Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Angel Glowring CC cushion First impression review + Demo

Tony Moly luminous goddess aura angel glowring CC cushion reviewIf you know or don’t already know, I have a thing for BB and CC cushions ever since I got my first BB cushion a year ago.  After that, I fell in love and vouched that I would try as many BB cushions as I could get my hands on.  The first product in any limited edition collection, my eyes shoot straight towards the BB cushions. Last month, Tony Moly came out with a whole collection in collaboration with Might Atom and came out with these cute and vibrant products.  The only thing that really caught my eyes, obviously, was the CC pact.  I haven’t had much luck with Tony Moly products and I don’t have many products that I like from them, so hopefully this one will work out.  Let’s get started with the review~ ╰(・∇・╰)

Tony Moly luminous goddess aura angel CC cushion Full name of product:
Tony Moly Luminous Goodness Aura Angel Glowring CC cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ (Mighty Atom edition)

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Packaging is limited edition, CC cushion is not

Description of product:
“CC cream cushion creates a three dimensional, natural sheet to the skin, helps to create a clean and healthy skin tone.
Line angel helps to improve skin tone, give the skin a bright, clean tone and keeps an even coverage throughout the day.
Dual moisturizing formula with glacial water (20%).
Intensely nourishing the skin with beneficial micro and macro elements.
A beneficial effect on blood circulation, activates the process of renewel of blood and removes toxins from the body.
(Really…(ー_ー ) what is this black magic?)”

SPF 50+ PA+++

18,800 Won ($16 USD)

Amount of product:
16 g

Duration before expiration:
12 month (1 year)

Where to buy:
eBay (I got it from this seller)
eBay (Rinishop)

Shades available:tony moly cc cushion

Binghasu, purified water, the chilhek silme methoxy cinnamate, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, cetyl the seven Ethylhexanoate, Butylene Glycol, not three tilpi / p Fiji -10/1 dimethicone, 4-methyl benzylidene camphor, xylitol , Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, hydro jeneyi suited polyisobutene, niacinamide, butyl methoxydiphenylsilyl benzoyl methane, sorbitan sesqui oleate, talc, benzophenone-3, sodium chloride, sorbitan source Te rate, calcium stearate, polyethylene, yellow iron oxide, phenoxyethanol, distearoyl dimonium hectorite, a tree in Tok Chicago frills reel silane, echil hexyl glycerin and red iron oxide, black iron oxide, disodium this dt A, adenosine, spiny bamboo extract, sage leaf extract, Witch Hazel bark / leaves / twigs extract, can cypress, snail slime filtrate, horse chestnut extract, Centella asiatica extract, sea water, dimethicone, dimethicone / vinyl dimethicone cross polymer

빙하수 ,정제수 ,에칠헥실메톡시신나메이트 ,징크옥사이드 ,티타늄디옥사이드 ,세틸에칠헥사노에이트 ,부틸렌글라이콜 ,세틸피이지/피피지-10/1디메치콘 ,4-메칠벤질리덴캠퍼 ,자일리톨 ,카프릴릭/카프릭트리글리세라이드 ,하이드로제네이티드폴리이소부텐 ,나이아신아마이드 ,부틸메톡시디벤조일메탄 ,소르비탄세스퀴올리에이트 ,탤크 ,벤조페논-3 ,소듐클로라이드 ,소르비탄이소스테아레이트 ,칼슘스테아레이트 ,폴리에칠렌 ,황색산화철 ,페녹시에탄올 ,디스테아디모늄헥토라이트 ,트리에톡시카프릴릴실란 ,에칠헥실글리세린 ,적색산화철 ,흑색산화철 ,디소듐이디티에이 ,아데노신 ,가시대나무추출물 ,세이지잎추출물 ,위치하젤껍질/잎/잔가지추출물 ,편백수 ,달팽이점액여과물 ,마로니에추출물 ,병풀추출물 ,해수 ,디메치콘 ,디메치콘/비닐디메치콘크로스폴리머IMG_9247Can we take a moment to appreciate the box, yes the box. (。・ω・。)ノ♡Tony Moly mighty atom cc cushion Product packaging:
Unlike how A’pieu package their limited edition products, the limited edition packaging is a sticker sadly and would be easily worn out.  The compact itself is the standard push button closure, however the inside of this is a little different then the usual “cushion”.  The normal cushions is an actual sponge cushion that you can actually press down.

IMG_9251The nice thing about the sticker though is the little details.  The palettes, stars, rocket and TV is indented which is a nice subtle touch and you can only see it when the light reflects off of it.IMG_9252The compact itself is the standard push button closure with the usual air puff for application.  I don’t like to keep these air puffs in the actual compact since I’d forget easily that it is in there and it would be dirty for a long period of time.  GERMS… gross.  And I don’t ever bring my base make up with me, so it isn’t really a problem for me as I do my full face of make up at home and  rarely ever touch up.

Tony Moly CC cushion review

IMG_9255The inside of this is a little different then the usual “cushion”.  The normal cushions is an actual sponge cushion that you can actually press down. This one is one of those that is a mesh instead of a sponge.  The product sits in the compact, while the mesh will control how much is dispensed.

Tony Moly CC cushion


IMG_9259To the touch, the mesh reminds me a lot like I’m touching soft tofu.  It is kind of addicting to touch haha.  I do seem to like the mesh “cushion” actually since it dispenses a lot more even on the air puff and it doesn’t dry out like the sponge cushion.

How to use:
IMG_9246Color/ Pigmentation:
Since I can only rely on the pictures included on the sites and there was only two shades, I thought shade #02 would be a good match.  HOWEVER, when you see the demo down below, you can see that it is WAY WAY WAYYYYY too light.  The CC cushion is quite pigmented and one stamp into the cushion can cover half my face.  I really love the finish it gives to my skin and was considering getting another one but in the darker shade, but some of you guys told me that you saw some Korean blogs swatching them and it is also too light.  Darn it!  I’m going to have to figure out a way to use it.

*P.S. while I was typing out this review, I was also fiddling with the compact and I actually was able to pry open the mesh and got to the actual CC cream.  I might just mix some foundation into it to get the right color.  Either that or use this CC cream as a base, but let’s be real… that’s too many steps!*

Texture/ Finish:
Texture of this CC cream is very creamy, very blendable but again, too pale and light!! Even on my vampire skin, this makes me extra vampire.  Finish is very glowy without any shimmers, dewy looking but actually is more of a satin finish without feeling too sticky.  This sets after 30 mins on my dry skin nicely, but I would suggest those with oily skin to set it a little with some powder.

This CC cream gives a light to medium coverage depending on how many layers you use.  With one layer, you get a light coverage, with two layers you get a decent medium coverage.  
IMG_9261Lasting power:
The lasting power for this CC cream was pretty good.  I usually don’t set any liquid products since I want that dewiness to combat my dry skin type.  If I didn’t touch my face throughout the day or accidentally smear my face on my boyfriend’s clothes, this lasts a good 8 hours

No scent was detected, and hopefully, that is not because my nose is slightly plugged from being sick.

Demo time 😀Tony Moly CC cushion swatch


IMG_9135My usual skin concerns I like to fix are:
-dark under eye circles
-slight redness on cheeks, nose and chin

What I usually look for in my base make up/ preferences:

-does not cling onto any dry patches
-light to medium coverage
-covers my redness
-color suits my skintone (obviously) 

IMG_9137Unlike the usual sponge cushions, this mesh cushion distributes the CC cream very evenly.  A problem I have with the regular sponge cushions is that it would dry out quite easily and I find myself pressing down on the sponge a lot.  Sometimes I would even have to get a stick and either push it all the way down to get back some of the liquid or even just flip the whole sponge itself.  With this mesh cushion, I don’t have to worry about that at all.

Quick tip: Because I have dry skin, I like to spray my air puff with either some water, or any mists you have on hand so that the air puff wouldn’t soak up as much product and also provide a bit more moisture to the skin when I apply my BB/ CC creams.

IMG_9139Just gently press the air puff onto your face.  You don’t have to do any swiping motions, just a stamping motion will do.  I usually like to go over my face once, and then go back to my concerned areas again if it needs anymore coverage.

IMG_9140The CC cream might not smell but DANG the air puff smells!  It smells like a new pair of sneakers, quite a rubbery toxic scent. GROSS .( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )

IMG_9142With one layer, it easily brightened up my skin, gave me enough coverage for my redness to disappear and surprisingly made my skin look like it was glowing from within without any shimmers.





IMG_9150As you can see, my skin looks a lot more even, brightened and this CC cream really makes my skin look like it is as soft as tofu.  It feels really nice too!  I’m so surprised I like this so much (๑♡3♡๑).IMG_9154So… soft!! (⁎⁍̴̀﹃ ⁍̴́⁎)♡.  It seriously feels soft to the touch.
Keep in mind I didn’t put any primer or moisturizer before hand, I didn’t even wash my face in the morning HEHE.  I usually don’t since I’m too lazy. I only wash and do my skincare routine in the morning and don’t even bother in the morning.

IMG_9158Okay, let’s finish it off with both sides done.

IMG_9163I’m super happy with the finish and coverage I’m getting. How can this be so good!

IMG_9164Too bad the color does not suit my vampire skin. It makes me look even more vampire then I already am!  I mean just look at the color of my neck and hand compared to my face! 

IMG_9166Doing the last steps to the base make up, covering my panda eyes with my favourite concealers from Bobbi Brown.

IMG_9170All done!  Looks pretty good, just the color is way too pale.  I might consider using this just as a primer for my BB cream or even to highlight with. 

IMG_9171*I didn’t add any contour, blush and highlight just yet because I was doing my pictures in order.  The next blog post will be a review on the new A’pieu contour palette from their new Doraemon collection, so stayed tuned for that.*

-beautiful finish to the skin
-decent coverage for those who only need a little bit of coverage/ skintone evening
-easy to use
-affordable (just don’t get it at Sephora, the prices are JACKED UP)

-limited color selections; way to pale even for a pale girl (could maybe work for a NC10-15)

No, too pale, although I really like the finish of it.

Stars given out of 5:
Overall thoughts:
I’m so heartbroken the shade range is so limited.  I get that Korean companies want to cater to the trend of very white, even looking skin.  But do you want No faces walking around in the streets. Can you imagine going out the door like this.  I love you no face, but I don’t want to look like you.
You know, just casually chilling and minding my own business with my PALE ASS CC CREAM THAT WOULD NOT FIT ANYONE’S skintone damn it.

The finish is amazing, with the glowy and dewiness it gives my skin.  I have never used any foundation or BB cream that gives the same finish as this product does.  It really makes my skin look like soft baby skin + soft tofu.  I wish my skin would glow like that normally without any make up.  This was easy and straight forward to use and the best part was the mesh cushion which has become one of my favourite forms of a cushion. I would have given this a 5 out of 5 stars if the color would just match better.  I would have even forgotten about my current favourite BB creams (A’pieu Air fit and Etude House precious mineral BB cushions) if they had a better color range.  Overall I give this CC cushion a two thumbs up but I can only recommend this to those who are looking for a very pale colored CC cream.  Those of you with the MAC skin color NC 10-15, I think this would work perfectly for you. Sadly it won’t fit my NC 25, CURSES!

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  1. Midori

    The luminosity! Whoa! The product itself looked so good on you!
    … But…
    The shade range always, always pisses me off!
    Most of my friends here always yell at me for liking Korean/Japanese base products because they can never find shade matches. Even I always find the closest match to my skin in the darkest shade, which is usually #23.
    *flips table*

    1. Christina

      Haha I know right! The struggle is definitely real. I’m going to see if mixing some foundation with it would help. 🙂

  2. Coral

    I’m happy I found this review. I actually struggle being on the very ghostly side, foundation is always too dark! I hope this works for me!

    1. Christina

      I hope this works for you too since it does lean towards being very pale.

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