Hong Kong Haul: Gudetama happiness

gudetama haul Hong KongGudetama has been my obsession lately and I knew there would be tons of Gudetama stuff in Hong Kong for me to indulge in.  Boy oh boy did  I indulge.  Everywhere in Hong Kong, Gudetama graced his presence.  I mean seriously, from tissue packs to McDonalds, you name it and he will be there.  Let’s just say he was my guardian angel when I was in Hong Kong.  As tribute, I almost bought everything that I could and that was in my budget.  So let’s get into the haul!! WEEEE~~ \(^▽^@)ノ

gudetama haul Hong KongThroughout the three weeks of be exploring Hong Kong, I found most of these items at 7-11 and Circle K surprisingly.  Gudetama was seriously everywhere.  From fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Yoshinoya to convenience stores like 7-11 and Circle K, Gudetama seriously is everywhere you turn.  Companies in Asia understand Gudetama is the Justin Bieber and they promote the heck out of him.  Luckily for them, they have suckers like me who’d buy extra stuff just to be able to redeem free gifts. ≧ω≦

gudetama bagIn my day 2 Hong Kong adventure post, I bought a crap ton of nick nacks on the first day there in just ten minutes at the 7-11 downstairs.  There was a gudetama shrine in the corner filled with Gudetama happiness.  Luckily for me, not tons of people went to that 7-11, so I had a big selection of stuff to choose from even on my last day.  The first item I picked up was this canvas bag for $65 HKD ($10 CDN).  I kind of didn’t want to pick it up at first, but I as scared it would be gone if I were to second guess so I just picked it up for the heck of it.  The material is quite nice and thick and I’d definitely be using this bag so it’s not a bad purchase.
gude cup noodle
7-11 also had cup noodles with gudetama.  $12 HKD ($2 CDN) for 3 and no i didn’t really have to buy these but hey… it’s gudetama. LOL  I’ve eaten one already and it’s nothing special.  It just taste like chicken, that’s all.

IMG_4713I actually didn’t even notice until now that there are different designs on the packaging!!

gudetama hong kongThe luggage belt ($45 HKD- $7 CDN) was also one of the first things I picked up on my first trip to 7-11.  Again, luckily I bought it without thinking which is a good thing in this case since this was the only one I saw in all of the 7-11 I have went in.  This belt is also on ebay, but they are selling it for $29.99 USD… holy cows.

The second time I went into another 7-11 nearby, they also had a good selection of gudetama stuff to choose from, ON SALE!  WHATSUPPP.  I’ve seen this luggage tag on instagram, so when I saw it, into the cart it goes :P.  I don’t remember exactly how much it was but I think it was $25 HKD ($4 CDN). Gudetama in a shell bikini, how can you say no.

gude beltIt’s always good to have unique luggage belts because luggages really all look alike, especially if you buy whatever is available at Costco like most of us and it is usually black, the worse color to pick.

gude water bottleOf course, I had to get the water bottle!  I’ve been doing pretty good with my water intake lately.  I never used to like water but for some reason, I’ve been drinking a lot of it.  Of course, downside of that is having to go to the washroom constantly. I paid $38 HKD ($6.23 CDN) which is super cheap compared to anything you could get online.

IMG_4733Best part, Gudetama’s butt of course!

gudetama bag Hong KongI remember on the first day, I saw this pouch but I told myself I don’t need it since I have so many pouches at home.  The whole time I was in Hong Kong, I kept thinking about it for some reason, meaning I really wanted it.  I kept trying to find it, thinking it was the 7-11 that was in the mall but I couldn’t find it.  On the last day, after I gave up and just went to the one downstairs to have one last look at what I wanted to buy with the rest of the money i still had, I FOUND IT!  I don’t remember how much this was since the lady didn’t give me a receipt, but I think it was $35 HKD ($5.35 CDN).  It is a thick canvas with a rubberized Gudetama design in the front.

IMG_4716They also had some stuff that was kinda not necessary but still ended up in my chart somehow.  On the left side, it is a plastic container ($15 HKD- $2.50 CDN) with Gudetama doing the Superman dance with gummy candies inside.  The one in the middle are deco stickers with gum ($13 HKD-$2.13 CDN) which is seriously useless but in the moment, I thought it was a good idea for some reason.  I also found these tin ($17 HKD-$2.75 CDN) with mints inside on my last week there.  I’ve never seen this design before and thought it would be good to keep cards or coins.
gudetama clothMy cousin actually learned that I really liked Gudetama and even brought me to a Gudetama themed cafe out in Metroplaza.  When we sat down, she gifted me the micro cloth on the left.  The one on the right I found on my last day there.  Both were $15 HKD each ($2.46 CDN).

gudetama noteShe also gifted me this note pad HAHA.  He’s picking his nose, it can’t get better then that.  I honestly have no idea how much this was.

gudetama mouse padI’ve been meaning to get a mouse pad for the longest time, so this is perfect.  For $15 HKD ($2.46 CDN) can’t really go wrong.

gudetama passport holderI think these passport holders are one of my favourite purchases.  These were $15 HKD each ($2.46 CDN)  The material is really sturdy, design is cute and the inside gets better too!  There is also an ebay posting for this but they are $8-$10.
eBay posting: Design on the left, design on the right

gudetama passportThe design on the back is equally, if not more appealing to the eye.  I’m glad I found the one on the right at another 7-11.  SO CUTE!

Gudetama passportOf course, there is the compartment where you can place your passport.  It first your standard passport, not sure if there are different sizes for passports to be quite honest with you.

gudetama passportIn the back, there is two slots to hold cards which is perfect!!

Gudetama hong kongCouple items I didn’t get at 7-11 or Circle K.  I got these items at my aunt’s store which is filled with Sanrio nick nacks.  Of course, I picked some Gudetama stuff but it was quite expensive if I do say so myself.  The stickers on the left was $25 HKD ($4.10 CDN), the mystery box was $35 HKD ($5.74 CDN) and a card holder for $128 HKD ($20.00 CDN).

IMG_4737I plan to stick these on my forehead.  HAHA  yes I’m still a child that loves herself some stickers.

IMG_4738I was hoping to get either the fried rice one or the nato Gude but I sadly got pudding.  Oh well haha.



IMG_4741I think I’ll keep this next to my computer to keep me company.

Gudetama card holder

I wanted a cardholder for the longest time with Gudetama on it but there was only one design and I wasn’t a fan.  When I saw this, I knew it was the one.  I’ve never seen Gudetama so fly! Dj Gude whatsup!  This also has a retractable strap~

IMG_4744I’m totally keeping this card in the cardholder haha.

gude stickersAt the bookstore that sells pens and school supplies, they had this medium sized document holder $21 HKD ($3.44 CDN).  At that time, I printed some photos that I had to give away, so I bought this to hold some of it.  There were also stickers for $8 HKD ($1.31 CDN)

IMG_4745At Mong Kok’s ladies market, I bought this reusable bag which just so happen to be a lifesaver.  I didn’t know Hong Kong didn’t give out plastic bags after the new law that passed not to long ago on April 1.  Make sure you guys bring a sturdy, big reusable bag if you are planning to come to Hong Kong.

I also got couple of keychains from those mystery ball machines, $20 HKD and $40 HKD.  The top one I was hoping to get either the laying down Gudetama or the cake one but sadly I got the monk one -_-.  The bottom ones wasn’t my first choice either.  I was again hoping for the ones that were laying down but I got TWO OF THE SAMEN ONE.  WHAT THE HELL! HAHA oh well….


Circle K wasn’t a place I saw any Gudetama stuff but I really wanted the timer they were having as their “gift with purchase”.  I was in the MTR one day and passed a Circle K with Gudetama nick nacks and I said “finally, I have a reason to spend money and get that timer!”  I know, as stupid as it sounds, I really wanted that that timer.  I picked up a tin can with chocolate cookies ($24 HKD- $3.94 CDN) and two tin boxes of mints ($23 HKD- $3.77 CDN).

Gudetama_billboard_01.04_outOther then the timer and the eye mask, the other items they had were kind of useless.  There was also Gudetama headphones but they aren’t in this picture and was definitely one of the things people were gunning for.

14Apr16 Billboard2Looking at Circle K’s instagram, I see that they actually have a pretty good selection.  I wish I could have got my hands on those plastic boxes!! SO CUTE.

IMG_4749One of the things that caught my eyes was this glass cup.  Yes I don’t need more cups, but I don’t have cup with GUDETAMA ON IT!  😛  I don’t remember exactly how much it was but it was something around the $29 HKD ($4.76 CDN).


IMG_4752This is one of my favourite items of the whole haul.  It’s just a pouch with hidden gummy candy inside, but Gudetama’s spirt can guard my coins for me :P.

IMG_4753The gummy candies look horrifying though.  What the heck…

If you survived through all that blabbering, congratulations. HAHA  It is finally the end of the post.  Tell me what is your favourite item of the haul and if your country has Gudetama as well.  I know he is taking Asia by storm but not sure about the rest of the world.  Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Ruthica

    Okay… ???? move along people.. ???? this is a torture post ???? heell naw, feel like one jealous bit*h now ???? so many goody gudee ????????


    1. Christina

      Haha maybe one day you can go to Asia and splurge on Gudetama stuff too 🙂

  2. Ruthica

    You should warning at the first sentence that this post can cause a heavy breathing ????????????

    1. Christina

      HAHAHAHHA heavy breathing cat (if you know which meme I’m talking about)

  3. BeautyandtheCat

    Awwwwww, I love love love this whole post. I read all the way to the end 😀 So nice to see all the Gudies I’ve never seen before. –Angela

    1. Christina

      I get excited when I saw new Gudetama stuff as well haha. I wanna see your haul in details!!

  4. Fiona

    Ahhhhh Hong Kong always gets you in those convenience stores!! What a haul! I can’t cost which uses my favorite but i typically like practical items, like the passport holder, luggage belt, retractable card holder (although I technically don’t have a need for it) or the pouches and recyclable bag!!! So awesome!! I wonder how long gudetama will be all the rage in HK and what will be next?

    1. Christina

      I’ve become a super practical girl as well. And I’m not sure about the rage but I’d say give it about a year 😛

  5. Ruthica

    You should find and buy gudetama bedsheet ???? it will be soo comforting to sleep on lol ???????????????? like everything aboit lazyness is complete ????

    1. Christina

      I actually almost bought gudetama bedsheets at the market but because in Hong Kong, you have to take public transportation everywhere and you’d have to carry things for hours at end, I ended up not buying it since I wanted to do some shopping at the market. And plus, the set didn’t have a mattress cover so i thought it was no point for me haha.

  6. Michelle

    Where do you recommend to get Gudetama items?

    1. Christina

      I would go to 7-11 or circle K to find them, but they have it all over Hong Kong so you don’t really have to look too hard for them. Just look for anything yellow pretty much haha.

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