Superface zoom in mesh cushion Review + demo

Superface zoom in mesh cushion reviewIf you guys saw my fourth vlog when I was in Korea, I actually saw this brand called Superface when I was in Cree’mare in Gangnam.  I’ve never seen anyone talk about this brand so I ended up reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in gifting me some products for me to review for you guys. Luckily, the agreed and ended up sending me quite a bit of products.  Of course, one of the most exciting products for me is the BB cushion so this is going to be the first one I will review.  I will also have a video down the line when I review all of the products so you can see them in live action form ;).  Okay let’s get on with the review!

Who is  Superface as a brand?
Surface is built around two main guys, Larry Shiu and Jung Son who are award-winning TV commercials who wanted to create a brand to recreate the look of perfect looking actresses but focusing on the basics.  This is what they have to say about their brand:
“We put the same demand on our products as filming the movie stars, so our products are high performance and easy to apply.”

When we are shooting, the makeup artists bring endless colors and countless different sizes of brushes, mixing, matching, retouching, checking, and retouching again….it is a complicated process. It needs 3-4 hours of preparation before the first camera roll. No one can do this at home (unless you are so hooked on beauty products).

How many products do you own, and how many do you actually use? We are creating a highly edited collection of modern staples reflecting how you get ready every day, focusing on back to basic routine.

Our formulas are designed to live with you, and enhance what you already have. They are meant to be touched, traveled with, and cherished by you until you used them up completely.

Superface represents fun, easy and is the result of testing from the supermodels* on the camera.  

Full name of product:
Superface zoom in mesh cushion

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“It covers any skin redness and adds a healthy glow to the skin while effectively protecting the skin from UV rays in everyday life and preventing photo-aging with Superface Herb 7 Complex.  It delivers an instant cool refreshing sensation through a mesh while keepign the skin fresh throughout the day.

Multi-light reflective technology offers lightweight yet full coverage and blends into the skin seamlessly for enhanced brightness. Whitening, anti-wrinkling, and UV protection keeps the skin healthy.

Multi-cooling herb driven agents calm down sensitive skin and covers skin redness and imperfections for natural-looking coverage .

Sebum control powder leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh without a sticky feeling. Water based essence gives a long lasting finish without setting powder.”

SPF 50+ PA+++


Amount of product:
12 g each refill

Superface zoom in mesh cushion

Refill included?:
Yes, comes with one refill.

Duration before expiration:
1 year

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Where to buy:
Superface international site
Cree’mare in Gangnam
Boots in Korea

Shades available:
How to use:
Put a good amount on the puff by pushing it against the mesh and dab it gently on the face and neck.

Product packaging:
I love the attention to detail with the Superface products and the boxes. They have the cute movie award looking graphics that says “brigthening skin, photogenic skin, ready for action”.  And when you open the box, it says “YOU ARE SUPER!”.  CUTE! 

As for the cushion case itself, it comes in this bright yellow square case that is nice and slim compared to the classic round cushion case.  The case is also magnetic!

Inside houses the air puff with a nice size mirror.  The air puff itself is the same type as the regular blue ones but the texture of the sponge isn’t as dense as the blue ones though.  The band is way thicker then the average blue air puff as well as it being stretchy. Unfortunately it can only fit two fingers because it is so thick.  For me, it is more comfortable when I have three fingers through the air puff since I get more control with the application.

One thing that is very unique about this mesh cushion is that the “mesh” isn’t actually a plastic mesh but this very fine, elastic fabric that makes it kind of hard for the product to come out to be honest. It works fine when you use the air puff but if you were to stick your finger on it, it doesn’t really squeeze out.

Superface cushion reviewColour/ pigmentation:
I asked if I could get two shades, 01 light and 02 natural. Normally shade #23 works perfectly fine with my MAC NC25 yellow undertone skin, so I was surprised to find 02 to be such a huge color jump from shade 01 light. 01 light is almost a neutral tone porcelain shade with a yellow undertone that would suit MAC NC 20-25 where as 02 natural is a very tan shade with a golden undertone that would suit people with MAC NW25-30.

Superface cushoin review01 light works decent in my Mac NC25 yellow undertone skin but it is slightly too pale under bright camera lights. I think if I were to have a ratio of 2:1 (2 parts 01 light, 2 part 02 natural), it would almost be the perfect shade for me.

Texture/ Finish:
When I first swatched the cushions, I thought I would definitely like it because there was an obvious glow/dewiness of some sort which would work great on my very dry skin. Unfortunately when I went to try it on my face, it was a completely different story. I was scared that this cushion might be like the faceshop one or the Peripera water drop one where there was a built in oil/dewy factor but somehow would spilt in a weird way. The dewiness applies at first but leaves little to no coverage. Then when you try to layer it, it starts to get dry and cakey, cling onto your flakes and accentuate all the fine lines and wrinkles. An hour after application, I already had severe patchiness and had to reapply. But reapply didn’t really help the cause since everything would rub off while clinging onto dead skin. It was a mess to say the least.

This product claims to have high coverage but I would say it gives a solid medium coverage, especially compared to those who are used to western foundations with a true high coverage.

Lasting power:
This product was kind of working against itself. It wanted to be dewy but it also had a matte finish. Those two worlds are very hard to master a formula that wouldn’t clash, and unfortunately this cushion was caught in the mess of trying to be something but failing at it in the end. I only had it on for an hour and everything was falling apart, which you will see in the video later on when it is posted.

There’s a slight floral fragrance but it isn’t strong at all.  Smell-o-scale: 4/10 in terms of how strong the scent is.

Superface cushion reviewOkay let’s try the cushion on!

Here is my bare face.  I got nothing on and am in need of some lip balm keke.

My usual skin concerns are dryness and redness on my cheeks and sides of my nose.  I personally like dewy/ satin finish foundations and I definitely stay away from matte products.  I don’t set my face with any powders since I just let the base make up itself setting into my skin, which in turn kind of sets itself since I’m so dry.

Here is the before…

And after with one layer!  Not bad.  It covered most of my layers but unfortunately….

Skin texture is emphasize and the formula is breaking itself down.  I wonder if this formula would work better for those in a more humid climate or a skin type that isn’t dry.

My whole face was with just Superface products (excluding blush).  Can you tell which product I like the most?  You would totally know if you follow me in Instagram ;).  Just saying.

-shade 02 natural would work for people with very tan skintones
-well thought out packaging

-formula worked against itself
-not long lasting (at least on my skin type)


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
I really was hoping I would fall in love with this cushion from the way it swatched.  But unfortunately the formula just didn’t emulsify together the way it should and ended up working against itself and breaking down on my face.  Shade 01 light worked well but I can’t even imagine how pale 00 fair would be if shade 01 was slightly too pale on my NC25 skin type. Overall I think this product has potential if they changed the formula to something that has less of the oil.
Product provided by Superface.

I know this isn’t a positive review, but if you do check their other products and want to get something, they do have a 30% off coupon if you sign up for their newsletter (located at the bottom of the site).

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