Which BB cushion compact can fit in which other brands’?

BB cushion compactOne of the most common questions when it comes to BB cushions is “Does this refill fit in any other compact?”  I was wondering the same thing so I thought I’d take the liberty and record it so this could also be helpful for you guys as well.  Yes cushions are very easy to use and get super addicting once you buy one, you’d want more.  But because of it’s bulky packaging, it can easily take up a lot of space in your collection. Please do keep in mind, I don’t have every single BB cushion out in the market (I kind of wish I did HAHA) so I can only show you the ones that I have.  If you are a K-beauty blogger with a lot of cushions, feel free to share your BB cushion collection and maybe contact me as well so we could do a blog post collaboration.  If you are a reader who has cushions I don’t have, feel free to leave in the comments down below which other cushions fit in which other that I couldn’t mention.

I currently have around 35-40 cushions at the moment so I thought I’d be a good candidate in testing out which compacts can fit in which other brands.  So let’s get the show on the road! 

What is BB cushion?
For those of you who don’t know what BB cushions are by now, they are essentially sponges (aka. “cushion”) that are soaked with a more liquified version of BB cream, packaged in a air tight compact that comes with something called an “air puff”.  The air puffs/ applicators are a little different from traditional latex sponges you’d get at the drugstore.  They are kind of like memory foam with a finer bubble density and is able to soak in less product while leaving the BB cream sitting on the surface of the sponge.

Amorepacific Group, the mother company of popular brands such as Etude House, Hera, Laneige, Innisfree, etc, was the pioneer in making the BB cushion popular when they released the IOPE BB cushion back in 2008.  Since then, every Korean cosmetic companies has their own version of a BB cushion.  Even the Western market has turned to the Koreans to create their own BB cushions since as Shu Uemera, YSL, Dior, Bobbi Brown just to name a few.

In the beginning of 2015, Amorepacific actually threatened to sue Lancome under the allegations of L’oreal using the concept of the BB cushion and selling it worldwide without Amorepacific’s consent. There doesn’t seem to be any news of what happened in the end but I have a feeling they squished the beef and collaborate with each other since Shu Uemera’s (a luxury brand under L’oreal) along with YSL (another luxury brand under L’oreal) is being produced in Korea.

What’s the difference between BB cushion and BB cream?
BB cushions is kind of like a Pokemon.  BB cushions is the second evolution of BB creams since it is basically a more liquidy version of a BB cream.  With a BB cushion, it is easier to apply to the skin and also gives the skin a more natural looking finish.  They usually come in a dewy formulation but there are different formulations since it’s early ages and now have matte and satin finishes as well.  Like BB creams, BB cushions used to also have a very greyish undertone but are now a lot more natural and human flesh looking shades.  Unfortunately, Korean BB cushions still only offer around 2-3 shades.  There are some companies that offer couple more shades such as Etude House, Sulwhasoo, and Pony effect to name a few but there are only a couple companies that do.

What is the price ranges for a BB cushion?
BB cushions range in prices and I can’t say the more expensive, the better.  The cheapest BB cushion I’ve seen is still A’pieu Air fit (6,800 won; around $5 USD) and Shara Shara BB cushions for 7,800 won when on sale.  Other big roadshop brands such as Etude house, Innisfree, Holika Hollika retail their BB cushions around $15-$25.  Mid range brands such as Laneige, Hera, IOPE retail their BB cushions around $30-$40. The most expensive BB cushions I’ve seen would be from Sulwhasoo and The history of whoo which retail their BB cushions for $60-$70.

Why the heck would anyone need more then 30 cushions like you?
If you are a true make up lover, you’ll know when I say “they are all different”.  Whether or not it is the limited edition packaging that suckered you into getting it or the difference in formulations, I have an addiction and at least it isn’t something that is harming me or anyone else LOL.  Don’t be judgemental, I’m doing this in the name of science :P.

Holika Holika Face2change photo ready cushionOkay let’s start with Holika Holika. With the newest Gudetama collection, we have here Holika Holika Face2change photo ready cushion from the limited edition collection.  Surprisngly, this cushion isn’t able to fit into the holiday Dodo cat compact oddly enough.  This is because of the Dodo cat compact being slightly slimmer in compact design, making the refill smaller. Luckily, the Gudetama edition does fit into Shara Shara glow cushion and the Sweet cushion perfectly!

Fun Fact: Holika Holika is actually under the same company as Enprani, another K-beauty brand.  For my OG Memebox lovers out there, you’ll remember the Dear Enprani Bounce cheese cream we used to go nuts over.  That is the same brand I’m talking about.  Why am I telling you this?  Sometimes it is nice to know which companies are under the same mother company because their products could be the exact same or similar and you could possibly be able to interchange compacts.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find which mother company is Shara Shara but I’m guessing it is under LG since there is an LG logo at the bottom of the website. 

Holika Holika Face2change Glow cushionHolika Holika face2change glow cushion from the Dodo cat collection doesn’t really fit into any other cushion I have since the refill is slightly bigger then the generic BB cushion refills.  If you are absolutely desperate, the refill does sit in the Fresh Pong Dang BB cushion fine and you’d be able to close the lid but it isn’t secure at all and does shake around.

Shara Shara Sweet cushionAll three of these cushions are able to interchange compacts, Shara shara sweet cushion, Shara shara glow cushion and Holika Holika’s face2change photo ready cushion from Gudetama’s collection.  They fit into each other’s compact perfectly, lid closes properly and also comes out perfectly fine.

Codeglokolor N.all uid foundationThere are different types of BB cushions out there that do not contain a physical cushion that is soaked with the product.  Instead, there are ones like this one from Codeglokolor N.all UID foundation which has a mechanism where you press the leaver in the front and it would push out product.  To apply this, you still do use air puff or you could use any other tool that you’d like such as a make up brush or even the beauty blender if you please.  Unfortunately for this compact, it does not fit into any other cushion that I have.  However, I do plan to take apart and fill my own product that I’d like so I wouldn’t be wasting a perfectly good compact.
Codeglokolor L.Ice metal cushionAs for Codeglokolor L.Ice metal cushion, this one is able to fit into the N.all UID foundation but not the other way around.  This is because the N.all UID foundation doesn’t have the necessary hole cut out that is needed like the Metal cushion. 

Missha M magic cushion Another odd combo that I’d thought would be able to interchange.  I bought Missha M magic cushion from the Betty Boop collection a while back and absolutely loved the formulation.  It is very similar, if not the same formulation as A’pieu’s air fit cushion.  The refill seems to be a generic shape, however they added a wave design to the lid, therefore it isn’t able to fit into any other compact, not even the Line friends edition that came out recently.  So if you have a Missha cushion, it’s most likely not going to be able to fit into any other brands or any cushion in the brand itself.

Etude House precious mineral any cushion Another surprisingly result is Etude House’s precious mineral any cushion.  You’d think Etude House, with it’s very generic shape for the refill, would be be able to fit into any other compact, we are so wrong.  If you have any other Etude House BB cushion compacts, they will fit no problem.  You’d think because Etude House is under Amorepacific, it would be able to fit into any other brands such as Laneige, Hera, Verite.  Nope.  There is an extra edge on the side of the refill, where the lid closes which prevents this refill to be able to sit in any other compact.

The face shop CC ultra moist cushionThe face shop isn’t under Amorepacific branch but under LG.  This doesn’t stop the Face Shop ultra moist cushion to be able to fit into any other compact.  With it’s very generic refill shape, size and design, it is able to fit into Diorsnow, Hera, Mamonde, Laneige, Verite, Etude House and Aritaum’s compacts.

Laneige BB cushionI think these pictures are quite self explanatory so I won’t go into it too much.  Other then Etude House, pretty much all the Amorepacific brands (Dior included and I’ll explain it in a second) and the Face shop’s CC ultra moist cushion are able to fit into each other’s compact perfectly.

Iope air cushion XPPeriPera is also not under the Amorepacific brand but because it has that generic shape and size, we are able to fit Amorepacific cushions into the compact.

Hera UV mist cushion

Verite UV multi cushion LX

Diorsnow Bloom perfect perfect moist cushionOkay, so I know your wondering why Dior’s BB cushion is able to fit into Amorepacific’s brand’s compacts eh?  Well Dior cosmetics actually turned to Amorepacific when they wanted to get onto the BB cushion bandwagon and actually collaborated with Amorepacific to produce this Diorsnow Bloom perfect Perfect moist cushion, hence why the refill can be interchanged with any other generically shaped and sized refills.  That is good news for us because we could buy just the refill now and not have to waste extra coins to get the compact yet again.  I do not believe they sell the refills by itself just yet and you can only get this cushion in Asia.

PeriPera Peri's water cushion
Shu Uemera blac chroma cushionAnother good news for us! Shu Uemera does fit into another compact.  Don’t be fooled with Shu Uemera’s BB cushion, it is not produced in Japan.  it is only “designed in Japan” but manufactured in Korea.  Yet another high end BB cushion that turns to Korea to product their cushion.  And I do believe this cushion is only accessible in Asia?  Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that is the case. With it’s heafty price tag of $50 where you have to buy the compact and the refill separately, we can just switch it up with Banila Co’s CC cushion or even Dr. Jart Bounce Beauty balm!  Save us the trouble, space, and money.  If you have either of these cushions and don’t want to have to get another compact, this is your solution.J.one Jelly cushionJ.one Jelly cushion is yet another one with a unique refill shape and size.  The compact is skinnier then the generic compacts and the refill is wider, making it impossible to fit into any other compact.  If you are desperate, you can fit the refill into Tony Moly’s goddess luminous goddess aura angel glowing CC cushion.  It doesn’t snap into the hole so it does shake around, but you are able to close the lid securely.

Tony Moly Goddess luminous goddess aura angel glowring CC cushionTony Moly’s CC cushion also doesn’t fit into any other compact due to the oddly shaped refill.

Delight 18 IU white pang cellapy sun cushionDelight 18’s IU white pang cellapy cun cushion is also another cushion that won’t be able to fit into any other compact since it’s frinkin’ RECTANGULAR.  Enough said.

The Saem aqua glow cushionThe Saem, another one that I can’t find anything to be compatible.

Secret Key Angel cushionSecret Key’s angel cushion also doesn’t fit into any other compact since the refill is significantly taller then regular refill.

April skin magic snow cushionLast but not least, April Skin magic snow cushion which also doesn’t seem to be able to fit into any other compact surprisingly.

So that is all the research that I did with the BB cushions I have currently.  Again, if you have cushions I don’t have and would like to share your data, please do and tag me on IG or message me here so I can link it to your blog as well.

Did anything surprise you in this post?  Which cushion are you happy to know that there is another brand’s compact that would also fit?  Let me know in the comments down below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Monica

    Awesome but what about sulwhasoo ?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I do not own Sulwahsoo :S.

      1. Livy

        I’m also looking for a cushion brand that will fit into my sulwahsoo compact. I’ve got the limited edition golden peony case that I can’t be seen without. Its so beautiful ~

        1. Christina

          I still don’t have the Sulwhasoo cushion so I still can’t speak upon that :'(. I will get it one day, I promise haha

        2. snowrella

          I got Sulwahsoo cushion compact and it’s fitted with laneige cushion, and also Dior dreamskin perfect cushion refill 🙂

          1. Christina

            That’s great to know! I think this post is getting a little out of hand and there’s no way for me to really test to see if all these brand’s cushions will interchange with other brands cases >_<. Thank you for the info though.

  2. Shana

    I have the Code Glokolor N.all cushion and would love to see pictures of how to take it apart to refill it with your own bb cream, But this post is amazing. I just got into the cushion craze and this helps as there’s cushions always going out of style or have limited edition designs.

    1. Christina

      Sure thing! I’ll definitely record it when I finish up the foundation :). I”m glad you found the post helpful~

  3. BeautyandtheCat

    Soooooo helpful and the graphics are easy to understand. Bookmarking this for reference! –Angela

    1. Christina

      Glad you found it helpful. You can also share it to your cushion loving friends 😀

  4. audrey

    Thanks so much for this? Did the A’pieu cushion compact fit any other refills?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately A’pieu refills can’t fit into any other compacts.

  5. Chan

    Could you please record the process of refilling the codegloker air cushions. I would love to be able to put my own foundation in while using the surface as a palette.

    1. Christina

      I will definitely record the process :).

  6. Midori

    Thank you so much for your hard work!
    I think I’ll finally get to try the IOPE cushion now that I know it’ll fit inside the Etude House compact. I’ll definitely be saving up some major $$$ by buying just the refill!

    1. Christina

      Maybe hit up Boyah. She might be able to find it cheaper for you 😀

  7. alyssah hanna

    Oooh! Nice Cushion collection. May I know which are your top picks? 😀

    I have dry skin, too, along with a similar skintone, so it’s quite a challenge for me to find a cushion that fits my complexion and will not cling to my dry patches or emphasize my dryness.

    1. Christina

      I’m a broken record HAHA. My favourite is still A’pieu air fit cushion since is is super moisturizing, dewy and doesn’t cling onto dead skin. I also like Dior’s BB cushion which is sad to say because that BB cushion is frinkin’ $90. Iope is also a really good pick for a mid range BB cushion and definitely a good starter. Any of those are good picks for dry skin but at the end of the day, you have to learn to exfoliate your skin very well. I use textured pads like the one from Wish Formula bubbling pad and peeling gels (secret key lemon d-toc peeling gel) every other day to keep all that dead skin at bay. Hope that helps 🙂

  8. frogsrcreepy

    Thanks for the informative post. I’m just starting my cushion addiction…I mean collection. My initial cushions were from The Face Shop: Kakao Friends Natural Sun Eco baby sunscreen cushion, Disney Winnie the Pooh, and The Therapy. I have since acquired cushions from Laneige and It Cosmetics. While The Face Shop refills are obviously interchangeable and will fit into my Laneige compact, the Laneige refill has a lip on the closure that keeps it from fitting perfectly into a Face Shop compact. I can get it in there, but I feel I may either damage my compact or the refill may not seal properly, which in turn, could cause dry-out. I love the formula of the It Cosmetics cushion but cannot stand the compact. Sadly, the refill does not fit any other compact I own. My question to you is, has anyone thought to just take out the foundation soaked sponge and put it into the body of another refill??? We already know to flip the sponge over when it starts to get dry. I’m talking about an invasion of the cushion body snatchers. I’d like to know you thoughts (pun intended). Thanks!

    1. Christina

      Some people do transfer the sponge if all things fail but that is usually the last step if nothing else works LOL. Some people also wash out the sponge and make their own cushions too. I mean whatever works right?

  9. Stella

    Hi! I just got a Rilakkuma x A’Pieu BB Cushion which is not sale in my country. I think it will be hard for me to buy the refill from online shops. Is there any BB Cushion refill that can fit the BB Cushion that I have? Thank you!

  10. jasmina

    Hey I love your blog, and am thinking of buying an IOPE cushion to start but I love the Holika Holika’s face2change compact so much, they are so cute!!
    Do you know if the IOPE refills will fit in the Holika Holika compact case?? thank you ! :3

  11. Fika

    Hi Christina! Earlier this month a friend gave me a refill of Laneige BB Cushion. I wonder if it fits into Etude House BB Cushion case? Thank you in advance!

    1. Christina

      I just checked for you and yes, it does fit 🙂

      1. Anita

        Hi is this the new slim Etude House case or the old one that it fits? I have the Cinderella one which is of the old style but I don’t have a refill for it.

  12. Mandy

    Hi! I have a general size question. I travel a lot and am always trying to fit as much as I can into the smallest bag possible. Do you know of any brand that offers a travel size? And if not, which brand has the smallest overall size? I have Amorepacific and Lancôme and they seem to be about the same size…thanks!

    1. Christina

      There aren’t any cushions I can think of that offers travel size. The thinnest cushion so far are the new ones from Etude House (any cushion cream filter, real powder cushion,mild ac clean up cushion).

    2. Blue

      Hi there im plaaning on getting an amore pacific refill could i ask does the amire fit into the lancome?

      And im assuming that the amore pacific fits into the hera but am i wrong?

  13. Steph

    Hi Christina!
    Just wondering if any of the cushion refills will fit into the Heimish artless perfect cushion case?
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  14. Annie

    Thank you for your hard work! It’s very useful.
    Anyway, do you know the Laneige refill fit into the Holika Holika Water Drop CC pact SPF 50+? Again. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Christina

      I don’t think I have the Holike Holika water drop pact but I do not think it will fit since the Holika Holika compacts have a very unique shape for their refills.

  15. Melisa

    Thank you for your information!
    I wanna ask , do you know VOV maxmini cushion from korea?
    Does the case can fit with refill of another brand cushion?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I don’t have that cushion on hand so I can’t say :S.

  16. Ida

    Does the Verite refill fit in the Shu Uemura case? 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Christina

      No unfortunately it doesn’t. If it wasn’t listed on the post, then it didn’t fit. I did test out every single compact I had.

  17. Snow


    Does Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion refill fits in Laneige case?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I wouldn’t know since I don’t have that cushion. Sorry

  18. Allyce

    Do you know if the Innisfree refills will fit any other brand case? I got stuck with old innisfree (pre-mycushion revamp) refills that don’t fit my case 🙁

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I don’t have any of the Innisfree cushions so I wouldn’t know if it would fit into any other compact.

    2. Maddie

      Iope and face shop are interchangeable. Idk about the new Iope cushions though

      1. Christina

        Ahh good to know. Thank you for letting us know! <3

  19. Esther

    Hi! May I ask if Banila Co It radiant CC cushion can fit into Laniege bb cushion?

    1. Esther

      Sorry, i mean if banila co it radiant cc cushion refill can fit into laniege bb compact case? 🙂 thank you

  20. Wai Yee Lee

    Hi, how about laneige 2016 cushion case? Can it fit any other brand?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I don’t have that cushion so I couldn’t tell you.

    2. Jade

      This comments section is out of control.
      I haven’t found another blog post like this anywhere on the internet, kudos to you!! There are so many new cushions these days, it would be absolutely intense to have to check which ones are interchangeable now (but it would be amazing if you could!)
      I have a dior case that I want to interchange with a Jsm refill. I think it’s going to be a lot of trial and error.

      1. Christina

        Hello Jade, thank you for stopping by. I know what you mean when you’re saying the comment section is out of control haha. This blog post is quite old and sadly, I don’t have my cushion collection with me since the move. Maybe the cushion craze will bite me again and I’ll get back into it. For now, I’m trying to limit the amount of products I test out to reduce waste for the planet. You could always consider taking the actual sponge into the case you want! I know the feeling of loving a compact case but then it gets discontinued or you fall in love with another formula.

        Cheers, Christina

  21. Aya

    This post is amazing! Thank you for doing all the footwork! Do you hapen to know if innisfree refills fit in any A’pieu compacts?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately for me, I don’t own any of the Innisfree cushions so I wouldn’t be able to tell you :'(.

  22. Linh

    Hi Christina,
    do you know if Missha Signature Essence Cushion-Intensive Cover refill could fit into any of Hera/IOPE case?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I don’t have that cushion so I can’t say :'(

    2. Festi

      Hi Linh,

      if the size is the same as the Magic Cushion one, I don’t think it will fit into Hera case. I just tried it. Hope that helps 🙂

  23. SA

    Do you know if a laneige refill fits into the apieu smart cushion case?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I don’t know since I don’t have the A’pieu smart cushion case. Sorry

  24. Elize

    So you said that laneige refill couldnt fit the etude’s case? Too bad i planned to buy laneige refill but i dont want to spend my money that much haha

    1. Christina

      Yea unfortunately they don’t fit :S. But on the bright side, more money in your pocket haha

  25. Anonymous

    Does missha refill fit into holika holika?

    1. Christina

      No it does not.

  26. Kaja Elisabeth

    Do you know if all the different Laneige refills are the same size?

    1. Christina

      I’m sorry, I don’t know. I only have the original one.

  27. Vonny Huang

    Hi Christina, I do like ur sharing here. Love it so much. Do you know which one refill fits to the faceshop disney edition? Waiting for ur reply dear…

    1. Christina

      hmm if the face shop disney edition is the same as the one I have (which it should be since it is the same BB cushion), it will fit on the Diorsnow, Hera UV mist, Mamonde moisture mask cushion, Laneige BB cushion, Vertie multi cushion, Etude House precious mineral BB cushion and Aritaum real ampoule cushion

      1. Diany

        I’ve tried to fit a CC ultra moist cushion from The Face shop in the Laneige Whitening BB cushion pact and they did not fit.

  28. Nana

    Can etude ac cushion fit with innisfree’s case? Innisfree have many cute case, but until now cushion that fit into my acne face only etude ㅠㅠ

    1. Christina

      I don’t have it on hand but I don’t think so since the new Etude House cases are much slimmer nowadays.

  29. Daisy

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    I wanna ask what about your beauty people cushion? Does it fit with pther brand? Bcs i wanna buy the beauty people cushion its so cute i cant resist ㅇㅅㅇ

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    Hi, thanks for creating this post! I was wondering if there’s any alternative cushion refills that could fit into my April Skin’s cushion case since it’s so hard to find refills from the brand itself and this is the answer that I am looking for.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Christina

      As far as I know, there aren’t any other cushion refills that can fit int April skin’s compact. At least with the ones I have.

  31. Jaclyn Lam

    Hi, I was wondering does the Face Shop cushion fit into the A’pieu Rilakkuma one? I want to buy the Rilakkuma case for a friend because she loves it.

    1. Christina

      No unfortunately it doesn’t fit.

  32. Edwina Locke

    Ah.. so the newer cushions from Etude House fits each other refills? Because my friend said the any filter and ac mild clean up/real powder won’t fit each other, I’m so confused 🙁 I have the any filter cushion but I’m planning to buy ac mild clean up as the refill…
    I love your post btw, it is very informative 🙂

    1. Christina

      The newer cushions don’t fit in the older compacts because the newer ones compacts since they are slimmer. But if you are getting ac mild clean up refill and trying to put it into the any filter cushion, it should work since they are both the newer cushions. Hope that helps!

  33. Melisa

    Hi , i want to ask , is peripera ink lasting cushion can fit any other bb cushion refill? What bb cushion can fit?
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  34. MY

    Is that Innisfree refill cushion can fix Etude house Brand case?

    1. MY

      P/S: Etude house Brand case is old version

  35. jada

    I was wondering if the Iope case mentioned here is the same one as the case from 2013? I have an old case I saved and was wondering if I could put it to use. Do you think the 2017 version can fit into the old case? I also wanted to know if the NAKEUP FACE CoverKing Powder Cushion pact may fit into anything. The compact is rectangle but the refill itself is round. Also what compact can fit the Kill Clio Founwear cushion?

  36. Nell

    Hello! Absolutely love your blog 🙂

    Just wanted to know if you have had any success fitting MISSHA cushions into TheFaceShop cases?

    Thanks for your time, love!

    1. Katie

      Sadly no. I have a line and friends face shop case and nothing fits into it. Missha looks like it’s about to but the class won’t go all the way in and the waves on the edge of the top closure of the refill get in the way of the case closing.
      Nothing seems to fit into the face shop. Not even laneige.

  37. Sally

    It is said that The Saem can’t fit into any other cushion what about the other cushion? It can’t fit to The Saem too?
    Awhh.. too bad. How about Innisfree, it’s not mentioned. Maybe later when you’ve tried it you can share.

    1. Christina

      I unfortunately don’t own any Innisfree cases so I can’t really share my opinion on it. Sorry!

  38. Taryn

    Do etude house (and other amomrepacific brands) refill fit into the heimish and vice versa?

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    Hi, do you happen to know if Clinique BB cushion refill would fit into Peripera Pearly Night cushion compact? I know it can’t fit into Gudetama Face2Change case, but I really love the new Peripera case and would love to know before I buy it! Thank you 🙂

    1. Christina

      I don’t have the Clinique BB cushion unfortunately so I can’t say. So sorry!

  40. kate

    How about Face Shop CC Long Lasting cushion refill to A’Pieu Air Fit Ppssong cushion?

  41. Polka

    Hello.. thank you for writing this article 🙂 I have a tony moly face mix cushion also apieu air fit cushion and plan to buy dr.jart bounce bb refill. Are they compatible? Thanks

  42. Nikita Kader

    Do you know if Innisfree CC cushions fit into the Face Shop compacts?

    1. Uura

      Hey did you got your answer because I have the same question…

  43. Poland

    What a post. This is amazing ♡.

    Is Laneige bb cushion 2016 the same with their prev bb cushion case? Also is 2016 ver compatible with new urban decay cushion case? I like UD color case, that’s why.

  44. pots

    Hi, this post is great! I wonder if you have the it’s my cushion? from easy beauty if i’m not mistaken, the diy cushion one. Does it fits any of the cushion cases?

  45. Rowena

    Hello!!! You could be my life saver here. I want to get the Face Shop Marvel cushion case. I am sure that most Korean cusions won’t match my skintone (I am about a NC30/35 in MAC, so medium tan) but I thought I could put a sun cushion in there instead.

    Do you know by any chance if other brands sun cushion refills will fit in to The Face Shop cases? Thank you!

  46. Rowena

    Oh I have another thought. If the Diorskin will fit in to the Face Shop’s cushion, does that mean that the regular Dior Cushions (which they sell in my country) will fit in there? They look similar in photos but who knows!

  47. Uura

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  48. Katie

    From what I’m seeing, the face shop lone and friends case fits NOTHING. Not missha. Not laneige. Nothing.
    Anyone had luck moving the product from a cushion refill into a different shapes refill?

  49. PS

    Hi Christina, came across this post as i was looking for refills to fit Lirikos Marine Collagen case… kinda hoping you hv this since writing this post. for the record, Laneige refills will not fit.

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I also don’t have the cushion but I might do an updated post since so many of you guys are giving me your input on what fits and what doesn’t :).

  50. cushionist

    hey guys. I was looking for cushion that fits to ysl cushion. Kinda hoping you guys know something about this. Thank you in advance girls ????????????

  51. dana

    WOW WOW WOW this comparison post omg 😀 bookmarked for sure! I’m tempted to get the LE Dior cushion because of its packaging design and was researching whether any other refill could fit into it so I could reuse the packaging in the future. 🙂 this is such a nice post, thank you for doing such a thorough comparison and test!

    1. Christina

      I’m glad it was helpful for you This post needs an update haha. I may have to do a new one. I’ve never tried Dior’s cushion!! Oh la la, fancy

  52. Kamy

    Hi do you know if anything goes with the Armani to go cushion foundation case?

    1. Christina

      Unfortunately I haven’t tried any of the Armani cushion foundations, so I cannot answer that :'(

  53. Kamy

    Thank you for the quick reply! How about the ysl foundation compact? Do u know if anything goes with that?


  54. Kamy

    Thank you for the quick reply! How about the ysl foundation compact? Do u know if anything goes with that?

  55. Ann

    I am also wondering with what fits the ysl cushion foundation? Could you please analyse that? I bought it last year and its so pretty and I don’t want to throw it away or spend a lot for the refill

  56. Izzy

    does anyone know if any other cushion refills would fit into the peach c cushion ? i really want to keep the container to be more sustainable however when it runs out i can’t refill it as i can’t find the refills on stylevana (where i bought it from) 🙁

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