Superface superfine duo brow liner review + swatches

Superface superfine duo brow liner reviewHopefully your not sick of seeing Superface at this point haha.  But I’m just going to beat the dead horse a little bit more since I still got more products to show you guys hehe.  I still haven’t shown you the best of the best that they sent, so this is kind of like my drum roll.  Although I got full brows (man eyebrows if I don’t shape it haha), I still do enjoy discovering new brow pencils.  Some of my favourites are the Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil as well as the Pony effect sharpening brow definer which I said in the past is a dupe for the Anastasia brow wiz.  When I saw this skinny brow pencil from Superface, I was really hoping it would be something similar to the Pony effect one.  On top of that, it has two shades!  Let’s see if it can hold its own and end up being another dupe for the Anastasia one! Let’s go go~

Full name of product:
Superface duo brow liner

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:

1.5mm super fine point brow liner allows you to draw more precise eyebrows.

Dual colors allow more natural arch of the brow, gliding smoothly and lasting all day, which is infused with botanical color pigments.”


Amount of product:
0.1 g

Duration before expiration:
18 months (1.5 years)

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Check out all the offline stores here!

Shades available:


How to use:
1) Draw a line from the front of your eyebrows and fill the gap making a natural arch of the brows with the dual colors.
2) Use the darker color for the edge of the eyebrows.

superface brow pencilPackaging:
Packaging for the brow pencil is very simple.  It comes in a slightly matted grey skinny pencil form with a shade on each side.  For me, I picked #02 grey brown and on each side has a little strip of color to tell you which is which.  Nice attention to detail.  The twist up is very easy to use and the pencil itself is super thin, measuring at 1.5 mm in thickness.

Superface brow pencil

Color/ Pigmentation:
For me, I picked the shade 02 grey brown which in my mind, I was thinking it would be a better match for my almost black eyebrow hairs.  I usually don’t use super dark brow pencils since a light greyish brown works just fine in filling my brows.  Unlike most K-beauty sites, Superface doesn’t have seven million pictures nor do they have swatches of the product so it was very hard to pick the shades.

The brown shade is way too warm for it to be able to seamlessly blend with the grey shade.  It is more of a milk chocolate brown with a hint of a yellow undertone.  Its a very odd shade to combine…

Then the grey is a cool undertone that is almost black if it was 4 shades darker.  Iunno, it just doesn’t really mix well together.

Here is the swatches of the two shades.  Separate, there would be no way for me to do a gradiation look with it.  And then when you mix it together, it looks like you died, turned grey and then suddenly go jaundice.  Like what is going on here…

Texture/ Finish:
Luckily for this pencil, its got the texture going for them.  It has a nice waxy but pigmented enough for me to fill my eyebrow texture going.  It is also very long lasting and smudge/ budge proof.  The finish is a very matte finish so it looks very natural blended into the eyebrows.

Lasting power:
I have no problems with the lasting power since the texture and finish of this product is waxy and matte.  Even if I forget and rub my eyebrow (which never happens because… when do we ever rub our eyebrows), it doesn’t budge!  If you were to get your brows wet with this brow pencil on your face, it will smudge off a bit but you won’t have crying eyebrows like raccoon eyes and mascara so don’t worry.

No fragrance detected.

Okay here are my bare eyebrows.  It kind of needs a trim here and there but ignore that haha.  I know these brows might not be the best to show you how well the pencil works since I got really full eyebrows… but hey.  This is all I got.  I’m sorry.

And here is a before (left) and after (right).  I do like how the pencil blends seamlessly into my skin and fills them in without giving me carton brows.  I don’t like the weird brown shade or the fact that there isn’t a spooly built into the pencil for me to brush out my brows with.

-good formation/ texture
-nice that it has two shades

-the two shades doesn’t really match… like at all

Maybe if they came out with single shades or at least two shades that can blend well together.  I do really like the formula.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I’d say this product really is a good one, its just the weird shade combination that throws it off.  If they came out with like 7 shades for their brow pencils, that would be bomb!  No one is only four shades in this world.  On top of that, a lot of us dye our hairs so I’d really like to see them expand their line.  Overall this is actually a good product but just the weird jaundice eyebrow look isn’t for me.
Product gifted by Superface.  Not a sponsored post.

If you are intersted in getting something from Superface, they have a 30% off coupon if you scroll all the way to the bottom and sign up for their newsletter.  They also offer free shipping over $80 ;).  Just an FYI (still not sponsored HAHA).

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  1. Chrystal

    Oh I envy your eyebrows, they are so thick! But I have to be honest, I see no difference between those brows, with which one has product and the one without I mean.

    1. Christina

      I think the difference is more noticeable far away when you see my whole face. It will be more noticeable when my video comes out :). Please look forward to that!

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