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O lens color contacts for dark brown eyesColor contacts have been a thing that I’ve been loving and trying out a lot of.  I posted about some Western color contacts a while ago, and you guys seem to really enjoy that.So I’m back at it again, but with Korean color contacts!  I’ve been trying out O lens color contacts for more then a year now, and I have to say they are the most comfortable color contacts I have tried.  Granted I have only tried Geo lens which are horribly thick and uncomfortable, these are the absolute opposite and also a lot cheaper and more realistic.  I’ll be showing you guys two versions of the oh so popular Russian velvet line and also a new one from the line TeenTeen which I absolutely love as well.  So let’s get started!

Where can I get O-lens?
Unfortunately, O-lens is a domestic Korean color contacts and you can’t really get your hands on it online.  I found a website that do carry O-lens but I will have to confirm to see if they are authentic or not first before I recommend the site to you guys.  In Korea (this is what my Korean friend told me), buying contacts online is illegal, therefore you can only buy contacts in person in a physical store.  O-lens isn’t the only contact store in Korea.  The only other one that I am familiar with but haven’t tried their stuff is lens town.  When I’m in Korea, I will definitely check out lens town and report back.  There is a pair of unicorn color contacts that I’m eyeing hehe.

How much are these contacts?
The best part about O-lens is the price range.  They range from $10 for a pair up to $35 for daily contacts, but they do have a lot of bogo sales, so technically you get two pairs for the price of one.  And about three times a year, they also have buy 1 get 2 free.  Yes.. that sale exists.  And the bogo ones are usually on their most popular which makes it that much more worth it.

Do they expire?
Yes, they do expire but you have about 5 years before they do as long as you don’t open they.  When you do wear then, please do follow the wear time guideline.  There was multiple occasions where I forgot I even had the contacts opened and when I went back to it, there was mold growing in it.  Of course, I didn’t wear it.  I just threw it away right away along with the container as well.  You can find the expiration dates on the box as well as the contact lense container.

color contacts

O lens color contactsWhen you first get your contacts, you’ll get them in these little boxes. Each design you pick, the boxes will be different.  Its kind of like a cover of a book, I absolutely love collecting these.  Kind of like Pokemon, gotta catch em all :P.

O lens color contacts

Color contacts for dark brown eyesFor comparison, here is my natural eye color.  I have a dark brown eye color with a dark black ring.  Sometimes I wish my eye color was lighter, but now that I have color contacts, I kind of enjoy having dark brown eyes.  The problem with trying to find color contacts on dark brown eyes, they lense have to be pigmented enough to be able to show up on my eye color.  Luckily, Korean color contacts have no problem with that.  On top of that, they make it look super natural too which I absolutely love.  I don’t like looking like an alien with weird, piercing eyeballs.

O-lens teen teen silver (monthly) 15,000 won (usually has bogo)

What I like about O-lens (and a lot of other Korean lense companies), they have pretty accurate pictures with the model wearing the contact lense.  It is super helpful and most of the time, they models have dark brown eyes like me so it all works out.

O lens color contactsI have tried the Russian velvet grey but I found it a bit too piercing.  It looked pretty, but I wanted something a little more subtle.  About a year later, these from the line Teen Teen came out in a silver color.  From the pictures I have seen on the Korean blogs, these looked super natural so I got me a pair as well.  What I like about these lense, the silver/ grey isn’t pixelated but is in more of a fine streak fashion, making it look super natural on the eyes.

Color contacts for dark brown eyes O lensUnfortunately when I went to go and take pictures for you guys, somehow the liquids in my case leaked out and the lense dried up.  I only have the picture above for you guys.  The silver/ grey gives a very innocent look and something a little more understated then the other two I’m about to show you.  The lense is super thin and very comfortable, even up to 8 hours of wear.  I personally have super dry eyes, and I don’t have a problem with any of O-lens products.

O-lens Russian velvet blue (monthly) 20,000 won (usually 1+1)
Because these lenses are 12.7mm and not 13.00 mm, it doesn’t fully cover the circumference of my eyes, but it isn’t too noticeable so I don’t really have a problem with it.  The Russian velvet is my absolute favourite line from O-lens, and is a best seller on their website for a reason.  The colors comes in a fine pixelated fashion and they use about three colors to blend, making it look super natural on dark brown eyes.  These ones are the blue version of the Russian velvet and I definitely like them more the the grey ones.  If I had to rank this shade out of the three shades available (light brown, grey, blue), this is the second.  I wish they would come out with a green shade!!!

O lens russian velvet blue

Olens russian velvet blueI like wearing these if I want an extra kick with my outfit.  People do take a second look and wonder if my eyes are real, that is how natural they look.  They fit nice, they aren’t drying and I get about 6-8 hours of wear before I have to take them off.  Word of advice, I definitely do not suggest you guys wearing color contacts for a long period of time or every day, for the sake of your eye health.

Color contacts for dark brown eyes

Color contacts for dark brown eyesThese would look gorgeous with a heavy smokey eye or even a natural eye look.  UGH love.  Sorry for the crappy photo, it was with the front facing camera on my iPhone.

Color contacts for dark brown eyes

O-lens Russian velvet brown (monthly) 20,000 won (usually 1+1)Same situation with the light brown.  The diameter isn’t 13 mm, which doesn’t fully cover my eye but it isn’t to noticeable so its fine.  When I first wore color contacts, it took about a week of wearing it for a couple of hours (average 2-3 hours) and having to take it off for my eye to be able to adjust to them. Then I could wear it for a longer period of time but I still don’t wear it all day since it does strain my eyes.

O lens russian velvet light brownSorry for the dark looking photo.  I couldn’t edit it too much or else the lens itself would get blown out.

O lens russian velvet brownThese are my absolute favourite color contacts since I can wear them everyday with make up or a bare face.

O lens russian velvet brown

O lens russian velvet brownI don’t know why I look so awkward in this photo, but here it is from a distance.  You can definitely tell there is something different about your eyes but still looks natural.  LOVE these.

What do you guys think about these color contacts?  Would you get yourself a pair?  Have you tried them and which ones have you tried?  Let me know in the comments down below, I’ll be expanding my collection soon hehe.
Disclaimer:  These contacts were purchased by me and I am not affiliated with the company.

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  1. Mika

    I’m screaming! They look so good! I fell in love with the blue shade. Thanks for the review. ❤️

  2. Eva

    Okay, I have to try one of these, I’m leaning towards the brown russian velvet as they look super great on your eyes (my eye color is the same as yours). The greys doesn’t t look very natural in my opinion.

    1. Christina

      I like the grey ones when i want a slight sliver look but not too crazy dramatic. The Russian velvets are definitely my all time favourite. Hopefully you can get your hands on it!

  3. Alyssa

    Do you need to get your eye size measured? I’m a bit new and confused about lenses, especially because o lens seems to sell a lot of preset diameter / sizes (for ex some are 12.7mm some are 13mm etc)

  4. May

    Wow, I love the aesthetic of the teen teen silver lenses! Never knew color contacts are popular in Korea. They look so gorgeous and striking on you!

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