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makeon magnetight 15 facial massager reviewFacial massagers is nothing new, but I personally have been getting into facial devices more and more these days.  Heck, my old elementary school email was “Christina the gadget freak”.  No joke… I’ve been obsessing over Makeon products, which really is no surprise since I’ve posted about the MakeOn light therapy on my Instagram countless times to the point where MakeOn themselves actually saw my posts and review and contacted me to see if I’d want to try more of their products.  Uhh… hell yea!?!?  They actually have a device that is similar to the Clarisonic but there is a facial massager attachment that I’d KILL to try since it is electric and saves me manpower to get my face massaged :P.  But speaking of facial massagers, they asked if I’d like to try out their unreleased (well at the time when they sent it to me) facial roller massager called the “magnetight 15”.  I was like SURE!  Although I was skeptical at first about these facial rollers since I have used another one in the past and didn’t really think much of it, I was hoping this would be a little different.  They told me this one actually has magnets in the rollers themselves which somehow promotes blood circulation.  Not sure… but let’s get into the review, shall we?

Full name of product:
MakeOn magnetight 15

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“MakeOn magnetight 15 is a massage roller designed to fit a variety of face shapes by comfortably lifting the appearance of saggy and droopy face lines.  By massaging facial muscles with the hand roller, it relaxes the muscles, supports natural blood circulation, strengthens elasticity of a saggy facial muscle and provide visible lifting and sculpting results.

There are 2600g power magnets inside the balls which supports natural blood circulation and maximizes the massage effect. The lightweight, handy-sized tool can be used as a massage roller on other body parts such as neck, arms and legs.”

70,000 won (approximately $61 USD)

Country of Manufacture:
Made in China
Distributed by Amorepacific

Where to buy:
Unfortunately this is yet another hard to get product.  You can only get your hands on MakeOn in Korea domestically and this, if you do want to buy online, will have to be shipped by surface mail since there are magnets in the roller itself.  I could be mistaken, but that was the way it was shipped to me.

Rose gold coating and the handle is made of some sort of metal.

How to use:
Cheek and eye area:
Gently roll and lift from your cheekbones to your temples.
Facial line:
Gently roll and lift from your chin to your earlobes.
Neck line:
Gently roll up and down from your shoulders to your neck and earlobes.

*Excessive use may cause skin irritation.  Recommended usage should be 10 minutes maximum.  In case of red sports, swelling, itching, abnormalities on the skin, immediately stop using and consult your doctor.*

Do not soak in water for a long time or rinse with soap.  I suggest just using some rubbing alcohol to rub it down after ever use to keep things sanitary.  You don’t want to be rubbing in that dead skin from your neck onto your face. Makeon amorepacificMakeon packaging reminds me a lot of Apple products with its sleek white packaging.  This is the same packaging as my light therapy but obviously in a thinner and more rectangular box.  The metallic strip going along the front of the box is rose gold instead of the gold on the light therapy box.

Makeon face rollerI got no clue what it says on the back, so I’m not even going to try LOL.

Makeon beauty deviceOn the inside of the lid shows you how to use the roller itself.  The diagram is the same as the diagram in the “how to use” section up above.

The first thing you see when you open the box is a little pouch for the roller, which is such a luxurious touch!

Makeon face roller reviewAnd voila, we are finally staring at the roller itself.  My first impressions of this roller right when I got it out of the packaging was that the build quality is amazing.  There is a weight to it that makes it feel like luxury. The roller balls are lighter weight but they roll smoothly. The only other facial roller device I have is from the body shop and it really isn’t good.  I thought the build quality was not too shabby for $20 but the roller balls are too small, the angle wasn’t right and the balls were too close to the point of it bruising my skin!

Makeon face roller reviewThis roller ball has a 100 degree angle in between the balls which is the perfect angle where it can “attach” to my flesh enough where it is actually massaging my face but not pinching it to the point of bruising.  I also really like the fact that the roller balls aren’t smooth but has little dents in it which helps make it roll smoothly and not get stuck when I’m massaging my skin.

Makeon magnetightThe handle also has a 15 degree angle for a more comfortable grip.

15 ° side angle - Side angle to protect your wrist against hand shape and use flow

Makeon beauty device face roller reviewI think this product is pretty straight forward eh?  So let’s demonstrate how it works.

Makeon face roller review demoK-beauty standards, if you don’t know already, are all about the “V” shaped face, meaning a sharp jawline.  They prefer someone with a “small” face, the size of a CD or a fist LOL.  Never really understood that but okay.  So massaging the jawline is important which helps with releasing your jaw muscles and strengthening it as well to keep that area nice and tight!  Honestly since my face is quite angular, I don’t see much results with this product or any other product that claims to be anti-gravity.  Doing this motion also slightly tugs on the rest of my face, making this awkward ugly face right there.

Next massage I usually do is from the corner of my lips, going up to the tops of my cheeks and towards my temple.  This one is the worst since it also slightly tugs my eyes.  But it definitely feels nice.

I frown a lot, so I like to run the massager on the center of my forehead to release the tension.

I also like to massage the temples to remind myself the day is over, and I don’t have to deal with annoying headaches from dealing with bullshit for at least 10 hours while I’m dead asleep.  As you can tell, I’m a tense person :P.  It comes from my Cantonese blood, I CAN’T HELP IT!

I think this roller does best at massaging my neck and shoulders actually.  I recently learned to work out from my friend who’s been slowly coaching me into it, so I’ve been sore all over.  My neck and shoulders are also super tight in general for some odd reason. I think it is due to the way I sleep, which I prefer to sleep on my left side, making my neck kind of scrunch up a bit while I sleep.  Also using my phone, doing that look down motion is also very straining on the neck and this roller does a GREAT job at releasing the tension.  Usually I have to use a lot of thumb strength to massage out the tension, but with this roller… about 10 rolls up and down and BOOM!  I’m back to being medium rare.

I’ve also used this on the rest of my body.  One time, I was superrrrrr sore from doing squats with the barbell, my legs felt so tight and sore from the lactic acid.  I thought “hmm, what if this roller can release some of the soreness.”  BOOM!  This thing fits right on the thigh and is able to catch onto the flesh and do its job.  Seriously… WOW.

And just using my hands a lot from work, giving free massages, my hand and thumb gets sore. Because the handle is metal, the end of the handle also acts as a great massager to get into those deep hard to reach areas.  MULTI TASKING!

-works great on the face (although I didn’t see much results, but it is more skin deep)
-multi tasker–> body massager as well!
-great build quality
-handle is also metal

-hard to get outside of Korea

Yes!  Me and my best friend are actually fighting over this. I might end up just getting another one when I’m in Korea.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
If it wasn’t for my friend picking this up and using it on my body, I would have given it an average score since I didn’t see much results with using this on my face.  I think part of the reason why is that my face is already quite angular, these types of products don’t benefit me too much.  But then again, the results are more skin-deep.  I like this product more as a body massage, especially for the neck and shoulders.  The quality is great and the handle is metal, which surprisingly a lot of other brands’ massagers have plastic handles.  With a metal handle, the weight while you are holding it distributes a lot more each, you get more control and power with the amount of pressure you are applying onto your face/body.  Overall I’m pleasantly surprised that I actually like this product and am now a die-hard MakeOn product fan.  I must get my hands on the other products they have, especially their cleansing enhancer!!

Product sent to me by MakeOn Korea.

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  1. Dana

    Hi! I want one!!! I live in USA, do you of any way I can my hands on one of these?!?!❤️

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately, like how I mentioned in the post, you can only get your hands on these in Korea. They don’t ship outside of Korea. But there are a lot of facial massagers from roadshop brands like Nature’s republic, Laneige, Tony Moly just to name a few. I’m just not sure if they have the same magnet technology in the rollers.

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