Hot Tool hot styler ionic tourmaline review

Hot tools hot styler ionic tourmaline reviewHi, my name is Christina and I have been suffering from Asian afro syndrome ever since I was born.  No kidding…when I was in Hong Kong as a toddler, my mom always tells me this story where we were going up on an elevator and a lady said “Awww so cute.  You gave your kid a perm.”  No ma’am… that’s not a damn perm.  THAT’S MY REAL HAIR.  Yes, that sounds so sad.  But seriously, my hair is like a damn broom stick.  Heck, one time I washed and blow dried my hair and my friend came over to get something and he was taken back by the thing on my head. So you can say, I’m kind of an expert at taming my lion mane but I haven’t found anything that works as well as this product here. So let’s get to talking about what this hair tool is and why I think everyone seriously need in their life.

Why would I pay a little bit extra for hair tools?  The ones at the drugstore works just fine.
Firstly, Hot tools is quite affordable actually.  It might cost maybe $20-30 more, but it lasts longer and it gets hotter faster.  On top of that, a lot of times you can adjust the temperature to your hair type.  So if you have finer hair, you can use a lower heat setting.  I’ve had experience with drugstore hair straightener (specifically the Revlon one) and because the heat setting wasn’t high enough, I’d always have to run the straightener through my hair a couple of times to get even the slightest results.  Overtime, this damages the hair.  On top of that, using products that don’t have the ionic tourmaline means you won’t get that nice shine to the hair.

What is ionic?  What is tourmaline?
I think this website does a very good job at explaining what the two are, so here is the link.  Basically, the ionic technology reduces frizz and leaves the hair shiny while tourmaline technology closes the cuticle layer and smoothes the hair.

Now we got the fine details out of the way, let’s get into this hair styling tool I’ve been loving and have been using it every single day.

Full name of product:
Hot tools 1
½” hot styler ionic tourmaline

Description of product:
Hot Tools 1½” Hot Styler – Ionic® Tourmaline hair styling tool creates smooth, voluminous hair and curls.
• Universal dual voltage — Great for travel
• Ionic generator produces negative ions for frizz-free hair styling
• Soft Touch handle provides comfortable grip
• Thermal “Guide Teeth” help wrap hair around the barrel
• LED Light Display:
• Red light : Heat only
• Green light : Heat and ions
• Cool tip for easy handling
• Off / On / Ion On switch
• 8 ft. Professional swivel cord
• One-year warranty

Please note that this hair styler isn’t one of those heated brushes that dries your hair.  This is only for styling.  Think of it as a hair straightener but in a brush format.

$36-38 USD at Amazon US

How to use:
After your hair has been fully dried, simply section your hair off.  Comb through the section and use it like how you use a curling iron where you roll your hair into the comb.  I hope that kind of makes sense.  But it is quite self-explanatory so I don’t know how else to explain it.

Product packaging itself is very sturdy but light weight.  Never will you guys have to tire your arms out with a blow out since this product pretty much does it for you.  The handle is comfortable in the hand and there is a plastic top where you can use it to help roll your hair into the comb.  There is only one switch but two settings.  For some reason on the box, it didn’t tell me what the two settings were.  But now I’m reading that the first setting which only flashes a red light is just to heat up the comb while the second setting with the red means it is heat and ions.  I have tried it with both settings but I don’t really see a big difference.

The comb works well and grabs onto all my hair but doesn’t tug.  The one thing I have to nit pick about is… how the hell do I clean this?  In the back where there is a row on both sides that is missing the comb thingy is row of teeth.  Now this part gets super dirty, super fast and I really don’t know how to clean it other then trying to wipe it.  I think I might have to use a toothbrush to get it nice and clean.

Okay now to show you the real transformation of this magic wand.  Here is my nice Asian afro for your own entertainment.  My hair is thick, frizzy and super dry.  I don’t have problem with volume in the hair (duhhh..) but I need all the moisture I can get.  Maybe I will do a post on what Korean shampoo and conditioner has saved my hair but let me know if you’ll be interested in that.  I have layers in my hair as well, which makes my hair extra lion-esque.

Wow it is so hard to take a picture of the back of your head when you’re alone.  I did take one for the after effect, but it was all blurry so I’m sorry in advance.

So I usually take my tangle teezer to comb through my hair to before sectioning it off with my rat tail comb.  For the bottom sections of my hair, I like to roll my hair inwards to get slight volume and bounce.

Voila.  You can see the difference immediately.  Look from the left which is a frizzy mess to the right, where it is nice, smooth and shiny.

And for the top sections of my hair, I like to do it on an angle so I get a nice wave and frame to the face.

Look at that… LOOK AT THAT.  You can not tell me this thing is not magic.  And it isn’t that expensive too damn it!!!  Don’t walk, RUN and get it.

Excuse the super-exposed photo but this is the best photo of my hair I could get.  As you can see, you can see a nice definition of my layers, there’s volume and bounce, and best part?  It takes only about 7-10 minutes out of my day to do my hair.  Maybe even a shorter time since I don’t have to do it every single day.  I’ve also used this on my mom’s hair which is fine and not thick like mine and it doesn’t he same thing.  Volume and bounce.  UGH.

I got nothing else to say other than everyone needs this in their life.  I don’t know why not more places sell this.  I got mine at Cosmprof through a friend that is an esthetician but unfortunately, they don’t have this product at Sally’s beauty for some odd reason.  Anyways, I’m just going to leave the link here ;).  The link is an affiliate link which costs you nothing but helps support the blog.  Just sayin’. <3

Disclaimer:  This product was bought with my own money but the link to Amazon is an affilate link.

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