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Korean cosmetics haulYet another successful K-beauty haul with Boyahshop. This is my third time buying hard to get K-beauty items from her but I didn’t blog about the second time.  If you want to see my first haul from them, click here.  I also show you how to use the service.  I like to use a buying service when there are exclusives from Korea or some type of good promotion going on, I buy from them because it is cheaper in the long run.  This time around, I wanted to get my hands on Holika Holika’s Gudetama collection because… well it’s GUDETAMAAAA!! Anyways, let’s get into the haul~ σ(≧ε≦o)

Korean cosmeticsLooking at hauls make me happy, but finding space to keep them in is a pain in the ass.  Anyone have that problem as well?  I’m running out of space in my room.  I’m going to have to infiltrate my sister’s room, which she doesn’t occupy hehehe.

the history of whooThe history of whoo was a cushion I was looking into getting, along with Sulwhasoo and Hera back when I was in Hong Kong but unfortunately, the prices were outrageous.  I was contacting Amy from Boyah and she found me this amazing deal on The history of Whoo cushion, the exact one I wanted for 39,000 won ($34 USD).

the history of whoo cushionNot only did I get almost a 50% off price tag (retail price is 60,000 won I believe), this set also comes with TWO REFILLS.  There is already a refill inside the compact.  Two refills is unheard of, especially for high end brands.  If you’ve been wanting this deal as well, definitely hit up Boyah and tell you want this cushion for yourself.  The price went up a bit but still not bad for three refills and a gorgeous compact.  Here is the link for this exact set for 41,760 won or another set that has this cushion, a refill and couple other items for 47, 320 won.

the history of whoo cushion Finally I get to add this to my ever growing cushion collection!!

A'pieu bb cushionYes, more frinkin’ cushions.  And yes, they are from A’pieu because I love them!!!!!!

A'pieu cushionA’pieu came out with a couple new cushions and you know I got to jump on that!  I absolutely love the Air fit cushion, so it is natural for me to buy every other cushion they offer keke.  This one I got is one of their newest additions called “Air Fit tension cushion” which has a mesh surface instead of the traditional sponge soaked with product.  Can’t wait to try this and hopefully this is similar, if not better then their Air fit cushion formulation.

A'pieu air fit cushionThe air fit tension isn’t’ the only A’pieu cushion I picked up this time around.  I also picked up the cushion from the Rilakkuma x Apieu collection, not because I like the design, but because this is another version I don’t have called “Air Fit cushion XP“.  I honestly wasn’t going to pick this up but a reader wanted to see a review on this, so I just told Amy “PICK IT UP XD”.  Cushions are my weakness.

Holika Holika gudetamaThe main event!  GUDETAMAAAA~~~~  I really wanted everything in the collection, however I’m not made of money so I had to pick and choose.  I knew I had to have the air puff set (8,000 won) since it is way too cute and I love me air puffs :). Do you know how hard it was to pick the design for the compact?  They had three designs and I wanted them all!!20014761In the end, I decided the other two designs were too girly since Gudetama is a boy (I believe?). 

Holika Holika gudetama cushionThe cushions were on the slightly pricer side, retailing for 21,000 won.  Yes I know that isn’t super expensive, but I usually buy cushions in the 5,000-15,000 won so this cushion better live up to the price!  They come with a refill which isn’t half bad and kind of justifies the price.  The build in the compact is also super sturdy with the design printed right onto the compact.

Holika Holika cushion gudetamaInside is the air puff in bright yellow with Gudetama’s face on it.  SO CUTE!

Holika Holika gudetamaThe last product I picked up from the Gudetama collection is their blusher.  I haven’t tried this product out yet but from the images online, it seems to be one of those jelly cream textured blushes which you apply with a tiny air puff. 

Gudetama waterbottleWhen you spend more then $30, you get a free water bottle!!  This is one of the perks you get when you use a buying service.  You take advantage of any freebies going on.  There is also the promotions such as $10+ orders, you get a free notepad with Gudetama on it as well as $50+ orders for a free tote bag but that seems to be all gone now.  Can’t wait to rock my water bottle KEKE.

Etude House angry birdLast item I picked up is from Etude house’s Angry bird collection.  I’ve been wanting the Tint my brow gel for the longest time, so this set was perfect for me!  The tattoo brow gel itself retails for 8,500 won while this set was 11,300 won and it came with the gel, Drawing eye brow pencil and an Angry bird mirror.  Can’t wait to try this out for myself.  My brows can either come out looking super awesome or it would look exactly like the bird’s eyebrows HAHA.

Korean cosmeticsAmy also always remembers to include the samples that come with my orders as well as some extra samples for me to try.  Sho nice!

Korean cosmeticsMy orders never feel complete without her handwritten note.  I was actually quite sad when I thought she didn’t give me one but I finally found it hidden in another sample baggie.  KEKE.

If you are wondering how much I paid for all these goodies, here’s the breakdown:
-Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Jelly Blusher #02      $8.00 USD
-Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB #23   $20.00 USD
-Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Air Puff   $7.00 USD
-Etude House Angry Bird Brow Quick Makeup Set   $7.00 USD
-A’Pieu Air Fit Tension Pact #23   $7.00 USD
-The History of Whoo Whitening & Moisture Glow Cushion #23   $34.00 USD

Domestic Shipping Fee (Whoo)   $2.50 USD
Boyah Shop Fee (Online)  $7.47 USD
PayPal Fee (3.90% +$0.30 international fee)  $4.09 USD

Total$97.06 USD

Also Amy knows by now to just mark my packages as $20 as well as “gift”, so no I didn’t get custom charges :).  She’s good like that.  That is it for my little haul.  I’m trying not to buy some much stuff since I got tons and tons of new products to try out.  Let’s hope I don’t go back on my will and actually don’t buy anything until the holidays haha.

Did you enjoy this haul?  Did you guys get anything from the Gudetama collection?  If so, what did you buy?  Let me know in the comments down below what you are eyeing and what product review are you anticipating.

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  1. Fiona

    So much Gudetama! So cute! Sounds like such an awesome service! I think many items I’ve been wanting haven’t really been on a ‘deal’ in Korea, so it just hasn’t justified a purchase from her. One day, maybe closer to holiday and they have holiday specials, or packages! The Whoo cushion set looks beautiful and the price with refills is awesome! Can’t wait to see the review on the Air Fit XP compared to the Air Fit you love!

    1. Christina

      A good place I like to check promotions and sales is powerderroom. They have the most updated list on what is current, along with what is new in the market and blogger’s reviews and such (all in korean of course).

      And the holidays is definitely a time to buy! There are so many good deals during that time. I’m definitely going to go nuts hehehehe. I should put some money aside for that time :P.

      I can’t wait to try out the Air fit XP myself!

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