My skincare story

skincare story titleSo not everyone had the luxury to go to the dermatologist on a regular or even have Youtube at the tip of their finger.  Back in my days, Youtube was just a platform for random and weird videos.  There were those rare videos on how to do your make up but rarely any on skincare.  In this post I will be telling you my skincare story, my journey to the present and how Korean cosmetic changed my life.  Sounds a bit dramatic but it is true.  So let’s get started shall we? ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

You are going to cringe when I tell you this, but growing up as a child I never got into the habit of washing my face.  Like EVER!  My mother had the regular routine of cleanser, and moisturizer but that was about it.  She always told me to wash my face and kept nit picking me to get rid of my horrendous blackheads but never really gave me the tools to do it.  In the beginning of high school one day, I was looking in the mirror and saw these weird bumps which weren’t red nor did any puss come out.  I was confused as to where it came from and was frustrated since I couldn’t find any answers.

Couple days after, I found myself strolling in the department store and somehow ended up in the Clinique counter. I remembered as a kid that my mother would always go to Clinique to buy glosses and skincare products, so I had a bit trust in the brand. The lady at the counter asked me if I needed help with anything so I started telling her about my little problem to which she replied by using the Clinique toner with a cotton ball and proceeded to wipe the back of my hand.  She did a quick test with some clear film on the hand that was wiped and the hand that wasn’t.  The one that wasn’t had clear grey residue while the other didn’t.  I was so fascinated by how clean my skin felt afterwards and decided to come back with my mother to ask her to purchase it for me since I didn’t really have any money in my bank since I didn’t get allowance.  But I just broke down and spent the only $75 I had in my bank to save my skin.  I remembered going home all proud in finally getting myself some “real” skincare items, I even placed all three of the products on my bedroom counter as a reminder to cleanse my face.

Now this was before I had any knowledge as to what my skin type was, how everyone has different skin types and which products you should be using according to your skin condition.  I used the Clinique liquid facial soap mild for three years or so and remember my skin feeling super dry after and tight.  Back then I thought that was what “clean” was suppose to feel like.  After I would use the toner which made my skin even more dry and I couldn’t wait to slather on my moisturizer.  Looking back, all those products were RUINING my skin.  They are absolutely horrible!  Cleansers should not make your skin tight in any way, oily or dry skin!  The toner was essentially pure alcohol and the moisturizer was not moisturizing enough in any way.  Even after I used the moisturizer, my skin still felt dry so I thought I just needed to use a bit more.
Skincare storyThis went on for about three to four years.  I didn’t want to venture out into trying any other skincare products because they were so expensive!! Even to this day, I refuse to use any skincare products that are sold in the western market because I can find better products in the Korean market that is a lot more affordable, doesn’t break my bank and they are more effective for my skin.  The only other western skincare product I used after that was L’occitane’s shea moisturizer which was awesome but covering up your dead some with more moisture does not help the cause.  Scrubs like St. Ives did nothing for my peeling dead skin that would cling onto dear life.  I thought my skin was skincare storyI did buy some Korean cosmetics here and there on eBay, but I only stuck to the few brands I knew which were Etude House, Skinfood and the face shop.  I didn’t know much about the other brands that were offered and never ventured out.  My feelings then for KBeauty was neutral and still stuck with drugstore and online brands offered in North America.

Last year, 2014, I got introduced to a online company called Memebox.  I forgot who I was watching but I remembered seeing a hot pink box that was super affordable, retailing for $23 or $32, and there was tons and tons of products inside including make up and skincare.  I thought to myself, WOW this is totally worth it and it is not a subscription based box, EVEN BETTER!  So I got hooked into Memebox.  Also around this time, I discovered this amazing show called “get it beauty”, which is a Korean beauty skin that teaches you tips and tricks on how to take are of your skin, hair, make up and nails.  Anything and everything was taught on the show by field experts that worked with celebrities and the concepts of the show were amazing.  They had blind tests, DIY and even showed quirky things like the built in fan mirror I bought as well.

I’m really glad I stumbled upon Memebox, I could easily say they changed my life and my skin.  Prior to learning about the ways Korean/ Asian women and men took care of their skin, it gave me a better understanding of how to take care of it and which products were best for our different types of skin.  You might think it is a pain in the ass to wash your face with 10 steps, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature and you will notice a huge difference.

I preach about KBeauty on my blog because it is super affordable and they come up with the most innovative, most interesting products with amazingly cute packaging. Not only that, their products are high quality whether you want to believe it or not.  I have found products like Secret Key lemon D-toc peeling gel which is here to stay and is easily my holy grail product to get rid of my dead skin.

The Korean way of skincare opened my eyes and created a better understanding for me in the way you should be taking care of your skin, whether you are a male or a female.  The western culture doesn’t have the heavy emphasis on skincare and it is almost brushed under the table.  All they teach is use cleanser, toner maybe, buy some expensive serums to see results tomorrow and use some moisturizer, and sunscreen is for the summertime.  Doesn’t matter if you are a westerner or Asian, Korean way of skincare is the way to go.  That is my bias thinking hehe.

P.S. I wasn’t paid to make love to Memebox or anything in this post, I just really admire them as a company and their mission to bring KBeauty more accessible to the world.  Sadly they don’t ship internationally anymore but they will always hold a place in my heart.  I still am getting through the mountain of products from all the buying I did from them last year haha. Slowly but surely….

Now that I have told you my skincare story, what is your’s?  What products did you first start to use? Have you gotten into KBeauty and did it change your life?  Let me know in the comments down below!  I’d love to hear your story.

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  1. Midori

    My sister had the most horrible experience with Clinique and has scarred me for life as well. Their new makeup items are so cute but every time I think of stepping into Clinique, my sister’s face floats by and I just run for it.
    You’re so lucky to have tried out Memebox beforethey stopped shipping internationally. I wonder why they stopped, though.
    I actually discovered Kbeauty and the importance of skincare through K-Pop, believe it or not. Krystal from f(x) endorsed Etude House and Yoona from Girls Generation endorsed Innisfree and that piqued my interest. And now Kbeauty is here to stay! ^^

    1. Christina

      Memebox was having a lot of problems with international customs where customs were charging the buyer extra money because they did not believe the amount that was paid was truthful since you did get a lot of products for really cheap. That and they grew too fast too soon and their customer service could not catch up. Bottom line, they were losing money left and right so they decided to be safer to do it domestically in USA instead. That is what i predicted from the things I saw on forums and facebook groups.

      So advertisement does work HAHA. I always wondered if they worked or not. I found it strange they were get males to model for female majority audience but i guess it does work.

  2. Tracy

    Hi Christina.

    My debut story with cleansers started quite late as well. I used to watch my face with just water and soap, or sometimes just water.

    Then came the cleanser soap and foams from western brands. And these made my face so dry and I naively believed that the drier, the better too. I didn’t even applied moisturisers believing it would make my face oily again. But thanks to youtube, I literally saved my face 😀

    1. Christina

      Hello Tracey :).

      I thought as a child that just water was enough HAHA. Silly me. I thought the same as well with my face being drier. I remembered as a kid there was this clean and clear cleanser that burned my face but felt minty afterwards and I thought it was just because my face was being detox and cleansed from all the dirty build up. Now I think about it, I was super clueless and just sad LOL. Thank god for the internet!

  3. Belle

    Oh god. I remember using cleansers up until 2 years ago that left my skin feeling kind of tight and dry and thinking that this was normal (started with US drugstore brands, then Japanese brands). It wasn’t until I switched to a milder cleanser that I realized I have dry skin that produces excess oil on the T-zone (but the skin is still dry underneath, like a greasy paper bag). I wish someone had told me earlier that cleansers aren’t supposed to make your face feel tight and dry 🙁

    I used to suffer from terrible dry patches until I switched to Korean skincare too! Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin line got rid of all the dry patches and kept my eczema away. I also started using Belif’s True Cream Aqua Bomb and True Cream Moisturizing Bomb and they also work well at keeping me hydrated all day. Have you tried either of these skincare lines?

    1. Christina

      I wish there was someone that guided me through skincare as well, hence why I am blogging to hopefully help others with what I have learned in the past years.

      I just recently started using the Dr Jart Cera balm and quite like it. I wanted to get then cera moisturizer as well but ended up getting the Holika Holika super ceramide cream instead which I actually like a little better and is cheaper as well. I haven’t tried the Belif aqua bomb myself since I’m not sure if the gel texture would be enough for my dry dry skin.

      1. Belle

        I don’t use the Belif alone, it’s just another layer of moisture I use along with the Ceramidin liquid. I agree that it would probably not be enough on its own. Right now I use SK II essence, Lancome Energie de Vie Aqua Gel (free sample, gotta use it up!), Belif Aqua Bomb (daytime) OR Belif Moisture Bomb (night time), then Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid. Sometimes Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream at night too as the last step. It seems like so many products but it really has made a difference in keeping moisture in and not causing irritation. I’m a convert to the Korean way too!

        I’d love to see a review on the Holika Holika Ceramide cream if you get a chance!

        1. Christina

          I’m currently using:
          -Awesome Aqua whip hug foam cleanser
          -Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner
          -Recipe by Nature Spray essence water mist
          -Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid hydra power essence
          -Cosrx Honey Ceramide full moisture cream
          -The body shop vitamin E serum in oil

          I’m sadly almost out of the Cosrx Honey ceramide cream. Lasted me for three months and was very good to me. Very lightweight and super moisturizing for my dry skin.

          I will for sure do a review on the Holika Holika Ceramide cream :). Still waiting for it to get to me in the mail haha.

          1. Belle

            Now I don’t feel like the list of products I use is super crazy 🙂

          2. Christina

            Haha gurl you are never alone. 😛 This is not crazy, this is called “for the name of science!”

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