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Lip tint Memebox reviewA while back, I got the chance to get my hands on an unreleased product from Memebox, their unreleased “I’m gel tint”.  Now I’ve tried my fair share of lip tints in my life but I haven’t really found “the one”.  A lot of lip tints look to obvious, too bright for my taste.  Contrary to what you would think since I blog about make up, I don’t wear make up everyday due to my work restrictions.  So for the days I’m completely bare face, I want something that looks very natural, something hydrating but something that would enhance my lips ever so slightly.  Now this post isn’t going to be a full review since I’ve already reviewed this product and I still stand on what my personal opinions are on this tint, so if you want to read my review on this gel tint, click here.  Otherwise, let the swatch fest begin!

Korean lip tint MemeboxOne of the biggest reasons why I love these gel tints is their formulation.  Unlike a lot of other Korean lip tints that are too watery, too liquidy, both components that make it hard to blend in time since it stains the lips right away with no room to work with.  Because this is a gel formulation, you do get time to work with it, time to blend with it but still get the same staining/ tint effect.  On top of that, the formulation protect your lip with it’s light gloss effect.

In Memebox’s* line of gel tints, there are five shades to choose from at the moment.  Plum red*, berry pink*, Cherry red*, Mandarin orange or peach coral*.  My favourite is still the first shade they sent me, which is #GT004 berry pink* since it enhances my lips with it’s light strawberry tint without putting the focus point on my lips by telling the world “MY LIPS ARE AS RED AS A STOP SIGN”.  Not a very flattering look when your bare face, at least not for my liking.

Best korean lip balm for dry lipsI do have quite pigmented bare lips and I sometimes have trouble finding light shades that is able to conceal my natural lip color and give me that nice pale pink look.  I pretty much gave up on trying to find that unicorn product since I don’t think anything like that exists without being too heavy/thick or need me to do the extra step of concealing my lips in advance.  I’m not about that high maintenance life haha.  I’m that girl that would put on her make up at home, pray for everything to stay put and then walk out the door without a mirror to check when I’m on the run.  If I come home and everything is intacted, that is the product that is worth keeping.  The only “make up” product I reapply is lip balm.

Korean lip tintCherry red*: Classic warm undertoned cherry red
If you are looking for just a generic red shade to brighten up your face, this is the shade to go for.  With it’s glossy effect and watercolour effect, this shade can be worn daily with no thinking involved.

Korean ip balm tint

Korean lip balm review red

Korean lip balm for dark lipsPlum red*: Warm toned dark berry shade
For those of you looking to vamp things up, this shade is a great choice during the fall/winter time.  Heck, even self concise me would even rock this color because it is such a gorgeous shade!  Best part is that it is still very comfortable and it still looks like my lips.  Only thing I have to nit pick about is the slight feathering on the top lip.  I’d definitely recommend putting on one of those clear lip liners beforehand to avoid such tragedy.

dior glow dupe dark plum

Koean lip balm for dark lipsI don’t know what sorcery is with this shade, but somehow it makes my lips look full and plump like Angela Jolie.  DAMN!  Also for some reason, I always get this weird gathered look around the inner part of my lips, making any lip ints look darker.  There isn’t any dead skin, it always just does that.  It also isn’t the lip product’s fault.  Very odd….Let me know if you have the same problem as well.

IMG_5506Peach coral*: Light cool toned neon orangey coral shade
Those of you looking for an orange shade but a more muted one, this could be for you.  Being the lightest of the five, this gives the lips an ever so slight orange tint.  If you want to ease your way into being more comfortable experimenting with different lip looks, this is the “baby steps” shade.  Those that like a more apparent, more vibrant look like, this one isn’t for you.


IMG_5524I’d definitely wear this when I’m looking for just a faint lip color.  It doesn’t look that big of a difference on camera, but in person you can definitely tell you got some type of lip product on.

IMG_5495Berry pink*: Warm toned strawberry jam shade
This is definitely my favourite out of all the shades offered, with plum red as a close second.  Berry pink gives my lips a juicy, moist, plumped look all while tinting my lips with the nicest “I smeared strawberry jam all over my lips” look.  UGH I LOVE THIS SHADE!!!!!!!!



IMG_5502Mandarin orange*: Bright warm toned mandarin orange shade (exactly like the name haha)
If you are sick of wearing pinks and reds, how about orange?  This bright mandarin orange shade is a great option for a more youthful look during the summer time or whenever you see fit.  This shade is definitely a lot darker and more apparent then peach coral.  Those of you that love your oranges, this shade is definitely for you!



I'm gel tint collage

IMG_5513Not only are these awesome lip moisturizers formulated with a blend of mango seed butter, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, shea butter and avocado oil (that is a mouthful), these also stain like no other.  Of course, the lighter the shade is, the less it will stain.  

IMG_5518Captain obvious here but #GT002 plum red stains the most of the five and #Gt001 cherry red a close second.  I’d even get the most bang for my buck and use a duo fiber brush to use these as a cheek stain.  Of course, make sure to use very very little to begin with or else you’ll be stuck with pikachu cheeks for a whole day since these gel tint’s staining power will not rub off until the next day, even with heaps of cleansing oil/oil based makeup remover and scrubbing.  Good luck.

Overall I still stand on my original opinion on these gel tints and being able to play around with the rest of the shades, it confirms that these are definitely a holy grail product for me.  With it’s great hydrating formulation that also glides over every crack and dry patch on my lips, these are a good buy for $7.50 and I would highly recommend you guys check these out for yourself.  Definitely let me know in the comments if you do end up getting some for yourself at Memebox*, or tag me @christinahello on Instagram.  I’d love to see pictures of your purchase or your lovely face with the gel tint on! 

IMG_5492 3Blog Disclaimer

What are your thoughts on these gel tints?  Is it something that would interest you?  Which shade would you choose if you were getting a few for yourself?  Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts and talk to me babyyyyyy~~

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