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Top 5 blushI am back! Wondering where I was for the past weeks?  I was battling with shingles that happened to attack my leg, making my skin bubble so I had to eat some anti-viral medication causing me to be super sleepy.  I haven’t gotten back into the groove but I’m back baby! Let’s start off with my top five picks of blushes which a reader suggested for me to show which ones I treasure. Naturally, I was having trouble just picking five blushes to recommend since I somehow always convince myself this blush is good, no this one, wait this one is too!  When they were all laying on the table, I noticed one trend.  Most of them were matte, either coral or a deep dusty rose shade.  I tried my best not to pick all the same color so I came up with these five.  If tomorrow all my other blushes dropped on the floor (knock on wood ꒰⁎×﹏×⁎꒱՞༘✡) and all shattered, I wouldn’t be too sad since I would have these five to live off of.  Let’s get started!

Etude House minnie blushMy first pick is the Etude House xoxo Minnie touch blusher which sadly was a limited edition product and even I got it late.  I actually picked it up at T&T when it went on sale for $13, which isn’t too too bad considering it is close to the retail price.  I know I know, you must be thinking what?  Purple on my cheeks?  That is totally not going to work!!!  (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ Trust me, lavender on the cheeks is not crazy at all! Not only is the packaging cute, the texture and color works very well with my yellow undertone skin tone as the lavender brightens but there is also some pink and peach mixed in for a little bit of color so the lavender wouldn’t wash me out too much.  I have been on the hunt for more lavender blushes just in case I run out of this blush and I could recommend another lavender blush since this one is limited edition.

Etude House blushThe texture of this blush is surprisingly very silky and not powdery on the skin either and best of all, this blush is completely matte.  I prefer matte blushes usually since I would have the choice of using a shimmery highlighter after and not make my face look like a disco ball.

Etude House minnie blushClose up of the blush.  Look at Minnie’s face!! Every time I use this blush, I get so sad because I know the more I use it, the more Minnie’s face rubs off. Oh well, it was meant to be used anyways.

Etude House minnie touch blusher swatchThe colours can be used separately of course and you could also use it as an eye shadow too.  There is no limits to make up, just use your imagination!

Blended together.  It doesn’t look like much here, but trust me when I say it gives a very youthful, brighten glow on the cheeks.  I love :).

Mac blush in BuffThe second blush would have to be my very first high end blush, MAC powder blush in Buff. When I first started experimenting with make up was during my second year of high school.  I remember the excitement of going to the mall after school alone, quickly scurrying into the MAC store to drool at all the different colours they had, all the products on display and thinking to myself that one day I will be able to collect all the eyeshadow shades they had.  At that time, I had to bus to school and bus back home.  My mother expected me to go straight home since she didn’t want me to be up to no good.  Thank god for her, the only no good I ever got into was sneaking to the mall and drooling over cosmetics in the drugstore and MAC cosmetics.  When I finally could afford getting one MAC product, I choose a matte blush which the MAC girl helped me pick up with my brief preference of a matte finish, and a dusty rose shade.  Thus Buff started my blush journey.  Although the color doesn’t look like much in the pan, this is a perfect no brainer shade that gives with any and every possible make up look, from a natural girl next door look to a smokey look, this blush works! (●♡∀♡)

Mac blush in Buff

IMG_7903Here’s a swatch of it.  It is just the right dusty rose shade to work with my yellow skintone.  I sometimes even bring this a little lower then my cheeks to do a subtle contour, just perfect. Love <3.

Etude House blushThird blush recommendation is Etude House dreaming swan eye & cheek in 02 pointe corale, which sadly is another limited edition product but good news, testerkorea still has it for $9.  I got this one from a past Etude House Pink Bird box and didn’t really think much of it after swatching it and thinking the color wasn’t very bright, just more of a highlight.  Then I used it on my cheeks and it gave the perfect healthy glow look with a hint of coral. 

Etude house blush

Etude House dreaming swan eye & cheek swatch This shade could work for a lot of skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest, I can see it working for all skin tones as that nice, subtle summer glow.

Bobbi brown pink cheek paletteWhat?!? Another limited edtion product?  I know T_T, I only noticed after I was done editing the post that three out of the five blushes I picked was limited edition.  I promise the next one isn’t limited edition okay \ \ \٩(。•ㅅ•。)و/ / /?  This is Bobbi Brown’s limited edition pink cheek palette which I picked up during Sephora’s 10% off sale back in April.  Didn’t think much of it, pretty much forgot I even bought this and left it in my “need to try” stash.  When I finally decided to crack this open, I fell in LOVE!  

Bobbi brown blushThe pink shades don’t look like much in the pan, but somehow it is always those boring looking shades that end up being one of the best ones.  This palette comes with two blushes and a highlighter in the middle. Pale pink (left blush shade) is in their permanent collection, while the other two are limited edition shades unique to this palette.

Bobbi Brown blushI love this palette because I have two choices of blush and one highlight in a palette.  I would use pale pink (one of the left) for a more natural eye make up look, while I would use Powder Pink (right) for a more dramatic look and the highlight to give me that hint of shimmer over the two matte blushes.  This palette wasn’t cheap, going for $45 but it is a good deal since of Bobbi Brown blush is $33. 

Bobbi brown pink cheek palette in pale pink Pale pink: Pink shade with a slight purple undertone (cool), matte finish

IMG_7917Pink highlight: Light pink iridescent highlight with slight fine golden shimmers; not really that special of a highlight, just convenient to have in a palette

IMG_7918Powder Pink: Light baby pink shade (warm), matte finish

Banila co tint balmThe last “blush” pick is banila co’s tint balm.  Although this is not marketed as a blush, I sometimes use this on my cheeks.  I got this product last year in the Banila co Memebox and forgot about it until recently.  Banila co tinted balm reviewThe first time I opened it, I was so confused as to how this balm was “tinted” since it was completely clear.

Banila co tint balm swatchSurprisingly when I applied it on my lips, it magically turned into this natural pink shade.  My second thought was “can I use this on my cheeks?”. It works great actually with my dry skin.  While moisturizing my cheeks, this product also gives me a dewy finish and a subtle “I just ran for 5 miles” rosy cheek.  Definitely a go to product for the upcoming winter time, which is about nine months out of the year for Vancouver haha.

That is all for my top five blushes for 2015.  I’m not much of an adventurous person when it comes to things I fall in love with.  If I like a product, I’m a “Ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”  However I want to provide you guys with information with the latest beauty products, so I force myself to try new things which isn’t a bad thing at all, just bad for my wallet. ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙ If there is any of the products you want me to do a full review on, please don’t hesitate to ask me for one in the comments down below.

What are your top 5 blushes?  Which one of these blushes will you try for yourself?  Let me know in the comments down below, I love hearing from you.

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  1. Midori

    Loved the post! Out of the ones you picked, I have only tried Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink. It’s gorgeous! Also, I love how you photograph your pieces. ^^ x

    1. Christina

      I’m glad you liked the post :). And YASS! The color in the pan just looks like a whatever blush color, but on the cheeks it is amazing. So pretty

  2. Marjolein Kucmer

    So happy I got the Dreaming swan blush in that color too it’s one of my most favorite ones 😀 I wiah, wish I had the minnie blush xD (other blushes are too cool for my skin)… Going on minnie hunt xD

    1. Christina

      You could try the face shop Lovely Me:ex YOU & FACE Blusher in 03 purple fantasy. Although it is not a matte lavender, the color is pretty close to the minnie one and the face shop one has a slight sheen so it gives a natural glow. Super pretty 🙂

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