Superface Pro FX Contour Stick Review + swatches

Superface pro fx contour stick review and swatchesContinuing on with the Superface brand reviews, this one will be on their contour and highlight duo stick.  It seems like contouring is finally becoming a trend in Korea, which is kind of surprising to me since they are big on the whole V line.  I have tried other contour sticks like the one from Missha, but that one wasn’t as nice to blend.  When I saw that Superface had a version that looked a hell of a lot like the Lançome le duo that I’ve been loving, I jumped on it.  Now I’m wondering if Lançome got le duo made in Korea… because the formulation of this product is very similar to it but it is almost half the price of the Lancome one.  ANYWAYS, let’s get on with the review.

Full name of product:
Superface pro FX contour stick

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:

With round shaped end, it easily fits in narrow area like eyes, T zone, nose and jawline for precision contouring, creating the instant small face.


Having shade and highlight in one stick, lightweight cream-to-powder texture glides effortlessly onto your skin for targeted, precise application and a totally even finish.”


Amount of product:
9 g/ 0.32 oz

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Cree’mare in Gangnam
Boots in Korea in Korea

Shades available:


How to use:
Apply Pro FX contour stick before foundation is set with powder.  To make it easier to blend in a more seamless way, use fingers or a highlighting brush.

Superface pro fx contour stick reviewProduct packaging:
When I first got this product, I was super impressed with the packaging.  The feel of this product is very well made and comparable to Lançome’s le duo. I think the packaging is actually made of some type of metal but it isn’t heavy to the point where it would be a pain to travel with.  There are two sides to the stick, a highlighting side and a contour side.  I might have switched the lids, but the yellow cap should be the contour side and the white lid is the highlighting side.  They twist up seamlessly and the rounded edge makes it easy to get into the contours of my face.

Superface contour stickColour/ pigmentation:
These contour sticks from Superface come only in two shades, fair (top one) which has a cool tone milk chocolate brown with a grey undertone and a cool tone champagne highlight with very finely milled golden shimmers.  Natural (bottom) comes with a slightly darker contour shade with a more warm undertone and a bronze champagne highlight with fine golden shimmers as well.

Superface pro fx contour stick swatchesFair is very comparable to Lançome’s le duo in Ivorie.  It blends out seamlessly and leaves a very natural contour on the face.  I really love the highlighter too!  This one compared to the Lancçome one is more pigmented and slightly more warm.

Superface contourIf you want a more noticeable contour, natural might be the shade for you.  The contour has less of a grey undertone and warmer then fair.  When I feel like I need to warm my complexion up, I use this shade over fair.  This highlight would work better for me in the summer time when I’m slightly more tan, but I can still use it when I’m pale (which is like 9 months of the year hehe).

Texture/ Finish:
I’m super impress with the blendability of this product.  Just like what the description says, you can easily blend this product into your skin with just your fingers, but I usually blend things in with an air puff.  It doesn’t blend from a cream to powder, it is more like a cream blush type of ordeal but at the same time… it isn’t tacky either.  Somehow, it is kind of like magic and I don’t find it to slip and slide either.  UGH i just like this product if you can’t tell.

Lasting power:
I never set my base make up since I’m dry skin, therefore this product isn’t set with powder as well.  Within a 6 hour span, this product only faded a little bit and didn’t slip and slide.  Thumbs up for this department.

No fragrance detected.
Okay let’s try this out.  Here is my face after using Super face’s zoom mesh cushion (if you wanna check out the review for that product.. click here!)

Before… pale af.  My god.  The base make up is slightly too light for me even though it was the middle shade.  It actually doesn’t look that bad in real life, but the bright lights make me look like Casper the ghost.

And after! Not sure if you can see the difference honestly, but it is very subtle and natural.

Superface contour reviewThe highlight looks really nice too!!  Look closely and you can see that glow.  It isn’t liquid metal type of glow but you can still see it for sure.

-super blendable
-great lasting power
-highlighter is bombbb
-comes in two shades

-wish they have more shades for international fans


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Its been SO long since I have given one of these seal of approvals.  So long that I had to dig my logo up from the ashes HAHA.  I haven’t been this impressed with a product for a long time and this product easily is a dupe for the Lançome le duo contour stick which I use everyday and love.  Packaging is on point, price is reasonable for a product this good.  Overall I give it two thumbs up and definitely will be a product I’d recommend for years to come.

Review is not sponsored.  Just need to make that clear LOL.  No one can pay me to give a product a seal of approval.  I’m too savage for that hehe.Product gifted by SuperfaceNot a sponsored post

If you are intersted in getting something from Superface, they have a 30% off coupon if you scroll all the way to the bottom and sign up for their newsletter.  They also offer free shipping over $80 ;).  Just an FYI.

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