Biggest mascara wand ever (Superface monster mascara review + demo)

Superface monster mascara reviewAnother product you don’t see me review much would be mascaras.  Why?  Because I already got one that I like (Maybelline Rocket mascara in waterproof version) and I just like to stick with that.  I know that’s not really beauty blogger of me to not try new things for you guys, but my mascara heart is tainted by bad mascaras like the bad boyfriends I’ve had in my life. LOL so dramatic.  Anyways, I still tried this mascara from Superface in hopes of finding a new gem, so let’s get into together shall we?

Full name of product:
Superface monster mascara

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
Power setting mascara with monster mega brush for dramatic curl and long lashes.

Monster mega brush for dramatic curling.
Curvy monster mega brush lifts the lashes from the roots to the tip and holds them with dramatic curling results.

Multi action curling and long lashes
In addition to curling results, adhesive elastic formula coats lashes for long lasting effect and long lashes.”


Amount of product:
10 mL 

Duration before expiration:
3 months after opening

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Offline stores in Korean and internationally 


How to use:
1) Starting at the base of lashes, seep mascara up and out.
2) Apply a second coat for added fullness and length.

Superface mascara reviewProduct packaging:
To my surprise, the packaging is very nice!  It definitely feels high end without the crazy price tag.  It comes in a standard mascara tube with the scrape thing to get rid of the excess mascara.  Wow I’m great at explaining.

Superface mascara

The wand itself is insanely big, like the name states…”monster”.  The spikey point at the end reminds me a lot of the Givenchy Phenomen eyes mascara which unfortunately did nothing for my lashes.  I have long lashes but they aren’t thick and wet formulas make them droop, hence why I always have to buy waterproof versions.  I found this wand to be too big to work around and I really can’t imagine someone else with shorter lashes to be able to work with this fat wand.

Effects on lashes:
Like I said before up top, I have relatively long lashes but they aren’t thick.  I always have to use waterproof mascaras to keep the curl up all day.  Couple that has been my tried and true are the Maybelline one by one (discontinued) and L’oreal million lash in waterproof, both from the drugstore and both the only ones that have came out on top even after trying expensive ones.

This mascara coated my lashes well and didn’t clump up which is something I always look for in my mascaras.  But about ten minutes later, my lashes started to loose its curl and drooped.  The wand was also hard to work with since it was so big.

There isn’t really any particular fragrance in this mascara.

-doesn’t clump up the lashes
-darkens the lashes

-formula doesn’t hold up my curl enough
-wand too big to work around


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I wouldn’t say this is a bad product, it just didn’t work with my lash type.  The wand is too large to work with and found at times accidentally jabbing at my eyeball.  Overall I think this is a decent mascara but I can’t really recommend it since the formula couldn’t hold up my curl.

Product gifted by Superface.  Not a sponsored post.

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