What’s new in K-beauty volume 12

What's new in K-beauty We are back at it again with the new releases.  There really isn’t that much in terms of brand new products, but there are tons of cute doggie collections to celebrate the year of the dog.  I couldn’t be more happy about that because they are so STINKIN CUTE.  And not to mention, I’ll be in Korea in 18 days to experience it all WAHAHAHHA.  From Snoopy to Siba Inu characters (aka. Shiro & Maro), let’s check these new releases out together shall we?

Aritaum x Shiro & Maro
-All in one nail kit (3 versions) 7,000 won

-Fermented lip & eye remover 11,000 won
-Baby face mist (2 versions: hyaluronic acid, collagen) 10,000 won
-Nail design tips (2 versions) 9,700 won

Aritaum offer some of the most affordable but amazing products when it comes to the roadshop brands.  This year, they have teamed up with a Shiba Inu character called Shiro & Maro, which unfortunately I am not quite familiar with.  But they are SO DANG CUTE!  Although I don’t wear nail polish, I think I’m going to have to try and pick up the nail stickers.. I mean LOOK AT THOSE CUTE PLUSHY FACES.  UGHHH.

Etude House Lucky puppy collection
-Shadow palette 11,000 won
-Quad palette 6,000 won
-Eyeshadow singles (10 shades) 5,500 won
-Lipstick holder (3 versions) 4,000 won
-Dear my glass tinting lipstick (3 version)
-Cushion case 3 versions

Etude House of course wouldn’t miss out on the fun to come up with a cute collection for the dog year.  Although I’m not a big fan of their BB cushions nor does their cushion case fit with any other brands, so it would kind of be a waste for me to get it. Maybe I will pick up their lipstick case with the Corgi because I love me some bubble butt HAHA.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google or Youtube “Corgi bubble butt”.  So CUTE!

Etude House color in liquid lips mousse (8 shades) 9,500 won

Etude House’s lip products are usually not half bad, but I didn’t have much luck with their liquid lip products in the past.  From what I remembered, it was too dry and felt weird on the lips.  But this formulation could be completely different since it is more of a mousse type.  On top of that, all the shades they offer is the usual boring bright reds, oranges and pinks.  Blah…

Etude House miniature match lip colors (14 shades) 5,800 won
Etude House miniature match lip colors (mixing colors: 5 shades) 5,800 won
Etude House miniature match lip toppers (3 shades) 5,800 won
Etude House miniature match lip balm (3 versions) 5,800 won

Now these are something interesting.  Etude House came out with these lippies what look like lipsticks I think that has a magnetic bottom.  Your suppose to pick two products from the line and they will gift you the magnetic middle which you connect together.  Cute concept but their nude shades aren’t captivating enough for my liking.  But the mixing shades (blue, hot pink, yellow, black and white) is a very Pony (the make up artist) touch since she also has those types of shades in her make up line Pony effect.  She is the face of Etude House on certain projects, and this is one she is involved in so I’m not surprised there are more interesting products in this line of lippies.

Innisfree my real pet mask (5 versions: brighting, firming, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing) 2,000 won each

I’ve never been tempted to try Innisfree since their products seem kind of boring to me.  Also their make up sounds like it caters more to normal to oily skin types, which isn’t me.  But their new doggie sheet masks have caught my attention :P.  I think I might get a couple just to pin it up on my wall.

Innisfree lucky box x Snoopy
2 versions: Jeju orchid intense cream version 28,000 won, Enriched cream version 25,000 won

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find these lucky boxes online, but every year during the New years, Innisfree has these lucky box things where you can pick the base items (either the Jeju orchid intense cream or enriched cream), the pouch and cotton pads and the rest of the items are a surprise.  I know the eye cream is a very popular item but you’d be lucky if you got that.  I might pick one of these sets up when I’m in Korea, but that is if they will still have it when I’m there.

Innisfree x Snoopy collection
-body wash (2 versions: cedar wood, cotton flower) 10,000 won
-body lotion 12,000 won
-nail polish (3 pastel shades) 3,000 won
-sebum powder 6,000 won
-hand cream (3 versions) 4,000 won
-Nail stickers 3,500 won

Again, for some reason Innisfree doesn’t really appeal to me but this collection is cute but also kind of basic.  I wish they would create some products that is truly limited edition and not just slap Snoopy on the packaging and call it a day.

Laneige x Thank you studio collection
Lip glow balm (4 versions: berry, grapefruit, pear, peach) 10,000 won
Sleeping lip mask (4 versions: berry, grapefruit, apple lime, vanilla) 18,000 won

Laneige surprisingly didn’t come up with a huge collection for the year of the dog.  Instead, they came up with a new line of lip balms with cute doggies on it.  Now I’ve tried their sleeping lip mask which a lot of people love, but I surprisingly don’t really find it hydrating enough to call it a lip mask.  I’d be slightly interested in trying out the lip balms, but I’m not too sure if I’d even like it or not.

Laneige two correcting bar (4 shades) + two tone contouring bar (2 shades) 

Sorry guys I can’t seem to find the price for this one since it isn’t on the website yet.  To go along with their two tone lipsticks, they came out with two tone face sticks as well!  They have four color correcting sticks and two contouring sticks.  Now you guys know how I feel about color correcting after last year’s color correcting filled 365 days of torture.  Just too much color correcting for goodness sake.  I personally won’t be getting any of these but I am intrigued by the contour sticks.

Laneige two tone matte lipsticks (10 shades) 25,000 each

As a spin off of the oh so popular two tone lip sticks, they now have a matte version.  The color combinations are quite interesting and its nice to see they have really cool vampy shades like #10.  But the K-beauty trend for lips is gearing away from the gradiation lips (thank god!) and into a more full lip that is blended out on the edges.  I personally have dry butthole lips, so these I will not be picking up.

Missha jewel drop liquid shadow (4 shades) 11,000 won
I don’t think I have ever tried any of Missha’s eye products before, but these jewel liquid eyeshadows look amazing!!  I personally think K-beauty does some of the best glittery and shimmery eyeshadows, so these I’ll definitely check out when I’m there.

Missha radiance pact (pressed powder foundation) 22,000 won
Radiance base (2 versions: mint, lavender) 21,000 won
Radiance foundation (4 shades) 21,000 won

I’ve been on the hunt on trying more foundations, and this sounds like it might work for me?  I’m not too sure how the formulation is since the description is all in Korean, but usually when they say “radiance” or “hydrating”, it should work for me hehe.  Maybe I should do a Korean foundation post later on, but that is if I can find foundations I like.

Missha x Beyond Closet collection
Tension pact (2 versions: perfect color, intense moisture; 3 shades each) 17,000 won
Super seed cleansing foam (4 versions: green tea, blueberry, yuzu, grapefruit) 4,000 won each
Moisture tension blusher (3 shades) 13,000 won
I love pet shadow (2 versions) 9,800 won
Real solution sheet masks (5 versions: wrinkle improvement, intensive whitening, intensive moisture, intensive nutrition, total care) 2,000 won
Love secret hand cream (10 versions: grapefruit, green grape, green tea, berry berry, cheery, cherry blossom, cotton, purely soap, fresh apple, peach cocktail) 3,000 won

I screamed when I saw this collection.  Missha definitely did a good job on collaborating with Beyond closet because this collection is to DIE FOR.  I want to get the cushion just so I could have the case.  Heck, the more the merrier damn it! ITS A DOGGIE HOLDING A BAGUETTE WITH A BERET.  HOW CAN YOU SAY NO!!

Skinfood royal honey collection
Royal honey propolis glow base 18,000 won
Royal honey propolis essence foundation 22,000 won
Royal honey propolis glow essence fact 26,000 won

Now I have heard many great things about the royal honey line from Skinfood but I still haven’t gotten around to trying it out.  Back when they had their Snoopy collaboration, I really wanted to get the cushion but didn’t end up getting it since I found it to be kind of overpriced.  But I think I’m going to jump the gun and get the foundation and maybe even the glow base since honey propolis works so well with my super dry skin type.  I’m gonna do it guys!!

Swisspure x Charles Zhang holiday edition
Swisspure spot-light dazzling cushion (2 shades) 13,000 won

Glow eye glitter shadow (3 shades) 9,000 won
Eyeshadow quads (2 versions) 14,000 won
Spot light strobing cream (2 shades) 12,000 won
Moisture hand cream 6,000 won

Swisspure isn’t a brand that is talked about a lot.  In fact, throughout my five years diving into K-beauty, I don’t think I have seen one review on Swisspure products.  For those of you who don’t know, they are a sister company (like A’pieu) to Missha and they seem to carry more of a natural line of products but still at a very affordable price.  They came out with a collaboration collection with an artist (I think?) called Charles Zhang and the whole heart thing going on really reminds me of Comme des garçons.  The one product that as definitely caught my attention is their strobing creams, which reminds me a lot of the Mac ones but less glittery.  They come in two shades and I’ll definitely pick up the champagne shade if I can find it.


Tony Moly Piky Biky collection
Piky Biky foundation (2 shades) 5,000 won
Piky Biky correcting bases (2 shades) 5,000 won
Piky Biky art pop Enamel tints (6 shades) 5,000 won each

Although Tony Moly may have some of the cutest packaging, their quality does not impress me. Other then their best selling gel liners. nothing really appeals to me from Tony Moly.  I know their lip tints are also very popular, but I never enjoyed the bright neon red or orange gradiation lips, so nothing from this collection is calling my name.

Tony Moly perfect eyes dual blending shadow (3 shades) 12,000 won
Now some of you guys have asked me to get my hands on something like this to review, but I’m going to tell you guys now that this is a disaster in the making.  I get it, we all want to have an easy way out and also cut our time prepping in the morning, but L’oreal came out with three tone eyeshadows which they claim you can just swipe it onto you lids and call it a day.  DON’T FALL FOR IT.  Even though they claim you can do it in one swipe. you’ll either look like a third grader playing with your mom’s make up or you’ll just have to blend it in the end.

Too cool for school art class set 28,000 won
Those of you who have been wanting to try the classic trio from art class by Rodin line from TCFS, this is a great way to get all three!  I have reviewed all three products and I do like it, but the star of the show is definitely the contour powder.  The highlight is nice but slightly chunky in my opinion and the blush is a great three in one and looks nice on my cheeks.  Definitely a thumbs up for this limited edition set.

Too Cool for school luminous foundation (4 shades) 28,000 won
Last time I covered that they came out with color correcting base products with the same bottle, and now they have a foundation line!!  I’m quite excited since I said I want to get into the foundation game to get more knowledge in that area.  Maybe I will give this a try :P.

Clio eyeshadow palette coming soon!
No news on how much it is but we got a sneak peek of Clio’s upcoming product which is a full on NEUTRAL EYESHADOW PALETTE AHHHH!  Clio in my opinion makes the best everything… best base makeup, best lipsticks, best eyeliners.  They can definitely do no wrong unless this palette is the size of my palm, then I’d have to question their sanity.  K-beauty has been coming up with a lot of eyeshadow palettes, but from the reviews I have heard, they all have been quite disappointing.  Clio, take it away.

So that is it for my round-up this time around.  Not many products but lots of cute collaborations.  What products have caught your eye and which ones are you going to be picking up?  Let me know in the comments down below!  Happy shopping~

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  1. Bambi

    Skinfood collection seems to be the most interesting. I’ve tried swisspure before and I’m not really a fan, they have better ingredients than Missha and packaging is minimalistic but the cleansing balm was meh, it wasn’t really good, and removing rest of the makeup with it was impossible. Clio palette looks a lot like Too Faced Sweet Peach – the shades are very similar but still I want this palette so badly. TCFS foundation seems to be interesting too

    1. Christina

      I have Swisspure’s cushion from their “le petit prince” collaboration from a while ago but still haven’t tried it haha. I really want the Clio palette as well UGH!!

  2. mangoness

    Already orderd home 3 of Missha’s hand creams, the packages are so adorable <3 Probably getting their blushers too and I'm intrigued of Etude House's new lipsticks, they look so cool. I'm just scared if they are matt because my lips are dry af 🙁

    1. Christina

      I’m going to have to get my hands on the Missha doggie collection as well. It is way too cute! Same thoughts on the Etude House matte lipsticks because my lips are dry like the desert too haha.

  3. Julie Lara

    I love you k beauty product

  4. Kat

    I love SwissPure! I’ve actually reviewed them on my blog several times XD they had a collaboration with Little Prince two years ago – which was just THE cutest packaging ever, in my opinion.
    Their quality is what impresses me – I have nearly everything from their line, from cleansing to skincare, to makeup, and there’s only been one dud, whilst everything else feels much more luxurious. I definitely recommend trying them – Tester Korea usually carries the LE products!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the Propolis base, looks like something quite useful for my flakies 😀

  5. Lucia

    I’m waiting for the Etude House mini two match to be available online. Since they posted the video on Instagram I’ve been excited looking around for the first swatches so I can see and choose which colors I like lol The new MLBB from the mousse lipsticks caught my atention too, but I haven’t seen pictures yet. Other than that, the Laneige lipsticks are quite interesting, I saw a couple of shades I like and I would like to try at least one, since they are quite expensive. The Innisfree lucky box caught my eye (and they have it online!) but I already have some products from the orchid line. All those products with dogs on them are cute, but not enough to make me buy them xD

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