Hello field trip- A day at Bisou Beauty Lounge

img_7332So couple of weeks ago, I decided to go down to Bisou Beauty bar’s newly opened Bisou beauty lounge, one of it’s first kind of place where you can get your nails done as well as get your lash extension fix.  When I went, they were having their soft opening so not everything was in place but from the looks of it, the inside just screamed Bisou’s branding, not too girly but still feminine without over doing it.  So let’s see what it looks inside :).

img_7334I personally don’t ever get my nails done, actually I have never gotten my nails done ever.  One if the biggest reasons why is the toxic waste smell that intoxicates the whole room.  Every time I pass by a nail salon and the door is open, I just cough my lungs out from all the fumes. I was expecting the same from this store but when I went in and started talking to Bisou (not her real name haha but I still call her that), I completely forgot about the smell because it didn’t smell at all! I didn’t realize this until around an hour of sitting there and chatting away.

img_7339They use a couple of nail polish brands but from what I saw in display was a Korean nail polish brand called Candy nails.  They also have Gelish and Akzents along with Candy nails which are all gel.  For regular nail polishes, they use Zoya nail polishes.  I unfortunately don’t know much about nail polishes since I can’t use any type of nail paint on my nails due to the nature of my work.  Candy nails seem to have some really gorgeous shades, especially those beige nudes that are right up my alley!

img_7341The place is quaint but the space is used effectively.  When I went, there was two nail stations but I think there is going to be three.  There is also two stations to get your lashes done, one near the left side of the store and another hidden in the back of the store.  The furniture is well thought out, modern and sleek but with a hint of femininity. 

img_7343Right in the window, there will be a small selection of K-beauty products.  For those of you guys who have been itching to get some hard to get brands like Su:m, Pr:em, J.one, Polatam, Cosrx, this is definitely the place to get it. Also if you notice on the bottom left, there is an air purifier to further help us breath haha. Smells is definitely one of pet peeves.  At work, since I have been fragrance free for more then 6+ years now, it bothers me when anyone wears any type of fragrance at the workplace.  It is absolutely not okay to wear fragrance and is in the guidelines but people still bathe themselves in cologne and perfume.  So I really appreciate them thinking of the air that I breath to stay alive and not have to gag my way out the door.

img_7345J.one jelly pack, check.  And hella YAS!  If you haven’t read my review on it, here ya go.  They only sell this in the US Sephora so if you’ve been wanting to get this in Canada, you can get it here or on Bisou beauty bar.

img_7346I’ve heard many rave review on this Su:m miracle rose cleansing stick.  Unfortunately I don’t like the smell of rose nor does my skin react nicely to it but if you guys wanted to treat yourself, you can also get this here :D.

img_7348Of course since the lounge offers nail service and lashes, we have to see the gorgeous work they do.  When I was there, there was this lady getting her nails done and it was gorgeous!  She chose a creamy muted greyish taupe shade with a dense sliver glittery shade.  To further the look, they were sticking on tiny pearls and gems.  I was picking their brains and asking how long nails like that would take.  I think they said it could take up to 4-6 hours?  Say what?!?  That is like getting your hair done! DAYUMMM I never knew…

img_7349These gems look really pretty.  Although they are plastic, it really kind of looked like Swarovski Crystals.

img_7352Closer up look on t he kind of done nails.  I only stayed at the lounge for about an hour and a half since customers were coming in and I didn’t want to be a bother so I left after having a nice chat with Bisou.  It was really nice to meet her finally in person.  I didn’t have any idea what to expect or what she would look like.  For all I knew, Bisou could have been a 40 year old man HAHA.  Who knows!  Luckily she was a female, my age?  I don’t think so, maybe a bit older but she had this air that was boss lady.  Like she is in control and you can’t fuck around with her and she had her head in the game, which is definitely a good business mindset.  She also reminded me of one of my friends, slightly firey but you know they have a good heart.  Okay now I’m just mumbling HAHA.  Hope you enjoy this quick post on the soft opening of Bisou Beauty bar.  If you guys are interested in going or interested in their services, check out their website for more info~

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-3-54-47-amHere is the location of the store.  I’m not good with directions or street names, I just know how to get to places so I thought a picture of google maps is a lot more helpful LOL.
4118 Fraser Street

Hope you guys are having a good day wherever you are.  Holidays is just around the corner but don’t stress too much about the shopping :).

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