Skinfood avocado & olive lip balm review

Skinfood avocado reviewI’m one of those people that just hoard lip balms, I mean I have a lip balm overview which kind of is evidence I’m a little nuts.  As a very dry skin person, I’m always looking into products to test out to moisturize my skin and lips are one of them.  Anytime I can get my hands on a new lip balm, I’m all for it.  So when I saw that Skinfood came out with a whole avocado and olive lip line, I knew I had to try something from the line in which I settled for the lip balm.  Honestly, I just really wanted a avocado in my bag because it is just that cute haha.  Anyways, let’s get started with the avocado review.  Avocado here we go go!

skinfood-avocado-lip-balmFull name of product:
Skinfood avocado & olive lip balm

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“A lip balm that makes your lips moist and glossy with avocado and olive.”

5,900 won

Amount of product:
12 g

Duration before expiration:
3 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the ingredients list anywhere.  Very odd…

How to use:
Simply use your finger to rub some onto the lips.

Skinfood avocado lip balmProduct packaging:
The avocado itself is a little smaller then the size of my palm although it is kind of on the bulky side.  The bottom is flat so it won’t be rolling around anywhere when you use it.

Skinfood avocado lip balm reviewWhen I got it in the mail, I was expecting the lip balm to be just bare without any packaging but it actually came in this plastic wrapper which I thought was super cute.  I don’t know why I just had to point that out haha.

Skinfood avocado lip balm reviewTo open the lip balm, all you have to do is twist off the cap and voila.

Skinfood avocado lip balmTexture/ Finish:
This lip balm is more on the thin side and does seem to disappear quite quickly from my lips.  Those of you who are looking for a long lasting, super moisturizing or a thick lip balm, this one is definitely not for you. The texture reminds me of the EOS lip balms, kind of coats your lips but doesn’t really moisturize at all.  Although this one from Skinfood does a little bit better of a job the EOS, this lip balm still wouldn’t be one I’d be carrying around to use on a daily basis.

Even though it seems like all hope is lost for this little guy, I’d actually suggest you use this lip balm right before you put on a lip product.  Since it has a thin texture but still does a decent job at moisturizing the lips, the texture is absolutely perfect for the job since it won’t make your lip product slip and slide or bunch up.

Skinfood avocado

Skinfood avocado lip balmMy lips are pretty dry.  I constantly have to put on some sore of lip balm.  My favourite one at the moment is the Aritdaum ginger sugar overnight lip mask for it’s super thick texture and it’s ability to stay on my lips for a long period of time.

Skinfood avocado lip balmThis picture is after application of the avocado and olive lip balm.  Not sure if this is even helpful to show you guys but you can see there is almost not that much difference from before and after.  It is slightly more moisturized then before but not really that much more for me to be fully comfortable.

Lasting power:
This lip balm lasts about 20 minutes on me before I need to reapply.  It’s kind of annoying, hence why this will not be my daily lip balm but a lip primer type of thing.

The lip balm has a mild scent which smells like fresh greens and sweet milk.  Kind of an odd combo but I’m not disgusted by the smell which is good.  Smell-o-scale= 4/10 and the fragrance goes away after application.

-does a decent job at coating my lips

-not hydrating enough
-doesn’t last on the lips at all


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
This product honestly is so disappointing.  I was hoping I’d like this product since the packaging is so cute but unfortunately it doesn’t last on the lips nor does it hydrate my lips enough.  I won’t be throwing this product away but will try and salvage it and use it right before I do my lip make up but other then that, I can’t really find much use in this.  If you guys are in the market for a hydrating lip balm, this one isn’t for you.  I’d suggest you check out my lip balm overview to see what other lip balms are out there that you can try.  Overall, this lip balm is a no.  Just no.

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