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Soooo, before you freak out and say I’m a hoarder (well that’s the true and I don’t mind haha), this haul is actually three in one.  Back in July, I ordered a couple of things because Gudetama x Holika Holika happened and Gudetama is my absolute weakness if you didn’t know by now.  Around that time, I also ordered a couple of shampoos and a light therapy device that I really wanted to get my hands on.  Unfortunately since you can’t ship battery products by air mail, surface shipment had to be done.  At first when Amy from Boyah asked for me, they said it had to be a current weight, a really heavy weight but they wouldn’t tell us how heavy so I was imagining a parcel with an elephant in it or something.  Then I kept bothering her (not that I really needed to since she is awesome like that) and she went another time to the post office and they told her the minimum weight for surface mail was 2 kg, which wasn’t a problem since I didn’t really want to ship the heavy shampoos by air anyways.  That parcel took 2 months to get to me and then after I ordered a couple more things on Black Friday, which leads us back to present time.  So let’s get started with the haul whoo whoo! 

So a couple of “what’s new in K-beauty” series back, I discovered this Makeon light therapy device which uses the science of different LED lights to produce a chemical reaction underneath the skin to improve targeted concerns such as acne/ bacteria, collagen and rejuvenation.  I have seen such devices on the Western market for a while now but they either look super cheap or super duper expensive.  I’m talking $500 price tag expensive, something I wasn’t willing to fork out just to try it out.  So when I saw this device retailing for $150, I was like hmm I will consider it.  Lucky for me that whole post office miscommunication happened, I was able to score this baby for around $112 CDN on G-market I believe.  Like I said up above, I had to wait two months for this to arrive to me.  I was quite scared that it might have gotten lost in the mail since there wasn’t any tracking number on it but sure enough, I got it in late November!

Opening up the box, you see this sleek packaging and flipping up the left side, you see the device!

The device itself is actually a lot smaller and a lot lighter then I imagined it would be.  It also comes with a charger but the charging head is build for Korea so if you were to want to get your hands on this device, you would have to use a charging converter.  Luckily I discovered that the wattage on the charger is the exact same as the ones I use to charge my iPhone and also the charging head is just a regular micro USB.  And so far, nothing has exploded so all is good HAHA.

The device itself comes in a slightly matted white body with the light therapy in a slant on top and two stainless steel plates surrounding it.  On the side, there is a button where you turn on and off the device, as well as switching the lights through blue, yellow, and red.  The device does not turn on unless it is against skin and for some reason, sometimes it can’t detect that or if your skin is on the thick side, it doesn’t turn on.  Weird.. 

There are four modes, manual mode which you can have either blue, yellow or red, or if you just turn it on and use it, it will do all three for you in a timed manner.

So after experiencing Beauty people’s BB cushion, I absolutely fell in love with it.  I was cruising around Tmon and saw that they had the foundation on discount for 9,700 won which is a pretty good price and I was hoping it would be as great as their BB cushion.  Unfortunately for me, shade #23 is a bit too dark so I’ll have to lighten it up somehow but first impression wise, adherence is quite nice and it seems to have medium to a buildable full coverage.

Since shipping was free with orders over 12,000 won, I picked up the Eglips blur pact for 5,900 won since Pony always uses it in her videos and it seems to be quite a popular product.  I got it in the original formulation in shade #23.  There is a pinky version which is suppose to brighten up the complexion and another version which is slipping from my mind.

Although you don’t get that much product, for $5, you really can’t complain.  The powder is super filly milled and on the skin, even on my dry skin, it doesn’t look cakey at all.  It really reminds me of Pony’s mattifying blur powders which costs four times the price.  So if you want a dupe, this is a good one.  I have a feeling Pony got the inspiration from this product since she has been using it for so long.

Of course, a haul is not complete without a BB cushion, well three to be exact for this haul haha.  To the left side, we have Swisspure’s petit prince collaboration BB cushion which came out couple months back but I didn’t end up getting it then since I was skeptical it would have the same formulation as A’pieu and Missha since they are all in the same company. So when it was on sale, I picked it up for 8,960 won instead of 12,800 won.

Another cushion that caught my fancy is the Verite ice emulsion pact which I saw on Get it beauty.  Even though it was blurred out, my detective skills came in good use (more like I just looked at the comment section HAHA).  When I first started looking into Verite as a brand, they had very few products and only one cushion.  Now they have more then five cushions and a whole lot more skincare products.  One of the new releases was the ice emulsion and this cushion is not like your typical BB cushion.

Tony Moly came out with a Pokemon collaboration in August I think but for some reason, it took them so long to release the products after they released a sneak peek.  Like seriously, a sneak peek is suppose to be “hey this is coming out really soon, so look at me!”  Well boy.. I did look at you and now I’m pissed because it hasn’t been released for over a month now.  What is up with that!  I forgot at what point did they finally release the damn collection online, but I ended up just getting the BB cushion which is a lot smaller then I though it would be.  It is significantly smaller, kind of like the size of a cushion blusher if you guys are familiar with that size.  I know just recently they came out with a 3D Pikachu compact that is a full size BB cushion but if I’m not mistaken, that cushion is 24,000 won while this one is 12,800 won.

The inside of the refill, it is actually beads of the BB cream along with beads of colours such as mint, lavender and light pink for colour corrector. People been asking me how would it be practical if the beads are sitting in the compact, won’t it just fall out.  No there is actually a mesh that covers it but I took it off to show you guys what it looks like inside.  I have tried it out already and so far, I can’t say I like it.  It doesn’t really give any coverage, kind of more like a glorified tinted moisturizer LOL.  Retailing for 40,000 won, I would definitely not have paid that amount.  I found it somewhere for 25,000 won which was a more acceptable price point for me.

Along with the Verite order, I also scored a deluxe sample of some of their skincare which I wasn’t expecting to get since I got the cushion on discount.  Well I got some more trying out to do haha.

So a long time ago, about six months ago, I asked Memebox if they had any K-beauty hair products they could recommend.  In that response, they sent me a bottle of the Ryo shampoo in the purple bottle for dry scalp and I absolutely fell in love with the formula.  It made my hair soft and something even more amazing, not only does my hair not look and feel as dry as it was before, my scalp wouldn’t get super oily after three days!  I mean I can go almost 4 days without washing my hair and I would be completely fine.  Well I didn’t want to go back to using Aussie, and I don’t trust any drugstore shampoo and conditioners I can get here since it is way too drying but I’m not willing to pay $40 for shampoo.  So when I saw this deal on Chuseok for $24, which you get two bottles of the total anti-aging shampoo, two bottles of their anti hair loss shampoo (one is with my mother) and also a bottle of their anti hair loss treatment for $24, I was sold.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know they were all shampoos.  I thought it was a shampoo and condition combo but guess not.  Oh well, I’ll just find another hair treatment to use :P.  If you guys have any good recommendations for a scalp treatment that is super moisturizing, let me know because my scalp is super duper dry at the moment.

Couple of items I picked up from Aritaum during a sale was some lashes since I’ve been hearing amazing things about them.  They were 50% off so I got each for $1.50 and the 3 pair set for 7,000 won each but I got 50% off with that too.  Along with that mini haul, I also picked up their “professional ice calming cooler” which I have never seen before and it was also 50% off, so I picked it up for 5,000 won.  And to the right, we have a tubed version of their ginger sugar lip line in the balm.  I have their sleeping pack which I absolutely love and highly recommend, but when I’m on the go, I don’t want something so thick since my hair gets stuck on my lips and then it gets all over my glasses.  Hopefully this one is just as moisturizing but not as thick and sticky.

When I was browsing on the site and saw this, I thought you had to leave it in the fridge and take it out when you want to use it.  To my surprise, it is cooling enough without even having to put it in the fridge.  It also stays cool for a long period of time which is also a surprise to me.  I sometimes like to use this over my sheet masks for that extra boost of coolness.

So I’ve been wanting to get more into color contacts for a long time but I don’t want to shop for them online or on sites like pinky paradise since I read some pretty bad reviews and that they sell some fakes?  I don’t know how true that is but I don’t want to risk it since these are eyes we are talking about.  I also didn’t want those three tone ones since they look super fake.  I always wanted ones that look like those Desio lenses but $80 is a little ridiculous for some lenses.  Korean beauty youtubers have been using colour contacts for years and they definitely have it down over there.  When I saw O lens’ new russian velvet line, I almost died.  They are exactly want I wanted, something that will change my dark brown eyes to a light grey but still look super natural and will make people question if those are your real eyes or not.  But since each of my eyes have two different degrees, I would have been stuck buying two boxes which would have costed me $40 for two pairs.  Luckily when I was buying the W.lab set, these were on bogo so I got two pairs for the price of one.

I got the Russian velvet in light brown, russian velvet in grey and also another one in their Ciel 3con collection that is a dark grey with hints of yellow around the pupil.  They recently came out with a light blue for the Russian velvet and I was going to buy it but when Boyah went to get it for me in the store, they only had 2.75 left and no 2.50.  I didn’t want to blind so I opted out even though it is a really amazing sale at the moment.  Buy one get 2 FREE!!  They hell?!?! LOL

If you guys are interested in these, you’ll have to use a buying service since O lens doesn’t ship outside of Korea and they also can’t be bought over the internet in Korean since it is illegal apparently.  So find a buying service that is willing to go to the physical store. 

Buying things in Korea, you always get tons of perks like tons of free samples or some type of freebies like a make up pouch, blanket, mirror, that sort of thing.  When you buy contacts, they give you contact cases like these ones along with contact solutions.  I didn’t want the solutions since I don’t know what is in it, nor did I want my package to be heavier so I told Boyah to just keep it.  I do really like the cases though since it is relatively compact, has a mirror inside, has the contact case and also a cute little rubber tong that I really enjoy using.

Of course, I lost my shit when I saw Holika Holika releasing the second part to their Gudetama collaboration.  So I had to pick up their make up sponge because, well it has gudetama’s face on it.  HELLO!  They also sold the BB cushion compact separately this time for 8,000 won.  Along with all those, I also picked up one of the blushers and one of the two eyeshadow palettes.  Annoying enough, the whole collection is now on sale on Holika Holika for the holidays so you might want to check that out.

There were two eyeshadow palettes, a neutral brown one and this one which is the truffle version.  I picked this one out since it is more unique and that burgundy wine shade looks gorgeous.  I still have yet to swatch it since I don’t want to ruin Gudetama’s face but I will soon.  When I saw the blushers, I wanted to buy all of them but I knew it wasn’t realistic so I ended up buying just the coral peach shade.  To my surprise the cover  inside has Gudetama and his luscious booty.  Along with that, there is also a mini sponge with Gudetama’s face on it. The sponge is a different type of sponge and is more of a plasticy type, not the usual ones you’ll find in your BB cushions.

The only reason I bought $30 worth of products was to get this pouch.  Yes I know I know, I’m one of those lambs that are dumb enough to get sucked into the freebies, but.. IT’S Gudetama okay.  Let this one slide.

And last but not least, the W.lab beauty box which was a value set released during Black Friday and was sold for 40,000 won.  It came with the W-honey beam cushion which I have been meaning to get my hands on for a long time but just couldn’t pull the trigger for some reason.  I almost didn’t want to buy this set since it was $40, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was quite worth it since I wanted to try their contour stick as well.  Meh, called up my girl Boyah and she picked it up for me :D.

So the blusher shade and the lip crayon was randomly selected while the rest was already set and stone.

The set comes with their honey beam mask, egg pore mask, water beam mask, a hand held mirror, either their honey cushion or their regular formula, a lip crayon (shade randomly picked), real fit precision eyeliner (randomly selected from black or brown), highlighter stick, contour stick and a blusher stick (randomly selected shade).  Not bad for $40.  I have already been playing around with the contour stick and so far, I’m liking it.  The highlighter stick is also not bad to my surprise although I wish it had less of those tiny shimmers but other then that, it isn’t one of those wimpy Korean highlighters which I’m pleased about.

So what caught your eye in this haul?  What reviews are you looking forward to the most?  Let me know in the comments down below and tell me whatcha think!

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  1. Sophie

    Wah what a great haul! I wish shampoos/conditioners weren’t so expensive, would love to dabble in Asian beauty hair care but the shipping costs are just too great to justify.

    Loving the Pikachu cushion, and completely agree TonyMoly have been slow! They’re still releasing new products. I think they just like teasing us :p

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

    1. Christina

      Hmm I think if you find a good deal with the shampoos (ex: 4 shampoos + treatment) for $24 and shipping is $15, it is quite cheap. That would mean it would make each bottle to be $7.80. They also sell these shampoos on Memebox (if you live in US) or even ebay, selling at $18.99 + $2.80 shipping.

      I’m so over Tony moly at this point haha. Not even going to bother with their Pokemon collection anymore.

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