Hollika Holika x Sweet Peko edition eyeshadow palette review + swatches

Holika Holika peko eyeshadow reviewContinuing on with the Holika Holika x Peko collection, this was the product that made me buy the rest of the collection and I’m praying that it is just as good as the last one.  Packaging is definitely super cute and the eyeshadows actually smell like the strawberry chocolate lollipops.  How can you resist!  Let’s cut the intro and get into the review!  Go go~

Full name of product:
Holika Holika x Sweet Peko edition eyeshadow palette

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Packaging is limited edition, not too sure if the shades here are the same as the permanent ones.

Description of product:
Inspired by strawberry caramel and milk caramel, composed of 4 sweet colors.
The composition of matte, shimmer, and glitter texture allows any types of eye shape to easily finish sweet makeup look.
Tightly adhering coating powder grants you a colorful makeup for all day long.”

16,000 won

Amount of product:
6 g

Duration before expiration:
2 years

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Shades available:

N/A at the moment.

Holika holika peko shadow palettePackaging:
Packaging is always quite nice when it comes to Holika Holika.  Although they are a roadshop brand, I find their packaging (especially limited edition packaging) high quality for the price.  The eyeshadow palette comes in this square flip up quad with the print embossed into which is super nice since it isn’t those cheap stickers just slapped right on top.

Holika Holika peko reviewInside is also a nice sized mirror which you can easily use to see your whole face.  Not much to the packaging but it is a nice size that is easy to travel with.

Holika Holika peko shadow reviewColor/ Pigmentation + texture:
Now the pigmentation from the Gudetama palette was the reason why I bought this palette and it is still #1 best seller shown on Huawei (beauty app that koreans use).  The version I picked up was 01 strawberry caramel which has more pinky tones, something I’m really enjoying during the spring and summer time.

Holika Holika peko shadow swatchesTop row (left two without primer, right two with primer)
Strawberry butter (top left): Pinky beige shade, matte finish
Berry sugar (top right): Rose gold shimmery shade with rose gold + gold + purple + pink shimmers, glittery finish

I do understand matte shades are very hard to formulate and most companies including Western companies don’t get it right.  When you swatch strawberry butter on the back of your hand, you might find it sheer and hard to blend but when you use it on your eyelid with a brush, it works just find.  The texture of strawberry butter is quite smooth and buttery, but is slightly powdery so beware.  I also think this shade would work best on those with quite fair skin since it only gives me and my pale skin a sheer blush on the eyes.

As for berry sugar, it isn’t as smooth as the Gudetama palette but the pigmentation is still really nice.  On my skin, it gives a gorgeous rose gold tone.  I’d actually just wear this straight on my lids and it would look fab!  For this shade, I’d definitely recommend using a primer since it seems to pick up the rose gold tone better then just on bare skin.

Holika Holika shadow swatches pekoThis shade is still gorgeous.  And if you foiling it (wetting your brush and using the shadow wet), EVEN PRETTIER!

Holika Holika peko shadow swatchesTop row (left two without primer, right two with primer)
Strawberry caramel (bottom left)
: Strawberry milkshake shade, matte finish

Berry Cacao (bottom right): Cooper bronze shade with fine bronze + gold shimmers, satin with a hint of shimmer finish

Strawberry caramel actually preforms a bit better on bare skin since with primer, it seems to skip a bit.  Pigmentation is so so for this shade but it is still workable. If only it was slightly more pigmented, this would have been a gorgeous go to shade when I want a pinky eye look.

Berry cacao is definitely the most pigmented shade of them all but I’m not surprised since shimmery shades always preform well, whether it is western or Korean.  I think they did a good job having two matte shades, one shimmery shade and one glittery shade in the palette but I kind of wish berry cacao was more of a satin then a shimmer for it to be a better transition/ contour color.

Holika Holika peko shadow lookSorry for the weird reddish tint to my eye looks.  I have to figure out my lighting situation but for now, this will have to do.

holika holika peko shadow look

Lasting power:
The lasting power for these shade are so so.  Since the two matte shades are already so sheer, at the 4-5 hour mark, they are already fading even with a primer.  The glittery and shimmery shade stay put just fine but these don’t have the best lasting power.

Oddly enough, the eyeshadow quad actually has a scent!  If you guys have grew up with the Peko strawberry chocolate lollipops, you’ll know this scent very well.
These lolipops I’ve had maybe three times in my whole lifetime because they were such a luxury (its hella overpriced and my mom refused to get me them since I get cavities a lot too hehe). The scent isn’t super strong and fades away after application but I can’t stop SMELLING IT!  Its like crack hahaha.  It would be such a funny scent if I had this palette in my bag and I had to use it on the bus or something and all you see is me sniffing the shit out of it.  IT SMELLS AMAZING OKAY!  Don’t judge me… shesh.

-well thought out colors
-mattes aren’t too shabby

-wish it was slightly more pigmented

This specific quad, no but I’ll try my luck with their other quads maybe.

Stars given out of 5:

I slightly let down by the fact that this isn’t the same as the Gudetama palette.  It still is good in its own right but if you are darker then me in skintone, this might not even show up for you.  The rose gold glitter shade is gorgeous and the shimmery shade is so pigmented that I can color my whole arm with it.  But overall, I don’t find this palette to be anything too special. I’d say get it if you really want it for the cuteness factor but I’d actually pick up something else from this collection that I think is worth the money (review will come soon! I’m trying to finish posting all the reviews so you guys can catch the collection!).Gifted by Jolse.  Not sponsored.

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  1. Freddy

    I actually bought the other one and it’s really nice and shows up on my skin (I’m medium-tan)! I pretty much got a little bit of everything except the foundation bc I knew it’d be too light on me lol.

    1. Christina

      Hmm… maybe i just picked the wrong one. But the pigmentation definitely doesn’t compare to the Gudetama palette tho.

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