Sunday Funday- My own Memebox collaboration?!?

imageI was talking to Jude from Fifty shades of snail one day about blogging and life.  Somehow the subject of creating our own box came up.  Of course I was just joking but she was dead serious LOL.  So serious that she pursed the idea to Memebox and somehow we got connected to the right people in the team and the ball was rolling.  Honestly I didn’t think it would actually become reality.  Reality only hit when we saw the final graphics.  This box isn’t out just yet so I’m giving you guys a sneak peek on what is going to be in the box, how much it is and the thought process behind the items we curated.  There is also a limited amount of this box, so if you want one, better jump on it!
 Let’s go go!  So exciting :P.

image copyIf you want a quick link, here it is!

How it all happened?
So me and Jude have a mutual love for Gudetama, the lazy egg that lays around being lazy, who had a random thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Gudetama themed box that Memebox offered?”.  I was like “Yea that would be so cool!”  We ended up casually asking them if there would be any possibility that Gudetama can somehow magically appear on Memebox USA?  We also entertained the idea of possibly getting our own collaboration box.  Instead of having all Gudetama stuff, we were granted the Gudetama sheet mask from Holika Holika to include in our box.

Why “Sunday Funday”
I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to thinking up names.  I’m pretty sure if  I were to have a child, I would give up finding the perfect name and just give them a stupid one like doughnut or North West (that shade) HAHA.  At first we thought, well since Gudetama is still on our mind, what about “Lazy and easy?”  I’m lazy but “easy” isn’t exactly a good name so we scratched that idea.  When we finally gathered the couple items we liked and had Memebox finalize which items could be included in our box, “Sunday Funday” was born.

The idea behind Sunday Funday is for those who are bored with the generic skincare items, the regular liquid cleanser and bottled moisturizers, why not try something different that is skintertainment along with being effective.  To most people, Sunday is the day to sleep in, relax and try something new since you got the time.  All of these products have a fun element to it, something that would definitely catch your attention.

Where can we buy it?  How much is it?  Is it international shipping?
You can preorder your Sunday Funday box tomorrow (Friday July 8, 2016) on Memebox* and they will be shipped around the end of the month.  Each box that contains 6 items will be $35 and is eligible for free shipping as well!  Unfortunately Memebox USA does not ship internationally anymore so only those that are US residence or Canadians like me who can cross the border to pick up packagings shipped to a PO Box can get their hands on it. 

You might be able to get 10% off with the code “101smiles” if it is your first time purchasing from Memebox.  I’m not sure about this so don’t quote me!  Also please use the link I provided which is an affiliate link.  This will help support the blog :).  Thank you in advance <3.

What is exactly in the box?sunday funday box contentPrelab toning peeling tap* 15 pcs $20
Those of you looking for a more gentle way to exfoliate that is individually packaged with a soft sponge tip, these Prelab toning peeling taps are for you.  You know how much I love my peeling products but this one is a little different then the rest.  They claim this product can remove dead skin cells without irritation along with purifying and moisturizing the skin.  This can work with all skin types but I’d suggest you test it out on the back of your hand, just in case you are sensitive to chemical exfoliators.

After you have cleanse your skin, take one of these tabs, squeeze the tab where the product is housed and you will see it appear on the sponge.  Gently massage the essence onto your skin evenly, let it dry and then proceed with your usual skincare.  If you want to read Fiddy’s full review, click here!

Mini-sized Slowganic cleanser* (Set of 3) $3.30 for set; one jar retails $24
This is an OG product I remember from back in the Memebox days.  I forgot exactly which mystery box it came in but all I remembered myself hoping for this set to come in the mail since I heard many people loving these babies.  They aren’t any old cleanser that is liquid or cream, these are like pudding or marshmallow textured!

Not only is it fun to use, a little actually goes a long way.  I used this cleanser with my trusty Wishformula bubble peeling pad* and the slowganic cleanser.  My nose never shined brighter! LOL

13534277_534344236690649_9884356_nI might as well be the replacement for Rudolph :P.

I’m meme I’m tint balm in Rose Burgundy* $7
This product is one of my personal favourites and I’ve raved about it in the past as being Dior glow’s dupe that is more affordable and offers two more shade selection compared to Dior, which only has two shades to choose from. For a lazy, low maintenance girl like me, this balm is perfect since I like to hydrate my lips while giving a touch of color to them as well.  You can also double this balm up as a cheek tint/ blusher which is good for the colder months.

Holika Holika Gudetama Lazy & easy all kill sheet mask $5
Gude tama tama!  Gude tama tama!!  Those of you that are too lazy to take off your make up at the end of the day, you’ll have no excuse now!  With this two step process, you get a cleansing cloth as your first step for an easy make up removal along with a sheet mask infused with the essence of Gudetama.  Just kidding HAHA.  That would actually be horrifying.  The sheet mask is formulated with eggs, egg yolk, honey, alumin extract, niacinamide and adenosine to leave your skin hydrated and ready to go!

Mediheal Dress code Mask (Ginseng)* $2
Another one of Jude’s favourites that I’ve seen her post on Instagram multiple of times. The printed sheet mask trend is super fun and something you can get the whole family into.  This one from Mediheal offers a masquerade mask print along with it’s formulation gingseng as the main ingredient to help develop stronger skin cells as well as an anti-aging function that decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  If your interested in reading Fiddy’s review, click here.

Neogen Code9 Glacial magic pore mask* $36
Last but not least is Neogen Code9’s glacial magic pore mask and yes, it is the full size (120 g)!  Personally I’ve been waiting to try a bubbling mud mask for the longest time, but never got my hands on Elizavecca’s.  Instead I got this one from Neogen to try with the recommendations of Fiddy.  With her thumbs up in mind, I tested this product out for myself and liked it a lot!

Apparently this mud has was formulated with the soil in my Canadian back yard.  No I don’t mean litterally my back yard but more up north.  They claim this mud mask is made with “superfine micro-particles consisting of natural glacial marine soil, carbonated water from CANADA (WHATSUPPPP~~) and West Coast colloidal clay.” I’ve been testing this product out for a couple weeks now and I do have to say I love love this product. A lot of times, mud masks lave my dry skin even drier.  This specific mud mask is more lightweight then your traditional ones, bubbles ever so slightly making my skin look like I’m growing moss and also leaves my skin feel very minimally dry/tight.  My skin afterwards look super clean and also my pores on my nose seemed to be cleaner! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.19.40 PM

To give you a visual, this is where they said they got their clay.  It seems like quite a few K-beauty company likes to dig in my backyard for ingredients to make “Canadian” products.  I got no problem with that HAHA.  I’m feeling so patriotic right now, it’s borderline disgusting.

Sunday Funday title Black and whiteSince I already told you guys my thought process, I thought I would also share our concept behind the box and the design we came up with.  I was trying to somehow incorporate Jude and I into the graphics but I absolutely stink at drawing humans, so animals it is!  Snail of course for Jude since she is “Fifty shades of snail” while for me, I was the penguin which originates from a inside joke me and my boyfriend has.  On the table is the slowganic cleanser and a bootlag gudetama because, well we don’t want to get sued LOL.  On the right is “me” applying my Canadian mud mask happily because that is soooo natural for a penguin to wear masks.  This is not a normal penguin, this is your most boushie penguin on the block.

And yes, I am aware that the drawing I did looks like a fourth grader’s project.  I swear it looked better when it was in pencil but I was scared when I was going to scan the paper, it wouldn’t show up with pencil so I outlined it like a child.

Sunday Funday info P-2 black and whiteAgain, I don’t want the snail and penguin to get lost after the boxes are sent so I also included them into the pamphlet.  I personally haven’t gotten the final product of the pamphlet so it is still a surprise to me as well. Sunday Funday info P-1 black and whiteSo what do you guys think?  This is my first ever project I’ve done and it’s excited for me.  I hope you guys like the box and purchase one for yourself if you are interested!  Which products are you most excited for?  Do tag me @christinahello on IG if you get one for yourself and let me know how you are liking the box when you get it :). <3

Also don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms to see what I’m doing and what I’m getting in the mail :D.  Mail time is always fun time for me. ( •ω• )
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