Nooni Snowflake Whipped cleanser review

Nooni snowflake whipped cleanser reviewCleansers is one of those products I don’t usually like to review because it is one of those meh products. Most of the time, my skin isn’t picky with new cleansers and I usually don’t react to them poorly.  So when I got a new cleanser, I was like “great!  I just finished my cleanser so I’m in the market for a new one.  What good timing.”  From the last two Nooni toners (Nooni spring water sprout smoothing toner, Nooni spring water seed essence toner) that left a bad taste in my mouth, I prayed these were an improvement and am hoping it will work with my skin.  Along with this cleanser, Nooni also came out with three other cleansing related products, which I will also be reviewing soon so stay tuned for that.  Let’s get on with the review! σ(≧ε≦o)

Nooni snowflake whipping cleanserFull name of product:
Nooni Snowflake whipping cleanser

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“Nooni’s Snowflaker Whipping Cleanser is a daily cleanser that’s part of the Nooni Pink Snowflake series. It removes light makeup, impurities and sebum while deeply hydrates your skin! This cute product contains Sericin, which is a protein from silkworm fibers that contains natural moisturizing benefits. Pair this baby with the Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker to create a luxurious and thick marshmallow-like foam for a deeper clean. The whip maker breaks down the particles of the foam cleanser to create a gentler cleanser that will minimize physical irritation.”

$11 + free marshmellow whip maker

Amount of product:
150 mL

Duration before expiration:
24 months (2 years)

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea
Manufactured by Memebox Inc.

Where to buy:

Sorry it is a bit hard to see but if I were to type it out, there would be so many spelling mistakes.  That and for some reason, the website doesn’t have the ingredients list.

How to use:
You can use this cleanser two ways.  First method is the traditional way where you just apply a pea sized amount of the cleanser and massage it into your damp face.  The other way is to use their “marshmallow whip maker” shown in the video below.  All you have to do is add a little bit of water, a tiny amount of cleanser and churn it like butter.  Once your are done, the cleanser becomes a silky, bubbly foam.  Just massage it into the skin as usual and rinse away afterwards.IMG_5361Product packaging:
I’m really enjoying the simplistic pink packaging Nooni’s new cleansing line came out with.  This snowflake whipping cleanser comes in a tall and skinny tube packaging.  The design, name and information is stuck on with a waterproof sticker.

IMG_5364As for the dispensing part, it just comes with a general snap open and shut lid.

Texture/ Finish:
As I mentioned in the “how to use” section, you can use this cleanser two ways.  Either the traditional, straight to the face way or by churning it into foam.  When used just the traditional method, you get a slight silky lather.  But I actually prefer to use this cleanser after I churned it since it turns into a fine, silky foam that lathers onto the skin a lot more even and smooth.  Either way works fine but I personally do prefer the churned way.


IMG_5392pH level:
One of the main things that do concern me is the pH level.  This cleanser has a pH level of 9, which is pretty dang high.  When churned with water, the pH level went down to pH 8 but still quite high for what we usually would like to aim for.  What that means is this product is leaning too far from being neutral (pH 5), becoming a lot more alkaline and most likely going to irritate the skin along with stripping away too much of the natural oils on the skin, making the skin too dry.  The first couple of days that I tested this cleanser out, my skin was fine.  I did notice my skin was feeling a little bit tight but not so tight where it looks like I got a face lift.  On the fourth day though, I noticed red bumps along the bottom of my cheeks and my skin was feeling a bit itchy.  My skin usually doesn’t react poorly with 90% of the products I test out but this one, it did not agree with.  I usually test skincare products out for at least two to three weeks before I give a full review out, but this product I had to stop using since my skin was getting super irritated.  

Fragrance was something the two toners ,which Nooni came out with a while ago, was struggling with.  Back then, the toners had such a strong soapy floral scent, it made me gag and again, made my skin irritated.  Luckily for us this time, they listened to us and made the fragrance a lot more subtle.  This time around, it has the same scent as their snowflake cleanser (cleansing balm) which is a subtle sweet floral scent.  Smell-o-scale= 4/10 for the fragrance strength.

-does a decent job in cleansing the skin
-light fragrance
-affordable price ($11)

-pH level too high= skin irritated & stripped


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I honestly really wanted to like this product but my skin did not like it one bit.  I really liked the texture after it was churned.  However, with the pH level so high and this product making my skin irritated, itchy and breaking out around the bottom of my chin, I’m steering clear from this cleanser.  I’m honestly afraid to have this product touch my skin.  I think I’ll actually just use this to clean my make up brushes!  Reduce, reuse, recycle haha.  Not much to say about this product other then I’d pass on this product and won’t have this product touch my skin any time soon.

So what do you think about this product?  Have you tried it for yourself?  What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments down below what you think!

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  1. Fiona

    Awww man, the video with the churned-cleanser looked SO GOOD! But the high pH is a no for my dry skin..guess it’s a skip. I am guessing you can find the equivalent of a ‘cleanser churner’ elsewhere though! I’ll have to hunt around.

  2. Joyce

    You can buy just the churner in blue or pink on

    1. Christina

      At that time, they weren’t selling it separately. But thank you for letting us know 😀

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