New velvet lips gem! (Superface soft blur lip mousse review + swatches)

Superface soft blur lip mousse reviewAlthough I had mixed feelings about their brow pencil, let me show you a new favourite of mine that I’ve been raving about all over Instagram hehe.  This is their soft blur lip mousse and I was kind of surprised that they sent me this because I asked if I could try their oil tints.  BUT to my surprise, even though I’m not a huge fan of stepping out the door with bright red lips, these are actually BEAUTIFUL!  But I’ll save my words for the review ;).  Let’s get started.

Full name of product:
Superface soft blur lip mousse

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:

High color reflective particles thoroughly fill in the lips to give luscious and vibrant high-definition color.

The soft mousse texture effortlessly glides onto the lips and leave a comfortable, velvet finish without a sticky feeling.

The powerful moisturizing and the antioxidant effects of superface herb 7 complex give moist, healthy and plump lips that are full of life.”

$20 each

Amount of product:
5.4 mL

Duration before expiration:
1 year after opened

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Offline stores in Korean and internationally

Shades available:

How to use:
1) Apply to lower lip then press you lips together for an even application.
2) For a lighter matte effect, apply gently with your fingertips.

Superface lip mousse Product packaging:
I wish the packaging wasn’t all red since you can’t really see the actual shade in the tube.  When I first got this product, I thought it was a mistake and thought they accidentally sent me three of their red shades.  But I knew better, us girls always know better.  Even if the boys are like “uhh… their all red”, we girls always say something like “No color blind boys, this red has a blue undertone, this one is warm undertone and this one ain’t even a red!”.  Case and point.

The tube has that nice rubberized texture to it, the same as what Nars packaging is like but this one doesn’t attract fingerprints since it is red and no black.

Superface soft blur lip mousseThere is a sticker label on the bottom, but it doesn’t have the English name on it and also the manufacture date is covering absolutely everything so I can’t so anything!  I wouldn’t even be surprised if the names for my swatches are wrong T_T.  But I’m pretty sure it is right :D… pretty sure.

I really like the teardrop doe foot applicator.  It has the little hole in the middle to catch some of the product, making application a breeze.  I almost wish the tip of the brush had less hairs so I could do more precisions work.

Superface soft blur lip mousse swatchesColour/ pigmentation:
There is actually four shades to this line of lippies, but I only got three of them on hand.  The one that is missing is called China doll which looks like an orange based red.  All of these shades are super pigmented, one swipe and it can get the job done no problem.  All of the shades have absolutely no shimmers, which is what I prefer.  I kind of wish they came out with more nudes because this product is seriously gorgeous!!

Let’s do some swatches!  These are my bare lips.  They are quite red, so finding nude shades for my bright red lips is a struggle.  Yes I know you can do the concealer trick where you put concealer on before you use a lip product, but I don’t like the feeling of concealer on my lips.  On top of that, it makes my lips feel heavy and cakey.  I’m personally already not a fan of lipsticks, so that extra step will just push me back to being a lip balm/ lip oil girl.

Superface soft blur lip mousse in warm brickWarm brick- warm dusty rose
Although it looks like just another red in this picture, warm brick is more of a dusty rose shade.  I think the swatches up above is more true to color then this picture.  Out of the three, I would wear this one on a daily since it isn’t super bright.  My favourite part of this lip product is when 90% of the product has been either blotted off or wore off.  It gives my lips this gorgeous velvet tint of color but it doesn’t stain the lips.  You will see that in action when my one brand video comes out :).

Superface soft blur lip mousse in flamingoFlamingo- Warm blue undertone red
I actually thought I wouldn’t like this shade because it is more of that bright cherry red.  But to my surprise, I also like this shade!  On the lips, it isn’t as bright as what you would think it would be.  Out of the three, I would rank this 3rd place.  Third place mostly because I prefer cool blue undertone shades for my reds.  It just suits my skintone a lot better.

Superface soft blur lip mousse in flameFlame- Cool blue undertone red
Now this one is my type of red.  It just somehow makes my lips look extra juicy, and the blue undertone doesn’t make my teeth look extra yellow.  I can’t stop looking at this red, its gorgeous!!  I just need to build up the courage to wear this outside my house haha.

Texture/ Finish:
Although this brand isn’t the first to create velvet lippies, this is the first brand that has introduced me to the velvet liquid lipsticks. And I got to say I love it a lot better then lip tints and lip oils.  It is super pigmented and if you want to do the gradiation lip, this product blends effortlessly.  Although it doesn’t stain the lips and isn’t transfer proof, this product sits on my lips comfortably, doesn’t feather and doesn’t settle into my fine lips.  Best part about this product is when the product wears off, the tint it gives to the lips is beautiful and gives you an effortless lip look.  But you and I both know, we’re just too lazy to reapply hehe.

Lasting power:
If you don’t eat, this can last about 2-3 hours before fading to the tinted look.  But if you were to eat, it will for sure break down and wipe away.  I’d suggest to blot your lips before eating if don’t want that joker look after your done your meal. 

All of Superface’s lip products have this delicious mango scent to it. Luckily it isn’t too strong or isn’t overally sweet. Smell-o-scale: 6/10 in terms of how strong the scent is but the scent does fade and doesn’t linger after application.

-super pigmented
-sit comfortably on the lips/ lightweight
-gorgeous tint (that doens’t stain) after product has wore off


Yes 😀

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I’m super impressed with this product and it definitely has that it factor that I’m looking for for a product to be able to get my seal of approval.  The pigmentation is top notch, it sits nicely on the lips and isn’t too heavy while being able to hide my fine lines.  I am proud to welcome this product into my holy grail family and will be reviewed at the end of the year to see if it still holds the title.  That reminds me, I’m going to have to go back to my past holy grails and see if they are still holy grail :).

P.S.  They also have this product on Amazon for $16.99!  Or just pick it up in Boots Korea, Cree’mare, or even Barney’s in New York!  They also have free shipping over $80 on their website and 30% off coupon if you sign up for their newsletter.  Happy shopping!Product gifted by Superface.  Not a sponsored post.

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