Sulwhasoo Perfecting cushion intense Review + Demo

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intenseSulwhasoo has always been a brand I’ve been itching to try since all of you guys out there are always raving about how amazing their cushions and skincare is.  Well I’m a cushion fanatic, I think we all know that by now so when I got the chance to with the company themselves, I took up the chance without any second thoughts.  First order of business, testing out their cushions.  There are three versions to choose from in their cushion line, perfecting cushion, perfecting cushion brightening and perfecting cushion intense.  I read up on all three of the cushions and choose their brightening and intense versions since I know the original version might not work for my skin type.  I haven’t found a good medium to high coverage cushion just yet that I can recommend to you guys, so I had to pick this out to see if it would be promising for the buck.  Introduction is getting a little too long so let’s jump into the review shall we?  Let’s go!

Full name of product:
Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intense

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“This premium anti-aging cushion’s key ingredient, red pine, is the result of Sulwhasoo’s decades of research and unwavering commitment to combine only the best Asian herbal ingredients with cutting-edge technology. The rare herb boosts skin’s look of firmness and density, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, antioxidant-rich plum blossoms protect the skin from harmful external aggressors, while Sulwhasoo’s unique Radiance Pearl Powder Complex delivers a silky, natural yet perfected complexion that delicately reflects the light. The moisturizing and nourishing formula spreads seamlessly onto the skin, creating a smooth finish and remarkable, youthful luminosity.”

Broad spectrum SPF 50+

$80 USD

Amount of product:
15 g each refill

Refill included?:
Yes, one refill is included when you guy the compact.
Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion review
Duration before expiration:

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea
Manufactured by Amorepacific corporation

Where to buy:

For Canadians, you can find Sulwhasoo in Nordstrom if you guys have one.

Shades available:
On the US site for shade #11, it has a lavender icon… LOL guys.. unless your looking for a color correcting cushion, #11 shouldn’t look lavender.


How to use:

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion reviewProduct packaging:
BB cushions all have a basic formula, plastic compact with the air puff and a soaked sponge.  Now that I have more then 50 cushions, I look at the packaging first to see if it intrigues me.  Although Sulwhasoo’s intense cushion has a very simplistic and sophisticated packaging, I really do like the dark bronze compact that is quite eye catching.  Against the gold trimming and matted bottom, this screams luxury.  Not only is the compact luxurious looking, the box that it comes with is quite extra, which is something we’d all look forward to when we drop a couple bucks when we treat ourselves.  Underneath the cushion lays a cushion refill which is hidden until you pop off the cardboard holder off.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intenseThis compact is also slightly slimmer then the standard plastic compact like the old IOPE cases.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intenseOpening up the compact lays the mirror which is a legit mirror and not that cheap plastic stuff.  The air puff comes in a nice dark brown which conceals dirt better then the white backing.

Sulwhasoo cushion air puffThe air puff is slightly different then your typical dark blue air puffs.  Sulwhasoo’s is twice as thick and it feels somewhat doughy and really soft like memory foam pressing against the face.  I also feel because it is thicker, it doesn’t absorb as much product but I could be just dreaming.

Sulwhasoo cushion perfecting reviewEven the seal is bloody extra!  Gold foil baby!!  You know how hard it was not to rip this off and keep it to take a picture for you guys haha.  Pain in the butt for me but hey!  At least now I can rip it off.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intenseColor/ Pigmentation:
I think one of the biggest selling points of Sulwhasoo’s cushions is the fact that they have more the two or three shades.  They have seven shades to choose from ranging from shade #11 to #33 which is pretty much unheard of in the K-beauty world.  Since I have tried these cushions back when I went to Hong Kong for vacation, I remembered shade #23 worked perfectly fine, at least on the back of my hand.  I think at that time, they didn’t have this intense version which is pretty new to the line.  

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intenseI personally choose shade #23 which at first thought matched my skin quite well.  I mean I tested this cushion out for like three weeks and NO ONE TOLD ME I LOOK LIKE a less obnoxious version of Trump’s orange tan.  I didn’t look full on orange since it is more of a yellow undertone but where are my real girlfriends.  I need more female friends LOL.  For my Mac NC 20-25 yellow undertone pale skin color, shade #23 is a bit too dark for me.  It looks okay when you first apply it but after about an hour, it’s quite visible that it is the wrong shade.  I think because the other two cushions I swatched were on the more light to medium coverage, it was a bit more forgiving.  I think shade #21 would have worked out a little better for me but we will never know.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intenseIf you look closely, it is definitely a lot different then my natural skintone.

Texture/ Finish:
I was kind of afraid that this cushion, since it has “intense” in the name, could be drying for my very dry skin type but luckily, I hit the jackpot.  Although it says it is intense, it has a moisturizing satin finish that keeps it’s glow for more then 10 hours which is SUPER impressive.  I don’t think I have any cushions that can stay put for THAT long without any powders (which I never use anyways), with minimal fading.  After about 4 hours, the slight dew settles down just a tad bit but throughout the day, my skin looks absolutely great, flawless and poreless.

This cushion has a medium to high coverage depending on how many layers you use.  For me and my light to medium preference, I used just a little bit on the first day and it went a long long way.  Another day I tried it with three layers and my skin looked flawless but still life like.  On the third try, I tried two generous layers and again, flawless and hydrated still at the end of the day.

Lasting power:
Kind of touched base on this but lasting power, this cushion easily lasted me 8-10 hours with very minimal budging around the cheeks and the sides of the nose but it was almost unnoticeable.  Do keep in mind, this is without any setting powders and all cream products for my contour, blush, and highlighter.

When I first opened this cushion, it did have a very strong herbal scent which I was hesitant of since I’m not a fan of super strong scents.  I think overtime, the compact had time to air out a bit so it isn’t as strong as before.  This does have a strong herbal which is probably the Korean herbal medicine which is the theme of the brand.  I’m not going to go too into how ginseng is good for the skin so just click on the link I placed before this sentence ;).  Luckily, the scent does go away after application.  Smell-o-scale: 6/10 after it has aired out a bit.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion intense reviewOkay let’s start with the demo. I personally like light to medium coverage for day to day wear but I do enjoy a higher coverage time to time, especially when my skin is irritated and I need a bit more coverage to hide the redness.  

Sulwhasoo cushion perfecting reviewFor reference, I have very dry to dry skin depending on the weather and my main concerns is just the redness around my cheeks, nose and sometimes on my chin.

Sulwhasoo cushion reviewLet’s start by testing this out on the left side of my face.  I don’t know why I chose to do it on the left side of my face that day since I usually do it on the right. 

Sulwhasoo pefecting cushion Before (left) and after (right).  You can see with just a thin layer, it already covers up my redness which is pretty amazing.  I see no signs of the cushion clinging to my dry patches which I’m loving.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion reviewSame thing, just a closer view for you guys.  One layer on the left which is the after and the before is on the right side.

And here is two layers on the left side.  Pretty much the same for me since one layer already did it’s job but I know some of you guys like/need two layers for coverage.  Now my skin looks absolutely flawless but it still doesn’t look overdone.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion reviewAnd now to finish the whole face.

Look at that awesome glow!  The glow is very subtle and it does settle down a bit in about two hours, but even then there is still a nice healthy looking glow to the skin after 10 hours which is honestly amazing to me.  Especially since I don’t ever powder my skin and it still lasted that long, that’s pretty darn amazing.

Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion reviewPoreless, flawless, satin finish with a slight glow.  I can’t ask for a more perfect cushion.sulwhasoo perfecting cushion reviewAnd here is the whole face done.  All Pony effect cream contour, cream blush, cream highlight, matte lip pencil (I’m meme I’m matte lip pencil), Charlotte Tilbury luxury eyeshadow palette (kinda meh for me).

-super long lasting
-great adherence to the skin
-gorgeous satin dewy finish
-high coverage

-strong fragrance
-color doesn’t match me (my fault though)

Yes! I actually would even though it is so expensive, I definitely would since the lasting power and finish is like none other.

Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I frinkin’ love this BB cushion.  I don’t think I have found such a perfect BB cushion for a while.  The adherence of this cushion is like none other and it sticks to the skin to the point where even I question if it is my natural skin looking this flawless or not.  Dare I say, this BB cushion trumps over my long-time favorite A’pieu air fit cushion?  Yes, yes I do.  I just wish shade #23 wasn’t so strong in the yellow undertone.  I’m going to try and see if I can get my hands on shade #21 to see if it is any better but overall, I’m blown away by the quality of this BB cushion, how long it lasts on my skin without it budging and the overall look. I highly recommend this cushion and it’s definitely not because I got sent this product for free.  I’m also a little heartbroken I’m so in love with this cushion since it is so expensive, but I think the results speaks for itself.

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  1. fanisa

    a hi from indonesia here..great review as always..i keep add in-add out this cushion to my chart recently i know what shade i need to take..btw..did you heard about makeup helper cushion?the case is amaaazing anyway..also i have suggestion.can you make a comparision of all cushion that you have in one which cushion is good for summer or other season.which refill is interchangeable with other and things like that..that would be reaaalllly awesome.sorry anyway that it such a clueless request…

    1. Christina

      I do actually have a post on which compacts are interchangeable with which others, so if you want to check out the post, here it is. It hasn’t been updated but I think I did a pretty good collective post with all the ones I had.

      I will keep in mind to do a post on comparing all the cushions. It is a huge job so it will take some time :S. Unfortunately at the moment, I don’t have that time to create that post but I will keep it in mind :). Thank you for the suggestion!

      1. Fanisafea

        Didn’t find it before..check that post right away!!I know that my request require big amount of time and preparation..sorry for bugging you anyway..:) thanks for keep that in mind afterall..always2 love your post because it’s so honest and give a lot of great point from different perspective..

        1. Christina

          No worries. I know I need to do an updated one of that post but that won’t be for a while since I’ve been super busy lately. Glad to be of help!

  2. Sabrina

    Thank you for this! It has been so hard finding decent reviews and actual swatches of the product. I bought this about a week ago in shade #17, which should hopefully work for me since I’m about NC15-NC20 (and shade #17 says light beige and looks more yellow in undertone which is what I need). It should be arriving tomorrow! I can’t wait to try it out :).

    1. Christina

      Hmm, hopefully you got the right shade. I’m seeing if I could get a small sample of each of the shade color so i could do full swatches since, like you said, it’s so hard to find decent swstches of high end cushions.

  3. Jeannie

    This is a great review, thank you! Do you know whether Aritaum stores let you try out cosmetics? There is one about 10 miles from me, so if they do that I would rather go there than order it online not knowing for sure if I picked the right shade….

    1. Christina

      I’m sure they would let you try it. I mean, they do have them on display.

      1. Jeannie

        Thanks! I plan to make a pilgrimage soon 🙂

        1. Christina

          HAHAHA I’m happy to be your spirit awakener

  4. Lesley A.

    Do you know if a translation of the shade names/descriptions is available anywhere? The manufacturer’s US site has shade numbers but no names or descriptions. I would like to try this but worried I will choose the wrong shade.

    1. Lesley A.

      Answering my own question: Nordstrom’s listing includes the shade descriptions: I tried out some of the shades in the Aritaum in my local H-mart. They did have testers. Interestingly, they skipped shade 17. I tried out 11, 13, and 21. 11 and 13 are not as pink as they look online. I was hoping to compare 13 and 17. Looking online, 17 is more yellow than 13.

      1. Christina

        Shade 17 is not very typical to have in a cushion range. I think I’m going to have to hit up my local Aritaum and ask if I can swatch them. But I wouldn’t be able to swatch them in stores since the lighting is not ideal. Hmm… How do I do this.

  5. Dawn

    I wanna try but it’s so expensive

    1. Christina

      Expensive but worth it!

  6. Cynthia

    Hi Christina. I stumbled upon your blog and find this post. I also have this cushion in shade #25 and I need to say it’s amazing! This is my very first time owning a BB cushion though, and I wonder if you would like to answer my question, what other cushion brands can fit with this one? In case I could not find the refill since Sulwhasoo store is far far away from my area. I love the idea of BB cushion because it really saves my time and pouch space!

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