Peri Pera ink lip pencil Review + swatches

Peri Pera inkl lip pencil reviewWhen I think of Peri Pera, I think of lip products.  I have tried their “Peri’s water cushion” but I wasn’t impressed at all. Last Christmas, they had a couple of awesome value sets which I did end up picking up but I still haven’t tried the product to this day -_-.  My room is so saturated with products, I don’t even know where to begin anymore.  This year, Peri Pera came out with a lip pencil kit instead of their usual lip tint set which they had last year.  I would have picked up the lip tint set but honestly, I’m over the lip tints since I like to change it up too often and stained lips drive me nuts.  With my monthly picks from Jolse, I picked this Peri Pera ink lip pencil set to review for you guys so let’s see how these preform!

Full name of product:
Peri Pera ink lip pencil

Limited edition/ Permanent?:
Limited edition
(I think but they do seem to have limited edition products sold for a long time.  I mean the lip tint set from last year is still available.)

Description of product:
ook”Highly pigmented lip ink in a pencil form.  Ink lip pencil provides never-seen-before, rich colour for a captivating l.  This versatile set of eight playful lip pencils can reach every corner of your lips, allowing you to create any lip look.  Smooth as velvet, intense as tint.  Ink lip pencil melts smoothly onto lips, giving you a luxurious luster.  The super soft pencil glides on smoothly and effortlessly without drying the lips.’
Peri Pera ink lip pencil review
23,000 won (sold on Jolse for $19.58)

Amount of product:
0.8 g x 8

Duration before expiration:
12 months (1 year)

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the ingredients list :S.

Peripera lip pencil set reviewProduct packaging:
Packaging for these lip pencils remind me of the little tin case that held my coloured pencils when I was a kid.  The cardboard that it comes with mimics a boom box type of thing, okay maybe not a boom box but it just remind me of the 90’s and early 2000’s when hip hop was huge.  There is even a little handle!

There isn’t much English on the back other then the shade name and a short description.

Peripera lip pencil set reviewWhen you open the tin case, the pencils are housed in a plastic holder to keep everything in place. You can easily take out the plastic and store more products in there if you please.  For now, I’ll just keep them in here for now.

Peri Pera ink lip pencil The pencils themselves aren’t that long, each measuring at 8 cm from top to bottom with the lid on.  These pencils are twist up so you don’t have to worry about sharpening but unfortunately if the tip gets dull, there is no built in sharpener to make them sharp again.  Also each lid are corresponding to what the shade is inside.  One thing I do wish that they would have done is make these pencils a bit chubbier.  If these were designed for all over the lips, this size definitely does not suffice.  To draw in my whole lip, it takes at least a good 2-3 minutes since they are so thin.  Looking at their website, it doesn’t seem to come individually, let alone a full size so if you fall in love with any of these colours and are looking to buying it as a full size, no beuno.  Hopefully they came out with this set just to test the waters and release full size ones later down the road.

Color/ Pigmentation:
What caught my attention to this set is the variety of shades that it comes with.  This set hits all the shades I’m always looking for in what I call a “complete collection”. The definition of a complete collection to me, there has to be at least two nudes, a pink, a orange, a red and some type of purple and this set definitely hit all of that.  Not only does it have all the colors I look for, these are also super pigmented and glides onto the skin effortlessly.

For comparison, here are my lips.  I wouldn’t say they are super flakey but when they are dry, there are little spots where product would catch onto if I don’t moisturize.  For the purpose of testing, I usually don’t apply a thick layer of lip balm, just a tiny amount so my lips don’t blend with all the swatching and wiping.peripera lip pencil set review#1 Beige: Cool tone light nude beige with very fine gold shimmers

This colour I honestly wasn’t expecting it to nude out my lips a lot since I have quite pigmented lips but it seems to do a decent job actually and is a shade I’d definitely use if I want to do a gradation lip look.

Peripera ink lip pencil

Peri Pera ink lip pencil review#2 Yellow orange: Warm tone bright orange shade with a slight reddish undertone

I personally am not a big orange person and I’m more of a muted, dusty beige type of gal but if I’m ever in the mood for a bright orange color, this is the shade to go for.  I imagine this as a Summer shade more then a winter shade but honestly, you can wear it whenever you want.

Peri Pera ink lip pencil review

Peri Pera ink lip pencil review#3 Grapefruit:  Cool tone reddish orange shade

Okay, I don’t know who the hell is blind at the Peri Pera naming department but this sure as hell ain’t grapefruit.  Blood orange more like but definitely not grapefruit.  If “Yellow orange” is too bright for your liking and you want something more muted but still decently bright, “grapefruit” would be a good choice.  It leans more towards a red shade but there is still an orange element to it.

Peripera lip pencil set review

Peripera lip pencil set review#4 Pink: Warm toned strawberry pink shade

Okay so first it is “grapefruit”, now it is “pink”… the most original name every HAHA.  Oh well, at least they tried.  I personally am not too big of a fan of pink on me since, I don’t know.  Something always looks a bit off when I wear pink but this “pink” shade, I would actually wear out.  It is a very true strawberry shade without being overly bright which I can appreciate.

Peri pera ink lip pencils review

Peri pera ink lip pencil set review#5 Red: Warm tone fire truck red

Again with the most original names ever.  The name kind of explains it well enough right?  My job here is done.

peripera lip pencil review

Peripera ink lip pencil swatch#6 Fuchsia red: Cool tone red with slight blue undertones

Unlike “red” up above, “fuchsia red” is on the cool shade with a slight blue undertone which helps make your teeth not look yellow, something I absolutely hate.  This shade does not scream fuchsia to me at all but I guess they ran out of names eh?

Peri pera ink lip pencil swatches

Peri pera ink lip pencil#7 Rose: Warm toned dusty rose shade

Rose is definitely my most favourite shade out of all of them.  On a daily basis, I prefer to wear a shade like this that is easy to pair with any look and just looks more relaxed. This is also a great shade for if you want to do a graduation look.  But since this shade is lighter then all the other shades, this does accentuate any texture on your lips so beware.

Peri pera lip pencil swatches

#8 Violet: Cool tone purple shade with blue undertones

So when they have a shade that legit looks fuchsia, they don’t use the name.  Fail LOL.  Out of all of them, this shade definitely is the most unique shade and one of the most unique shades I have came across from K-beauty.  It is that perfect cross between a grape purple and fuchsia, something you’d have to spend $18+ or more on a limited edition Mac lipstick if you want something like this.  This shade would also look great on lighter skin tones and darker skin tones.  If your feeling bold, this is the shade to go for.

peri pera ink lip pencil swatches

Peri pera ink lip pencil set swatches reviewHere are all the shades swatched side to side.

If you haven’t guessed, these lip pencils also stain the lips which is a rare item I think and very unique indeed.  At this point, I think we’re quite sick of lip tints so the next big thing is definitely lip pencils since you get better precision.  All of the shades stain the skin very well except for #1 obviously.

Texture/ Finish:
I was really afraid these would be drying for some reason since most lip pencils have that slight waxy texture so it came stay put.  To my surprise, these are actually very moisturizing and I even drew over my dry lips and they didn’t catch onto my dry patches which surprised me.  With just one swipe, get full pigmentation and after the colour has worn off, it leaves the lips slightly stained which is a very nice touch.  The stain doesn’t leave the lips until a day later so make sure you don’t draw too much out of the lines or else you’ll look like Krusty the clown.

Lasting power:
Since these aren’t as waxy as normal lip pencils, these unfortunately will wear off if you decide to drink or eat something.  Talking should be fine unless you drool a lot, then in that case I can’t help you.  The stain afterwards stays on the lips for a whole day, even with oil base make up remover.

These do not have a fragrance to them.

-super pigmented
-glides onto the lips effortlessly
-great range of shades
-affordable retailing at around $20 for the whole set

-wish these came in full sizes

Most definitely if I ever finish these pencils!

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
These easily are a new holy grail for me.  Not only are these super pigmented, stain the lips as an added bonus, glide onto the lips and over dry patches effortlessly, they are also affordable and come in unique shades I haven’t seen in the K-beauty market.  I absolutely love the two nude shades, and surprisingly the pink shade as well.  The violet shade I’d have to pick the right occasion to be able to wear it out but other then that, I can see myself wearing all of these shades one way or another.  One thing that does bother me is the size of the pencil since it takes way too long to draw in my lips but other then that, I absolutely love this whole set and I hope to see they come out with a full size version of these babies.

What do you guys think about this kit?  Would it be something you’d enjoy as well?  Which shades is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments down below and tell me what you think!

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  1. Midori

    Ugh, I’ll have to search high and low to see if it is still in stock! All of the colours look so pretty!

    1. Christina

      They do have this still on Jolse :D. The link is in the “where to buy” section”.

  2. Lisa

    OMG, I wanna get it. It is so cool, and I love all of the colors. But, is it transferproof?

    1. Christina

      When the lip pencil is applied on freshly and it is still slightly glossy, it does transfer but the stain effect does not transfer one bit!

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