Oh my no… Skinfood royal honey propolis essence foundation warning

Skinfood royal honey propolis essence foundation reviewI’ve never actually done this type of post before but I think it must be said to warn you guys because… just no.  Just like the title says, oh my NOOOOO.  Haha I might have to start a new series called Oh my no to warn you guys which products to avoid hahahaha.  But anyways, I got this couple months back from Jolse (gifted.. thank you as always) and I was super excited because anything honey works with my skin type.  I want to break into the foundation category since I’ve been obsessing with cushion for so long that I wanted to expand my knowledge.  Want to hear my warning signs?  Click read more and you shall find out.

Skinfood royal propolis honey essence foundation reviewSo a while back, I have heard great things about the Skinfood honey propolis cushion but never ended up getting it for some reason.  They recently came out with a whole new honey propolis line that included skincare as well as this foundation.  Me being the honey lover that I am, I happily picked this baby up on Jolse thinking this will definitely work with my skin. You know, the product comes in this attractive clear glass bottle that is tinted brown with a bronze pump.  Everything was fine until…. I plumped this shit out.  HOLY FACK THIS SHIT STINKSSSSS.  Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t mind a bit of fragrance in my products but this has a smell-o-scale (my made up smelling scale to measure fragrance) of x100000000.  I’ve NEVERRRR smelled anything THIS DAMN STRONG.  It has this intoxicating scent of slightly floral, sickeningly honey scent that can inject anyone with a headache ANY DAY.  I can NOT get myself to put this on my face because just putting it on the back of my hand and having to smell it makes me want to gag left and right.

Skinfood royal propolis honey essence foundation swatchNot only that, shade #23 is way too yellow on me.  Like it will make me look like I have jaundice.  I have tried to use this on my face but I didn’t find it hydrating.  I’m so confused LOL.  What went wrong with this product and who in the board room approved of this product to be sold.  NO… OH MY NOOOOOO.  Run to the other side of the field type of no.  Yea okay, nothing else to say.  Back to our regular irregular (slightly) scheduled programming.  Thank you for listening to my rant.

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  1. mcastro

    Christina, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

  2. Shirley

    hi i actually was not bothered by the smell. Maybe it was chocolate but after two tries i broke out. but i have really sensitive skin. Everything Korean breaks me out because it centaines Phenoxyethanol :(((((

    1. Christina

      Honestly not surprised to hear that it broke you out. If your allergic to Phenoxyethanol, what products do you use? Just asking out of curiosity.

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