Laneige cream skin quick skin pack review

Laneige cream skin quick skin pack reviewWith the huge success of Laneige’s cream skin launch, they have since launched three new products to expand the line.  Out of the three product expansions, I was able to pick up two of them.  I’ve actually already reviewed the Laneige cream skin milk oil cleanser if you want to check that review out afterward.  Lately, I’ve been dialing back on a lot of one-time-use products that you have to dispose of such as sheet masks and pads, but for the sake of my curiosity and your guys’ curiosity, we got the pads! LOL wow, this sounds like it’s my period, which it is right now hahaha.  Okay, I’m speaking off tracks now so let’s get into the review.

Full name of product:
Laneige cream skin quick skin pack

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Easy-to-use skin pack made of tight-fit tencel sheet for instant moisturizing!

You can leave it on the face for two minutes in the morning or evening and your skincare is done.
It is Cream Skin toner pack that’s easy and simple to use.

With cream blending technology exclusive of Laneige, a jar of cream is dissolved in the toner.

With white leaf tea water having a content of amino acid-enriched through the specialized shadow-growing method, it strengthens the skin barrier and provides a lasting moisturizing effect.

Cream skin refiner is filled with mild and safe ingredients which provide moisturizing effects for dry and sensitive skin (Free of PEG surfactant, animal-based ingredients, synthetic pigment, triethanolamine, and fragrance; hypoallergenic tested).”

30,000 won

Amount of product:
100 sheets, 140 mL

Duration before expiration:
1 year after opening

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:


How to use:
Using the applicator, take out the necessary amount of tencel sheets.  Put the tencel sheet on dry areas, such as both cheeks, forehead, and chin.  Remove after approx. 2 minutes then dab from the center of the face outwards for skin absorption.

Laneige cream skin dupe quick skin pack reviewProduct packaging:
These Laneige cream skin quick skin packs come in quite a jar plastic tub.  To coordinate with the original Laneige cream skin, the creamy-white packaging was used.

Laneige cream skin quick skin reviewOnce you twist off the lid, there is another lid to keep the moisture in and bacteria out.  There is also a little tweezer so you don’t have to stick your dirty paws into the jar.

Laneige cream skin quick skin pack reviewTexture/ Finish:
Laneige used “Tencel sheets” to house the cream essence, which is also called lyocell upon further investigation.  It is a type of fabric made of the wood pulp of trees that are recyclable and an earth-friendly solution.  Oh wow!  I’m actually very pleased to hear this and I might even be able to throw these into my compost bin!

Laneige cream skin quick skin pack reviewThe texture of the tencel sheets reminds me of the thin toilet paper you get in public bathrooms.  I’m not saying this in a bad way LOL, although it does sound like it since those toilet paper can’t protect your hand from anything really.  It definitely feels a bit thinner and not as soft as cotton, but I really don’t need it to be.  I just need it to house the essence and also not scratch my face, which it does well in both departments.

Laneige cream skin quick skin pack reviewGoing into testing this product out, I was really thinking that the essence in this was just the regular Laneige cream skin, just soaked in pads for convenience purposes.  Little did I know, I was very wrong!!  The essence in this is much thicker in hydration and left my skin very nourished with a thick glow.  I also used it as a quick mask pack and found the essence to last more than 15 minutes on my skin without dry and it still gave my skin a super thick glow.  There was so much essence that I swiped the rest on my upper body and it did feel quite sticky and heavy, so maybe don’t do that unless you are super crusty.

No fragrance detected

-eco-friendly/ biodegradable (for once!  THANK YOUUUU)
-super nourishing
-gorgeous hydration

I actually have no complaints!

Yes, I most likely would

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I’m very surprised that this product actually impressed me.  I would easily pick this product over the original and would suggest you guys check this product out if you are looking for something that is very versatile.  Most importantly though, the sheets are actually biodegradable!!  Now I won’t feel as guilty for using these babies and will continue to use these for a long time.  One sheet is also really big, so I suggest maybe cut them up if you want to save them.  There are 100 sheets, so you will get a lot of usages hehe.  Overall I give this product a two thumbs up and give you the green light to purchase if you have been itching to get it for a while.

*PR sample courtesy of Jolse

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