iMirror- Vanity mirror with a built in fan?

IMG_7485For my girls (and guys) that has trouble doing your make up your room because you can not get the right lightening?  Here’s your solution.  Best part?  It also has a built in fan!  I was actually looking into getting the Vanity girl Hollywood studio lit mirror but they were $400 and I was not about to rob a bank for a mirror.  So stumbling upon this mirror which was featured in a get it beauty episode could have been the best thing ever! I was like OMGAW I was looking for a mirror but this one is even better and more affordable option with way better features!! .゚☆(ノё∀ё)ノ☆゚.
IMG_7493Curious of all the features?  I know you guys want one hehehehehe.

IMG_7486iMirror is a vanity stand up vanity mirror that has a built in LED light similar to a diva ring light used in photography, but in a smaller scale.  The light has five settings from dim to super bright and the temperature of the light is cool, very close to what you would get from natural lighting.  Around the light are slotted holes which the fan releases cool wind.  To my surprise, the fan is actually quite strong!  I thought it would just be a wimpy breeze, however when the fan is on to the max, I feel like Beyonce and her huge fans blowing at her during a performance.  FLAWLESS LOL. ヾ(・д・ヾ)

info01_3_cThese mirrors come in six colours, including a red but it is not included in the picture for some reason. When I ordered mine, I actually picked the mint shade, however after I paid for it, a day later the seller messaged me saying the mint one the had was defected and they couldn’t sell it to me and asked if I would like another color.  I was slightly bummed out but appreciated that they told me ahead of time instead of sending it to me and hoping I would not realize it. By the way I bought mine on Amazon but sadly I had to go the extra mile (literally) and drive across the border to get my mirror since they only shipped within the USA.  You could also get it at Gmarket but I think it was more hassle for me to buy it from Gmarket .

I paid $72 (and some change) USD for my mirror with shipping inclulded, but they only ship within USA.  Sadly I forgot that Canadian currency is very weak right now and I essentially paid $95 ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ.  Shipping was very quick, only took four days from the time I ordered to it reaching the border which was surprising to me.  Very very fast shipping!

IMG_7488Inside the box has the standard manual which no one ever really reads.  It comes in Hangul and English (thank god).



IMG_7492It was time to get rid of this old thing.  I got this light up mirror years ago in TJMax during a family trip down to the States.  It served me well, but it was never bright enough and recently, the light bulb would make the metal so hot that I could burn myself to the touch.  That’s definitely not safe and it was a cry for a replacement for sure.  Good thing it was only $24 when i bought this mirror or else I’d be super sad to let it go.

IMG_7493In with the new :).  Say hello to my new friend.  I was worried that this mirror would be too bulky since it looked kind of big in pictures.  Thank god it isn’t too bulky, and it is actually lighter in weight then my other one.

IMG_7494The back is a little bit bulky since it is the fan but what can you do.  The power source comes from a plug in from the back.

IMG_7496Closer look at the mirror…

IMG_7498The mirror can be tilted back and forth seamlessly.

IMG_7499Ze buttons, fan control (3 settings), on/off button, brighteness (5 settings).

IMG_7501The light on.  I know you can’t really tell how bright it is in camera but on the highest setting, I can actually light up half my room.  I also plan to use this as an extra light + mirror during the times I take pictures for reviews, so it is dual purpose baby!  Also during my “photo shoots” for the blog, the light gets pretty hot, so the fan comes in handy ohhh yea!


Okay don’t laugh at me but I couldn’t for the life of me find the ribbon around the house, so my ghetto ass self just taped a strip of toilet paper on the back of the mirror so I could show you guys how strong the fan actually is.  I don’t mean strong where it is uncomfortable, making my eyes dry or anything but a comfortable setting which my sweat would disappear.  The fan is actually suppose to also help speed up the absorption of moisturizers, serums, etc but I’d use it more just as a fan to cool me down during the hot summer’s day.

One thing I do have to note is the fan can get quite loud, especially on the highest setting and it vibrates quite a bit and make it even louder since my vanity table is made of wood.  I don’t know how I can minimize the sound other then putting a thick towel underneath but that would just be silly.

IMG_7508The second setting of the fan, see my toilet paper fly baby!

IMG_7510The highest setting of the fan :D.  Honestly pictures does not show much so I took a video.  Hopefully my hands was not too shakey, I don’t know why I didn’t use a tri pod HAHA.  But nonetheless…. here it is.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.  This mirror was everything I needed at an affordable (ish) price with very cool features I have not seen in the western market. Shipping was fast, sadly I had to drive to the border to pick it up which was a pain but I really wanted this mirror (Θ︹Θ)ს. If you would like more information about this mirror, click here.

What do you guys think about this mirror?  Do you want one for yourself?  Tell me down in the comments <3.
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