Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette review

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette review
It seems like there are two brands these days that I can’t stop seeing while scrolling through the internet.  One of those brands is Unleshia, which has surged in popularity lately.  Many people have been talking about their Unleshia glitterpedia eyeshadow palettes!  So to feed my own curiosity, let’s test out two palettes from the brand.  It seems that Unleshia’s philosophy is to offer vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, which I’m always down to try if it means we are saving more animals from cruelty!  Let’s get into the review.

Unleashia glitterpedia eyeshadow palette review

Full name of product:
Unleshia glitterpedia eye palette

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“From daily to fabulous, shading to glittering, all-in-one eyeshadow palette.  Luxurious shimmer palettes contain glitters in every form and size.  Mutli-use convenient make-up with multi-tasking colors.  It can be used as a simple contouring, eyeliner, or eyebrows.”

34,000 won ($26.19 cdn)

Amount of product:
3.53 oz/ 100 g

Duration before expiration:
2 years after opening

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Animal testing?:
Vegan formula, cruelty-free

Where to buy:

Shades available:Unleashia eyeshadow palette review


Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette reviewPackaging:
First off, the packaging is gorgeous!  Although I would usually say the huge cardboard box that comes with the palette is a bit excessive, I think it serves its function to protect the eyeshadows from breaking during shipping and there is quite a bit of information on the box as well.

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette reviewI also really appreciate that they took the time to name each shade in the palette.  Usually, brands just push out eyeshadow palettes with no individual names for each shade.  Not Unleshia!

Unleashia glitterpedia no. 7 all of peach ade reviewThey had 7 different palettes, including one palette that consisted of all glitter.  I personally chose 06 All of Citrus and 07 All of Peach Ache since the color way for those two palette seemed the most unique.

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette no. 7 all of peach ade reviewColor/ Pigmentation + Texture/ Finish:
Let’s talk about 07 All of Peach ade first!  This palette contains a lot of glittery shades, three matte shades, and two shimmery shades.

Unleashia eye palette reviewI absolutely love the build quality of the eyeshadow palette.  It feels like good-quality plastic and the slivery grid doesn’t make it look cheap!

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette in no. 7 all of peach ade reviewThe color palette for this 07 all of the peach ade reminds me more of a raspberry iced tea vibe with a small hint of peach.

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette no. 7 all of peach ade review

unleashia glitterpedia eye palette in no. 7 all of peach ade swatch reviewTop row
Love action: light lemon yellow with yellow and silver shimmers (Shimmer finish)
Pink Aurora: Baby pink with peach undertones, fine pink shimmers (satin finish)
Coral beach: Salmon coral shade (matte finish)

Middle row
Evening sangria: Fushia hot pink with fine pink and purple shimmers (shimmer finish)
Soda crush: Chunky silver and pink shimmers mixed with fine pink shimmers (chunky glitter finish)
Ice blue ocean: Baby blue-white shade with fine blue and slivery shimmers (shimmery finish)

Bottom row
Coconut ade:
light latte brown shade (matte finish)
Hot bikini:
raspberry fushia shade (matte finish)
Peach pit: 
dark wine purple shade with dense amounts of purple and pink shimmers (shimmer finish)

The swatches up above were without any primer!!  They are quite pigmented, even the matte shades.  Eyeshadows have definitely come a long way compared to what they used to be.  This still isn’t as pigmented as the ones from Western brands, however, I now prefer these for most days.  My favourite shade is definitely “hot bikini”, which is a buildable raspberry fushia shade.  I also really like soda crush to top off any eyeshadow look.  It gives a fun glittery finish, but I’m not sure how fun it would be if the glitter went in my eye.

unleashia eye palette reviewIf you were to want to create an eye look with just the shades in the palette, I do find it difficult since there wasn’t a dark enough shade to give me that contour I needed.  I did have to use a shade from Mac to smoke out the eyeliner and the bottom lashes.  Although looking at the palette as a whole and seeing the shades do correspond in terms of color story, I found it difficult to create a cohesive look (or I’m just rusty).

Unleashia eye palette reviewI used the shades hot bikini in the crease, love action on the lid, soda crush in the middle for extra glitter, and a dark purple shade from MAC to smoke it out and give more contour to the eyes.  Paired with some black eyeliner and mascara, this is what I came up with.

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette no. 6 all of citrus review

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette no. 6 all of citrus review

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette reviewNext up, we have 06 all of citrus, which has a unique color story with green and orange shades.  I first fell in love with the bottom row of olive green shades, which are quite unique to the Korean eyeshadow market.  I’m usually hit with neutral browns, purples, pinks, and corals but never these shades.

unleashia glitterpedia eye palette review no. 6 all of citrusDo keep in mind the shade “orange gummy bear” marble effect doesn’t last and does mix around after a couple of swatches.

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette review

Unleashia glitterpedia eye palette in no. 6 all of citrus reviewTop row
Lemon sherbet: icy white shade with fine slivery and yellow shimmers (shimmery finish)
Apricot mousse: Apricot nude shade (matte finish)
Rose cookie: peachy coral shade with fine gold shimmers (satin finish)

Middle row
Sun-kissed coral: Peachy pink coral shade with fine gold shimmers (shimmer finish); this shade reminds me a lot of Nars orgasm
Sunset quartz: Dark coral shade with raspberry undertone & chunky rainbow and dark coral shimmers (chunky glitter finish)
Orange gummy bear: Light primary orange shade with fine orange shimmers (shimmer finish)

Bottom row:
Voy Kombucha: Cool tone brown shade with olive undertones (satin finish)
Mojito gleam: Olive greens shade with gold shimmers (shimmer finish)
Burnt basil: Dark olive shade with fine olive & gold shimmers (shimmer finish)

I found this palette hard to create a whole makeup look since there were only two matte shades, and those are more of a base color.  The darkest shades were all shimmery finish and I didn’t feel like looking like a shimmery mess.  Using this palette in conjunction with other eyeshadows I already have would be ideal, however, I wouldn’t recommend just relying on this palette on its own to create a whole look.

Both palettes have amazing textures.  The matte shades are decently buttery, swatched well, and blended easily.  The shimmery and satin shades all worked well on the eyes and were easy to blend too.  The chunky shade has almost a jelly-like texture to it and it instantly concaves after swatching with the finger, but it applies nicely on the skin.  All the shades were buildable and applied nicely on the skin.

-vegan formula
-easily blendable

-would have to use other products to create a full look


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
After testing out two of the 7 eyeshadow palettes from Unleashia, I now understand what the hype is all about.  I don’t think the pigmentation and quality beat Dasique’s matte eyeshadow palettes I bought while I was in Korea, but this is a great second option if you love glittery and shimmery shades.  I find their color stories to be more unique, good pigmentation and blendability.  On top of that, they were able to create products that are vegan and cruelty-free, which is a bonus!  Overall, these are great eyeshadow palettes and for $27 USD, you can’t beat them!  I approve. 🙂

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