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So I have tried only two lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury sent to me by the PR team but unfortunately, it didn’t work to my liking.  I have a feeling it could be just the shades they sent me, but I requested a couple other items so I could get a better feel of the brand.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to choose any of them other then the shade for the retoucher concealer but that one was way too dark.  Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that has been raved about throughout the interwebs and a very high end brand so let’s see if they suit my fancy and we’ll see if the price is justified. This won’t be the usual thorough review like how I normally do but just an overview since I don’t have that much to say about these products. Let’s go!

The luxury palette (eyeshadow palette) $53.00 each
Reviews online is half and half.  Some people absolutely love these palettes but some people say they aren’t pigmented enough or it isn’t worth the high price tag.  First off, the packaging no doubt looks high end and the rose gold touch reminds me a lot of Pony effect’s eyeshadow palettes.  The eyeshadow pans is smaller then I imagined but that’s okay to me since I don’t finish anything anyways.  I personally got the two palettes “The glamour muse” which is a more purple and grey based palette while “the uptown girl” contains beige, golden and greyish browns.

On the back of the palette, there is a label that shows clearly what the palette name is, the eyeshadow nicknames which kind of Charlotte’s way to guide people on how to use the eyeshadows.  I personally prefer some type of see through lid so I could see what palette I am grabbing.  Either that or some sort of color indication on the outside packaging.  This is not a deal breaker for me but something that I do consider when it comes to my “perfect” product.

Charlotte Tilbury luxury palette “the uptown girl” $53

It’s pretty hard to take pictures of products that are reflective.  You know how many times and how much editing I had to do to get this decent life like looking colors LOL.  Struggles..

Without a primer, most of the shadows from this palette is quite nice I’d say.  The shimmer beige shade (bottom left) is more of a glitter topper in my opinion so I don’t mind it looking like it is kind of sheer on skin since I wouldn’t use it that way anyways.  I think my most favourite shade is the purpleish taupe shade (top right) while the other two, texture wise, is relatively silky.  I like this palette but the colors are a little too cool for my liking and against my already cool and pale skin, it looks a little harsh.  The only down side for me on this palette is that all of the shade are shimmery or glittery.  I personally like a palette with at least one matte shade for texture selections.  Shimmery on shimmery isn’t the ideal look for my taste.

Charlotte Tilbury luxury palette “the glamour muse” $53

This palette contains more purples and light pinks.  Unlike the palette up above, this palette contains less shimmery shades (3 satins, one chunky glitter shade).  The texture is silky but it isn’t pigmented enough in my opinion.  The whiteish pink shade on the top left, although it is on the sheer side, I can live with it since it reminds me of the Heimish eyeshadow palettes.  The shade beside it (top right) which is a light grape pink shade, is not pigmented enough in my opinion, especially when you use a brush to apply it.  The most vibrant shade in the palette is the most disappointing, with a very dry, streaky and not pigmented gemstone purple.  It took a couple swipes to get it to look even and decent which shouldn’t happy with a palette priced so high.  The last shade, a taupe chocolate shade, is the most pigmented out of all the shades and that one I do like.  Not a fan of this palette at all.

Charlotte Tilbury eyes to mesmerise in Mona Lisa $32
Moving on from all that disappointment, the eyes to mesmerise which is a cream eyeshadow, is a 180 from the eyeshadow palettes.  I’ve tried enough cream shadows in my lifetime to know a good cream eyeshadow when I see one.  This one from Charlotte Tilbury is a winner winner, chicken dinner.  It’s super creamy, super pigmented, blends like a dream and lasts on my non-oily eye lids without a primer just fine, with very little fading.  If you want something that is quick and easy but looks like you spent a lot of time doing your make up, this is the product for you.  The tiniest amount would give you a gorgeous blended eyeshadow look.  I usually like to do a thin layer to start with, then adding slightly more concentration on the lid to get a darker effect.

That is like a tiny tiny amount of product.  This product I’d actually go out and buy since it is that good and it would last you a lot time.

Charlotte Tilbury lip cheats $22 in bad romance and berry naughty
Charlotte’s lip pencils might be one of the most talked about product from her brand, especially in the shade pillow talk.  I was really hoping they would send me their most famous shade but I got two of the darkest shades I’d almost never wear. That’s fine since I like me some dark shades as well.  They sent me “bad romance” which is a dark purple plum shade while “berry naughty” which is a more reddish berry shade that isn’t as dark.

I was expecting these to be super creamy since people on Youtube that have demo-ed the pencils, it looked like it applied like a dream.  Unfortunately these two shade seemed rather dry and didn’t glide on the lips as well as I thought it would.  If I were to go over the lips again with “bad romance”, it had this weird effect where it looked like the pencil was piling on top of each other and I could never seem to get it to smooth out.  Again, it might be just the ones I got but my impressions on this is not that positive.

Charlotte Tilbury the retoucher in #4 medium $35
Unfortunately this shade is WAYYYYY too dark.  I found some swatches online where it looked like I’d be either shade #1,2 or #4.  I’m pale as a ghost and should have knew better to have gave them that range and for them to give me a shade that could be a contour color LOL.  But anyways, this product is also another very popular product so I had to request to try it.  I personally never liked the YSL touché eclat but some people were saying this one is better then the YSL.  Sure enough, I do actually like the formulation of this a whole lot better.  Much more moisturizing, blendable and it just works with my dry skin type a whole lot better.  I’d give this another shot with maybe the right shade, but at this point I’m kind of tired of trying to like the brand with all the disappointing products I have tried so far.

I thought I could maybe even use this as a shading color but since it leans towards the orange side, that plan won’t work out either.  Sigh…  Sometimes I wonder why do I even try leaving the K-beauty world.  But then again, this is more for research so I could tell you guys if there are comparable products in the Eastern make up world so it had to be done.  Overall I’m not that impressed with the brand and I wish the quality was a lot better then what I’m experiencing.  These are just my opinions and you might have your own, so let me know in the comments down below which Charlotte Tilbury products are you an absolute fan of and why.  I really want to see this brand redeem itself but at the moment, it’s not looking that great.

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  1. Sam Moore

    I love the review. I think this palette is worth the try. Thanks.

  2. Poppie

    The CT palettes are meant to be sheer. That is how she intended them to be. A beautiful sheer wash of color that can be build up. The pop shade is mean t to be applied by finger. All her products are of high quality and are perfct especially for more mature ladies but you have to know how you have to use them. She explains a lot in her tutorials and on her website. Her products are fantastic!

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