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The only time I put on make up on my vacation :P.  I’m quite proud of myself since it was the first time I legit packed “light” in terms of make up and sanitary products.  I talk a hell of a lot in

this video, so get some tea and biscuits.  Hope you enjoy the video!  If you want to see a list of what products I brought with me/ used in the video, click “read more”~

Rimmel scandaleyes kohl liner in brown has been a long time favourite but I think I’m going to have to let this one go after I’m done with it.  It is definitely a love hate relationship since it would always smudge throughout the day and then I look like a raccoon.  Unfortunately, no one would tell me and I would look in the mirror at the end of the day…. horrified.  I personally only buy the dark brown one.

A staple in my make up routine is the Etude House drawing eyebrow in grey brown.  It’s super affordable (retailing around $3) and gets the job done.  The twist up pencil is on the chubby side, so if you guys are looking for precision, it might not be for you.  Its good for filling in your brows but if you need to do detailed work, maybe check out their other pencils since I know there are different versions of this pencil.

This was the only eyeshadows that I brought with me, so you know its kind of a big deal when I got a huge collection and ended up with just this.  This is the Holika Holika x Gudetama cupcake eyeshadow palette in red velvet which I actually have a review on.  It is one (if not the only) few eyeshadows I actually give it a seal of my approval for holy grailness. Its super pigmented, sooo buttery and just amazing.  There is a good mix of mattes, shimmer and a beautiful glitter shade.

Shu Uemura lash curler is no kept secret from the beauty world.  It is the most raved lash curler and at first, I wasn’t really impressed.  The shape of this curler is a little too curved for my eyes and I always have to wiggle my lashes into it.  But I definitely have to say the built, the angle and the amount of pressure on the lashes is just the right amount.  It effective, quick and makes the nicest curl.

W lab honey beam cushion was the only base makeup I brought and I definitely gambled on it.  My favorite was the saem aqua glow cushion, but I ran out of that so I thought …maybe just bring this.  To my surprise, it was amazing!  It was super hydrating, gave me decent medium coverage, and was glowy all day long.  It was perfect.  Unfortunately, I think this cushion was been discontinued since I don’t see it on the official website :'(.

Another W lab I’ve been loving for the longest time.  This is the W.lab real fit brush liner in 02 real brown. I used to love using the Stila liquid liner, the Physicians formula liquid liner as well as the Kat Von D one.  But I think I got this one in a Black Friday bundle I got when I did a Korea haul and it came with it. I gave it a try, loved how the it was a brush tip as well as the pigmentation and lasting power.

Lancome as a brand I haven’t really dove into but I did get this le duo contour and highlighting stick a while back.  I’ve been using it almost every time I do my make up and I love the contour side.  It is supernatural, blends into the skin easily and has a cool undertone with a hint of grey which makes it look nice and natural.  I compared it to the Missha contour and highlight stick, so check it out here if you’d like. Mascaras is a product I never really like to explore.  Once I have found the one I like, I stay loyal to it.  But I had this sitting in my collection, waiting for me to be loved.  I finally cracked it open and I actually love it!  This is the Pony effect mega curling mascara (blog review here). It gives my lashes a natural look while keeping them curled. Yes :).  I like…

Pony effect arti stick in My everything (blog review here) is my ride or die cream blush.  The light pink is a good no brainer shade for everyday, every make up look.  It blends into the skin effortlessly and looks super natural while giving me a hint of girlyness.And the last product I’ve been LOVING for my highlight and the only product I use for highlight… MAC cream color base in Hush.  It is the PERFECT rose gold highlight that blends into my yellow undertone amazingly, looks SUPER natural to the point of questioning if my skin is just that nice or do I drink 2 litre of water a day.  I actually got this at the CCO (Cosmetic company outlet) for $12 I think?  Best purchase ever!

Surprised I didn’t bring a whole suitcase of makeup?  Yea.. me too.  Hope this also kind of helps you guys pick my brain on my go-to products.  I definitely recommend these products no doubt, so they are safe to buy for sure :).  Hope you also enjoy my video and please leave a comment either here or on the video of what you guys use for your daily makeup!

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      🙂 thank you! Unfortunately I was reading that there is a recall on the Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil since there was traces of lead in it. But i think it is from the more recent batches. But I’m still weary…

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