What’s new in K-beauty Vol. 13

It is finally that time again, a round up of everything hot and new in the K-beauty world.  I haven’t gotten around to this series for a while and I’m definitely paying for it, since there is 75 photos in this volume!  75!!!!  New Korean cosmetics turn over rate is  definitely up there in the cosmetic world and it is definitely hard to keep up to everything new.  That’s where I come along ;).  You know I’m your K-beauty buddy, I gotchu.  This volume, we got a ton of Sakura themed products along with new cushions and my favourite, a NEW MAKEON DEVICE.  MY GOD!  Okay let’s get started and make sure to get some tea and biscuits because this is gonna be a long one.

Vavi Mello valentine box 2 26,000 won

One of the newer brands I stumbled upon when I was in Korea is called Vavi Mello.  I haven’t seen anyone really talk about them and I fell in love with their Valentine box eyeshadow palette which contains neutral shades, both matte and shimmer.  On top of that, its SUPER pigmented which is super rare!!  Anyways, they have a new palette and the shades looks even nicer with reddish tones.  I want it so bad but you can’t really find it overseas unfortunately :'(.

Vavi mellow Heart window lip tint 13,000 won

They also have these beautiful oil tints in five shades.  I really wanted to pick one up but I couldn’t pick any shades that I could use everyday since I’m more of a muted lippie type of gal.  Again, super pigmented and feels great on the lips.

Another brand that is kind of new (for us overseas) is Chupa Chups cosmetics.  They only have a couple of products at the moment but their lollipop lip tints are super popular among high school students in Korea.


I was shopping around online on Olive Young (I use buying service to get things directly from Korea) and stumbled upon this new brand called Colorgram.  From the looks of it, it is a brand created by Olive Young and is an exclusive to the store.  The price is very affordable and the packaging is super cute but nothing was screaming to me unfortunately, hence me not picking up anything.

The only thing that I might get in the future is their BB mesh cushion and maybe their marshmellow blushes.

This brand is quite new, even in Korea.  Lilybyred was another brand I stumbled upon in Olive Young Myeongdong and they don’t offer a lot of products at the moment, but I got my eyes on their powder blushes.  I don’t know if I was looking too quickly or the store didn’t have the blushes, but I’m regretting not picking up any of them.  I did pick up their eyebrow mascara as well as their skinny brow pencil.  We’ll see how they are later on.

But surprisingly, they actually have the lip tints on Amazon!!
This device is something I’m SUPER excited for.  Makeon rarely comes out with new devices and couple weeks ago, they teased it on Instagram that a new undereye device is coming out.  This is the “Makeon thermowave eyelift” which I’m guessing is suppose to tighten up the eye area!!  UGH no news on it yet and it is still not released, but I’m trying to get my hands on it already T_T.  Frinkin LOVE ME SOME MAKEON!!!!

3CE x Maison Kitsune collection
velvet lip tint (5 shades) 15,000 won
multi color palette (2 versions) 38,000 won
eye switch (3 shades) 15,000 won
velvet lip crayon (3 shades) 17,000 won

3CE has came out with a second collection with Maison Kitsune (a Japanese designer I believe) for the spring time and it is super cute! I kind of like the first collection with the dog (or was it a fox).  But the shades in this collection screams my name more then the first collection.  I still haven’t tried much from the brand but I will definitely have to give them a chance.

Etude House double precision cushion (8 shades) 23,000 won
Etude House has come out with a cushion version of their super popular double lasting foundation!!  That is quite exciting since I do actually like that foundation and have reviewed it in the past.  I’m just happy they have 8 shades and not just 3 shades whoo whoo!

Etude House cherry blossom collection
-Cherry blossom dear my lips cases (6 versions) 4,000 won
-Cherry blossom dear my glass + matte tinting lips (6 versions) 8,000 won
Face liquid blur 16,000 won
-Cherry blossom eyeshadow quads (2 version) 11,000 won}

I’m seeing a trend here and I’m loving it.  Cherry blossom season!  I think these lipstick cases from Etude House might be one of the prettiest ones that they offer.  And their liquid edition packaging for the face liquid blur definitely makes me want to get it hehe.
Etude House matte chic lip lacquer (12 shades) 12,000 won
With this liquid lipstick collection, they actually did a collaboration with Red velvet and it is so perfect. Most of these shades I would actually wear and I’m guessing Korea is picking up on the more borwnish tones now.  Kind of late to the game since its been a lot time trend here in North America.  But I do see two countries kind of recycling the trends so I’m really not surprised.

Etude House mirror holic liquid eyes (10 shades) 11,000 won
K-beauty makes some of the most beautiful sparkly shades and these new liquid glitter shadows looks gorgeous!!  My eyes are shooting straight to that peach shade, the amethyst shade and the bronze champagne shade as well.  I’m not a crazy glitter wearer but these look sooo pretty!  I’m like a crow when it comes to shiny things haha.

Dear Dahlia paradise concealer duo (2 versions) 27,000 won
Dear Dahlia is a brand that I’m still dying to try but they weren’t available in stores at the time when I was in Korea.  Now you can actually find the brand in Chicor and Jolse I think!  That’s super excited that they finally have an overseas retailer and I think I’m going to get it soon.  They recently came out with duo concealers and I’m eyeing that salmon looking concealer for my 50 shades of dark circles hehe.

Dear Dahlia multi-balm & eyeshadow trio (4 shades) 27,000 won
These look gorgeous too.  One side is a balm/ cream blusher and the other side has two eyeshadows.  Super convenient for travels :D.  And the packaging UGH.  Don’t get me started about their packaging.

Clio rouge heel velvet (10 shades) 18,000 won
Clio makes the BEST lip products out of any road shop and any time they come out with anything new, I pay attention.  I was super impressed with their Clio rouge heel lipsticks and I’m definitely curious about these new ones but definitely won’t work on my dry dry lips unfortunately :'(.  I need someone to make a moisturizing matte lipstick PLEASE.

Clio prism air shadows (17 shades) 14,000 won
Clio’s shadows are also gorgeous.  I’m not sure if Crystal (from Fx) contract ended with Etude House but I guess it did since she is now the model for Clio cosmetics.  But anyways, these shadows look gorgeous as well but nothing really screaming at me.  I have enough of shimmery shades.

Clio Nudism velvetwear cushion (4 shades) 30,000 won
Clio is one brand that comes out with a lot of base make up, and they rightfully do so because they make some of the best base products.  I’m happy that this Nudism velvetwear cushion doesn’t have that creepy looking mesh this time haha but they could have just did it as a regular mesh.  But anyways, the velvet part definitely wouldn’t work with my dry skin.Clio mad matte tint (3 shade) 16,000 won
Its odd that they only came out with three shades for this matte tint product but the middle shade is something I’d definitely wear.  I sometimes like a matte lip because it makes my lips look extra plump, but I can’t get pass the drying part of it sigh…

Clio kill protection line
-glow sun base 16,000 won
-matte sun base 16,000 won
-clear sun stick 18,000 won

-fresh sun stick 18,000 won

All the brands are gearing up for summer time and Clio is getting a head start.  To go along with all their “kill’ products, they have these new sun products and I’m loving it!  I don’t think I have ever tried any of Clio sun creams, but I personally really like sun sticks since it is lighter weight on the skin and usually doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin.

Clio kill cover ampoule cushion (4 shades) 32,000 won
Okay now this one sounds more like a cushion that can work with my super dry skin.  Haha unfortunately for me when I’m shopping for products online, I always have to look for keywords like “ampoule, moisture, glow”.  Most of the time, it is quite accurate.  I need to get my hands on this cushion!!

Chica y chio one shot eye palette Spring edition (2 shades) 26,000 won
I’ve seen this brand’s eyeshadow palettes a lot on the Korean blogs, but none of the shades ever really call out my name.  I’m not too familiar with this brand but their palettes are nearing $30.  I’m curious to see how they preform and that peach palette is so calling my name haha.

A’pieu personal tone foundation (12 shades) 12,000 won
WOW finally a K-beauty brand coming out with more then 3 shades.  Funny thing is A’pieu out of all brands is the one to come out with legit 12 shades *take note Innisfree…*.  Although the brand was in quite hot waters in Korea, I’m quite impressed.  I’m not going to get too into the politics of what happened since I don’t want to deliver news that isn’t 100% accurate.  But if you want to find a foundation that might be even deep enough for my tan girls, check these new foundations out!

A’pieu eye mousse (5 shades) 6,000 won
I‘ve been waiting for a long time for a brand to come out with neutral and matte shadows and FINALLY someone has taken note and came out with some.  These look absolutely GORGEOUS and they are super affordable too.  The packaging looks high end too and it has 5 shades hehehehe.

A’pieu heart on the cheek (5 shades) 7,000 won
These new cream blushers look super cute but unfortunately, no shades is screaming at me other then the usual lavender haha.  I’m such a lavender freak.

A’pieu baby tone up line
-serum 12,000 won
-tone up skin 9,000 won
-baby tone up eye lighter 12,000 won
-baby tone up cream 9,000 won

Hmmm got no real feelings about this line.  LOL no comment.

Tony Moly love buddy collection
-milky pact 5,500 won
-all in one cushion 5,000 won
-milky tone up cream 3,900 won
-multi mascara 3,900 won
-water tint (2 shades) 3,900 won

One of the best things about Tony Moly is their super affordable price point.  Other then their gel liner, I haven’t really found anything that I like from the brand unfortunately.  BUT the next collection looks quite nice ;).

Tony Moly fabric collection
-crystal lace blushers (3 shades) 9,500 won

-Kiss lover lipsticks (5 shades) 7,800 won
-crystal single eyeshadow (5 shades) 4,500 won
-miracle fit super proof liner 7,000 won
-linen cushion 22,000 won

The lace blushers remind me of a past MAC collection from a long long time ago.  There’s actually three shades in the collection but then I remembered, Korean blushes doesn’t really have pigment :'(. Blah…

The face shop x Coca Cola collection
Oil control water cushion (2 shades) 20,000 won
Oil clear blotting pact 10,000 won
-Mono pop eyes 22,000 won
-Lipstick (5 shades) 12,000 won
-Lip tint (4 shades) 10,000 won
-Bear lip tint (3 shades) 12,000 won

This collection is quite cute but again, I’m not too fond of thefaceshop’s quality and their last cushion I tried didn’t impress me at all.  So this whole collection is a pass for me.

Too cool for school pore zero primer 18,000 won

Too cool for school hydra primer 18,000 won

Tool cool for school studio de tint glow cover cushion (3 shades) 35,000 won
If I’m not mistaken, I do believe this is the first cushion from Too cool for school.  And when I mean their “first cushion”, I don’t count the balm type since that is just applying cream foundation with a sponge.  I may give this one a try since it says it is a “glow” cushion.  But the word “cover” concerns me hahahaha.

Too cool for school coconut sugar scrub lip balm 9,000 won

Too cool for school cica sun cushion (No sebum on the left, tone up on the right) 15,000 won
Hmmm does tone up mean “brightening” (aka. its gonna make my face pale).  I loveee me some sun cushions and sun sticks because they are easy to apply.  But I’d love to see someone’s review on these cushion before me getting anything.

Skinfood yuja waterSkinfood Yuja water line
moisture seed whitening ampoules serum 26,000 won
-ampoule in cream 2x 26,000 won

The Yuja line from Skinfood isn’t new, but they bring in two new products to the line (the two from the right side).  I have to admit, I haven’t really tried many skincare products from Skinfood other then their scrubs which I love.  Give me some recommendations on which skincare products you guys love from the brand! Skinfood rice daily brighteningSkinfood rice daily brightening line
-scrub foam 10,000 won

-cleansing foam 9,000 won
-mask wash off 15,000 won
-cleansing water 12,000 won
-cleansing oil 14,000 won

Seems like Skinfood has revamped their rice products and I’m lovin’ it!  I really like the rice mask which is kinda like a scrub and face mask all in one.  OH I’m eyeing the cleansing oillll!  YASSS.

Skinfood grapefruit juice tint (5 shades) 5,000 won

Skinfood black raspberry firming eye cream 15,900 won
I feel so spoiled now that I have fallen in love with the Amorepacific rejuvenating eye treatment.  Nothing compares to it now and my skin is drinking it like drugs.  Now every time I see a new eye cream, I have that squinty skeptical look.  Let me know if this works for you guys ;).  Maybe I’ll give it a chance.

Skinfood bitter green cleanse line
-clay mask 14,000 won

-deep cleansing gel to foam 12,000 won
-toner + mask 15,000 won

Not sure where the fourth product is, but Skinfood came out with these three new products to their skincare line.  The name does not intrigue me at all hahahaha.  I already don’t like bitter melon, don’t make my use bitter skincare too T_T.
Polatam deep moist melting rich cream 35,000 won
Polatam deep moist facial & body cream 54,000 won
Polatam is one of those not really talked about brands and I really don’t know why.  I’ve tried both versions of their sheet mask line as well as their moisturizer and loved it!  Since the last time I checked into the brand, they have came out with a ton of new products.

Polatam pure moist cleansing water 23,000 won
Polatam pure moist cleaning foam 23,000 wonPolatam vitalizing water 19,000 won
Polatam better aging skin recovery capsule serum 42,000 won

Peri Pera sugar twinklePeri Pera sugar twinkle (6 shades) 9,000 won
I’m seeing a definite trend with these liquid eyeshadow glitters but I’m not mad about it at all. These ones compared to the Etude House ones seem to be denser in glitters and looks like it would be more reflective.  Crow Christina eyeing them glitters.

Peri Pera sugar glowPeri Pera sugar glow (5 shades) 9,000 won
Although I’m not super fond of lip tints, I’m actually quite interested in this one since it has a glow built into it and won’t make my lips super dry.  If I were to choose two shades, it would be the light raspberry shade in the middle and the peachy shade to the right of it.

Peri Pera ink skin tint (4 shades) 10,000 won
As much as wish these liquid airy foundations would work on me, it never does :'(.  It is always super drying on me and clings onto every dry patch of skin possible. These ones from Peri Pera does look promising, but Peri Pera is no Clio.  I haven’t fell in love with any base make up that they have came up with but they do make some nice lippies.

Peri Pera ink fitting palettes (2 versions) 22,000 won
These palettes are super intriguing and I definitely got my eyes on the chocolate palette.  But I also like the strawberry palette since I could use most of the colors for both the eyes and the face. Which one would you guys pick?  Chocolate or strawberry?

Missha velvet lip fluid (5 shades) 12,000 won

Missha sun products seem to be getting a makeover and I definitely am loving the new designs since it gives the brand a more modern look instead of that old granny look.  Good move Missha since their sunscreens are some of their most popular products ever.
Missha daily wear foundation (5 shades) 18,000 won

Missha cotton blush (10 blushes, 4 contours, 1 highlight) 6,000 won
This new line of cheek products is super intriguing!  The packaging kind of reminds me of Shu Uemura and I’m loving it.  I see a lot of very unique shades for K beauty like that bright hot orange red which reminds me of Taj Mahal from Nars.  I’m definitely keeping my eyes on this product.

Missha color filter shadow palettes (2 new verisons) 26,800 won
I was so close to getting the first two to review for you guys but unfortunately it was out of stock by the time it was time for shipping.  These two new versions for the spring and summer time looks gorgeous.  Will have to see if I can get these to review.

Mamonde squeeze your colors (10 shades) 11,000 won

Mamonde cherry blossom collection
-highlighting blusher 24,000 won

-brightening cover powder cushion 20,000 won
-skinny lip pencil (3 shades) 10,000 won
-eyeshadow palette 32,000 won

UGH that blush!I have Mamonde’s moisture cushion or whatever it is called but it dries down a bit too much for my sad dry skin :'(.  But I want that blusher!! SO PRETTY~
Laneige water bank line
quick hydro pen 10,000 won
-hydra mist 25,000 won
hydro essence 40,000 won
moisture essence 40,000 won

Laneige as a brand, their skincare products unfortunately is too lightweight for my dry dry skin.  But surprisingly, I do like the water bank essence.  They came out with four more products to add to the line and I got my eyes on the moisture essence hehe.

Laneige tin balm tint (8 shades) 18,000 won

Laneige anti pollution line
anti-pollution two tone sun stick 27,000 won
all day anti pollution defender 35,000 won
-anti pollution mask
anti pollution finishing pact 26,000 won

J.one x Haart mermaid glow color lip balm (2 shades) 32,000 won
I really like J.one as a brand and their jelly pack as well as their cushion is top notch.  I was quite surprised to see a collaboration collection with Haart (designer I believe?) but I”m happy to see cool new things from the brand.

J.one x Haart mermaid CCC (complete core & correct) cushion 38,000 won
I absolutely love the cushion and I’m pretty sure this one is a completely different product since the other product is called “jelly cushion”.  I’ve also never seen CCC LOL.  That is taking things to a whole new level.

IPKN tone up cream 25,000 won
Esther x IPKN is a super cute collection and I’m surprise that they came out with a part two to the collection.  Actually it could be a part three since I see that they also have some products with a peach color theme to it.  But this time around, the lavender is so up my alley and calling my name haha.

Estherlovesyou x IPKN twinkle long wear meringue tint (4 shades) 16,000 won

Estherlovesyou x IPKN glow founcushion 32,000 wonEstherlovesyou x IPKN eye collection 32,000 won

Estherlovesyou x IPKN twinkle cheek collection 30,000 won
I regret not getting anything from this collection when the first came out with the collaboration but I think I might have to pick this up! It is way too cute and the colors are ones that I would actually wear!
Iope perfect cover cushion (3 shades) 36,000 won
True story, IOPE cushion was THE first cushion I ever tried and absolutely fell in love even though the color was wayyyyy too light for my skin tone haha.  They came out with a new cushion with the mesh technology and I’m LOVIN’ it.  Not too sure about the “perfect” cover part, but it may surprise me like how the Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intense did.

Iope 10th anniversary limited edition cushion design (can’t find it on AP mall so I don’t know the price)
For IOPE’s 10th anniversary, they came out with this limited edition cushion case and it is gorgeous!!  This is for their air cushion which I actually have heard mixed reviews on and haven’t tried myself.  

Huxley tone up cream 28,000 won
Huxley has since been branching out from not just new sun care products, but they are also dabbling into the cosmetic world.  I’m not surprised since they have launched in the States and are expanding quite rapidly.  This product is said to moisturize, block UV rays as well as evening out the skin tone.

Huxley sun cream 28,000 won
LOL this product description is short and sweet:

“Gently hydrating sun cream.”

Huxley relaxing concealer 15,000 won
Even though this product has SPF 30 PA++, I don’t know if I could really count on this to protect me from the sun.  It claims to be a “relaxing concealer that protects skin against UV rays and covers flaws.”

Huxley glow and brightness mask 33,000 won for three masks
Huxley oil and extract mask 27,000 won for three masks
This mask is actually quite interesting because it is one of those ones where the essence needs to be squeezed in before actually opening.  I quite like this since it keeps everything a little but more sanitary and I feel like a child again with my DIY skincare toys :P.

Holika Holika glossy play collection
-price matching blusher & highlighter (3 blushes, 2 highlighter) 6,500 won

-piece matching shadow & glow beam (5 shades) 5,000 won
-Holli pop blur lasting cushion 9,900 won
-jewel light skinny eyeliner (2 shades) 6,000 won
-Crystal melty stick (5 shades) 12,000 won

Looks like roadshop brands are finally taking the hint about the eyeshadow palettes.  This one from Holika Holika looks really nice actually!  The shades are right up my alley but I haven’t tried any shadows from Holika Holika, so I’d proceed with precaution.

Heimish Bulgarian rose water mist serum 24,000 won
Unfortunately for me, Heimish’s cleansing balm didn’t impress me one bit and it started to smell super off, so in the garbage it went. I do actually like their make up though.  Their eyeshadow palette is gorgeous and their lippies is also very nice.  This new product looks promising but my skin hates rose for some odd reason.  But the funny thing is, the Rose water vinegar mist from 107 oneoseven actually works wonders for my skin, so I’m guessing my skin just doesn’t like super heavy rose products or artificial rose products.

Heimish Bulgarian rose water hydrogel eye patch 22,000 won

WOW we are finally done.  If you were wondering why I didn’t comment on some of the products, it is because I really have nothing to say LOL.  It’s like… tada, new product.  I hope this post is somewhat helpful.  I know I didn’t really go in depth of what functions each product does because then, the post would be a movie and I don’t want to be sitting here for a day to go through it hehe.  If you lasted all the way down to here, congratulation.  You got the patience of a saint ;).  Until next time, thank you for staying.  Cheers~

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