Korean cosmetic Haul (feat. Avecko and how to use)

Korean avecko haulAlmost a month ago, A’pieu came out with a second collaboration collection with Doraemon and I kind of freaked out.  The first collection with their BB cushions sold out so fast and didn’t come back into stock for two weeks, I didn’t want that to happen to me again.  So when I saw the products were sold out already on Testerkorea, I decided to try using Avecko, since I’ve heard other girls who love Korean cosmetics, use the third party buying service to get stuff directly from Korea on your demand.  Me being the hoarder that I am, I decided to use their services and also to give you feedback on if the service is worth it.  So let’s get started with the haul!  

I’m actually really sick right now but I want to get this up for you guys to enjoy.  Had to work an early morning shift at 6:30 am and didn’t sleep at all.  I’m also on medication now to help with the constant coughing. (。>﹏<。)ノ゙

*PS. This was not sponsored by Avecko.  I paid for everything with my own money.  I just thought this would be helpful to those who have never used a third party buying service. This was also my first experience so I thought this could help someone out there.  Also I apologize if my writing is extra bad in this post.  I’m so tired and sick, I’m pretty much going cross eyed from no sleep and medicine. *

What is Avecko?
Avecko is a online South Korean buying service in which you can order products that can only be shipped within Korea to your house.

Why would you use Avecko?
-get products that are only available in Korea
-be able to shop those sales online to get the discounts that cannot be found on online sites that resell the same products

How to do you use Avecko?
How to use avecko
1) Go to Avecko.com

2) In the navigation bar, go to buying service and click “Buying enquiry”avecko 33) Once you are in the “buying enquiry”, scroll down below and start fulling the form out (First and last name, email)

avecko 44) After you are done with filling in your name and email, continue on with filling out the products that you want.  I did the safe thing and included both Korean and English name of what I wanted.  It also asks you for the website (Korean website of the product you want) and the product price to verify.

5) When you are done submitting all the information, you will get an email to confirm everything you want and the email says they will be with you shortly.  After only an hour and a half, they already processed my order and created a whole shopping page with everything I wanted with the pictures for you to add to your chart.  This is to triple check if those are the items that you want.  From this point, when you are doing verifying, you pay for the product total.  This is to make sure you don’t chicken out half way and just ding dong ditch and waste their time.

Using avecko6) When all of your products arrive to their office, they will weight everything, repackage it into one package and weight it.  From there, they send you the shipping charges and they also send you another email for you to choose your shipping options.

Total I paid about $90 ish USD for all my products and the shipping which isn’t half bad since I got the Moomin freebie they had only in Korea.  They also charge 5% service fee (minimum $5 service fee charge for every order) which is a small price to pay if you want certain products you can’t get in your countries.

Shipping was very quick actually.  It only took 4/5 days to get to me once it was shipped and I also go a tracking number along with my shipping charges.

-you get access to anything and everything they sell only in Korea
-get the latest release of Korean products, Korean time

-could add up easily $$$
-unknown shipping charges until all products have been shipped

Overall I’m happy with the service Avecko provided.  They were very professional, very prominent and I got everything I wanted along with the original shipping packaging and samples.  It really felt like I was the one that went into the road shops and bought they myself. I would highly recommend using Avecko when there is sales like 1+1 (buy one get one) or big discount periods, that would make it a lot more worth your time and money.  I paid full price for everything but that was because i wanted to try the services out for you guys to review.  Highly recommend (。♥‿♥。).IMG_8895First item I got was from Code Glokolor which I believe is a brand you can find in Olive Young in Korea.  They came out with a collaboration collection with Moomin and I just could not resist!  Although I haven’t seen the cartoon, the design of the character was too cute to ignore!!!!  I wanted to resist on getting this BB cushion because I know I have so many cushions now, but I broke down when I saw the freebie being a fuzzy blanket.  MY WEAKNESS! 

IMG_8897The cushion came in this cute clear box with Moomin running around.  I don’t think I will be throwing this box away anytime soon. 

IMG_8898I don’t know why i thought the blanket would be a lot bigger then this but then again, the box itself isn’t big enough for a blanket that could wrap my whole body with.  This blanket covers my legs nicely but I think I will give this to my dogs, they will love the fuzzy warmth during this chilly winter.

Code cushionThis cushion retailed for 28,000 Won (a little less then $28 USD) and does not come with a refill.  There was another BB cushion with another Moomin design on it but it was fully plastic and I already had that cushion, so I opted for this one instead.  I was also hoping I could somehow take apart the metal cushion itself when I’m finished with it and fill it with my own BB cream.  That way I could keep the case (not that I would throw it away) and have whatever I want in it.

IMG_8901Too cute!


I’m not familiar with this brand CODE, but from what i saw from their video demo, this brand is based on “Northern European” style of make up.IMG_8903

Code glokolor cushion

The case is made from sturdy plastic in a compact that you press the button in the front to pop open the case.  Inside is the usual air puff which you use to stamp on the BB cream with.  I’m also very happy the print is not a cheap sticker but also printed onto the plastic just like my beloved A’pieu cushions.IMG_8906Even the air puff has Moomin on it! (灬ºωº灬)♡  I must not dirty it!!


Even the sticker is cute.  Western beauty can never catch up to Asian packaging.

IMG_8911The difference with metal cushions and the regular cushion with the sponge inside is the metal plate (obviously).  This is suppose to be a lot more sanitary and you could even mix products on the metal cushion (ex: highlighter, liquid bronzers) along with the BB cushion.  This is my first metal cushion so I will have to get back to you on how this preforms and whether or not I prefer metal or sponge better.IMG_8917Continuing my cushion obsession, Aritaum came out with yet another collaboration collection with Sticky Monster Lab.  I’m not familiar with sticky monster, but I love the design of it and again, I can never get enough cushions in my life HEHE.  This is actually not a BB but a CC pact, and instead of a cushion, it is a solid cream mixed with ampoule.

aritaumstickymonster15This was very reasonable priced, retailing for 18,000 Won for the compact and two CC pacts.

Aritaum real ampoule CC pact

IMG_8921This just screams Christmas!  Can’t believe this year is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner.   Time really flies eh?

IMG_8922They also packed the samples that came with my package.  But to be honest, I rarely use foil packages since I find they way too small to use all over my face most of the time.  My BIG FAT FACE (◐ω◑ ).

A'pieuThe products that triggered the “SPEND YOUR MONEY”.  These (・_・ヾ. I freaked out again when A’pieu came out with their part two of the Doraemon collection.  And guess what?  There is a part three for Christmas too.  Sorry A’pieu, I’m all Doraemon out now.  Bring in the next collaboration please.

A'pieu Doraemon cream contourThe beginning of this year was all about contour contour contour!  All cosmetic companies here in North American were coming out with contour products left to right, however I did not buy anything since the color usually never really suits my pale yellow skin.  It is always way too dark and way to obvious.  I don’t like to be too made up with I’m out and about for an everyday look.  Although I didn’t really need this cream contour and highlight kit, I thought I would give it a shot for 9,000 Won ($9 USD).  I’ve had great luck after converting my attention to Korean cosmetics since they are especially made with yellow undertones in mind.  If I don’t end  up liking it, I can always just scrap away all the cream and press my on powder in it and use the compact to travel with.

A;pieu small face shading kit

A'pieu Doraemon The compact was actually a little smaller then I expected but that is okay.  I mean it was $9, can you really complain.

IMG_8930There was two shades and honestly, they both kind of looked the same to me online.  I got it in the lightest shade which was #1.  Hopefully it will actually show up on my skin.  Seems like it will be a good match though.

IMG_8931Let me know if you want a review on this.  I’m curious myself as to how well it will work.

IMG_8932I also picked the eyebrow kit just because of the packaging, let’s be honest.  This was even smaller then I expected it to be, even smaller then a credit card!  I’ve been loving Skinfood’s choco eyebrow powder and thought I should branch out some more and check out other brand’s eyebrow powders.  I wasn’t going to pick this up, but the splurge of the moment, I decided to just get it. This retails for 6,000 Won ($6 USD) and I picked dark brown.



IMG_8938Comparing the compacts side by side.  They are super compact and very travel friendly (⊙ꇴ⊙).

A'pieu honey and milk lip sleeping packAnother one of my weakness is lip balms.  I have so many lip balms and still have yet to find my holy grail lip balm for my dry chapped lips. So when A’pieu came out with a Honey & milk line which included a lip sleeping mask (5,000 won),  lip balm (5,000 won) and lip scrub (4,000 won), I had to get the lip sleeping pack!  I have never tried a sleeping pack for my lips other then the Bite Beauty agave lip mask, but that has stopped working for me now sadly.  I’m super excited to try this and I can now stick my finger in it! WHOOO

IMG_8944They also included the samples that came with my A’pieu order from a brand called Swiss Pure.  Never heard of it but I know this brand is under the same company as A’pieu and Missha.

That is my whole Avecko haul!  Let me know if you want me to review anything here, or else I will take my sweet sweet time in playing with my new goodies (wow that sounds wrong HAHA).  I’m most excited to try the CC pact and the Doraemon contour kit.  WHEEEEEE~

What are you eyeing from this haul?  Did you get any of these products or any products from these collections?  Have you heard/used Avecko and how was your experience?  Let me know in the comments down below (=ↀωↀ=)✧.

Also follow me on my social media platforms to see what I’m doing and what I’m getting in the mail :D.  Mail time is always fun time for me.~(^з^)-♡ 
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  1. Midori

    That contour kit! I want to see how it looks on your skin. Contouring is so not my thing. All the contour powders and creams I’ve sampled are waaay too orange for my liking. This kit looks good, though!
    I’ve also refrained from using third party buying services because I feel the shipping and handling charges are meteoric and often double the cost of the product. >.<"

    1. Christina

      I’ll do a first impression review on the contour kit for this week’s posts :). I went to Sephora today and saw the new Anastasia cream contour kit and was so close to getting it but I don’t think the colors would work with pale skin types without it making me look fake. I’m with the orangeness of the products out in the western market. This was my first time using a third party service since I was desperate LOL but I will only do it again if there is a mega sale in Korea or something.

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