Romand better than palette secret garden review I THE glitter palette to get!

It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled with makeup.  You know what, I think it’s been a while for everyone, am I right?  For the last couple of years, I’ve been way more focused on skincare and way less on makeup.  I’ve been asking myself if the shift towards skincare and less makeup was my own personal decision or was I subconsciously influenced by the market.  In the last couple of years, the beauty market shifted drastically from makeup, which dominated for years, to skincare nowadays.  As much as I love trying new skincare, I just wanted a short break, especially when I saw beauty in a palette form :O.  I don’t normally gravitate towards glitter, however, this palette was just calling my name.  Let’s get into the review and see if it is any good!

Full name of product:
Romand better than palette secret garden

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Romand better than palette secret garden
From daily transparent glitter to unique glitter you’ve never seen before.
10 colorful glittering sparkles.

Three-dimensional sparkle without monolony with completely different particles and color of similar particle size combinations monotonous sparkle.”

23,900 won

Amount of product:
6 g

Duration before expiration:
2 year after opening

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Polybutylene Terephthalate, Bis-Diglceryl Polyaclyladipate-2, Acrylates Copolymer, Ethylene/ VA Copolymer, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, Methylpropanediol, Propanediol, Water

I love that the palette is completely see-through. As much as I like the sleek packaging and all-black packaging, clear compacts are the best, especially when you have multiple palettes in your collection and you’re trying to find the right colorfast.  To open the compact, you simply pop it open and viola.  Very standard and straightforward.

The back actually has shade names for each shade!  I love that they have it labeled in the back.  Some palettes either just have numbers or don’t even have the names in the back is a pet peeve of mine.

Color/ Pigmentation + Texture/ Finish:
One thing K-beauty can never do wrong within the makeup category is shimmery and glitter shades.  Out of the ten shades, there are three categories (shimmer, glittery and chunky glitter). According to each shade, they also have different textures.  Of course, when you are working with glitters of any type, make sure to use a tissue to cover the rest of your face or have some tape under your eyes to catch the glitter.  I’ve also found just using your finger works the best when it comes to application.

Dew drop: Mix of fine and medium-sized glitters; dense rainbow glitter with a silvery undertone
The texture for this one is the most interesting.  The base seems to feel almost like a gel-like medium that holds the glitters together, making it decently easy to apply on your lids.  I definitely recommend using your fingers for this shade specifically as the warmth of your fingers will help the application.  Out of all the shades, this one doesn’t have a base color.  It is a straight-up rainbow glitter!

Twinkle Pink: Fine shimmery baby pink glitter with a mix of purple, gold, silver glitters
Compared to the whole palette, twinkle pink might be the most boring.  It is your generic light baby pink dense shimmer shade that swatches almost into an icy silver.  There are specks of green shimmers in there that give it an interesting edge but it’s kind of meh.

Fairy glitter: Chunky hexagon-shaped rainbow glitter mixed with finer purple, pink glitters
Fairy glitter might be my favorite, but it is also a nightmare since the chunky glitters tend to get stuck onto my eyelashes.  I love the pink undertone and the chunky rainbow glitters just give me so much life.  If you are trying to recreate a K-pop look, this shade is definitely for you!

Shining rose: Shimmery bronzey glittery shade with coral undertones; bronze, gold, green, pink fine shimmers
Another kind of boring bronzey shade that is dense in shimmers.  I feel like shining rose is what twinkle pink should have looked like when swatched haha.  On the skin, it does remind me of Nars orgasm with the pinky coral undertone.

Purple fantasy: Violet lavender shade with a mix of slivery chunky and blue, pink, purple shimmers
Purple fantasy is easily my second favourite shade and just channels space all up on your lids. The purple undertone almost comes off as a blue and there’s a mix of blue shimmers with chunky sliver to catch the light.  It is just *chef kisses*.

Champagne flow: True champagne shade with fine gold and pink shimmers
Although I would deem this shade kind of boring, it is somewhat of a stable and “safe” shade that everyone needs in their life.  Champagne flow is a true champagne shade with very dense fine shimmers that I can easily incorporate in my lazy neutral eye look days.

Glory Ivory: Beigey pink shimmery shade with fine gold, green, purple shimmers, and chunky pink glitters
Glory Ivory is very close to champagne flow in the pan, except it is pinkier and has chunky glitters.  I can’t see myself using this shade much since the undertone seems to clash with my skin tone. Again, make sure to apply this one with your fingers and dab, don’t swipe unless you want chunky glitters in your eyeball.

Goldish tear: Shimmery warm bronzey shade with dense gold and bronze shimmers
Another dense shimmery shade with heavy bronze undertones.  This would be a great summers shade and I do see myself wearing this one from time to time.  The texture is relatively buttery and I have no problems swatching it true to the pan.

Rainbow bubble: Cool tone purplish gunmetal shade with a dense green, bronze, silver glitter
This rainbow bubble shade has the most interesting colour combination.  It is almost like a raisin purple gunmetal shade with super dense shimmers.  The formula is very close to dewdrop with that almost jelly glue-like texture and applies quite easily and smoothly.

Sparkling red: Warm bronzey orange shade with fine bronze, gold, green shimmers, and chunky green glitters
The texture of sparkling red is the same as dewdrop and rainbow bubbles.  This is another gorgeous shade I can see myself using and those chunky glitters are just perfect.

I wanted to do an eye look showcasing this palette but after I played around with a strong eye look and didn’t end up liking it at all, my eye was already too irritated at that point to try again.  Please enjoy my swatch video I did on Instagram instead :).

-gorgeous shade range
-easy to apply/ less messy than loose pigments
-great mix of textures

-too many bronze shades


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Even though I am scared to use glitters because they get stuck on everything and everyone, I do really love this palette when I am in the mood for a party on my eyes.  The textures are great and I love how it is truly just pressed glitter in a palette.  Done are the days where you have loose glitters that will guarantee to fall all over your face.  Yes, these glitters will most likely land on your face, however it is significantly less than loose glitters.  Overall I’m happy with this palette and feel like everyone needs this in their collections, just to jazz up any look when you are in the mood.  Two thumbs up and I give you the green light to get it if you’ve been eyeing it!

*PR sample courtesy of Jolse

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