A’pieu shaping brow kit (Doraemon edition) First impression review

A'pieu shaping brow kit reviewIf you saw my last post, you would have saw I was so scared that the Doraemon part two collection from A’pieu would be sold out by the time it would hit online stores, I used an expensive route and had Avecko get it for me instead of waiting for Testerkorea to stock it again.  Not saying that it wasn’t worth it, but I was honestly paying for the experience so I could report it back to you guys.  One of the items I got from the collection was the shaping brow kit.  I honestly wasn’t going to buy this, however I only had three items on my list and thought it wouldn’t really be worth it if I were to only get those things.  So here we are, present day time with this first impression review.  Let’s go~

A'pieu Doraemon brow powderFull name of product:
A’pieu brow shaping kit (Doraemon edition)
쉐이핑 브로우 키트(도라에몽에디션)

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Limited edition

Description of product:
(Please note this is translated from Hangul.  I’m trying my best to make sense of the jumbled English translation”.)

“This eyebrow kit gives a natural color to the brows and fixes eyebrows for a soft impression
Micro powder fits thinly and evenly and absorbs sebum for long lasting colors” 

6,000 Won ($5.13 USD)

Amount of product:
2.5g x 2

Duration before expiration:
24 months (2 years)

Where to buy:
A’pieu online (If you live in Korea)
eBay (overpriced…. HELL NO)

Shades available:

a'pieu brow shades

*Please note the ingredients list is a translation and might not be fully accurate.  I will include the Korean list as well just in case you can read Hangul.*

Talc, phenyl trimethoxysilane chikon, tree in Tok Chicago frills reel silane, blood tiepeuyi, silica, squalane, magnesium stearate, di-isostearyl malate, grape seed oil, pearl powder, macadamia seed oil, Argan tree kernels oil, poly methyl methacrylate, methoxycarbonyl chikon, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Caprylic rilgeul glycol, the chilhek silme ethoxy cinnamate, 1,2-hexanediol, phenoxyethanol, mica, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, bismuth oxychloride

탤크,페닐트리메치콘,트리에톡시카프릴릴실란,피티에프이, 실리카,스쿠알란,마그네슘스테아레이트, 디이소스테아릴말레이트,포도씨오일,진주가루, 마카다미아씨오일,아르간트리커넬오일, 폴리메칠메타크릴레이트,메치콘, 카프릴릭/카프릭트리글리세라이드,카프릴릴글라이콜, 에칠헥실메톡시신나메이트,1,2-헥산디올,페녹시에탄올, 마이카,티타늄디옥사이드,적색산화철,흑색산화철 황색산화철,비스머스옥시클로라이드

When I first got this in the mail, I was like “Wow, this is so small!  I thought it would be bigger then this.” But then again, now big do you really need your brow powder compact to be.  Measurements for this is 7 cm length x 1 cm width x 4 cm height.  On the outside of the compact a Dorami print with the Doraemon and A’pieu logo and the compact closes with a traditional snap closure.  The print itself is not a cheapo, scratch off in two seconds print but is actually printed right into the plastic itself.  I’m always very happy with A’pieu’s packaging and print and they bring such good quality things for such a cheap price.  Inside is a nice sized mirror which I can actually see half my face with.  They also included a spooly which is good for brushing the brows in place and to blend out the brow powders.  The spooly is not too shabby and is usable, however the angled brush is a totally different story.  It has been a long long time since I have encountered a make up brush so plasticky and hard, this is kind of offensive to me.  Why would they include such a crappy brush.  The bristles are pretty much the same bristles you get from a toilet brush.  MY GOSH!  Horrible.  I’m just going to use this angled brush to clean my keyboard.  I don’t need this thing to scratch my skin. 凸(⊙▂⊙ )

IMG_9285How to use:
Generally when you are filling in your brows, you would use the lighter shade in the front half of your eye brows, then fill in the middle to end part of your brows with the darker shade.  I sometimes don’t follow that method and just go straight in with one shade and then brush it out.  To each their own, make up has no right set of rules.  Just play around and see what suits you the best.

IMG_9287Color/ pigmentation:
For eyebrow powders, you don’t want something that is too pigmented or else you would end up with cartoon brows.  Personally, I like eyebrow powders that are slightly translucent but still has enough color to shade in my eyebrows.  This brow powder does just that and is not too dark for my already dark, black haired eye brows.  These powders both do not contain any reddish undertone and look very natural on my skin.  One thing I do have to slightly complain about is that I had to dip my brush into the powder about 3-4 times to fully shade in my brows, while if I were to use the one I have from Skinfood (Choco Brow eyebrow powder cake), I only have to dip my brush into it once or twice and that is plenty.

A'ieu shaping brow kitTexture/ Finish:
The texture of the powder is quite silky, with very little powder fall out when I dip my brush into it.  On the skin, they are very natural with a slight translucency to it but still doing its job of filling in the sparse areas.  If you are looking for a very pigmented powder to fill in your brows, this might not be the product for you.  However, if you are one with a full set of brows and just need a little bit of filling in, this is the product for you.  Also this would work if you just need a powder to set your brow pomade and such.

Lasting power:
Lasting power of this product is great, but honestly I never really have a problem with products lasting on me since I have dry skin.  I don’t know why I never thought to put eyeshadow primer on my eyebrows when i fill the in, but that is something you can definitely do do make the powder last longer and would be more pigmented as well.  With this powder, it lasted on my skin (very dry skin type) for more then 8 hours no problem.

No scent detected.  Hopefully that is not because of my stuffy nose.  I sniffed it hard for you guys, pretty sure I got brow powder up my nose HAHA.

Demo time :D.  
Please excuse my bare face.  When I’m taking pictures for the blog, I always dedicate one day just to take pictures and the rest of the week to edit, upload and write out the review.  So if you were wondering why I’m wearing the same top, it isn’t because I wear the same clothes for a week.  I just take the pictures all in one day.  Get it? Got it? Good (^~^)IMG_9090Here is my bare face and bare brows.  I have on eye make up and a little bit of lip balm.  As you can see, I have pretty even brows.  I actually only recently started to wax my eyebrows so it doesn’t look as “manly” as many people have told me in the past, especially my mother.  She still thinks it is too manly and want me to make them thinner.  I’m honestly scared that one night, she’s going to come into my room and wax half of it off in my sleep.  LET MY EYEBROWS ALONE!  Should I get a lock for my door?  I’m paranoid now….

IMG_9091I don’t really do much with my eyebrows, and I sure as hell will not go and use the Anastasia brow pomade again.  They made me look like I had straight up cartoon eyebrows, I kid you not.  I even blended them out and everything.Lee-Hyori-Bad-Girls^This was literally me after trying the pomade.
 I love you Lee Hyori and you are the only one that can rock this, but it ain’t for me.  I ain’t a bad enough girl to go out into the public like this.

IMG_9092Okay enough with the jokes already, START!



IMG_9096Here’s my before. Excuse the dark circles, they will be covered in the next post LOL.

IMG_9098I trimmed my brow hairs before the post but I guess not enough! DAMN IT.


IMG_9103Take the lighter shade and load it up with your brush.

IMG_9104Get this horrible brush away from me. UGH! ● ﹏☉

IMG_9106I’ll be using this brow brush I got from my Coastal scents 22 piece brush set.  If you are looking for a brush set that is high quality, soft brushes, mixture of synthetic and natural bristle brushes at an affordable price, I highly recommend you check the set out.  They ship internationally and it retails for $34.95 USD AND there will be a 50% off sale during Black Friday (Nov. 28) and Cyber Monday, either one of those days, so it would be a great time to pick it up.  I’m not paid or sponsored to say this, they are just that amazing for the price, you really can’t beat it!!  Great thing about the set as well, there are unique shapes such as a duo fan brush (great for subtle highlighting), dense flat top synthetic brush (great for buffing out foundations and what not) and every eye brush shape you can think of.

IMG_9107So begin filling in your brows with the lightest shade from the front to the middle.  People say you should never start from the beginning of your brows but I’m a rebel, so what are you gonna do about LOL.  It works for me no problem.

IMG_9108Shade in about half way and then continue with the darker shade.


IMG_9111And done :D.  I honestly don’t do much with my brush but fill them in.  I recently dyed my hair again and it a slightly more reddish shade, so I sometimes use a brow tint but most of the time I just fill them in with a little bit of powder.

IMG_9114Here is a full face shot view.  As you can see, there is a very big difference from filling them in and not filling them in.  I’m very happy with this shade and glad I didn’t pick the lighter shade.  Good choice, good choice.

IMG_9120Now to brush it out.

IMG_9121Looks pretty good.  Natural, just the way I like it.  No cartoon status here.


IMG_9128Here are both filled in.  I like, I like. ヾ(。・ω・。)

-natural look
-easy to use
-color would suit most Asian skintones

-crappy brush… like REALLY crappy
-need to use a bit more of the brow powder to fill in the full brow

Maybe, although I like my Skinfood brow powder a little bit better.

Stars given out 5:

I’m on the fence about whether or not I like this product.  I don’t hate it, nor do I love it.  It is a decent product and it gets the job done, however, I have to dip my brush in it a couple too many times for my liking.  The color, pigmentation, and finish is just right for my taste for a more natural-looking brow, and the price of  6,000 Won, you can’t really complain much, especially when there is such cute packaging that this is housed in.  I’m happy that this is in my collection and would be the next brow powder I will reach for once my Skinfood Choco brow powder is done.  I would recommend this product to those who like a natural-looking brow or need just something to set their brow products with.  This product is a limited edition, so if you want it, get on your computer and go order it before they sell out. (◐ω◑ )

Also follow me on my social media platforms to see what I’m doing and what I’m getting in the mail :D.  Mail time is always fun time for me. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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  1. 정시은

    Huhu sooo cute ! But I’m sooo in love with my Choco brow powder from Skinfood that I don’t need any brow powder soon ~ And you know that I try to spend less money on make up since my baby is almost there ♡ ( He hits me sooo hard for the moment that He must wanna say hi to you too haha) But when I have to repurchase a brow powder I will try one from A’pieu then ! 🙂

  2. Jamie Boyett

    You are soooooooooooo freakin’ cute. Thank you so much for reviewing this. I have barely any eyebrows so this might not be for me but I love this kit. It’s so cute. Maybe I’ll try the Skinfood Choco powder. Thank you thank you!

    1. Christina

      🙂 Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you found the review helpful. If you need something a little more potent, you could always try Anastasia dip pomade, or even their brow wiz. I don’t really recommend the brow wiz since you get such little product for the price and the pencil is actually made in Korea, so you might as well find an affordable Korean brand for a brow pencil. I’ve also tried Etude House drawing brows which is okay but I find it slightly too stiff for my liking.

  3. MizzJ

    Ahh it does makes a difference, but very subtle which is really nice! I didn’t think the shade would be dark enough, but meh guess I don’t know much; I’m still figuring out this brow thing myself so all those rules you stated were totally new to me lol

    1. Christina

      Haha I have to keep in mind not everyone might know the little general rules, so I will try to add them in the blog post. I always just assume that we all watch Youtube 24/7 like me LOL. Sorry T_T, I will keep that in mind for the new posts.

  4. Midori

    You take the most amazing photos, ever. Teach me, Sensei. TT_TT
    Love how this makes your brows look! So natural and effortless.

    1. Christina

      It is just a DSLR, studio lights and a little bit of color adjustment on my MAC. I’m still learning myself :S. And thank you haha. I have finally come to peace with my brows. I was made fun of all the time when I was a kid and even in the present. My brows are quite strong for a girl and I was called man eyebrows before but I don’t care! LOL I like ma brows (•̀o•́)ง

      1. Midori

        I have the bushiest brows ever and I’ve been called caterpillar brows for as long as I can remember.
        Too bad, ’cause I love my brows too!! xD xD

        1. Christina

          You can always groom them :). I started doing that only two years ago and it does make a huge difference. <3

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