? I want to try this but I’m scared I will end up looking like Casper..I’m around NC 30 sometimes NC35 (during extensive outdoor activities)

    1. Christina

      I am NC 20-25. I’d say, if you really want this cushion, I’d get shade 23.

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