Top 5 contour/ bronzer for pale skin

Top 5 bronzers for pale skinBronzing and contouring is one of the hardest for pale skinned people.  Over the years and many trial and errors, I have came across this top five products that will give you the definition without the muddy or dirty look.  If you haven’t checked out my other top five posts, click here (highlighter, blush). I’m just going to cut to the chase, let’s get started.

Benefit hoola bronzerFirst pick of course is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer.  I remember when I first started collecting make up, I was only in high school and didn’t have any money.  I begged and begged my mother to buy me a couple of products from MAC so I could look decent for a dance.  She ended up letting me get a MAC foundation (face and body), a duo mineralized blush and a bronzer from the style warrior collection in the shade Refine golden.  Of course no one told me that Refine golden bronzer did not work for my skintone, however I didn’t really have a choice since it was the only one I had.  I ended up using that bronzer for years until I had a job and got myself this Hoola bronzer.  My life was complete after that.

Benefit Hoola

Benefit contourSomehow this shade of bronzer is universally friendly for all skin tones, doesn’t make my skin look muddy in anyway.  Also the fact that it is matte is the cherry on top.

benefit hoola bronzer swatch

NARS contour blush in olympiaSecond product is NARS contour blush in Olympia. This product came out for a while but not a lot of people talked about it.  I almost passed this up when I was shopping for things to hit the $350 to get VIB during last year’s 20% off sale at Sephora.  I was walking around, trying to get a few things since couple of the products I had on my list was sold out, and then I saw this.  I swatched it on the back of my hand and was like, “Hey, this would a good contour to sculpt the face with.” And I was right.  You would easily pass on this product as it is not that flashy, but give it a shot next time you are in the store.

The color is very subtle on the face and the contour browny shade is not fully brown.  It is a mixture of gray, slight rose undertone and a dusty brick brown.  Because of the gray undertone, it makes sculpting your face look that much more realistic as it looks more like a shadow then make up.  This is a thumbs up product for those that are super pale skin toned.  There are two more shades, so if you are more tanned, you can also give this product a try.NARS contour blush in olympia swtach

The body shop honey bronzeThird product is The body shop honey bronze bronzing powder in 01 light matte. Funny story about this product, I actually somehow got this product for free from the body shop when I was shopping on their online store.  I was looking at what I want to buy, and I added this product into the cart but it was not combining with the promo that was happening at the time.  So I just sent them a message telling them there was a glitch and after they resolved, they offered to send this product to me for free.  I was like WOW, what on earth?  SURE!

The body shop honey bronze in 01 fairThere was a time last year when I was obsessing over the body shop’s body butters.  During that time, I would always look into all their other products so I could meet the buy 3 get 3 deal.  The body shop make up products honestly is not the best, there are sometimes hits, but I feel like a lot of their products are a miss.  Surprisingly, this bronzer is a hit for those days that I want to look as natural as possible but still want that definition.

The body shop bronzerThis bronzer is very subtle, not too warm for very pale skin tones and matte of course!  This product reminds me of MAC’s past collection called Naked honey from 2009, which I saved up all my money to get the bronzer in the collection but didn’t end up getting it since it was powdery.  I’m glad I have this product as it does the same thing but a better color for my skin tone and a lot cheaper.


The body shop honey bronze Fourth product surprisingly is this body shop honey bronze bronzing gel for the face.  I bought this a while ago since I was curious to see if was any good, and I ran out of things to get from the body shop to use the buy 3 get 3 deal, so I just picked this up on a whim.  I bought this product to use during the summer time, but I can actually use this anytime during the year as it is very natural looking on fair skin and give a very slight boost of a bronzy glow.  If your skin tone is higher then a MAC NC25, I would not suggest this product for you as it barely shows up even for my skin tone. The body shop honey bronze bronzing gel

Lancome le duo contour

The last product is Lancome le duo contour and highligter stick in Ivorie. If this product looks familiar to you, then you are definitely a Youtube lover like me.  This product I believe is the same product as the one from Michelle Phan’s line Em called the Chiaroscuro, sadly Em cosmetics does not ship internationally so I ended up getting this during a sale as well.

This is a cream contour and highlight all in one twisty stick which is super convenient since you can literally draw on your face with precision and blend away with your fingers.  I’ve been using this to contour my face and I really like it.  Again, this is a subtle contour shade (Bisque) but makes quite a difference.  The formula is super creamy and easy to blend, the contour color is a cool, slightly gray under toned brown and the highlight is just a standard white yellow sheen finished highlight.  I honestly wish the contour was one big stick, I could easily do without the highlight as the highlight is a very boring color.

Lancome le duo contour and highlight swatch

IMG_7984If you guys want a full review on any of these products, let me know in the comments down below and I’ll try and create the post for you guys.  Sorry if this post is not the most informative (◍•﹏•).  Have you guys tried any of these products for yourself? What are your favourite contour and bronzing products?  Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Marjolein Kucmer

    oooh that body shop brozing powder looks promising and hexagons!! 😀
    Personally I never bronze and contour… my ksin is super, duper pale and always have troubles getting the broze etc to dark… lately I’ve found that the etude house Etude House Face color Corset in 04 & 05 work for me.
    I use 05 to contour and 04 to bronze but with two super duper fluffy kabuki’s else it’s to harsh and intense.

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