Heimish eye “dailism” eye palette Review + swatches

Heimish has been getting super hyped up in the K-beauty community and I wanted to know if the buzz was worth while or was it just noise.  Memebox US recently added two of their eyeshadow palettes onto the shop and they sent me both of them to test out.  Now I have tried the Heimish artless perfect cushion which unfortunately, I didn’t find it to be so perfect in my opinion.  With that disappointment burning in the back of my mind, I was a little worried going into testing out these eyeshadow palettes but still had my hopes up since many people seem to really like these.  With that being said, let’s try these out together and see if they are worth it~  Let’s go!

Full name of product:
Heimish eye “dailism” eye palette

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Trendy color daily filtering, Dailism eye palette.The soft and shimmering , the eight universally flattering shades in this palette are all you need to light up eyes for day and night. Includes Sparkle Eye Shadow in Ballet and Opal, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Petal and matte Eye Shadow in Coral and Orange brown, plus rich Brown for lining eyes. The sleek black palette includes a large mirror and Dual Ended Eye Shadow/ Eye Liner Brush for flawless application, anywhere. The silky, powder formula glides on lids and blends easily, so you can layer and build shadows as desired. Densely-pigment shades stay color true and won’t crease, flake or fade.”

32,000 won

Amount of product:
7.5 g

Duration before expiration:
1.5 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:

Talc, Nylon-12, Boron Nitride, Silica, Magnesium Myristate, Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Propanediol, Polyisobutene, Dimethicone, N-Lauroyl-L-Lysine, Trimethicone, CI 77019 (Mica), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491/77492/77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 75470 (Carmine), CI 77163 (Bismuth Oxychloride), CI 77510 (Ferric Ferrocyanide), CI 77007 (Ultramarines), CI 19140 (Yellow 5 Lake), CI 77400 (Copper Powder), CI 77742 (Manganese Violet)]

How to use:
If you are a complete newbie to make up and eye shadow, Heimish does have a chart and guide to show you how to use the whole palette.  Although honestly, it would be easier for you to just hit up some of those Youtube make up tutorials since reading this “eye look” recipe is more confusing then it should be.

Product packaging:
When you first get your palette, it comes in the signature coral pink box and depending on which palette you picked out, there is an image on the box.  For the Breeze beige, there is a little coffee cup and for lovesome brink, there is an image of candy and lollipops.

Packaging for these Heimish eyeshadow palettes are sleek and effective.  They all come in a matte dark brown compact with Heimish printed on the bottom right corner of the lid (sorry I forgot to take a photo of that).  Opening up the compact houses the eight eyeshadows along with a duo ended brush.  On one side, there is a natural bristle dome brush and the other side is a synthetic flat brush.  I honestly don’t really like duo ended brushes since I don’t know how to place it for it to dry, hence why I never bother with duo brushes.  But this brush that comes with it is actually not half bad!  The fluffy side is almost like the size of a regular fluffy brush but the synthetic side, meh. Usable but don’t care for it.

Just a small minor detail that they missed was to put the palette name in English on the back of the palette.  So if you were to throw away the box, pray you remember the name because it ain’t on there.

The lid isn’t able to sit 45 degrees, but then again do you really need it to sit 45 degrees LOL.  It can only sit 90 degrees and won’t go all the way down which can either be a good thing or a bad thing.  Good since you’ll be able to use it as a table mirror but bad for those of you who like the lid folded all the way back so it would be easier to hold in the hands.  The mirror is a real mirror and is big enough to see my whole face.  Please note the plastic film is still over the mirror in the picture since if it is off, it is harder for me to take pictures since I get reflection and it messes everything up.

Color/ Pigmentation + texture/ finish:
Going into it, I honestly was unsure if I’d even like these shadows since K-beauty has a reputation of being sheer.  I didn’t have that great of an impression on their cushions but I’ve heard from multiple of bloggers/ Youtubers that Heimish shadows are amazing.  Unfortunately they didn’t really get too into details on why they liked it, they just said they liked it.  So going into it, I didn’t have a bias opinion, just a blank canvas.

I personally have two palettes, breeze beige which is the typical neutrals with the browns and the beiges, and lovesome brink which is more of a pink and brown combo palette.  When I first played around with these shadows, I thought the formula of the matte shadows were chalky, which immediately turned me off.  Then I played with it again another time, rubbing it into the skin more.  The second time, I realized that it it gave the skin a more glowy skin like look, kind of like the Hourglass ambient powders.  Using a brush to apply it to the lids, the matte shades did look a little chalky at first but once blended in with the other shades, it looked just fine.  To the touch, these shadows are extraordinary silky or buttery.  It is kind of like borderline hard but borderline silky, like a shadow that can’t make its mind up so it just stayed in the neutral area.  

Those of you who love super pigmented shadows like ones from Urban Decay, you may not like these since they are more sophisticated shadows that you can’t really mess up with even if you have a heavy hand.  Not that they aren’t pigmented, it is just different and something you’d have to get used to.  It took me a while to get used to K-beauty shadows (but still some of them suck out there) and get used to the whole sheer and natural looking concept.  Using these for day to day is perfect since they have that slight translucent look to it and doesn’t look over done when you are finished with your desired look.

From the looks of it, “breeze beige” contains all cool tone shades.

Darjeeling milk:
Creamy beige milk shade with super fine silver shimmers (satin-matte finish)
Earl Grey: Light taupe shade with fine taupe and silver shimmers (satin finish)
Mocha: Medium coffee bronze shade (light shimmer finish)
Cappuccino: Light bronzey taupe shade with heavy sliver, purple, taupe shimmers (metallic finish)
Rooibos: Creamy light milk chocolate shade (satin-matte finish)
Yuja: Dark peachy rose shade (satin finish)
Silver Pearl: Silvery white shade with heavy silver and white shimmers (metallic finish)
Espresso: Dark roasted coffee bean shade with fine purple, brown shimmers (satin finish)

Here are swatches of the Breeze beige.  Without primer, these actually are pretty decent.  Although you can see that the matte shades like “darjeeling milk” and ” and “rooibos” aren’t as pigmented as they could be.  “Yuja” also isn’t that pigmented without a base so I’d recommend using some sort of primer since it would help with pigmentation and staying power.  I really am in love with the two metallic shadows in the palette, “Cappuccino” and “silver pearl”.  It really reminds me of those Bbia glitter pigments that I absolutely love.  It gives that wet look, liquid metal type of finish and I love that.  It seems like it is chunky at first but once it is worked into the skin, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

This palette also contains very cool tone shades.

Egg tart: Creamy off white shade (matte finish)
Macaron: Strawberry bubble gum shade with super fine gold shimmers (satin finish)
Brownie: Hot chocolate powder looking shade with fine sliver, brown shimmers (satin finish leaning towards light shimmer finish)
Granita: Burnt light burgundy shade with heavy purple, pink, silver shimmers (metallic finish)
Mont Blanc: Dusty pink shade with super fine purple and pink shimmers (satin finish)
Lollipop: Sheer baby pink shade with fine pink, sliver shimmers (satin finish)
Meringue: Chunky white shimmer shade with purple, pink. green shimmers (metallic finish)
Chocolate: Dark roast coffee shade with fine brown, silver shimmers (satin finish leaning towards matte)

If you wanted a palette that isn’t just all browns, this maybe the one for you.  The color combination of this palette is relatively unique with the different pops of pink.  Since there is a good mixture of mattes, satins and shimmers for both palettes, I can easily just take these palettea with me and survive using solely shades from these palettes to create a well balanced look.  Again I’d say definitely use an eyeshadow primer beforehand to get a more rich color. It also seems to blend better with a primer, so why not!

Using only the shades from the Lovesome brink palette, here is a look I created with it.  

Like how I was saying above, these shadows doesn’t give you that over done look, just enough to see that you do have eyeshadow on but even though I used five shades, it still somehow manages to look tasteful.

Lasting power:
For me personally with normal eyelids that don’t get greasy much, I didn’t have many problems with the shadows staying.  Without a primer, it does fade away around the 4 hour mark since they are on the sheer side anyways.  With a primer, it lasted about 8+ hours before fading away gradually.

These do not have any fragrance.

-great selection of shades in each palette
-contains mattes, satins, shimmers, metallics; well rounded
-has a brush that is actually usable
-pigmented but in a different way

-may not be pigmented enough for those who like bright and vibrant eyeshadows


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
To my surprise, I do actually like these. I can appreciate that these give my eyes a sophisticated and tasteful look rather then always slapping on super pigmented shadows.  Although it did take some getting use to, I do really enjoy the finish look.  I think those of you who like a more natural look who are used the the K-beauty standard of skin like looking base, dewy glow and such, you’d definitely like this.  If I were to want to try another palette, I may want to pick up Cozy coral.  Overall I actually like these eyeshadow palettes and would be a palette I’d take with me to travel since it is well rounded, has a nice big mirror and a duo brush that I’d actually enjoy using.

What do you guys think about these eyeshadow palettes?  Was the end result something you’d enjoy as well?  What else from Heimish would you like me to try and review?  Let me know in the comments down below and tell me what you think!

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