Best lashes for asian eyes! (Noon’s up first impression review)

fake lashes on asian eyesI am really taking my words seriously when I said that 2018 is going to be the year of less roadshop brands, and more unknown/ not talked about brands.  This new brand is called Noon’s up which they specializes in false lashes and lash glue. Buying fake lashes for asian eyes is always a hard thing, especially when living outside of Asia and seeing the lashes available in American drugstores.  Its a struggle for sure since it is always way too long on us. Noon’s up wanted me to give their lash glue and false lashes a try and report back to you guys.  Of course, in classic Christina style, I dissected their products down to a T (with tons of pictures of course!).  Let’s check them out together shall we?  Let’s go!

My first memories with false lashes was actually by an Korean company called Darkness.  When I was in high school, there weren’t many cosmetic brands to choose from since Sephora didn’t hit Canada at that time.  So all we got was department store brands, which was too expensive for a poor high school student, MAC and other American companies.  The face shop was among the only other options and they carried the Darkness lashes.  I remembered I walked home with a pair of their criss cross lashes but I ended up cutting it in half because I didn’t like the look of the whole strip.  I actually LOVED the super natural look it gave my eyes and had a nice fairy flutter.  I don’t usually wear false lashes on a day to day basis, but I have a whole chunk of my lashes the fell out and is growing out at the moment, so I do rely on falsies to make up for it.
lash glue manufacturersDescription of product:
-easy to use brush on and to remove
-strong and secure hold
-lab tested for skin safety and formaldehyde-free

Amount of product:
5 mL

Versions available:
Clear, black

Duration before expiration:
6 months after opened

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Arcylates/ Ethylhexyl, Acrylate Copolymer, water (aqua), Iron Oxides (CI77499)

How to use:
Simply apply the glue onto your false lashes, let it become tacky/ dry half way and then apply your falsies onto your lids as desired.


1) In case of any symptoms below, stop using it immediately.  Consult medical staff.
-red rash, swelling, itching, over-stimulation during usage
2) Do not use on an area such as a scar, eczema or dermatitis.
3) Do not apply directly on your eyes.  If the product gets in the eyes, wash it immediately under running water and consult your medical staff.
4) Use as instructed and do not use for any other application or purposes.
5) Keep it out of infants or children’s reach.
6) Do not keep under extremely hot or cold temperature, excessive humidity or under direct sunlight.
-if stored at high temperatures, the ware container may melt.
7) If lid is not closed properly for a long time, the content may be dried up.
If stored on a sideways, the content may spill out.  Always tighten the lid after use.

Lash glue manufactures My thoughts:
Compared to something like the Duo lash glue, this one from Noon’s up is on a whole other level of hold.  It claims it can hold up to 24 hours, and I definitely don’t doubt that.  The glue takes about 1 minute for it to fully dry, enough time for you to play around with.  After that 1 minute, you can still kind of apply your lashes to your lids.  Think of it like this.  When you get a flyer and there is a packet of a fragrance sample and they got that sticky stuff in the back. Yea, this stuff is kind of like that sticky stuff.  Although the sticky level goes down a bit every time you touch it, it can still hold like crazy.  I also like the fact that this comes with a brush and not a standard squeeze tube.  This way, you can control the amount and get an even application.

Korean lash glueI personally really enjoy the clear and don’t have a problem with it when I’m using it against dark liner.  But I know there are people that prefer black for their lash glue.  This one is definitely super dark and doesn’t dry down lighter either!  I’m a little but too much of a nervous reck to be able to master the black lash glue hehe.

Korean lash glueHere it is dried down.  Please ignore the top part, I kind of put a bit too much.  But after about 1 minute, the glue dries down but you still got a bit of time to play around.

Korean lash extensions

Korean false eyelashesIf you want to get the best of both worlds, you can also get the lash glue along with their false lashes. They sent me a couple of their models.  To my surprise, they actually have an extensive line of styles which excites me!

As for the false lashes, there is two lines:
M line: Intensifies & darkens lash line (for a slightly more glamorous look)
The M line has a thicker and darker band, which usually works well with more dramatic eye looks.  Me personally, I would line my eyes with liner as well as darkening up my waterline before using this type of lash.  But that is just personal preference.

3 categories under M line
1) Daily line (Kara, Tiffany, Emma, Ellie, Alice)2) Gorgeous line (Ivy, Audrey, Lucy, Mia)
3) Special line (Amy)
K line: More natural and less artifical look (more for daily wear)
3 categories under K line
1) Daily line (Ella, Zoe, Elin, Daisy, Lily, Emily)

2) Gorgeous line (Jenny, Becky)

3) Special line (Amber, Luna)

The single falsies come color coded by the length of the lashes.  Pink is for 10 mm, navy is for 12 mm and green is for 14 mm which is super long!  I’m honestly quite surprised that a Korean lash brand makes such long lashes since most Asian eyes have less eye to brow ratio to work with.  But it is great in a sense that they can also cater to other ethnicity eye shapes as well!

best korean false lashes For the 10 mm length, there is four models (Ellie, Tiffany, Emma and Kara).
korean brand false lashes
Ellie: Straight lash with a couple grouped together for depth and thickness

korean false eyelash reviewTiffany: Very natural looking criss cross lash

best false lashes for asian eyesEmma: Denser criss cross lash that has more volume then Tiffany

Korean false lashes reviewKara: A love child of Tiffany + Emma; criss cross lash that isn’t as dense as Emma but isn’t as natural as Tiffany

Korean false lashes (Left to right) Emma, Kara, Tiffany
And just in case you were wondering what the differences were with the cross cross ones from the M line, here you go :).  A side by side comparison.

(Left to right) Emma, Kara, Tiffany

Korean fake lashesAgain, purple is for the models with 12 mm length.  I personally LOVEEEE Audrey.  It has that wispy lash look but still looks very natural with a bit of volume at the root.Alice: Slightly longer version of Ellie but a slightly wispy lash look

Audrey: Really natural wispy look with more volume at the base and an airy lash look

Lucy: A mix between Audrey+ Ellie; has a wispy lash look with some straight groups of lashes for a more glamorous look

Ivy is the only pair I got from the 14 mm collection.  14 mm for my eye shape is definitely way too long for my comfort zone hehe.

Ivy: A long straight lash look with couple of bunched up groups for a nice depth and flutter

(Left to right) Ellie, Alice, Ivy
If you guys enjoy the more straight lash look, here is a side by side comparison of the fake eyelashesAnd from the K line, I got these on hand :).  I’m actually very impressed with the K line since I personally like a very thin band for everyday looks.

Elin: Straight lash look with a hint of drama with the grouped straight lashes 

natural fake lashesElla: Very natural “U” grouped lashes with a slight flare at the end

This one kind of reminds me of my beloved Aritaum idol lash in #6, the one where you can get in a pack of 6.  It looks super natural but it looks best with little to no eye make up actually.  

best natural fake lashesEmily: Slightly spiky lash look that will give you that anime look but still looking relatively naturalnatural false lashesJenny: Full wispy lash look (it really reminds me of the Ardell Wispies)

best natural fake lashesLuna: Straight lash look with a slight flare at the end

false lashes before and afterSo I picked out the two that I really liked and tried it on for you guys.  This pair is from the K line, Ella.  It gives my eyes a really natural length and I can easily wear this without any other eye make up.  Love it!  The band is also super comfortable and light.

false lashes before and afterAnd here is Audrey from the K line.  For some reason, I thought it would look way more dramatic but it actually looks very natural and darkens my lash line as well.  If I really wanted to wear this for everyday, I would chop off the end part where it flares out and use it on the outer part of my eye.

Me personally, I really love Tiffany from the M line because it really reminds me of the first pair I ever had.  I really want to recreate that lash look I had in high school hehe.  I also really like Audrey (M line).  It is seriously the prettiest lashes I have ever seen!!  Although it is a little longer then the length I’d usually wear, because of the way it flares out and the fibers being so fine, it looks super natural on my eyes.  And from the K line, Ella is definitely my go to for everyday wear.  But if I want to up the glamour,  I would turn to Jenny (from da block).  Unfortunately at the moment, you can’t get this overseas but you may in the future so definitely watch out for them :D.  This is almost an industry sneak peek.

Which lashes are your favourite and what type of looks would you pair them with?  Also which company makes your favourite lashes? Let me know in the comments!
*This post is sponsored but my thoughts are genuine.*

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