VDL x Kakao friends festival Apeach Blusher Review and swatch

VDL festival blusher review

A month ago, I kept seeing this collaboration collection happening with VDL and a line of characters called Kakao friends.  I have seen the characters here and there but I didn’t know they were popular characters in Korea, similar to the ones from Line.  I found them really cute and I got taken by the cute packaging, yes packaging always gets me and Korean cosmetics do their packaging so well.  This was another product that I bought blindly, solely based on packaging since I could not find anywhere online for swatches, so I just took a chance. I told myself even if the blush isn’t good or pigmented, which I highly doubt since I have heard good things about VDL as a brand, I’d just keep it for nostalgic reasons.  And the little peach has some perky, blushing bum cheeks! What more does it take for you to want to read more about this blush! LOL let’s go~~ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

vdl-kakao-friendsThis collection consists of:
-hand creams/ hand perfumes x 3
-perfume bar oil perfume

-VDL festival pot eye clusters (reminds me of Armani eyes to kill shadows)
-water bomb mascara

-festival apeach blusher x 3
-naked make up corrector (make up remover pen)
-nail sticker kit
-gel pencils x6
-lipstick glow balm x3

VDL blush

The hoarder in me is always wanting to buy everything because they are all so pretty and cute, but I had to be a grown up and only pick the products I will actually use since I don’t have unlimited cash like a rich folk.  It all boiled down to their blushes, but now what color to get?  I really wanted the lavender one since I know it would be great for my yellow undertone as lavender brightens yellow tones on the color wheel.  Sadly when they just came out, no one was selling the lavender one so I settled for the orange one since the pink one is not special enough for me to buy.

Full  name of product:
VDL Festival Apeach blusher

“Long wearing pressed powder blusher that offers soft and sheer finish.”

Retail Korean Price:
14,000 Won/ $12.00 USD

Amount of product:
0.14 oz /4g

Where to buy:
14,000 Won/ $12.16 USD
$12.66 USD
ebay $21.69+ USD
kpopplus $19.50 USD

W2beauty $19.64 USD

Shades available:
VDL blsuher

KR38001117_img_ecmonitor_mVDL festival blusher

VDL apeach blush

IMG_7421Hehehehe I look at my boyfriend like that when he’s on his phone and I want to see what he’s doing.  Yep I’m a creep 😛

Product Packaging:
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VDL festival blusherThe case reminds me a lot of MAC’s blush packaging, clean, sleek with the pastel pink coloured case and a nice large peeking hole which displays the color of the blush.  The plastic is nice a sturdy, the clasp works nicely and is not a pain in the butt to open.

VDL festival Apeach blusherThe one thing I always look for when I’m reviewing a product is if the company placed a nice, clear label of the product shade’s number, name, and general information.  Some companies love to have tiny little stickers that are smaller then my boogers and you’d need a magnify glass to see what the letters say (YSL, ELF cosmetics…cough cough).

VDL festival blusher review

Color/ pigmentation/ texture:
The blush itself comes in two tones, one is a matte light peach color that honestly doesn’t really show up on my skin. Surrounding the Apeach is a bright tangerine shade which is also matte.  I don’t know why in my mind, I thought the orange shade could be like Taj Mahal blush from NARS but I’m actually glad it isn’t that type of bright neon orange, but a wearable flush of orange on the cheeks.  Sometimes I actually like my blushes to be on the sheer since with first application because I have a heavy hand sometimes and walk out of my room looking like a clown without me knowing. With second application, the color shows up more true to the orange shade if you do not use the Apeach swirled with it.  If you swirl the two colours together, the orange is very faint. Texture wise, the blush is quite creamy to the touch, is not powdery whatsoever and it does not make my cheeks look powdery, it looks very natural and does not accentuate any pores.

One thing I have to nick pick about is the little hearts.  When you first get it, they have a spray over glitter that makes it look all pretty but it has no purpose.  With one wipe, the glitter goes away so what is the point.  Plus I like my blushes either matte or satin so no need for the annoying glitters.  I really don’t like spray overs, it is kind of like the company is lying to us to get us to buy the product only to be disappointed later.

VDL kakao friends

VDL blusherSmell:
Surprisingly, this blush actually smells like peach!  Well more like Japanese peach soda to be exact.  I’m like a crazy lady smelling this blush every time I use it. Out of 5, the blush’s fragrance level is about a 3/5.

Lasting power:
This blush seems to last all day (8 hour+) for my normal to dry skin, living in a low humidity, 23 degrees celsius summer temperature.

-color works well with a lot of skin tones
-texture of blush is buttery and applies on skin nicely
-okay price point for $12
-unique color

-not easily accessible for those that live outside of Korea
-limited edition
-color is not as pigmented as I hoped


Stars given out of 5:

I do like this blush in terms of the color, but pigmentation was not enough for me to recommend you guys to go out and get it.  If it was not for the packaging and it being limited edition, I couldn’t see myself getting this blush. Not really much to say about this blush but it is a so so product.  I will keep using it as it is a nice texture however it won’t be a product I’ll cry about if I accidentally drop it on the floor or lose it.

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