Kirei Station Getsu Box November Edition

Beauty boxes isn’t really my thing anymore since I have so much make up and skincare.  But when a company calledKirei Station” got in contact with me to ask if I’d like to try their services out and test out their Getsu box, I was like hmm… Okay sure!  Now I know this is slightly out of character for my blog since I review mostly Korean cosmetics, I thought I’d give Japanese cosmetics a try as well.  I’ve always wanted to try some but never knew how to get started or what to pick, so this was definitely the perfect opportunity for me.  I think the intro is long enough, so let’s get started into the review/ first impression shall we?  Oh also yes I know it isn’t November anymore, but my parcel got lost in Holiday mail.  So better late then never? 😛

Who are Kirei Station?
So Kirei Station is kind of your one stop shop for all things Japanese when it comes to cosmetics, skincare and body care as well.  They sell Japanese cosmetics, offer monthly box subscriptions and also have a buying service option as well.  Of course the buying service option comes with a fee, which is not really posted on the website so I’ll have to ask them about it.

How does their monthly Getsu box work?
From the last time I spoke with them, there were two versions of the box, skincare and a cosmetic one.  For the skincare box, they will curate a box with a trial kit that contains 3-5 mini sized products + 2 full size products + 1 mask + a Japanese snack.  As for the cosmetic box, you’ll receive 3 full size products + a mask + a snack.  Each box will be $30 if you buy monthly, $85.50 for 3 months ($28.50 per month), $162 for 6 months ($27 per month) or $306 for a year ($25.50 per month).  I think the price is actually quite reasonable, especial for the fact that buying Japanese cosmetics overseas is quite expensive.

So I personally picked the cosmetics box since it would take less time for me to test it out.  I also like cosmetics better since I already have a lot of skincare and it takes a long time to see if things work or not.  My first impression with the packaging when I got the parcel was that there wasn’t really much presentation.  Everything was placed in a sturdy bag type envelop with bubble wrap and inside were the products with guide on each product’s name and how to use.  The font is definitely too small for me to read and I wish they would have had a nice card or a sturdier paper.  I do understand they are in their infant stage with this Getsu Box, so improvements can definitely be made.  It did come with a cute Japanese snack which I don’t know the name of.  It was little chocolate cookies with chocolate coating which was enjoyable.  I also wish they would put the price of each product so if I do want to buy it again, at least I know the price point.
Here are all the products I received in the November box.  As promised, there were three full size products, a mask and two foil samples.  Now you guys know my thoughts on foil samples.  For some reason, I just don’t like using them.  It seems like a hassle unless I’m on the go or something.  I’m just weird that way.Shiseido therapino oil balm R (retail for about $9-11 online)
“This oil cream is made with lavender herb essence and oil squeezed from high quality organic sesame seeds.  it keeps the lips moisturized for hours while preventing deep dry lines on the lips.”

Now if you guys know me, I’m a definite lip balm fiend.  Heck, I have so many lip balms that I had to do a lip balm overview. I personally prefer thicker lip balms that isn’t sticky during the day and at night, I swear by my Aritaum ginger sugar overnight lip mask even to this day.  I got so many people hooked on it, its not even funny.  I actually am surprised that Shiseido produced this product because when I think of Shiseido, I think of their expensive line.  I mean I do have a slight knowledge they also make affordable cosmetics in Japan, but that is only if you live in Japan and you’re surrounded by their products in the drugstore.  I’m guessing this is more of a drugstore line?  Excuse my uneducated J-beauty bum :P.  Someone please educate me in the comments down below.

Let’s try this out and I’ll explain how I feel about this product.

I personally have really dry lips, so I’m always on the hunt for any type of lip balm.  On a day to day basis, I don’t really like to wear lipsticks, lip glosses or anything since I like to be minimal and on the go.  On a rare occasion, you’ll see a lip tint on me but it would most likely be the YSL tint in oil.

This lip balm is very light weight, almost oily but has a slight grasp to it on the lips.  It gets absorbed quite quickly on the lips but it leaves my lips moisturized for about two hours before I’d have to reapply. Overall I do quite like this lip balm and it is a good one for those that don’t like heavy lip balms.

Sana pore putty CC cream SPF 50+ PA++++ (Natural matte) $19
“A CC (Clearly cover) cream for poreless, bare skin like natural finish.  The 4D fit formulation will firmly cover pores, absorbing excess sebum, prevents dryness and will stay flawless for the whole day.  Also, the Skin Stress Block will protect the skin from environmental stress such as dryness and UV rays.  This is all you need for completing your base make up.  With hyaluronic acid combined for smooth, matte skin.”

Since I’ve been into K-beauty, you best believe I have tried all the BB, CC, DD, ABCD cream out in the market (sarcasm on the DD and ABCD cream.. please.. let’s not be foolish now). CC creams usually isn’t my favourite since it usually has lower coverage then BB cream since it is more for “complexion correction” (hence the CC).  I’m not too sure if CC means the same thing as K-beauty, but from the description, it sounds like it is completely different.

This CC cream from a brand called Sana is a 7 in 1 (pore putty effect, make up foundation, foundation, concealer, beauty essence effect, UV cutting effect, skin stress blocking effect).  They unfortunately only come in one shade but there are three versions to this CC cream (natural matte, enrich moist and bright up).  I personally have the natural matte, which will definitely not work with my dry face but we will try it anyways.

Here is my face that is bare other then my eyebrows and mascara on my lashes.  I usually focus my base make up on my cheeks and chin since there is a little bit of redness happening there. I have very dry to dry skin, MAC NC25 skin tone, yellow undertone skin.  My skin type is always on the top left side bar if you guys are scrolling down or on the right side bar near the top if you ever need referencing.

I will be just applying this with my fingers since I’m a simple human LOL.

To my surprise, this CC cream has quite a nice coverage.  With one layer, most of my redness was neutralized without a grey undertone.  My skin looks flawless but I wish I got the moisture version because after two layers, my skin looked quite dry.  It didn’t really catch onto my dry patches too badly, but this version is definitely better for someone with normal, combo or oily skin type.

Here is the before (right side) and after (left side).  You can definitely tell a big difference.  This product is very easy to use and of course, you can also use a sponge or a brush but fingers worked just fine.  Also I’m reading on the sheet that this product is one of Japan’s popular products that got the Cosme 2017 mid-year ranking.  I can definitely see why.

Cezanna gel eyeliner (brown) $13 (comes in black, brown, cherry, blue)
“Super hold, smudge proof and no bleeding.  This gel eyeliner is smooth and easy to apple, with 2 in 1 functions. It goes onto the skin easily so you can apply it in the smallest areas and also has a soft gel core that is easy to blend out if desired.  it is highly adhesive, so it stays on even when exposed to water, sweat, tears and rubbing.  Get eyes that really stand out with a single touch.  Blend out for extra depth.  A single tube has an endless possibilities.”

K-beauty has some of the best eyeliners out there for a really affordable price.  I think I might have been spoiled since I can get a good one that has great staying power for around $5.  This one from a brand called Cezanna doesn’t blow me out of the waters since K-beauty eyeliners has set the standard up quite high, but I do think this product is good as well. The only two basic colors that it does with is black and brown, but I don’t think this brown is dark enough for my opinion. It also has fine golden shimmers, which isn’t one I’d like for an everyday wear.  If only it came in a dark coffee brown, that would be ideal.  The product itself applies on easily and smoothly, but it does take about 30 seconds to a minute for it to fully set and be smudge proof.  But you can also use that to your advantage since you can smudge it out and use it as an eyeshadow base or just as an eyeshadow.  Overall good product if you are looking for a bronze liner with nice fine shimmers.

Before (left side), after (right side).  Honestly, the bronze is so light, I can barely see it on my lids.

Here is the swatches of the CC cream and the eyeliner.

Kose clear turn lift astaxanthin mask $17 for a pack of 5
“A perfect fitting mask that will make your skin more plump and moisturized.  This mask contains Astaxanthin that can help make skin more firm, reduce fine lines and restore elasticity for a younger looking skin.  Kose Clear turn has been number 1 in the sheet mask category from January 2006 to December 2016.”

If you guys know me, you’ll know I’m super lazy when it comes to sheet masks.  I just don’t like the idea of sitting around for 15 minutes for a mask to soak into your face.  But then again, I do have dry skin so I really should get on it haha.  This is suppose to be a popular Japanese sheet masks, but unfortunately I find the material used for this mask to be way too thick for my liking.  Heck, it didn’t stay on my face at all.  I had to really lay down flat on my back for it to stay.  I’ll show you guys what I mean.

The mask is soaked with the essence but the mask is so damn thick!  The essence also has a strong alcohol smell, which was quite irritating since the smell did not go away after application.  So for a good 15 minutes, my nose was getting invaded with that smell.  Ugh.

The fit is also quite horrible.  Firstly, I don’t understand why masks need eye flaps.  We all know that products built for the face shouldn’t be used for the eyes since it is more sensitive and the skin is thinner there.  I also don’t like things leaking into my eyes and burning them, so that is a no-go.  Secondly, the mask is too big on the sides and I already don’t have a small face…. so imagine how people with smaller faces than me are supposed to have this sit comfortably on the face.  The whole time, the mask was just flapping everywhere.  Needless to say, it wasn’t an enjoyable event.  The essence was also nothing to write home about and got lost from essence and moisturizer application afterward.  This product is a no for me.

Overall I think this monthly box for $30 full of Japanese cosmetics is a good way to discover new products if you want to break into the Japanese world.  Japanese cosmetics are hard to get and can get quite expensive.  Do I think it is worth $30?  Well, I do like the lip balm, the CC cream is nice but not my version for my skin type, and the eyeliner is decent.  So I do think it is worth $30 but I hope to see them improve on the couple of things I pointed out.  Definitely check them out and tell them I said hi :).

Also happy New Year guys!  I’m going to try and go full force with my blog this year now that I’m done school,  so you guys can look forward to more content and seeing my ugly face WHOO WHOO!

Gifted to me from Kirei station for reviewing purposes.

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